Jenna the Sub Ch. 03

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Feeling the sharp pain suddenly ripping down the back of her right thigh stopped Jenna in her tracks, she knew straight away that this wasn’t good. She had been pushing herself too hard and now she had paid the price. This was the outcome of the build up of emotions that she had been dealing with since her break-up had happened a few months back.

“Aaahgg…” Jenna winced in agony as she tried to climb down from her perch atop the exercise bike she had been riding – and perhaps riding at a pace faster than her body was accustomed to after being away from it for so long.

What also annoyed her was the fact that she knew better, she had skipped her usual warm-up stretches and just went for it, riding for the first time in months and this is where it had left her.

Standing now on one foot while holding herself up with the aid of the bike, Jenna felt it all coming to a head. Wracked with pain and feeling that this had to be the last straw to break her, she could feel the tears bubbling up from within and she no longer had the strength to hold it all back. She let go and began to sob, regardless of the fact that she was standing in the middle of her local gym.

While lost in her tears of pain and confusion, Jenna hardly heard the woman’s voice coming from somewhere behind her…

“Are you okay young lady? Have you hurt yourself?” Jenna heard the voice ask in a deep, almost authoritative tone. Then without the time to reply, Jenna felt the presence of this mystery voice stepping up and looming over her from behind.

“Here, let me help…” the still unseen voice continued as Jenna felt herself being helplessly enveloped by this stranger who had come to her rescue.

“I was watching you riding that thing like mad, it’s no wonder you’ve injured yourself silly girl, but still anyway… Let me help you back to the locker-room…”

“Oh… owww, oh thank you…” Jenna winced and still quite dazed, she felt she had no other choice but to let herself become wrapped into the arms and aid of this woman who she had yet the chance to see.

With the woman’s aid, Jenna was able to sling her right arm over her shoulder which allowed the woman to virtually swoop her up in her arms and effectively carry the injured Jenna back through the gym area and into the locker room.

Quite surprised with this, Jenna soon realized that this woman who had come out of nowhere to take control and help her was indeed much bigger and stronger than her own small frame. This was also the first time she was able to gather any idea of what this woman, her saviour, actually looked like…

At a not-too-old 33yrs of age and standing only 5’2″ – Jenna hadn’t gained much in height since she was a teenager, however, over the years and through the want of staying in shape by remaining active and attending her local gym whenever she had the time, Jenna in her younger years had always been able to keep her ‘fat-demons’ at bay. That is until she started seeing her last boyfriend – Curtis, where through his manipulation she had started to let herself go in far more ways than she had wished.

With her shorter legs and a fuller body width that mostly centered on her hips, Jenna had always thought of herself as being stout, or dumpy, and with her not too large, or too small 36-B bra sized breasts, broader shoulders and dark brown hair, which she kept short in the back, the bangs longer with cute sweet in front, helping to frame her face, bringing out her deep-brown eyes.

To most she had always been seen as being small and stocky in a boyish kind of way and so use the description of her as being ‘elfish’ or ‘pixie-like’ would not be all that far off.

However still womanly in shape and in form, Jenna had always carried the wrong belief that she wasn’t one of the ‘pretty girls’ and it was this mindset that formed who she was on the inside, and as well as how she had portrayed herself on the outside. Seeing herself as such had always guaranteed her to be someone who was more apt to follow, rather than to lead.


Once inside the locker room and with Jenna placed on one of the benches facing her mystery saviour, she was finally able to let her eyes travel up and see just who she was – see who this strong woman was who had helped her.

“I’m Janice Golding… What is your name young lady?” Jenna heard the woman ask as she let her eyes drift upward from her seated position.

Feeling slightly unsure with the woman’s repeated tone of annoyance, and along with the pain of her injury throbbing throughout her right thigh, Jenna didn’t let her looks linger as she took in this woman who she stood looming before her, and from what she could see, she was able to tell that this woman was quite bigger, a real force, in every sense of the word.

“Jenna… My, my name is Jenna… and thank you… Thank you for helping me Miss…” The stricken girl said in a voice filled with a mix of pain, gratitude and fear.

