I Did it For Him

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A few years ago, when I lived in Adelaide, Australia, I was going through something of a “dry spell” with regards to sex. I was very busy at work and I guess I wasn’t in the mood for a relationship after a couple of bad ones in a row. What I did have access to however, was Steve, my ex boyfriend who had moved to Sydney but visited Adelaide two or three time a year. When he had left Adelaide we had broken up, a more or less mutual decision based on the fact that his need to “get his end away” was going to make a long distance relationship impossible – a fact we both knew and understood. I had used his services as a living alternative to my vibrator on a couple of occasions and enjoyed myself immensely – Steve was quite gifted in bed.

This particular trip included a weekend instead of the usual one night stand. It meant a weekend in a five star hotel, all expenses paid by his company. How could a girl refuse!? On the Friday night we had a nice meal, a few drinks at the bar then went back to his room and fucked for what seemed like ages.

‘Have you ever had a threesome?’ Steve asked as we lay in the afterglow of orgasm.

‘What?’ I asked sleepily. I had heard what he said, but wanted more time to think how I could answer the question. I had enjoyed a threesome, but Steve had believed that I was fairly innocent until I had met him.

‘I didn’t think so,’ he answered through a yawn before rolling onto his side. I felt somewhat indignant at the dismissive tone of his reply and sat up, slapping his back.

‘Hey!’ he cried out and rolled over to face me.

‘For your information, I have,’ I said. A feeling of satisfaction swept through me as I saw the look of disbelief on his face.

‘Oh really?’ he asked.

‘Yes really,’ I shot back. ‘With Johnny,’ I added, instantly regretting naming him. Steve had detested his predecessor while we dated and rarely missed up an opportunity to bag him out when he could.

‘Johhny?’ Steve looked incredulous now.

‘Uh-huh,’ I replied. We sat looking at each other for a while.

‘And who else?’ he asked. His curiosity had gotten the better of him now.

‘Francesca,’ I replied with a shrug. Another of his less than favorite people, though when it came down to it, Steve didn’t like many of my friends unless they were men who looked up to him or women who flirted with him. It was one of the reasons that I wasn’t too sad when the relationship ended.

‘Hmmm,’ he said and I knew that he was imagining Francesca’s big breasted, red haired body next to mine.

‘Do you want to call her and see if she wants to do it again tomorrow night?’

‘No!” I raised my eyebrows at him. ‘It was a one off thing for her.’

‘And for you?’

‘I don’t know,’ I said after a moment’s hesitation and he was hooked. By the time we eventually went to sleep I had promised that the next night we would go out, pick up a woman and he could experience a threesome. Throughout I acted indifferent, extracting the promise of a shopping spree tomorrow on his expense account, including lunch and dinner. Meanwhile my insides were fluttering at the prospect at repeating the experience. I didn’t care about Steve, so watching him fuck another woman was not going to be an issue for me at all.

The talk of the threesome soon had Steve hard again and he wanted more sex. My pussy was sore and I wanted nothing more to do with him, so I told him about the threesome in detail while he lay beside me and masturbated to climax. Soon after he was asleep.

The next day I made him fulfil his promise and found myself the owner of a new little red dress with matching heels, a beautiful satin bra and matching panties (all which I promised him I would wear that night), along with a new full length winter coat, fur lined hat and gloves, stockings, a leather handbag and earrings.

Steve was so eager to start our hunt that he suggested we go to dinner at five thirty. I made him calm down, assuring him that I knew one of two places we would go with a good chance of picking up early. The Mars Bar was a well known gay club, though predominantly its clientele were men. Never the less there were plenty of single women who went there for a good time, dancing without the prospect of being harassed by the usual brigade of hetero men. By the middle of the night, full of champagne and surrounded by the not inconsiderable number of attractive but unattainable men of the wrong persuasion for them, they could be suitable candidates for our plan.

But my primary aim was to go to the Beans Bar, a hang out for lesbians and alternative chicks. It would require more careful scouting, for despite what many men think, a lesbian is not going to jump into bed with him just because his girlfriend is attractive and available. However, quite a few of the women who ventured into the Beans Bar were looking for a first time same sex experience. They could be suitable targets if I approached them first, with Steve lurking in the background.

