I Like Big Butts

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I love a good looking ass, not one of those things that are skeletal or without any flesh but something with curves and enough flesh to grab hold of as you push your cock deep into a steaming bowel as she cums with the pleasure and screams with happiness. To take a woman’s anal virginity is something that is unimaginable, to seduce her and make her give you something she would never have thought to give you. To make the woman scream with pleasure as you fuck her in the ass and slap her on that lovely smooth curved flesh as she cums from that place deep in her body instead of from her cunt.

Let me tell you about one of my seductions, she was a pretty thing a little plump with brown hair and a cute face but she was a woman who looked like a woman full of curves and that wonderful softness that just begs to be fucked. When I saw her in her swim suit that black piece of cloth that was like a second skin. How I became hard as I looked at her butt covered by that soft black skin of Lycra.. It was magnificent wide and full of flesh and sensual. I knew she was a virgin there, there is something about a woman that tells you if she likes it in the ass. A way she holds herself and walks and moves.

Let me continue about my lovely little anal virgin. Don’t think I was callous and cold I do not take lovers unless I care about them and want them. Always I am in love with them but what attracts me to them is their ass and perhaps the thought of taking them there for the first time.

We met at a bar and she was so shy as I bought her a drink and listened. For I think I do give as much as I take and if they don’t have personality they are merely dolls.

Slowly I seduced her made her my lover, learnt every thing she wanted in the way of pleasure. I taught her to love my cock between her luscious lips and swallow the cum I would feed her. Such a beautiful sucker, I would cradle her dark hair in my hands and stroke it ever more energetically as I pumped my cock between her lips. Then I was feeling the blessed release of cum shooting from my cock into her mouth sometimes though I would spill it on her breasts and rub the milky fluid into those beautiful full orbs and then lick the hard nub of her nipples in that expanse of brown skin encircled by her ivory breast.

I talked into shaving her cunt allowing me to see that gorgeously curved mound and the lips that were hidden until she was excited. Naked flesh that I would lick and suck exposing her clit and then making her groan and scream as I made her cum and cum with my gentle touches and kisses on the excited nub of her clit.

Even as I did this I would stroke and caress her fleshy butt and she would squirm ever more energetically as I played with her ass cheeks. canlı bahis şirketleri I would open the cheeks and touch the firm muscles at her hole and she would cum so strongly with that play. Sometimes I would even slap her behind and though at first she complained when she felt more pleasure with her cuming she loved me spanking her ass as I licked her.

I taught her to love doggy that wonderful position as I would push my cock between her shaved lips and thrust it deep into the dripping cunt. Every move would let me touch and sometimes spank that wonderfully full ass as I made her cry with pleasure. Of course I would fuck her hard and deep and as I came over her lily white skin on her butt. My God it looked so lovely to see the cream over that virgin ass.

I taught her the joy of a spanking as we made love, a few light slaps at first and then harder blows that made her white skin glow red. She took pleasure as she felt my dominance as she learnt how I could punish her as she took pleasure. For like many women she felt so in need of having someone dominate and punish her for her sinful pleasures. Pleasures that she wanted and enjoyed.

Often as I spanked I would slip my fingers between the lovely cheeks and touch the buttonhole that one day I knew she would let me enter. Let me tell you this woman loved the attention on her ass and it was so sensitive that sometimes she would cum as I stroked her flesh there, so she did not complain as I suggested her to wonder about my cock being pushed into her ass.

At first she did not even want to consider my cock in her ass but slowly and gently I tempted her as I made her cum as I played with her cheeks and between them. My cock would twitch as I watched that naked behind sway and move and I would lust as I imagined my cock at that back passage moving it back and forth inside her.

Finally after all my nagging she said yes but that she did not think that she would enjoy it. I smiled when she said that for so many women had told me that but almost everyone had begged me to fuck them there again and again. I will not boast but I am a most excellent lover and a very accomplished lover of the ass.

I started that night with a romantic evening, candles, a nice meal and wine as I prepared her for our night when she would lose her anal virginity. I watched as she softened to me and was made ready for what was to come. For we had discussed what was to come often and she knew that I would take her ass that night.

I took her into my arms and kissed her softly and tenderly and led her to the candlelit bedroom. With firm fingers I stripped her clothes from her full figure delighting in her curves and I used my tongue as I kissed and caressed canlı kaçak iddaa her naked skin. Hurriedly I disrobed and stood there naked above her nude body my cock extended and hard in my hand.

