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Friday Night Free Swim is the worst night to guard. Not that I enjoy working at the pool anyway, but Fridays I have to stay until 11pm for the three old people who show up every week.

It is 9 pm and Marla, the remaining patron, is making her slow way across the pool. I shift from my left foot to my right. Loise, my supervisor, is packing up her office and preparing to leave. My friends ask me why I don’t lock up early, after Loise leaves, and go home or meet them at the bar but I can’t do it. Catholic guilt. Puritan work ethic. The joys of being an Irish New Englander.

I am watching Marla pull her heavy arm over her head when I hear another splash. I follow a lean shape through her dive under the water. Before I can watch her surface Loise calls out.

“Larissa, I will see you on Monday for the water polo tourney.” I nod and wave at her and turn back to the mystery figure in the water. She made her flip turn at the far wall and is still underwater. I turn back to Marla who, to my surprise, has begun her arthritic ascent up the ladder.

“Good night, dear,” she calls as she hobbles to the locker room.

“Good night.” I walk to a chair and plop down on it. I watch the body move through the water. She is young, I can tell that much. She is a swimmer, clearly, because she knows what she is doing and looks good doing it. After about ten laps, she stops at the wall, right near where I am sitting, and turns to me.

“Hi.” She adjusts her swim cap.


“You wanna come swim?”

I smile at her. “I can’t.”

She raises an eyebrow. “I won’t drown. I’m on the swim team.”

I laugh. I knew she looked familiar. “I know, I trust you. But I can’t. Pool policy.” I roll my eyes.

“So lock the door,” she says, spitting out some water back into the pool. She smiles. “I won’t tell.”

I shrug and can feel her watching me. “I don’t want to get wet.”

The eyebrow goes up and she turns, I assume to start swimming again, which she does, but then spins around and splashes me.

I am dripping in water and stand up, mouth open. She swims a slow backstroke away from me, grinning. Something in me shifts, and I peel off my wet tee and shorts and dive into the lane after her. She whoops as I hit the water and takes off. I am not a very graceful swimmer, but I am fast and strong, so I catch up to her quickly then pass her, kicking water in her face. When I get to the edge of the pool I stop to catch my breath, and to wait for her. She emerges, laughing.

“Alright, alright,” she says “You got me.” There is a twinkle in her eye, or maybe I imagine it, because with her face close to mine I am struck by how cute she is. She looks like every nice, pretty, smart girl from high school. There are freckles doting the bridge of her nose and along the top of her cheeks. I pulsate beneath my Speedo. I am a sucker for freckles. “You are a really good swimmer.”

I blush a little. “You probably let me win.” I casino siteleri watch her as she pulls herself out of the pull and sits on the edge. She takes her cap off. Her hair is mostly dry, and I am surprised – it is strawberry blond, almost red, and wavy. Crap, I think. She is really cute.

“What’s your name?” She shakes her hair out and pulls it into a ponytail with an elastic she has on her wrist.

“Larissa. Larissa Pomeroy.”

“Well, Larissa, Larissa Pomeroy,” she grins, “I’m Jody. Jody Isaac.”

I extend my hand to shake hers and in the very moment that I realize what a dorky gesture that is, she extends hers and laughs. “Do you usually work on Friday nights, Larissa?”

I like how she says my name. “Not when I can help it.”

“You usually party on Friday nights?”

“Yeah.” No. Unless by party, she means study for French and watch TLC with the other nerdy girls on my floor.

“I am here most Fridays, and I haven’t seen you before,” Jody smiles again, and I notice that one of her front teeth is crooked in the most charming way. Oh this girl is cute.

I push off the side of the pool with my feet and tread water about three feet away from her. Neither of us say anything, and Jody gets up. She puts her cap back on and mounts the diving block at the next lane. She pulls her goggles over her eyes and takes her mark.

I realize, after Jody is in the water, that I am treading water like an idiot by myself. I swim to the ladder and pick up my rescue tube and whistle. I watch Jody swim laps for the rest of the hour, feeling stupid for the whole thing.

When Jody is finished, she takes her swim cap off again and wets her hair in the pool. I walk toward the office to put away my equipment.


I turn. “Is it too late for me to shower? I know I stayed longer than I should have, but we don’t have any hot water at the house, and…”

“No, no,” I interrupt “Of course. You can shower here, I mean.”

“Great.” Smile. Jody gets out of the pool, swim cap and goggles dangling from her finger, and puts her feet into worn flip flops. “Are you going to shower, Larissa?”

I hadn’t thought about it. “Maybe I’ll wait until I get home.”

Jody shrugs. “Chlorine can really damage your hair, you know,” she says, and for whatever reason, I just want to please her.

“Yeah, ok. I’ll shower too.” I go into the office and get my bag then follow Jody into the locker room. I walk past her and put my tote bag on a bench away from hers. She picks up her backpack and comes to where I am.

“I’m not stalking you,” she laughs, “I just don’t like to be alone. I guess it’s a team thing, you know?”

I smile and laugh nervously. “Sure, no problem.” I hate that I am acting like such an idiot. Jody is just being friendly, and here I am trying to ignore her, afraid that if I don’t she’ll know that I’m attracted to her. Like anyone from this stupid town would figure that out.

