Jasons and the Johnsons

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Based on the feedback I’ve received, I no longer am keeping the stories within The Lessons series. This is helpful in one respect, as it allows me to veer away even farther from The Lessons context and Templeton setting. The primary theme of this story is first time, but it also includes a “mature” (May/December ) titillation. All of the characters are above the age of 18. I do hope you like it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jason and Bridget had been dating for quite some time. They began dating when they were freshmen at college. They would go out for dinner, see a movie, and would even stop to park in secluded places. Bridget liked in particular to go to the park where they could sit in front of the lake and hear the loons. The parking was quite a bit of fun for both of them. There was a considerable amount of necking, and even a bit of feeling, at least “upstairs.” She wouldn’t let him go much further. As she would tell him, “Hands at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock are fine, but 6PM is off limits.” She was a good girl who was raised the right way.

Her father, Jim Johnson, had made sure of that. He was a strict disciplinarian. The three Johnson girls were all sweet, well behaved, good girls. They had always been obedient and responsive to their teachers. They never got into trouble. They were model students. They invariably got good citizenship grades when they were growing up, with even special notes from their teachers exclaiming what a delight they were in class. Bridget even spent a considerable amount of her spare time doing good work. She was currently taking the responsibility for providing a “meals on wheels” for Mrs. Branson, who lived down the street.

The sisters’ good behavior generalized to their personal lives. Mr. Johnson knew what boys wanted, and he did not want his girls to fall prey to the lustful exploits of some adolescent male. His wife, Madeline, did not object to the tight reign Jim placed on the girls. She appreciated that Jim only had their best interests in mind. It was good to have a father who was so protective of their daughters’ welfare. She certainly supported his caution when the girls were under age, and was not opposed to him continuing to watch over Bridget, even though she was legally an adult. She was shocked at what she heard teenagers were doing these days. As she would say, “My goodness, when I was that age I hadn’t heard of things like that.”

It wasn’t that Mrs. Johnson would not have had any opportunities as a girl. She was a very striking woman and had been a very pretty girl. She had long wavy blonde hair, pretty green eyes, rosy cheeks, sweet red lips, long shapely legs, and very, very full breasts. They were often hidden by an apron or a matronly dress but she did not need to dress provocatively to be noticed. Those breasts accompanied by that engaging smile were so very hard to ignore.

Jason and Bridget were old enough to do what they wanted. They were both 19 years old. However, Bridget would not want to disappoint her parents. She had always valued their sage advice, and her father and mother made it real clear to her that they would prefer that she remain a good girl until she got married, just as they had done.

Bridget, however, was probably going much farther with Jason than her parents would have preferred. When Jason and Bridget were having a particularly passionate night of kissing, she would let him feel her breasts, at least through a blouse or sweater. She enjoyed the feel of his rough, masculine hands exploring, fondling, manipulating, and even squeezing her boobs. She could feel her nipples stiffen, and even getting very warm, wet, in her panties. He would at times try to touch her down there, but she would always stop him. She wasn’t about to go that far.

There was one time though that she did let him reach under her blouse and feel her breasts through her bra. Jason enjoyed that a great deal. Who wouldn’t? He had never felt a girl’s bra before. It was so intimate, so sexual, so raw to be touching her right on the bra, to actually be touching her underwear, the stuff under her clothes that nobody was even allowed to see. He was very grateful, even honored, to be allowed to go that far. He would try to push his luck further, but he didn’t really complain when she stopped him.

He did though spend quite a bit of time once he got there; feeling her soft, tender, pliant boobies through the thin cotton of her brassiere. With just her bra in between his hand and her breast he got a real good feel of her nipples. He rubbed, tweaked, and even pinched them. They got real stiff. He would have liked a lot to be able to reach down inside her bra and touch her nipples for real, but, still, there really wasn’t much left between his fingers and their stiffness. He was getting a lot of good memories to serve him well when he got home that evening.