“Well Jenna, it would seem that you were going casino oyna at it a bit hard on that bike for someone I haven’t seen here in quite some time… In fact when you came in I don’t think you even gave yourself so much as a stretch before you just hopped up of the exercise bike and began riding like the wind…”

Standing at nearly 6ft tall in while in stocking feet, Janice… Janice Golding was undeniably a force to be reckoned with and someone whom Jenna thought she ought to be respectful of, if not somewhat fearful – and this is exactly how this woman was making Jenna feel at this very moment – causing her thinking to herself…

“Why..? Why was this woman talking to her like this?” she questioned in her head. Why was she berating her for not doing her warm-up routine before she ‘began to ride like the wind’ as the woman had said…Also, how did she know? How did this woman know that Jenna hadn’t been to the gym in nearly five months? How could she know..?

Again with this woman standing ominously tall above her, Jenna felt small and afraid as she tried to look deeper and remember if she had ever met this woman ‘Janice’ who seemed to know so much about her and her gym habits.

Looking up into the woman’s dark, slightly sunken, icy blue eyes, Jenna couldn’t help but see and feel slightly taken aback at just how stunning this woman was for her obvious age somewhere in what the younger Jenna believed would be her somewhere in her mid-50’s but dared not to think she could be any older.

While not wanting to be rude in staring too long, Jenna tried to study the commanding woman through her tear-filled eyes. Seeing the woman’s silver streaked but mostly dark, black hair pulled back into a pony-tail with a few stray wisps here and there was an indicator of age, yet it was the rest of her that had Jenna still guessing.

Along with her fair to tan complexion and still smooth looking skin, leading into the slightest amount of crow’s feet around the outer edges of her eyes and in the corners of her plump lips, a ‘guess’ at this stunningly beautiful older woman’s age was all that Jenna could fathom.

Standing up straighter now and with her arms crossed in front of her in a stance of power and authority, Jenna couldn’t help but notice the woman’s ample chest rising up from under her folded arms as she once again began to speak…

“So then Jenna, do you agree that your injury came at your own hands by not doing any warm up exercises before you so carelessly hopped onto one of my machines and hurt yourself? Do you agree to that Jenna?”

Not sure what to say at first, Jenna let what this Janice woman was saying to her register in her mind. It was only when she began to question the words ‘my machine’ that she started seeing the bigger picture…

“Uhh… Yeah… I guess so… I’m sorry Miss, you’re right; I should have warmed up first… Are… are you the manager here?” Jenna stammered out but then continued… “I mean, when you said ‘my machine’ I guess that means you work here or you’re the boss or even the owner or something..?” Jenna asked while still feeling quite unsure.

“Oh you are a clever one aren’t you? Yes… Yes I am ‘the boss’ here as you put it, but I’m also much more than this my dear…” Janice fired off as she stepped a little closer towards the injured Jenna, making her look even more of an imposing figure and making sure Jenna felt the lesser…

“I guess you really don’t know who I am do you little one?” Janice continued in the rhetorical sense as she did not wait for, nor want of Jenna’s reply.

“I’m not just the boss around here darling, I own this place and the four others that carry the same name… Golding’s Gym and Spa… I’m Janice Golding… Now do you have a clue as to who I am and why I’m so concerned about whether or not you have hurt yourself while in one of my establishments?”

Once more, she continued in her scolding tone toward the now frightened Jenna…

“My concern for you is beside the point young lady, what I need to hear is that you agree that you did indeed injure yourself by acting so foolishly… What I don’t need and will not stand for is to have you come back here in a days’ time with some shitty ambulance chaser of a lawyer telling me that you’re suing me for negligence… Do I make myself clear Jenna?”

Still with her arms folded in front of her and standing so very close, Jenna couldn’t help but feel inferior to this powerfully frightening woman. Curling into herself in a cower; all she could do to protect herself was to huddle in close and keep her head down while clutching at her throbbing right thigh. It was all becoming too much; she could feel herself breaking down yet again.

