Jolene’s Problem

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[Note:This fictional story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent .

This is a work of fiction, intended to entertain adult readers. It has graphic lesbian sexfights/catfights scenes and some offensive language.

If you can’t legally view this, please don’t! All characters and names of the story are fictional!

Any resemblance between these characters and any person is strictly coincidental.

All characters depicted in sexual situations are over 21.]

Dear readers this is my first story , i’d like to give special thanks to my editor pacifist91w who helped me with his outstanding proofreading skills to overcome any vocabulary/grammar barriers and make this story possible .

Dear readers, i present you Jolene’s Problem .

Any feedback is most welcomed!



“Jolene’s Problem”

Jolene Paris was anxious. Her 23-year-old son was coming home after six months abroad. He had been conducting family business with his new girlfriend. From what her only child had said on the phone, Jolene gathered that the girlfriend was Jolene’s future bride. When Jolene had asked for details: age, how they met, etc., her son had laughed and said only four words , “She’s my soul mate.”

Jolene was a 45-year-old woman. She was tall and beautiful: a natural redhead with long, straight hair. Despite her age, she still possessed an incredible body that could have belonged to a much, much younger woman. She had nice, long legs; a tight ass; big, round tits; and a flat stomach. Her body, her hair, her blue eyes, and especially her full lips made her a desirable mature woman.

At present, Jolene was divorced. She’d had a couple of boyfriends in the past, but she soon became tired of them. She cared a great deal about her son Mike. Money was no problem for their small family as Jolene’s father was a successful businessman. When he died, he had left his daughter and grandson a vast fortune.

Jolene’s deepest fear was that a slut hungry for money would take advantage of her son’s kind heart and manipulate him to marry her. Then she would take his money. Sure, Mike had had some affairs with women, but so far, he had quickly realized that they had been sluts who were after his wealth.

Mike was back though; he was due any moment. Jolene’s thoughts were interrupted as the door knob clicked. Full of excitement, Jolene ran toward the door. Mike was standing in the foyer, smiling widely.

“Hi, Mom!” Mike said.

“Mike, my sweet boy, how I missed you!” Jolene said. She ran to her son’s arms and kissed him on the cheek.

“Mom, here’s Janice, my future bride and your new daughter-in-law,” Mike said. He stepped farther into the house and a smiling woman followed him.

“Hello, Mrs. P., or should I better say ‘Mom’?” Janice said in a deep, sexy voice. She extended her hand.

Jolene’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Her excitement vanished, replaced by anger, confusion, and instinctive unease.

She looked Mike’s “future bride” up and down and her unease increased.

In front of Jolene stood a tall 42-year-old woman with curly, shoulder-length black hair; pitch-black eyes; and full lips that gave her face a strange, hard beauty. Her tanned body was tight and strong with curved hips and massive tits. She was wearing expensive jewelry and a classy, tight, knee-length red dress.

Jolene had to admit that Mike’s girlfriend was stunning: elegant and beautiful. The woman had an air of superiority; her moves reminded Jolene of a cat stalking its prey.

Jolene hadn’t expected that her only son would find a girlfriend almost his mother’s age! Mike hadn’t had an eye for older women before, had he? His past girlfriends had been around his age. This woman was playing a game and Jolene was determined to find out what it was. Mike was no fool, but this woman had somehow trapped him like a spider.

The red-haired woman quickly hid her emotions and shook hands with Janet. But when Mike’s girlfriend hugged her, she felt confusion and unease again. Janice brought danger and…something deeper: lust. Jolene kept her face blank while her nipples hardened.

Janice was a former cheerleader and dancer. Besides her athleticism, she was extremely cunning and clever. She believed that her beauty and body were her ultimate weapons. Men dreamt of her. The desire that she inspired in men’s hearts made them to surrender to her will. Most would give everything for just one night with her.

Janice loved sex, but what she desired most were money and power. As the years passed, she got better at targeting rich men. She would seduce them, marry them, then drain them of their money. When she was satisfied, she divorced them. No amount of money was enough for her; she always wanted more. On one or two occasions, she was nearly exposed when the ex-wives of her victims accused her of being a whore and a thief of their husbands’ money. But Janice had casino siteleri good enough lawyers to win. Afterward, she took even more money in punitive damages.