In contrast, Mr. and Mrs. Johnsons’ sex life might even be described as nonexistent. Madeline, like her husband, did not approve of “premarital nonsense.” They had waited until they were married, and even then the sex was often more functional than playful. It wasn’t casino oyna that she didn’t enjoy it. It was a tender, warm time with her husband. She would even occasionally think that she was probably having an orgasm, although she felt rather self-conscious about that, even a bit ashamed. When she was getting close to a climax, or at least in the mood to allow herself to get close, she would pull Jim down against her so that she could bury her face in his chest. She didn’t want him to see the excitement in her face.

Jim would always have an orgasm when they had sex. At least, she assumed that he did. His orgasm was the signal for them to stop, clean up, and go to sleep. She couldn’t always tell for certain that he had “orgasmed,” as he preferred to wear a condom. He didn’t actually have to wear a condom as Mrs. Johnson was herself using birth control He thought it was best though to be extra careful. Actually, the real reason was that he didn’t like the mess his sperm made in the bed, as well as just the dirtiness of it all. He would admit that the sexual contact was more stimulating when they were trying to have a child (i.e., when he would wear no condom) but he would then also spend extra time in the bathroom to clean himself off. He even used Lava soap for that.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson probably wouldn’t mind Jason and Bridget kissing. They were not so rigid or conservative to oppose that. As Mrs. Johnson said, “wooing and cooing” is an important part of courtship. But, Jason and Bridget were now even French kissing. Bridget loved to French kiss. It was a way to have kissing be as close to real sex as possible. It was like she was being penetrated by Jason, if only orally.

Mrs. Johnson had been careful to take the time to explain all about sex to their children when they reached puberty. It had not been an uncomfortable or difficult talk with Bridget’s older sister, Marissa. Marissa didn’t actually seem that interested in it herself. However, it was different with Bridget. Bridget had all sorts of questions. She seemed inordinately curious about it, which only made her mother all the more concerned, as well as supportive of her husband’s rules and regulations.

Bridget was certainly very curious about Jason’s “thing.” She had never in fact ever touched him there. Even in their heaviest necking she would keep her hands above deck, just as his had to be. She would feel his arm muscles, his chest (always through his shirt), and she would lightly caress his ear, cheek, or neck, but she kept her hands upstairs. That didn’t mean though that she wasn’t actually interested. She did wonder how it would feel; how it would feel to have a guy’s erect penis in her hand. She had looked a lot of them up on the internet, and it was frankly surprising. They looked awfully big; scary, but still exciting.

She got caught one time doing that though, and boy did she get into trouble. Her mother was simply appalled. They did not have the internet when she was a girl. There was no way for good girls to be exposed to pictures like that, unless they went down to the drug store or, worse yet, the gas station on the north end of town that sold the really dirty stuff in an adult section toward the back of the store. No good girl would even go into that store. When Madeline told Jim, Bridget got quite a spanking.

But, that didn’t actually stop her from looking. She knew it was wrong, but it was like there was a magnet that kept pulling her there. When she would visit Marissa, her best friend, they would use her computer to search the internet for good pictures. Some of the things they found just looked silly, but she would often feel pretty warm and confused by the time she was ready to return home.

She could also tell that Jason was getting excited like she saw on the internet when they were necking. She would steal glances down there. She could tell he was getting all hard as it would push out his pants.

And, she knew that he wanted her to touch it. He would at times position his body in a way that made it real obvious that it was there, like he was trying to show it off, like he was just waiting for her to grab it. She wouldn’t let herself do it though. She knew she shouldn’t. He would at times even take her hand and try to move it to his lap. But, she always pulled back. She just wasn’t ready.