Openly crying, Jenna let the flood gates go…

“Yes… Yes Miss you’re right, I did hurt myself by going too fast… Please, please don’t hurt me, I promise… I won’t sue you Miss… Please, I’ll do whatever you say, just please, please don’t hurt me. My leg is killing me already and my life is falling canlı casino a part… Just please, leave me alone… I’ll agree with you and I’ll even sign something that says so if you’d like – just please… Please don’t …”

“Oh you silly girl… Who said I was going to hurt you? I just needed to hear you say it is all; I just needed you to agree with what I saw and how stupid it was of you to start riding so hard and fast. It was easy to see that you were upset with something and trying to burn out your frustrations on the bike but what you failed to consider were the consequences of your actions while in someone else’s private establishment. You weren’t thinking of the liabilities were you silly girl? Do you know how much insurance I have to carry in these places because of people like you who just don’t think?”

Feeling rather stupid now and indeed selfish for letting herself get hurt because what Janice was saying was true, she was right. She hadn’t thought of any outcome at all… It was as if she had been walking around in a daze since her latest attempt at a relationship had once again left her feeling empty and unwanted, despite all of efforts and willingness to do whatever he wanted, for some reason, it still wasn’t enough. She began to blubber.

“You’re right… You’re right Miss Golding, I’m so sorry I hurt myself here in your place… I… I just haven’t been thinking straight ever since my boyfriend dumped me. And after doing everything his way all of the time, I just wanted to do something that I was used to doing before I met him and let him convince me to give up coming here so I could spend more of my time taking care of him…”

“Now that’s better, that’s what I wanted to hear you say. I can’t be too careful these days you know Jenna, people are always trying to take advantage…” Janice remarked as she then softened her stance and took a step back.

“Yes, well now that you’ve admitted to your wrong doing and you sound sincere when you say that you won’t file a suit against me or my gym, I suppose I can forgive you this time…” The older woman continued, knowing now that her point had reached through to Jenna.

“What I cannot understand however is how a girl such as you let things get away from her. I may not have known your name until now, but I do remember you from some time back. I’ll admit that I was surprised to see you here today after such a long absence, that’s why I was keeping an eye on you…”

Hearing this Jenna felt both flattered and yet still a little bit afraid. It was strange for her to hear such things from anyone, let alone a woman, and not just any woman at that, this woman, this stern and commanding business woman who owned not only this gym but many others had taken her into her sights and for someone so normally reserved as Jenna, this was undeniably a strange occurrence, so it was of no wonder why she was feeling so mixed and confused in the moment.

In as much as Jenna was having a hard time believing what she was hearing Janice say, it was in fact true. Janice had noticed the younger, stout-looking girl in the gym all of those months ago and she had remembered her. The real mystery that was now facing Jenna however was to ask why..? Why had this tall, statuesque and powerful looking woman noticed her of all people? To Jenna, it just didn’t make any sense…

“I can see that you’re still in a great deal of pain so I want you to come with me into my office, I have a massage table there, I’m sure I can help rub out some of that soreness before I send you home. I mean even though we have established the truth that you hurt yourself out of your own stupidity, I’m not a nasty old bitch who would just toss you out on your backside, I do have a heart after all – so come, come along and let’s get you up…” Janice commented leaving Jenna to feel both foolish and grateful for her willingness to help.


“Oh and while we’re at it, I do have an extra waiver you can sign for me. It’ll just ensure that if you do try to sue me, I have the legal right to file my own counter-claim against you… Does that sound okay to you..?”

Once more, Jenna’s head was left spinning and unsure of what to do next. Hearing the threatening sounding words ‘legal rights’ and ‘counter-claim’ mixed in with Janice’s offer of helping to ease her pain on the massage table, Jenna’s mind was a muddle and it was just what Janice had wanted…

With only so much as a nod in giving her agreement and consent and with the aid of a firmly grasped arm, Janice had the injured girl back on her feet hobbling and wincing their way towards the front of the sparsely populated gym where Janice kept her private office.


“Owww… Oh please, please Miss Golding, can you slow down a bit it hurts like hell if I move to quickly…” Jenna pled yet without much grace being given from the older, dominant woman.

“Oh now come along, you’ll be fine once we get you up onto the table and I work you over a bit…”Janice replied leaving Jenna kaçak casino to wonder just what kind of predicament she had put herself into.