Janice travelled the world, not staying in any place for long. She managed to get into high society, closer to more powerful people: usually people who weren’t satisfied with their wives….

Three years before she met Mike, Janice started seducing rich young men: sons of politicians, diplomats, European aristocrats, businessmen. A swing of her ass and soon the rich young guy would fall into her web. The victim would soon be giving her expensive gifts and filling her purse.

But a problem had risen. The mothers of those men saw her for the cunning person she was. They didn’t want her near their sons and they made her life difficult.

For a while, Janice was on the defensive, but soon she found a way to deal with that problem. Step one: she looked for a crack in their defenses. Those mothers loved their sons; they eventually gave in and let her speak with them. Step two: when Janice established her place in the villa or mansion, she slowly seduced the mother too. They were quite susceptible to sex. Men–younger or older–were confident that they could tame her, fuck her, and own her, but it was so easy to fuck them and dominate them. Janice never took much time to transform them into willing puppets.

At first, women were a bit difficult. Janice found their weaknesses. They were usually attractive mothers in their 40s. They threatened to expose her, but a few moments of wickedness was all that it took. Soon their pussies, their breasts, their minds and souls were under her command. How many straight women found themselves flat on their backs with Janet on top of them? She dominated them, fucking them to the point of exhaustion. How many mature breasts and nipples had her teeth and tongue played with? A little practice and seducing her marks’ moms became easy. Step three: Janice blackmailed those mothers and threatened them with exposure in their circles of friends and family.

She knew how to bring pleasure to a man or a woman–and she would do anything and fuck anyone to achieve her goals–so as time passed, while milking cocks and pussies, she milked the accounts of her targets. Then she vanished. She’d had the stamina, the body, and the experience to make anyone submit to her will…so far.

In her travels, Janice had met Mike. In a yacht party, between rich young men, she made her appearance. She drew the stares of men and women. She found out who Mike was and what he owned. Mike was handsome and had money, but he was very clever compared with Janice’s usual targets. He didn’t fall for her immediately. Only when they went to bed did the things that she could do and the pleasure that she offered make him beg for her. He proposed a month later. When Mike asked her to escort him to his house to meet his mother, she immediately accepted. She wanted to take measure of her newest adversary.

Now in front of Janice stood a tall, beautiful redhead about her age. Although this stunner was dressed casually, it was obvious that she had an incredibly body. Janice grew more interested.

As one would expect, the gold-digger caught the confusion and surprise of Mike’s mother. But she caught that “something else” also: something well-hidden, but visible to Janice. It made Janice form a small, evil smile. Lust–Jolene was physically attracted to her.

As the women shook hands, Mike said, “Well, ladies, I’ll let you get to know each other better. I’m going back to the car.”

Just as Mike was leaving, Janice hugged Jolene tight and said, “Jolene, I’m so happy to meet you! You’re beautiful. Mike has told me so many things about you that I feel I already know you.”

Jolene was surprised by the move. She coldly hugged Janice back, but with a stone face she said, “Well, I’m happy too.” In a lower voice, looking straight into Janice’s black eyes, she said, “I’ll find out your game, bitch. I know your kind and I’ll expose you for what you are.”

Janice drew Jolene closer, digging her nails into the protective woman’s back. Two pairs of large, shapely breasts mashed together. Erect nipples prodded their counterparts. Janice whispered into Jolene’s ear, “Try what you’d like, but Mike is mine now. Talk to your son about me and you’ll break his heart.” With shocking speed, Janice performed a shocking act: she licked Jolene’s ear. A small moan burst from between Jolene’s mouth before the women separated. Jolene was stunned by Janice’s bold move and her own reaction.

Moments later, Mike came back. After kissing his mother again, Mike went with Janice to their prepared room.

…Jolene sat alone in the living room. Many feelings and thoughts raced inside her head. Her body had already acted strangely to this dreadful encounter. Jolene recognized that her son had brought a very dangerous and cunning person to their house. The pretty blue-eyed woman was afraid. What–or how–how could she tell Mike canlı casino about her? How to change his mind about this bitch?

Nagging at her was a deeper and more troubling feeling. She felt a strange heat between her legs and through her motherly chest. Jolene hadn’t had an attraction to a woman–to any woman–so why this woman, a fortune-hunting tramp! This woman awoke sexual urges in her. How could she explain that?

