Jilly , Myranda: The Beginning

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This is a complete work of fiction. The story, and the characters in it are not based on real events. If this story offends you, perhaps you are on the wrong web site. To all the devoted fans…enjoy!

I can still smell the raspberry lotion she wore. It was all around her. It followed her everywhere. Even now, when I catch the scent, my mind drifts back to that fateful night when I finally found out what loving and being loved by a woman was all about.

I close my eyes, and I can still see her…blond hair, shinning blue eyes, legs that never end…and her breasts…breasts that even a painter like Michelangelo couldn’t do justice to. Full, rounded, milky white orbs, with rosy pink nipples that just begged to be sucked…but I’m getting ahead of myself. I really should start the story from the beginning.

We’d grown up with each other. Weekend’s were spent having sleep over’s with all of the girls at someone’s house chatting way into the night or watching some “chick flick”. I’d heard rumors about Jillian, but had never seen anything to make me believe them…Several of the girls had said that she’d “put the moves on them”, but it just wasn’t something I’d ever believed…until it happened to me.

I’d never really thought about being with a woman before. But now, I think about it a lot. I thought I was dreaming. It was just her and I this time, no other friends around…we’d stayed up late that night…doing what most girls do…talking about boys and sex. I guess it was about two that morning before we finally decided to go to sleep. I remember slowly coming awake to a tingling sensation on my leg…oh my!! Jillian was caressing my inner thigh…it felt wonderful…I lay there, just enjoying it while she slowly worked her way up my leg, brushing her hand across the lips of my panty clad pussy…I couldn’t pretend I was asleep anymore…and I let out a moan…

Jillian jerked her hand away and lay very still…waiting to see if I’d awaken…holding her breath…she didn’t have to wait for long…

“Oh Jilly, that felt wonderful, don’t stop…please..touch me”.

“Are you sure Myranda?”

I couldn’t say anything…I turned toward her and looked into those clear blue eyes, and as I nodded, brought my lips to hers…

I’ll never casino siteleri forget the sensation as my lips touched another woman’s for the first time. The kiss was soft, and hesitant, but went through me like liquid fire. I couldn’t help moaning and the soft firmness as she pressed her lips back against mine…

I couldn’t stand it…I had to deepen the kiss. I wanted to feel her tongue against mine…I opened my lips, and felt hers do the same against me…our tongues met for the first time and swirled around each other, softly biting eachothers lips, sucking on them, and eachothers tongues…I knew I was in for a treat!

She rolled me over, our mouths still pressed against each other in a passionate embrace, and I felt her soft hand sliding back up the inside of my thigh..stroking me with a tender passion that only a woman can give. She slowly slid her hand up to my now soaking wet pussy and gently ground the palm of her hand into me…I moan out with pleasure. “That’s right baby, tonight you’re all mine…Moan for me, let me make you feel good. I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours. I want to run my hands all over your body…worship you with my hands, and with my tongue.”

“Oh God, yes Jilly…I want you..I want you to love me…and show me how to love you.”

As I say this, I feel her hand sliding underneath my nightshirt, across my stomach…until I feel her fingertips against the underside of my breasts…slowly, she cups them, testing their weight..

“Myranda, you’ve got such gorgeous tits baby. I’ve wanted to see them for so long…to taste your nipples, feel them harden in my mouth…can I? Can I make love to your tits?”

“Jilly, Yes! Suck my tits…play with my nipples…”

Wasting no time she slides my nightshirt up my body to reveal my 38D tits to her gaze, and to her probing hands and greedy lips…

I feel her hand glide lightly over my tits…rubbing in circles, never touching my nipples…I arch my back, thrusting my tits into her hand…loving the feel of soft, warm hands touching the sensitive mounds, and just as I thrust myself into her hands, she bends her head and laps at my nipple, like a cat lapping at warm cream. I cry out as a bolt of electricity shot from my nipple straight to my pussy..

“Touch yourself canlı casino for me Myranda…play with that sweet pussy as I suck these gorgeous tits.”