I canlı casino open my bag. There’s nothing in it but a towel and a book I have to read for College Writing, plus my ID, car keys, and some chapstick. “I don’t have any shampoo,” I tell Jody, just as she is pulling out her UltraSwim. She shakes the bottle.

“I should have some left,” Jody says, and then, “Come on, before they turn off the hot water!”

Like a puppy I follow Jody into the shower room. She waits until I choose a faucet then stands next to me. My heart races. Jody starts to pull her swimsuit down, and I try not to watch, but from the corner of my eye I can make out a bare shoulder, then the bounce of her breasts as the nylon is pulled away from her wet body. I realize that, if Jody is going to shower naked, I will have to too. I turn my body a little and pull off my suit. Suddenly I am aware that any way I turn, Jody will see me, and I am vow to shower as quickly as possible.

I close my eyes and let the water hit my skin, concentrating on the sensation of the water rather than the sensation of showering with a cute naked girl. I distract myself by reciting the periodic table of elements in my head, but then Jody touches my arm.

I open my eyes, and she is standing right next to me, literally inches away from my naked body with hers. She is handing me the shampoo bottle. I take it from her and wait until she returns to her faucet before I begin to wash my hair. I can’t help it. She is facing away from me, sudsing her hair and humming to herself. The water around her feet is white with the shampoo, and my eyes travel up her body against the current of suds running down her back. She has a tight, small butt, but her back is magnificent – toned and muscular but lean, too, feminine. Her neck is long and beautiful, and her hair is even curlier with the shampoo. I watch her for a moment, mesmerized, until the shampoo runs into my eyes.

I turn my stinging, God-forsaken eyes to the faucet and change the temperature of the water to cold. I rinse my eyes and stand under the water for a minute. I take a few deep breathes and reach out to turn off the water when I feel Jody’s body behind me.

“Why are you showering with cold water, Larissa?” Her voice is deeper, hushed, and her naked body touches mine. I can feel the tickle of her public hair on my butt, her breasts at the small of my back. She puts her hands on my hips. “Let me help you.” Purr.

She runs her hands along my body, splashing in the water as it hits my flesh. Her hands rub my stomach, my hips, my thighs, almost…then up to my breasts. She cups them, bringing her thumbs and forefingers to my nipples, which are achingly erect, thanks to the cold water (among other things). She brings her face to mine, resting her chin on my shoulder, and moans a little in my ear. “Larissa.” Purr.

I am pushing my butt into her crotch, stroking a little against her hairy mound. She spreads her legs kaçak casino a little and now we are locked together, the slickness of her pussy straddling my undulating cheek. She drops her right hand from my breast and brings it to my pussy, parting my hair, then my lips, and plunging a few fingers into my wetness. I watch with lust as she brings the fingers to her mouth and sucks on them greedily.

“Larissa.” Purr. She kisses me. I turn my body to embrace her and kiss her back. I can taste me in her mouth a little and it only makes me want to taste her more.

We are close to the same height, so our crotches just about line up, our breasts touch, our mouths at even keel. Her hands find my ass and she is squeezing, kneading the flesh back there. I can’t stop touching her back, tracing the impressive muscle tone with my fingers. We are standing under the faucet, under the icy water, kissing and rubbing, and suddenly Larissa shivers, from cold or from orgasm, I’m not sure.

I loosen my embrace and, still wrapped in her arms, turn the faucet off. I kiss her again, take her hand, and lead her out of the showers to the bench by the lockers. I wrap Jody in my towel and she wraps me in her. She pushes me gently onto the very end of the bench. I lean back, my bare skin kissing the wood. My legs are straddled and I spread them apart more as Jody, with my pink towel around her shoulders like a cape. She kneels at the end of the bench and smiles up at me from my crotch. I lean on my shoulders so I can watch.

I can feel how wet I am and the thought of Jody tasting me excites me even more, before her mouth gets down there. She licks her lips and grins at me, then sticks her tongue out and runs it slowly up the length of my pussy. I let out a moan that surprises me, and makes Jody laugh. “You like that, Larissa?” Purr.

“Oh, yes,” I manage, barely, as Jody uses her fingers to spread my lips before dipping her tongue inside. I lie back on the bench and close my eyes, visualizing what Jody is doing down there. She licks furiously, and her mouth makes a delicate suction sensation that drives me wild. I bring my fingers down below instinctively and stroke her damp, drying hair. She giggles, and pulls her mouth off of me. I moan.

“Turn around, Larissa.” Purr. “Get on all fours.”

I do as I am told and present Jody with my ass. I turn my head to watch; she dips her fingers into her own sopping wet pussy and I feel the peds of her fingers on my asshole. I let out a tremendous sigh.

Her fingers slowly push inside my ass and she pulls them in and out, fucking me. It feels unbelievable. She takes her fingers out and finds my pussy again, putting her mouth where her fingers had been. Her tongue in my ass feels unbelievable and I am writhing in pleasure. I’ve come so many times that it is starting to hurt, a blissful pain.

Jody removes herself from behind me and I turn over, standing up, and wrap Jody in my arms. Her mouth is slick with my juices and I wipe it on my towel, then kiss her as tenderly as I can. Jody’s hands are on my hips and she rests her head on my shoulder.

“What should we do now?” I ask, kissing her forehead.

Jody smiles. “I don’t know. Shower?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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