With the casino siteleri plan set, we calmed out nerves with a few drinks, enjoyed a light dinner before catching a cab down Hindley street to the Beans Bar. My red dress, combined with my long dark hair, was designed to ensure that I was noticed. Arriving a little after nine we found the place fairly quiet and settled down on a sofa in the corner to watch the comings and going. Steve just about jumped out of his skin every time he caught me looking at a woman. I found it a little irritating, but also somewhat amusing to see the man who considered himself so cool and sexually aware acting like a fourteen year old on his first date.

At around ten thirty I saw a tall blonde walk in the door and pause uncertainly as she gathered her bearings, before walking to the bar. Her long shapely legs were topped by a jade green mini skirt that seemed to be moulded to her very tight looking bottom. Above the mini she wore a buttoned up, collared, black shirt that seemed to ripple as she moved. It was tight enough at the front to emphasis the rounded firmness of her breasts.

The place was somewhat crowded and she had to wait to be served, though she was lucky in that two butch looking dykes, who had been locked in a lip embrace for some time, suddenly stood and walked out arm in arm, leaving their bar stools free. At once the blonde sat, brushing her bobbed hair neatly into place and dragging her drink, a clear sparkling liquid in a long glass, towards her. I noted the scarlet of her lipstick as her full lips parted slightly to admit the straw.

‘Like her?’ I murmured to Steve. Following my gaze he swallowed then nodded.

‘Stay here, perve all you like but do not approach me until I look at you and wave you over.’ I looked seriously at him. ‘Do you understand?’ He nodded that he did and satisfied I stood and crossed quickly to occupy the other vacant stool. I didn’t look at the blonde until my drink had arrived and I had taken my first sip, using her lighting of a cigarette to turn towards her and offer a thin smile. I was encouraged when she smiled back at me and at once realised how nervous I felt. Was this how men feel every time they approach a woman they didn’t know? I wondered. Her eyes quickly scanned my face and I did the same with her, noting the angular cheekbones, small petite nose and dark eyes.

‘I’m Alexandra,’ I offered feeling awkward.

‘Stephanie,’ she replied in a small, slightly smoky voice.

‘I should’ve asked if you wanted the stool,’ I added, unsure how to direct the conversation, ‘are you waiting for someone?’

She smiled and glanced at the barmaid, a muscular but not unattractive woman with a shaved head. Stephanie pushed her near empty glass forward and ordered a vodka and soda.

‘No, I’m alone,’ she replied, turning to meet my eyes again. ‘But I’m not looking for a woman.’

‘Oh,’ I replied feeling my face turn crimson. ‘Am I being that obvious?’

‘No, not really, but this bar does have a certain reputation.’ She laughed and at once made me feel at ease and I was able to laugh with her. ‘I like coming here before I go out for…well to meet someone more to my taste.’ She smiled again, a small smile that invited me to join her conspiracy. I did so and leaned closer. ‘I hope that doesn’t mean you’re going to leave,’ she added.

‘Not at all,’ I replied, pausing to sip my drink while I considered where to go next. ‘In fact, I must admit that my taste isn’t really catered for here either.’ Stephanie’s questioning look invited me to continue so I did. ‘I’m actually here with my boyfriend and we were looking for…well, someone who caters to our taste.’ She giggled at that and we shared a silent moment.

‘Where is he?’ she asked.

‘Well, don’t look or he’ll be over here thinking you’re it and then we won’t have a chance of meeting anyone,’ I said and she nodded. ‘He’s sitting all alone on the sofa in the corner behind you,’ I said. I saw her gaze slide over my shoulder and recalled that the far wall was a mirror. Clever I thought. And cute. I was disappointed that she wasn’t available; her body looked even firmer and curvier now that I was sitting close up.

‘Can’t really see him,’ she said and smiled when she caught me running my eyes across her breasts. ‘Now, now Alexandra, I’m not available, remember?’

‘Can’t blame me for looking can you?’ I replied, feeling more at ease with her now.

‘Look after my seat would you?’ she said, scooping her purse up. ‘Off to the toilet.’ With that she stood and disappeared across the room. I glanced towards Steve and saw that he had stood up and was looking at me uncertainly. Being as subtle as I could I shook my head and waved at him to sit down, which he did abruptly. Stephanie reappeared and I could see that she was able to get a good look at Steve as she returned to sit next to me.

‘He’s cute,’ she said, her lips parting seductively again to wrap around the straw.

‘He is,’ I answered. canlı casino While she had been gone I had begun to scan the room again, noticing a cute, girl-next-door brunette standing alone near the dance floor, moving in time with the music.