While her conscious mind was busy, she’d moved her hand between her legs. Jolene noticed her motions and immediately stopped, embarrassed and angry. “What’s happening to me?” she asked herself nervously. She pushed back all urges and determinedly made a decision.

She wasn’t meek. No slut would easily boss her around or hurt her family. Jolene Paris would give everything to protect her son from this whore.

Later that day, Jolene, Janice, and Mike went to an expensive restaurant for dinner. There, Mike talked excitedly about Janice: how they met and their future plans. As Mike talked, Jolene tried to stay calm, smiling politely so that her son wouldn’t notice her distaste for his new girlfriend. All the time that Janice and Jolene exchanged small talk and glances, they wore cold smiles, their eyes burned with hate.

After they got home, Jolene excused herself after kissing her son and smiling icily to Janice. Jolene went to her room.

“I don’t understand what’s wrong with my mother. She was acting very weird,” Mike said after his mother left.

“Don’t worry, honey. She’s tired. Don’t forget that she drank a lot of wine! Let her rest and let’s go to our room. I have a surprise for you.” Janice’s voice was seductive. She grabbed Mike by the hand and led him to their room.

Jolene stewed, but she decided to use her brain to deal with Janice. A simple idea formed. She would find proof that Janice was an evil woman, strong proof. Evidence would convince her son that Janice was a whore who cared about nothing but his money–not marriage and certainly not his love. Satisfied with the strategy, Jolene undressed and went to bed.

But while she was sleeping, she had an unsettling dream.


Jolene was lying on a king-sized bed, her body naked, sweat flowing. She felt wild and excited. Her legs were spread wide and Janice was lying between them. Jolene’s future daughter-in-law’s beautiful face was buried in Jolene’s pussy, sucking, licking, and drinking the sweet juices that welled from her parted lips. Strong pleasures–striking in waves–made Jolene scream in pleasure….


Jolene woke covered in sweat. The nightmare she’d had during her short sleep was turning into another: from her son’s room, moans of pleasure and screams of ecstasy were echoing through the hall. After a minute, there was silence.

“Damn it! That bitch is invading my sanctuary. I can’t believe what I’m dreaming and what I’m hearing in my own house!”

Jolene opened her room door and stepped outside. Janice stood in front of her, naked, her athletic body glimmering with sweat, her huge breasts on full display.

Janice looked at Jolene with a vicious grin. “Oh, Jolene; did I wake you? Because that was my intention. Remember: I’m fucking your son. He’s mine now.”

Jolene’s mind boiled with rage. The insulted woman dashed forward and slapped Janice hard. “You fuckin’ bitch, you think that I’ll let you do whatever you want in my own house? Do you think that I’ll let you destroy my family and play with Mike’s feelings? You messed with the wrong people. You’ll be a beautiful bride in jail!” Jolene screamed. She spun and went back into her room.

Janice stood like a statue; she hadn’t expected that reaction. The lovely brunette touched her red cheek and a smile formed on her face. “Oh bitch, the game is on. Let’s play!” Janice murmured.

Mike opened the bedroom door. “Janice, is everything all right? I heard loud voices.”

“Nothing, dear, I’ve just asked your mother if she need anything. Go back to sleep; I’ll take a shower and join you right after.”

“Ok, darling, I’ll be waiting,” Mike said.

The first thing Jolene did in the morning was ask a friend about a very expensive and skilled detective. Jolene called him, employed him, and told him to find anything suspicious in Janice’s past. When she closed the phone, her son had just come into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Mom. Are you feeling better? Last night you worried me.” Mike gave his mother a hug.

“Don’t worry, son; I’m much better,” Jolene said. Taking a look around to be sure that they were alone, she continued, “I have to tell you something. I know it will be difficult to hear, but it’s true.”

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Mike asked.

Looking back, Jolene often kicked herself for speaking too soon. If she’d waited for proof, things might have turned out better.

“It’s about Janice. I don’t trust her; she doesn’t care about you; she doesn’t love you. I know her type. Her only goal is to seduce guys like you and manipulate them.”

“Mom, kaçak casino stop it now. I know her; she is not that kind of woman. She has never accepted a single gift from me. She even refused my offer to pay her travel expenses.”

Jolene pressed on. “I’m telling you, Mike; she’s an impostor; she’s–“

“–I said ‘stop it’ or I’ll leave the house right now and not come back,” Mike yelled.

