Hotel Surprise

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It’s about quarter to 7 and your just walking back in the door from smoking a cigarette. There is a large envelope sitting on your desk. Confused you pick it up and sit down in your chair. It doesn’t say who it came from so you open it. There is a piece of paper folded like a letter and what looks to be a room key. Before you even open the letter you start to smirk because you know who it’s from now. You open the letter only to see typed:


Meet me at the Marriott at 9:15 tonight and don’t be late. Room 309.



Now you sit there impatient, wondering what I am going to do tonight. There wasn’t anything special about tonight that you could think of. What to do now. It’s not even 7 o’clock and you want to run out the door, but you know I’m still at work too. And you can’t leave. So many different things running through your mind. What I will be wearing, what position you want me in first. All the images are starting to get your cock hard. Finding something to do to make time pass was becoming so hard. But you have a customer to attend to…

9:20 and you know you’re late. Damn that bitch that came in and wasted your time. Oh well you were here now. Standing in front of the door. You take a deep breath and slide the card. You open the door and the only light from inside is a candle.

“Are you going to come in?” a voice from the corner said. You walk in and close the door.

“Close your eyes and get on your knees” she says.

You do as the voice tells you. The woman is whispering so you can’t tell if it’s me or not. You feel a cloth cover your eyes. Blindfolded! A tongue lightly crosses your lips. “Tonight we are going to have some fun” I say. I pull your shirt from being tucked in your pants and up over your head. “Stand up” I say. You do and I lead you to the bed. I make you lie back on the bed and straddle you. You feel me leaning over you. I can feel your hard cock through your pants. I grab your hand and put it over your head and tie it into the sash attached to the bed frame. The same with your other hand. casino oyna

“Show me how much you like to use that tongue of yours.” I whisper in your ear.

Now I am over your face and you can smell the sweet wetness I have to give you. You tilt your head up and run your tongue through my pussy. A moan escapes my lips. My hips start to move back and forth over your face. Your face getting all wet from the juices from my pussy. My body lowers closer to your face. Your tongue feels so good. You can feel my clit start to harden and my breath is going faster. I can feel you moving your hands. Wanting to have them free, but the sashes are too tight. My hips are rocking back and forth and the moans are becoming louder.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to cum all over your face”, I say.

With that I explode with your name rolling off my tongue. My body shakes as you try to continue. I can never get you to stop.

“MMM, that was good” as I move my legs down and slide my body down yours. I lean over and start to kiss you. You love when I kiss you after you have had your mouth all in my pussy.

“I have a surprise for you” I whisper.

Knowing that my hands are on your arms you become confused when you feel another set of hands on your legs. Run up over your hard cock to your belt. I giggle and nibble at your neck. I can see the smile on your face in the candle light. You have mentioned several times that you wanted to watch me with a woman. You wanted to fuck me while I sucked on her clit.

Your pants are off now and I finish sliding down your body. You hear the lip smacking sounds as she kisses me.

My hands are stroking your cock up and down. My thumb playing over the head of your cock. And then the hot breath of a mouth so close. I was sitting up, so it couldn’t have been me. It was this mysterious woman. Her mouth covers your cock as far as she could go. I hear you breath in deep and your body moves. Hips trying to put more of your cock in her mouth. “Yeah baby, that’s it, fuck her mouth” you hear me say.

Your hips moving up and down as her head bobs with the same canlı casino motion. You feel me get up. My mouth down at the base of your cock slowly moving up till I find her lips. Both set of lips on your cock. A tongue runs down to your sac and I hear the moan escape from you. I knew you were enjoying your self. The sucking sound from you fucking her mouth just made me want you inside me, but that meant I was going to have to untie you soon.

I moved her mouth from your cock and moved her to kneel between your legs. I straddle you again, but this time with my back toward you. I slide just the head of your cock in and out teasing you.

You can hear me kissing her and I feel your hips move up to try and push your self into me. I let you. As I start riding you moving my body up and down she starts to suck on my nipples. Teasing them with her tongue. Her face moves slowly down my stomach and to my pussy. My riding is slow. Rocking back and forth and just a little bit up and down.

You can feel her breath and tongue and your cock moves in and out of my body. She runs her mouth down your cock and back up to my clit. Over and over. You feel my pussy tighten up and you know I’m going to cum again soon. But I stop. Move far enough back to untie your hands and take off the blindfold.

You try to make out the face of the other woman and you can’t. You don’t know who she is.

“Now I want you to watch” I tell you as I lay her back on the bed. You sit up and watch as I kneel over her. Slowly and passionately kiss her. My hand on her breast, rubbing her nipple with my thumb. My other hand moving down to her pussy. She’s so wet and hot. My finger moves over her clit and she moans while I am still kissing her. My fingers slide into her and I start moving them in and out. You can see that she likes it. Her body is moving under me. My mouth moves down to kiss her breast. I kiss her belly and then her lips right before I move my tongue to where my fingers are making her wetness pour from inside her.

I can feel movement from behind me. I know your are stroking your hand up and down your cock kaçak casino watching me lick her pussy and fuck her with my fingers. Ever so often running my thumb over her clit. Her moans are making me wet and I want you to fuck me so badly, but I want you to enjoy watching me pleasure this woman. Know that she is going to cum all over my face. But you must have known that I wanted you. You moved up to your knees. And touched my pussy. I was so wet and wanting your cock back inside me.

You grab my hips and slowly move your cock into my pussy. Not wanting to disturb my snack.

“Fuck her, fuck her hard” the woman breathed.

You begin to thrust cock into my pussy harder and harder, making me want to suck on her clit and fuck her with my fingers harder. Her moans got louder, she was almost at a scream. I could taste how sweet she was and I could feel that she was almost ready to cum. I was ready for it. I wanted to lick every bit of it up and make her cum again. Her body began to shake and she let go. I could tell she came really hard. But I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to make her cum again. I wanted to cum. I could feel your hands moving over my ass as you fucked my tight pussy. You wanted to cum. I wanted my body to suck up every bit you gave. Your hand moving to the middle of my ass. I feel your thumb rub over my hole. With a little bit of pressure I feel it start to move in and out of my ass like your cock in my pussy. You had never done this before and at the moment I liked it. It was turning me on more.

I started licking her deeper now. Putting her right back on the edge. The moans coming from my mouth were vibrating her pussy. Watching me eat her was bringing something new from you. My pussy was going to cum from you fucking me, but the feeling was so much stronger from you fucking my ass with your thumb. I could feel that you were going to cum too. I could hear it in your voice as the moans and grunts came from you. The thrusts became harder and then I could feel you explode inside of me. My pussy started to throb as a scream came from my throat. I felt her clit throb under my tongue and I knew she had cum again.

All three of us out of breath and sweat dripping. We lay there for a min. I lean back give you a kiss. “I wanted some pussy. I didn’t think you would mind.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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