‘I guess you do this all the time.’

‘Ah no,’ I replied with a smile, dragging my attention back to Stephanie. ‘In fact, this will be Steve’s first time.’

‘Oh,’ she replied. ‘And you?’

‘My second.’

‘With a man or woman?’

‘Pardon,’ I asked, unsure as to what she meant.

‘Your second time with a man or woman?’

‘Oh, the other time was with a woman.’

‘So you’re basically hetero?’ I nodded and felt a little stab of annoyance as the brunette was dragged onto the dance floor by a strong looking short haired woman in a suit. I was missing opportunities while we sat here chatting and I needed to get moving.

‘What about me?’

‘What!?’ Stephanie suddenly had my full attention and my heart raced. ‘I thought…’

‘My taste is basically men too,’ she interrupted. ‘And he’s cute and you’re nice, maybe I should experiment a little too.’ I was lost for words and sat staring at her.

‘Should we tease him a little first?’ she asked.

‘Um, yes, I mean, if you’re sure…’

‘Absolutely. As long as you have somewhere we can all go from here?’

‘Ah yeah, we’ve got a room at Rydges.’

‘Very nice,’ she said. ‘Why don’t you lead me to the dance floor?’ So I did, noting Steve gawping at us as we gyrated to the rhythms, our bodies touching, our hands occasionally brushing against each other. After fifteen minutes or so we returned to the bar to rescue our drinks, our seats having been taken in the ever increasing crowd.

‘Let’s go,’ she said. I looked at Steve, nodded and waved him over. By now the noise was getting so loud that introductions were all but impossible without shouting so I ushered us all outside onto the pavement. A cab was rolling past and Steve flagged it down, slipping into the front as Stephanie and I occupied the rear seat. It was a short drive, just long enough for an introduction, the preliminary niceties of ‘where are you from’ and so on that I hadn’t managed to get to.

By midnight we were in our room, ordering two bottles of champagne. I sat Steve between us on the long sofa and by half twelve I watched as he and Stephanie kissed, their tongues shiny and wet as they entwined around each other. I pressed myself against his back and ran my hands around his stomach and across his thighs. Caressing the front of his trousers I felt his erection straining against his boxers already. A shiver ran through me and I transferred my hands onto Stehpanie’s smooth thighs, over her hips and caressed her breasts through the marvellous felt-like material of her shirt. Her breasts were very firm and I suspected that they were silicon enhanced. I worked the buttons undone until her shirt hung open, revealing a tight stomach and tanned breasts threatening to spill out from under a black lace bra.

Eagerly Steve’s hand cupped her breast, squeezing it, then working one nipple out over the lace edge of the bra. Stephanie was breathing quite hard by now and I worked the buttons of Steve’s shirt loose, pulling it from his body. As he sat up to allow it to slide from his body, Stephanie leaned forward and her tongue delicately flicked out to twirl around his nipple. Steve rested against me as she sucked it into her mouth, then he turned towards me and we kissed, a powerful meeting of lips and tongue that betrayed his deep lust. Stephanie’s hand was gently working his erection through his pants and as I watched her long fingers deftly released his zipper and snaked inside. Steve moaned into my mouth and I knew that she was touching his flesh and I felt my lust boil upwards, threatening to run out of control.

Looking down I watched as Stephanie drew Steve’s thick member from his pants, its head swollen and red. Her delicate fingers began to stroke his shaft then dance across the swollen head, deftly squeezing then releasing it. Steve moaned again and pulled his face from mine to let his lead loll back as Stephanie’s fingers manipulated him expertly. I had to admit I was a little jealous of her technique, for as much as Steve liked me touching his cock with my hand, he preferred my mouth or pussy. And here he was now, savouring a hand job from a woman he had only met a few hours prior.

Stephanie moved smoothly from his nipples, which were hard little points, and they began to kiss again. Stephanie’s tongue was long and pointed and the thought that later it might be stroking my clit sent a shiver through me. I slid off the sofa, kicking my shoes off as I did and knelt between Steve’s thighs, flicking his shoes off then pulling his pants, already loose, down his legs and discarded them behind me, leaving him completely naked. Then I leaned forward, and in rhythm with Stephanie’s hand, began to lick his shaft. My tongue trailed behind her fingers, occasionally kaçak casino over them, onto the swollen head where I probed the little hole with my eye tasting the faint salty pre-cum that was begin to ooze free.