As she looked at me I saw the fires of her lust in her eyes and I knelt between her open legs and gazed hungrily at her dew covered lips. Lips that I soon kissed and licked as my hands cradled her round breasts and I nipped and stroked her nipples feeling them harden with each touch of my fingers.

Her hands held my head firmly to her shaved cunt as I licked along her clit and she came allowing her juices to stain my lips as she cried and groaned into the air. Yet even as I licked her and slowly stroked my cock with my spare hand, I was making ready for when I would thrust my cock into her tight nether passage. Even as I excited her with my lips I took both hands and stroked and caressed the buttocks beneath her dripping cunt.

Gently I turned her onto her hands and knees and now I massaged her back and worked ever lower until I was above her ass. Now was the time I thought as I dripped warm oil onto her backside allowing it to drip through the cheeks onto the towels I had spread across the bed. Watching the skin glisten in the candlelight my fingers massaged and parted the cheeks allowing me access to the tight buttonhole that I saw between them.

Softly at first I touched and massaged the entrance to her anal passage with one hand as I stroked and massaged her wet cunt with the other. While I touched her she mewled with pleasure and the sounds grew louder and more insistent as I pushed harder with an oiled finger into her hole opening it to my intimate touch. I found and massaged her excited clit and felt her body shudder as she came with my passionate touching. With her cuming I pressed my finger until it slid through the relaxing muscles.

Once entered I slowly rotated my finger so that I opened her more fully allowing another finger slipped into that tight passage. As she opened to me she groaned with pleasure as I made her ass my own. No longer did I caress her cunt since she had thrust three of her own fingers into the hot hole and was fucking it energetically as I prepared her.

Satisfied that she was as prepared for me as much as she could be I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her ass hole and pushed at it slowly feeling the loosened muscle slip over the wedge. She released a sharp breath as she felt my cock push into her and I urged her to relax so I could enter her easily. Gently I would push and then relax noting that with each push I slipped a little more of the head into her hot passage.

Almost I was there I felt and then with a sharp thrust and felt my head canlı kaçak bahis slip into her body and then my whole cock push into her tight hole. As I breached her hole she let out a high sharp scream that was quickly followed by a sensitive groan as she felt her body shake with an pain that passed to a pleasure far stronger than any other she had ever felt before. Then she shook with an orgasm that shot deep through her body.

Later she would tell me that it was unlike any orgasm she had felt of her vagina. Desperately she rubbed at her clit that seemed to grow in size and sensitivity, orgasm after orgasm seemed to rip through her body until it seemed that there was barely a time she wasn’t cuming. As she came I pumped my cock in and out of this tight virgin hole. I felt my cock grow excited and it took all my willpower to not cum in her yet.

Each orgasm seemed to rip from the depths of her body. As my lover came and lost herself in the pleasure that smashed through the last vestiges of any inhibitions about my taking her anal virginity I continued to pump my cock in and out of her tight nether orifice. While I did this and felt her sobbing breaths she pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt which dripped and squirted with cum and juices.

How tightly she seemed to grip my cock with each thrust into her ass. I felt her body spasm and release with each thrust I did and I felt each orgasm in her body and then later felt as she squirted cum from her dripping cunt. How hot and tight she felt as my cock made her open even more and as I thrust I would spank her ass gently and then harder making that lily white virginal flesh turn a dull crimson and then a bright red as I mixed pain with her pleasure.

For as I spanked her she felt harder orgasms and she would squirm so that my cock would feel more resistance to my thrusts. She screamed and cried for me to fuck her harder, for me to strike her ass harder.

I don’t know how long I was fucking her ass until I felt the signs of my immanent orgasm but when it seemed almost to be ready I pulled my cock from that tight hole and stroking barely once saw a fountain of cream sail onto her fleshy red cheeks. Pumping my cock I made sure that each drop splashed onto that abused flesh and then rubbed it firmly into the skin thinking how beautiful it made her look.

Sated we rested until I took her by the hand and led her to a warm bath where I sponged her body and caressed her tired flesh so that we later made love in the water. So I took her in the cunt and she came softly and gently after the animal pleasures we had shared only an hour before. Gently I eased her spanked flesh as I rubbed soothing creams into her ass cheeks and into her distended ass hole.

After that first time she would almost demand that I fuck her in the ass at least once a month. Yes fucking a woman with a big butt in the ass is truly a wonderful thing ,none of those skeletal hippy girls for me just give me a true woman with curves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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