Although her parents were not having sex any longer, Mrs. Johnson would at times see her husband with an erection, but this was just early in the morning while he was still asleep. She wondered what he must be dreaming to have such an erection like that, but, then, she really didn’t want to know. She figured that it must be some awfully dirty thought from deep in his subconscious, where it probably should stay. She would herself at times have some pretty filthy dreams. There was one time that she had a dream that she was attacked by Mr. Peters, a neighbor of theirs. He had come over to borrow a gardening tool. She had to reach down into the garden chest to get it, and this caused her short, skimpy summer skirt to lift up well over her bottom. In her dream she wasn’t wearing any panties. She canlı casino would never do that in real life, but somehow dreams just put you in the strangest of places. In any case, as she was reaching way down into the chest, she felt his hard, stiff penis thrust into her vagina. She was, of course, shocked; even scared, in her dream. She tried to yell but no sound would come out. It was as if she could no longer say anything, let alone scream. In the dream, she thought perhaps she was so frightened that she had lost her voice. In any case, he just keep pounding away at her; in and out; thrusting his hard penis in and out. And, it was so big; so very much bigger than Jim’s. Suddenly, she could feel herself getting aroused, getting excited. She could feel her vagina getting all soft and wet, her breathing becoming faster and deeper. And, then, her voice returned. But, rather than scream for help, she found herself saying, almost against her will, “yes, please, do it Mr. Peters, faster, harder, oh my, I need this so bad.” She could even feel herself getting close to an orgasm, but, just before it seemed that it would happen she woke up. She wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, but she felt that it was mostly good that she woke up. It was bad that she had gotten so excited. My goodness. Sex with Jack Peters? What a terrible thing to do. Even to think about it was bad. She felt down between her legs. She was even wet. She felt terrible to actually have a sex dream like that. She went downstairs to the kitchen to have some cold milk. She needed something to calm herself down.

Bridget did feel bad for Jason when she noticed that he had an erection. She knew that he must at times be getting awfully frustrated, and she wanted him to be happy. She wanted to be the one to make him happy. She even noticed that he would at times try to secretly touch himself while they were kissing. He wouldn’t do it for long. It was clear that he didn’t want her to see him playing with himself. She wondered if she should just tell him that it was okay with her if he did play with himself while they kissed, but she didn’t want to embarrass him. It wouldn’t though be like having real sex if he did do that. She wouldn’t have to touch it. But, still, as her father said, “Once you cross one line, you’ve entered the other realm. You might as well not come back. A good girl crosses no lines.”

Mrs. Johnson did one time, just one time, play with Jim’s’ penis when he had an early morning erection. It was after one of her own dirty dreams. She woke up to feel his hard penis sticking against her bottom. She wondered if that was why she had the dream. She would usually just move away from it when it bumped her in the night, but, perhaps because of her dream, she lifted up the blanket and sheet to look at it. It was a warm summer evening, so they weren’t using more than one thin blanket.

It was even poking out through the fly of his pajama bottoms. It looked it little scary, a little threatening. But, it didn’t seem right to have it sticking out like that. Maybe she should get it back inside? And, besides, it had been so long since she had touched one. She reached down to take it in her hand. She sighed as soon as her hand made contact. It felt so smooth, so hard, so strong.

She slowly, ever so slowly and carefully, slid her hand up and down the shaft. She would usually touch him when they used to have sex, but it was generally to help direct him to her vagina. This time was different. This time she was touching him for herself.

She couldn’t believe that she was doing this. She even considered placing her mouth on it. Maybe for just a second? Jim wouldn’t ever need to know about it. If he woke up while she was doing it though she would never live it down. He would be shocked and appalled. Oral sex clearly bore no relationship with the purpose of sex: creating offspring. He would never put his lips on a woman’s vagina (just the thought seemed almost as disgusting as those homosexual activities) and he certainly wouldn’t then demean a woman in the same manner. If he woke up to see Madeline with her mouth on his penis, he would be horrified at her perversity. The thought crossed Madeline’s mind that perhaps she now deserved a spanking herself, and that reminded her of another dream she once had, where Mr. Peters was spanking her in a classroom for being a bad mother. She had completely forgotten about that dream. That was perhaps one of the oddest of dreams. She recalled this dream as she fondled, felt, and stroked her husband’s erection.

She had to come see Mr. Peters on Parents’ Day, and he was giving her a very stern lecture about how much trouble Patty was causing in class. That was itself odd, as it made no sense. Patty, who was Bridget’s younger sister, was still in high school and Mr. Peters was a college professor and, besides, Patty would never cause any trouble in class. In any case, Mr. Peters explained that it was now a policy of the high school that a parent was to be punished for the misbehavior of their children. Mrs. Johnson did want to be a good mother. How could she expect her daughters to obey the teachers kaçak casino if she wouldn’t do so herself?