When I slipped the head into my mouth, pulling my lips tight around the glans, I heard Steve groan and felt a flush of delight. Despite Stephanie’s expertise with her hand, my mouth was obviously still better. Stephanie removed her hand and allowed me to fully concentrate on what I was doing. I worked my mouth down along his shaft, my fingers barely touching him, then ran my tongue from his hairy sac to the tip, around the tip and then plunged my mouth to the base so that I could feel the heat of his erection in the back of my throat. At one stage I looked up and saw that Stephanie had removed both her shirt and bra.

Her breasts were indeed silicon enhanced as evidenced by their defying of the laws of gravity. But they looked great. Steve was caressing one, then the other as his tongue was sucked by Stephanie. Unable to resist I reached out and began to caress one of Stephanie’s smooth long legs. She gave no obvious reaction and so I continued to let my hand wander upwards, caressing behind her knee and onto her thigh. Steve was gently lifting his hips to fuck my mouth which made my job easier, so I let him do this as I enjoyed the feeling of another woman’s smooth waxed skin.

I finally touched the hem of her mini skirt and slid my fingers under it. Still no reaction, so deciding that boldness was called for, I reached up and cupped her bottom. It was well rounded and taut, something obvious to even the most casual of lookers. There was no evidence of panties until my fingers explored her crack to find a thin line of cotton. A G-string, no doubt a must have item for the tight mini skirt wearer. The taste of salty fluid was becoming stronger and I knew that Steve was getting close. Not wanting him to come I slipped my mouth from him and used the saliva to stroke him as I turned my attention back to Stephanie.

The outside of her thighs were sleek and well toned and I knew that she worked out. Imagining her in a body hugging lycra gym outfit was easy as were the stares of other members of her work out class. Steve’s cock jumped in my hand and I ever-so-slightly lessened the pressure I was exerting, keeping him close but a safe distance from his climax. The breathing of my two sex partners was ragged and loud and I wondered if mine was the same.

Then I froze, a small gasp escaping me. I felt Stephanie tense, then I continued the work of both my hands and she relaxed somewhat. Steve gave no indication that he had noticed anything out of the ordinary, but then he probably wouldn’t. He hadn’t felt the bulging pouch between Stephanie’s legs. Tucked downwards for sure, but a pouch and a bulge. Not a smooth V of material with a warm pussy underneath. Oh no. A hard length of flesh partly strangled by being restrained between her legs. His legs. Her legs. Despite the penis and the erection, Stephanie had chosen to call herself that. The erection was not my doing, it was Steve’s. His hands were caressing her face and breasts, kissing her deeply. I had to suppress a giggle at the thought Steve was kissing, at least anatomically, another man.

I caressed two cocks now, Steve’s glistening with saliva and a small but steady stream of pre-cum, and Stephanie’s which I had worked to the front. She was small, barely bigger than my fist, but rock hard. I was aware that if Steve looked down he may become aware of the bulge and unsure of what his reaction would be I decided that I needed to be in control if I wanted to have more fun first. I dragged Stephanie away from Steve until she was on the floor beside me. Pushing Steve’s legs together we positioned ourselves on either side and took it in turns fellating him. Stephanie’s oral skills were clearly as good as her masturbatory skills, but of course she had the unfair advantage of knowing what felt good in the first person. Her eyes met mine and I smiled, then leaned forward so that we could both attack his shaft. Our tongues lashed him and I knew that he was in heaven. A few times I attempted to let our tongues meet, but Stephanie let the contact be no more than momentary. It was Steve that had brought her to this room, not me.

After a minute or so I stood and shrugged off my dress, discarding my expensive, matching lingerie without a second thought. Steve watched me appreciatively then his eyes dropped back to Stephanie’s bobbing head between his legs. I knelt behind her and carefully unzipped the mini, then deftly removed her G. Kneeling between Steve’s legs hid her erection from him, but I knew that she had to enjoy having it free of it’s restraint. Directly behind her I ran my hand over he well shaped buttocks, noticing that there was no hint of hair in the crack or on the tight skin of the scrotum. I slid my hand between her thighs and was excited to feel that she was completely free of hair. My hand grasped her length and this time she made no move to pull away so I pulled the skin tight and began to stroke her. She moaned and I saw Steve’s eyes watching me, his lust glittering there like tiny lights reflecting from a diamond.

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