Saying this, she reaches down and begins to pull my thong

down. She gets her first look at my bare pussy lips… pink and puffy with need. I lift my ass off of the bed to let her take my last barrier away and she puts the soaked panties to her lips, licking the juices.

“Mmmm, you taste just like I thought you would. Want to taste?

“Yes, let me taste my pussy off of your sweet lips.”

Her lips crash down to mine as she glides a finger into my dripping wet pussy. I moan out with pleasure…

“Oh, Jilly, don’t stop…it feels so good!”

“Not yet my little cunt. We’ve got lots more to explore before I let you cum.”

With that, she guides my hand down to my own pussy.

“Finger that pussy baby…pretend it’s some hot guy with a big dick..fucking you. Better yet, pretend it’s my tongue burried deep inside that hot cunt.”

Her filthy mouth just spurs me on. Driving me to be even dirtier for her…I slide two fingers into my tight, hot hole and bring them to my lips to suck the juices off.

“Love the taste of pussy do you bitch? Well, you’ll get plenty of that later.”

With that she attacks my tits as if the devil himself is after her…licking, biting, sucking hard, trying to get as much of my tit into her mouth as possible. While she’s at work on my tits, I drive the two fingers in and out of my pussy, stopping to wet my clit with the juices and pay attention to the little nub that is just begging to be touched. As my body tenses with the oncoming of my first orgasm, Jilly slaps my hand away.

“I told you cunt, not yet.”

“Then why don’t you just go ahead and fuck me!”

“Is that what you want baby? You want me to fuck you? You want me to slide my tongue into that hot cunt of yours?”

“Yes, fuck me… Fuck your hot cunt…eat me!”

Needing no further encouragement Jilly slides her body on top of mine rubbing our tits together. I can feel her nipples pressing against mine..the friction of our bodies making our nipples hard. She grinds her cunt into mine, rubbing our clits together. Both of us are completely shaved, and totally wet, so kaçak casino our glistening pussy lips glide together.

“You want to come bitch? Or do you want to come in my mouth?”

“I want to come all over your face Jilly. I want to shower you in my hot, wet pussy juice.”

With that, Jilly slides down my body, bathing me in her pussy juice as she slides that glorious cunt down my leg, grinding her clit into it. As her cunt reaches the top of my foot, I finally feel it…Her hot breath on my steaming pussy. I gasp for air as I finally feel her reach out with the tip of her tongue and press against my clit.

“Yesss”, I hiss.

We don’t have any more time for words as she devours my pussy. True to her word, I feel her tongue slide down and part my outer lips, lapping up all my juices. Her tongue circles around my hole, teasing me, as she brings a finger up to stroke my clit. Flicking it with the tips of her fingers as I feel her tongue slowly slide into me. I buck against her mouth, grinding my pussy into her face.

“Oh Jilly. Eat me, tongue fuck me, stroke my clit baby.”

And she did, she did everything and more. Soon her tongue is driving in and out of me like a cock as her finger flys over my clit.

“Jilly, I’m gonna cum!!”

And right as I say that she takes her tongue out of my pussy and jams in to fingers, deeply. and sucks hard on my clit.

I explode all over her hand, drenching the sheets below me, still grinding my hips as she continues to slowly pump her fingers in and out of my pussy. She gently pulls them out and starts to gently lick my pussy, licking it clean, taking all of my cum into her mouth…she moves up my body and delivers a cum soaked kiss to me.

“My God Myranda. I never dreamed it would be this good with you. I’ve wanted to fuck you for a while now, but I never thought it would be this explosive between us. What do you think?”

“Well, to tell you the truth Jilly, that was my first time to ever be with a woman. The truth is I’m a little disappointed.”

Jilly got very quiet at this…



“Why are you disappointed?”

“Well…because I wanted to cum in your face remember?”

At this we both burst into laughter, because as we both knew…I wasn’t disappointed at all.

“Jilly, you must be in really bad shape. You haven’t cum yet..”

“I’m on baby. I just wanted tonight to be about you.”

“Well, it’s not…tonight is about us”

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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