“What’s wrong?” Janice’s voice came from behind them. She had heard nearly everything.

“From what I understand, we’re not welcome here. Let’s go,” Mike said to her.

Things were getting out of hand; Jolene knew her timing had been poor.

Janice took Mike’s hand. “It’s okay, my love. I understand! Every mother cares for her son and what’s best for him. Let’s take a walk and calm down,” Janice said. As they turned to leave, she looked Jolene straight in the eyes, smiled, licked her lips seductively, and blew Jolene a kiss.

Jolene’s best hope was to find proof about Janice’s nature and expose her to her son before there was no turning back.


Two days later, the call came from the detective. There was nothing firm about Janice’s activities. All was in order: there were merely rumors of her attitude and her love for married, rich men. There were some court battles, but there was nothing to prove she was a crook.

“Oh no, that can’t be. There is something. I feel it. Keep looking,” Jolene said to her detective.

Now what? Jolene was frustrated.

Jolene made another decision. She would try to talk to Janice, reason with her, even give her money. They’d come to an agreement that would keep Janice away from Jolene’s son.

Just then, Mike entered the living room. “Mom, please sit. I want to talk to you.” Jolene sat, curious and apprehensive about what Mike wanted to say. “Look, I’ve noticed how you and Janice don’t get along. I know that you care about me and you only want what’s best, but there’s nothing wrong with Janice. I’ve checked her out! So I want a personal favor from you: I want you to make peace. Become friends or at least stop being enemies! Please try. The marriage will take place next month and I want you by my side. Please try, Mom. Don’t be mean to her. I’ve talked to her and she’s willing to make peace with you. She really loved you when she met you.”

Jolene was speechless. While her mind raced, she considered that Mike was begging her to talk to Janice. She’d planned to do that anyway, though not on these terms. “Mike, I’m not promising anything. Yes, I’ll give it a try.”

Mike smiled and said, “Thanks, Mom, you’re the best.” He kissed her on the forehead and continued, “Another thing, Mom…tomorrow I’m living for a week. There’s a problem with our business in France that needs my immediate attention. I’ll be coming back next Monday if at all possible. It will be plenty of time to talk things out.”

Jolene nodded to her son. “Okay, my dear boy. Take care of yourself.”


The next morning, Jolene and Janice watched Mike get to his car. He called, “Ladies, behave, I love you both so much!”

“We love you, too,” Janice replied.

The two women didn’t speak that day.

Late at night, Jolene saw Janice sitting comfortably on the long leather couch, drinking a glass of wine. Jolene made a decisive approach and sat next to her. Janice turned a cold stare to Jolene and asked curtly, “How may I help you, Jolene?”

“I am asking you what you want in exchange for leaving us alone, for leaving Mike to get on with his life. I know that you don’t love him. How much money do you want me to give you?” Jolene asked calmly.

Janice looked Jolene up and down and her black eyes filled with lust. “Got you!” she thought as a plan was forming. “Look, I respect you. You’re a tough woman and you want to protect your son from me. It’s true that I don’t love him. He’s just a sex toy to me. I just want everything he owns and everything you own, my sweet Jolene.”

Jolene’s face turned red with anger, but before she could speak, Janice continued. “…But I’m willing to make you a deal. I see what a hot and sexy woman you are. You want to control everything around you. You’re a dominant bitch whether you admit it or not–much like me.

“I want to test myself against you. I want to own you, woman to woman, tit to tit, pussy to pussy, my body against yours in a sex-fight competition. We will face each other in three fights. If you dominate and fuck me two out of three, I’ll leave you and your son and you will never hear from me again. I don’t mind; there are plenty of rich people to seduce. If you lose, I’ll marry your son, take your fortune, and you’ll be my bitch.

“We’ll start on Friday. You will not know the place or time of our small competition. It’s a huge house, full of places to fuck! That’s my proposal. Now…take it or leave it!

“On Monday, Mike arrives. I’ll be gone or you will be pretending to be a very good mother-in-law.” Janice sat back with an eager, smug grin on her face.

Jolene was furious. “Well, screw you, you fuckin’ demented bitch! I can’t believe what I’m hearing, you perverted whore. No way! I’m not a lesbian and if I was, you’d be the last–the absolute last!–woman that I would go for.”

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