I Have a Surprise For You Ch. 03

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story, while it can be read independently it will make more sense to read the previous chapters.

I would like to thank takemeawaymylove for her support, suggestions and editing skills.

Chapter Three.

I look blankly up at these two, beautiful, naked women: they stand above my naked body taking in the sight that I must be. My hair must be a mess and well, as for the cum leaking out of my pussy, I can only imagine. I close my legs slightly as I watch their eyes trace around and down my body to my freshly fucked pussy, making me a little self-conscious for the first time today. Beth is the first to move and lays down beside me, her breast rubs along my arm and is firmly squashed against my own as she brings her face in close to mine. I try to speak, but Beth places her index finger to my lips and gently hushes me, before leaning in and kissing me with her soft lips on my own. For the second time tonight I find a tongue probing my lips and slipping inside my mouth, but this time it is different, it is not rushed or forced. It is slow, deliberate and wonderful! My attention has been completely captivated by Beth as her tongue moves around inside my mouth, probing, tasting, and I in turn do the same to her. Light moans escape somehow from my lips as my first kiss with another woman continues and I am put at ease as if this is a natural occurrence in my life and that I have done so many times.

I am so captivated by this kiss, that I am only just aware of the hands on my thighs, parting them and pushing my ankles apart, of the warm breath that is now outside my pussy, the gentle touch of a tongue as it searches and finds its reward. Dreamily, I think of Chris. Suddenly, I am aware of Chris, her tongue pushes inside me, my pussy held open by her fingers as her tongue circles around my cum filled hole. The canlı bahis cum? His cum? She is licking and tasting his cum! I have tasted cum before, and not just today, but I have never tasted it out of a freshly fucked pussy. Not even my own. As these thoughts whirl around in my head and I comprehend what Chris is doing, I can feel her mouth close over my pussy as she starts to suck in earnest and I hear her gulp down her prize as each flick of her tongue and smack of her lips must bring more cum closer to her mouth.

I realize that I have become frozen as I shut my eyes and imagine what it must look like to have Chris down between my legs, what the mixture of cum and my juices might taste like to her? To have Beth kissing me… Beth kissing me? I realize I have stopped kissing Beth and she has now stopped kissing me. I look up into her eyes, they are bright and sparkling and she has a huge smile on her face.

“Chris is great at giving head” says Beth, “Male or Female, it doesn’t matter. I have found few who can beat her skill, just lie back and enjoy it.”

Beth’s voice trails off as Chris’ tongue begins to flick at my clit while she slides one or two fingers into my pussy, I am not sure how many she has in there, but I know it feels great.

As Chris begins to pleasure me, Beth slides down and takes one of my still red and sore nipples into her mouth and rolls her tongue around it. I buck as Beth’s teeth grazes over my very sensitive nipple, followed shortly after by her soft caressing tongue. Over and over Beth repeats this process and I am torn between feelings of pleasure and pain for a second time today. Beth seems to time her nibbles to the same moment that Chris sucks my clit in between her lips, and lightly nips it with her teeth before they both resume to the pleasure part, leaving me confused as to which one I am really wanting more bahis siteleri of? The pleasure that they are both giving me is wonderful, but those moments of pain as their teeth nip, graze and occasionally bite on these sensitive areas have me writhing about as I experience feelings I never thought possible. I actually want them to keep hurting me; these brief periods of pain have me quickly pushing closer to my next orgasm, only for it to subside slightly when they stop. I am on a rollercoaster ride. I am the ride and these two women are taking me out for a spin.

Chris’ voice broke through my subconscious, “relax honey, you are going to feel a slight pressure but you will love it.” I almost have time to wonder what Chris meant before I can feel an increased pressure at the opening of my pussy. My god, she has all of her fingers just inside me! Now I can feel her thumb working its way in also. I try to grip the smooth cold floor and stay relaxed as I feel her hand slowly work its way back and forth, each time working in just a little further. The pressure is incredible as is the pleasure, I expect pain but there is none, just pleasure. I am wondering just how far she is going to go. My eyes widen in fear as a thought enters my mind, is she going to fist me? Is she going to try and get her whole hand inside me? I am trying to process these thoughts, mixed with a growing pressure from inside my pussy but most of all, the impeding orgasm that I know will not be far off. Beth’s hand reaches down and rubs my clit. With that, it is over! Chris slips her hand fully inside me and I start to convulse on the floor as a shattering orgasm takes hold of me! I feel myself shaking, I try to clench my thighs tight but I am unable to. I don’t know whether it is because they are being held open or just because my mind has shut down and pleasure is in control. I finally start to bahis şirketleri gather myself as this latest and biggest orgasm of the day starts to subside, when I become aware that there is still a pressure from inside my pussy and a slight movement, oh my God! Chris’ hand is still in there! I am just starting to comprehend this when Chris pulls it easily out of me and unbelievably I cum again, just as intensely as my previous orgasm.

I wake to find both women lying beside me, caressing my body but avoiding any sensitive areas, kissing me lightly, their warm breath a stark contrast to my cool skin. Their light touches are refreshing and soothing, it is sensuous, and loving. I lightly moan in appreciation of their gentleness, both women lean in and offer their tongues to me as we kiss each other at the same time, our tongues darting from one to another without urgency, just an intimacy I thought I could only feel with my husband. My thoughts begin to wander as they trail their tongues down away from my mouth, down my neck before their heads rest on a breast each and we hold each other in a tight embrace. I wonder to myself how I can repay the favor to them both, when I realize I have not uttered a single word to either of them this whole time apart from my moans and whatever I may have said before blacking out from my orgasm. I try to speak to them again, only to find a finger placed upon my lips again to silence me. In this silence, I rest and enjoy the warmth of these two magnificent lovers as we hold each other drifting off to wherever our thoughts would take us.

I am only slightly aware of the sound of the main door opening and closing before I hear a familiar voice, “Hello darling, I have a surprise for you!” A smile spreads across my face as I recognize the sound of my husband’s voice, my husband’s voice… My husband’s voice! My eyes dart open to see him standing above us slowly stroking his erection which is poking out through his open zip and a grin on his face from ear to ear. I am certain whatever he has in mind it is going to surprise me!

To be continued…

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