So, she submitted. He told her to lean down onto the desk, resting her face right on the top of the desk, and then raise up her bottom as far as it would go. She felt very embarrassed doing this, but strangely excited to do something like that. She had never done it that way with her husband. That would be an awfully dirty, even animalistic way, to have sex. It would be like she was presenting herself like a dog, and now she was doing this for Mr. Peters. It felt even more sexual as he raised up her skirt. She wasn’t expecting that.

And, she was again not wearing any panties. She felt mortified. Mr. Peters could see her bare bottom and probably a lot more. He also scolded her for not wearing any panties. “What kind of a role model are you? I can now understand why Patty is such a bad girl.”

“But, Mr. Peters, I was in such a hurry to get to school on time. I didn’t want to be late for my appointment with you. I just must have forgotten.” It was a pretty lame excuse, but reason and sensibility were not common features of dreams.

He then started to spank her. Swat after swat after swat rained down on her bottom. He was never hitting her at all hard. In fact, it hardly seemed to hurt. It was more like a little playful stinging. However, she was herself playing the part of a very remorseful and chastened schoolgirl. She protested and pleaded for him to stop, but there was also a part of her that wanted him to continue. She kind of liked the fact that she could show herself off to him, that she was again making a man excited. Then, he stopped. There was silence, and, then, the sound of his zipper coming down and she woke up. What a strange dream.

She slid down in the bed so that she could get a closer look at her husband’s penis. It looked even bigger up close. She was reminded of another dream; one that was even weirder. She had been tied up by a bunch of boy scouts, her top was pulled down so that they could see her bosoms, and they were masturbating. She was trying to tell them in her most commanding, authoritative voice to untie her, but they wouldn’t listen. She tried to squirm out of the ropes, but that only made her naked breasts bounce and wiggle around, much to their pleasure. Suddenly, she was on her knees while they smacked her face with their penises. Actually, as she recalls, they were no longer there. There was just penises. The air all around her was filled with naked penises. Some of them were soft, some were hard, some were small, some were large, but there were so many of them. They were poking her all over her face, crowding and pushing each other to try to get to her. Some of them were even trying to get into her mouth. A particularly small but hard one was having some success trying to squeeze past her lips. She could see that one of them, a really big one, was beginning to pulse and throb right in front of her eyes, yet she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. The head seemed to swell and expand to three times its size. Fortunately she woke up before she saw what happened next.

Jim’s penis was substantially smaller than the big one in her dream, but it seemed no less exciting. Actually, she felt even more excited than in the dream, as this was for real and she knew that what she was doing was very, very wrong. She turned her face toward Jim, checking to see that he was still asleep, as she softly rubbed her check against the soft round head of his engorged penis. She had never done anything like this before. She wondered if perhaps she should see a therapist. She was having some pretty disturbing dreams, and was now even doing a very dirty thing. Perhaps she should see a professional.

She felt down between her legs. She was awfully wet now. She should stop.

She heard him groan. She froze. She stole at glance at his face. Thank goodness he was still asleep. She realized she better stop while she was ahead. She carefully slipped his erect penis back into his pajama bottoms and buttoned the flap so that it wouldn’t pop back out. She gave the head a little caress with her finger through his cotton bottoms before she lied back down to go back to sleep. She knew she would have a bad dream now. She considered masturbating before she went to sleep, but that was something she knew would be terribly bad.

Bridget did masturbate after some of her dates with Jason. She couldn’t help herself. She imagined though that it must be a lot worse for him. She knew about boys getting a dull ache from unsatisfied stimulation. She would at times think about him playing with himself as she was diddling herself, as she liked to call it. In fact, one time she even called him. They both had their own cell phones. It was a little risky. They both still lived at home, as did most of the students at Templeton College. Bridget hid under the blankets when she called. She didn’t want her parents to catch her on the phone when she was suppose to be sleeping. But, she just had to talk to him. It had been a particularly heavy evening of necking. As soon as she got home she took a shower, hoping that it would cool her off and calm her down. It didn’t work. She tried reading, but that didn’t work either. So, she went to bed to play with herself. She then got the inspiration to call him up.

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