“And another thing, stop calling me ‘Miss Golding’… Although I’m sure I don’t look it, I’m probably old enough to be your mother, not some young ‘Miss’… So from now on you will either address me as Janice, or Ma’am… I prefer Ma’am… Is that clear young lady..?”

“Yes… Yes… M-m… Ma’am” Jenna croaked out in concurrence as they at long last made their way into the back room where Janice had kept a nice sized and rather well appointed office, complete with the as mentioned – massage table, situated off to one side.

“Come on now, hop up here and lay face down, you can leave your clothes on but I do think you’ll need to remove your shorts for now, it’ll be easier to get at your injury and the liniment oil might leave a stain so, let’s get a move on, out of the shorts and up onto the table..” Janice ordered without much fan-fare or concern, leaving Jenna still lost in confusion, not really knowing what was happening, her nervousness shown in her hesitation.

“I said let’s go… Janice stated in a raised voice. “I don’t have all evening – and you could stand to show a little more gratitude young lady. You should be grateful that I’m helping you at all…” Chide Janice, her sharp tone and words chosen to get the young woman moving.

With little to no more hesitation, Jenna did as she was asked by slipping the thin work-out shorts over her hips to flutter down towards her feet, leaving her to stand with just her top and the pair of white Lycra boy-shorts style of panties.

“Shou-Should I take off my shoes as well Ma’am?” Jenna asked in a hushed, hesitative voice, but believing that would be the right thing to do before climbing up onto this woman’s leather bound massage table.

“What? Yes… Yes of course you should, now come on girl you’re beginning to test my patients with all of your delays…” Janice chided once more, as she busied herself getting a few things ready.

On the table now, Jenna felt slightly more at ease, the soft leather covering feeling warn and supple against the bare parts of her skin. Yet still rather unsure about everything that was happening here, she at least felt slightly better in knowing that whatever Janice, or ‘Ma’am’ had in mind with this massage, it was at least going to help ease the sore, aching pain still rifling through her upper thigh.

Jenna, now stretched out on the massage table and with her face pressed through the face-rest, she couldn’t see as Janice turned back to the table with something in her hands.

“Now before we begin we have just a few things we need to take care of…” The bossy woman began. “Here… Lift yourself up for a minute, I have the waiver I want you to sign and I also have this bolster I want to place under your hips to help raise you up a bit…”

Rising up onto her elbows, Jenna took the clipboard and pen from Janice and without so much as a glance; she signed the bottom of the document that would in effect waive her to any and all future claims against Janice and her company. She was only glad to sign it for because she really did have no intentions of filing any law suits, it just wasn’t in her to do so.

“Okay, good now that we have the legal stuff out of the way, lift up your hips while I slip this under you…” Janice order, to which Jenna complied and doing so without a question or hesitation. Lifting up her hips while silently watching as Janice placed the large, cylindrical shaped cushion under her hips, the effect lifting her mid-section up off of the table, her rear-end her and upper thighs forming an arc and slopping down to her back.

Still comfortable enough on the table but yet feeling a little exposed in this position, Jenna couldn’t help but to think of how her boyfriend Curtis had liked to take her from behind in a posture quite similar to this. Propped up her knees, her ass sitting high, Jenna let the image of him fucking her in this ‘doggie-style’ position float around in her head, she felt a certain calm wash over her, being taken by Curtis like this was familiar which in a strange, pseudo-sexual way, it made her feel somewhat at ease, if not even slightly aroused.

With her eyes closed and her focus still centered on the image of Curtis, her now ‘ex-boyfriend’ taking her from behind, suddenly… Jenna let out a slight shriek of surprise once she felt Janice’s cold, slippery, oil soaked hands roughly grasp at the injured area of her upper right thigh. The vigorous, if not rough handling instantly knocking out any images she had about Curtis, the surprise and sudden pain, bringing her immediately back to the here and now.

“Aaagg! Oh please Ma’am, please not so rough… It really huuuurts…”Jenna cried out in agony, her right leg feeling like it had been set ablaze with the sudden and rather rough application Janice was applying to the injured area.

The oil being applied was mix of liniments and natural extracts that Janice had found to be quite effective at loosening cramped and sore muscles – as well as easing the pain of the more severe injuries such as hamstring pulls, however, it did sting like hell going on.

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