Hot Tub

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Let me say something silly, yet some people don’t get it. This story carries and adult theme. If offended by sexual stories, its simple, don’t read the story. This story is fictional with fictional characters. These characters will never get AIDS.


“Where are you going?” I knew where he was going but wanted him to ask me. I love to have him ask me to join him. There is something sexy about a hot tub, with hubby and with friends. It’s my second favorite public place as the beach, oh yea the beach. I have to say that there is something so erotic about the beach.

Mike and I purchased this house three years ago. It’s amazing that we were able to purchase that house before we turned twenty-one. Mike works hard and has done well in the software world. He has over fifty people working for him and it’s my job to take care of him. Mike, well he’s this complex man that understands technology and business. What rocks most people is how attractive he is, standing at six four and two hundred fifty pounds of stud; if that’s not enough his green eyes will melt any girl out of her dress. What drives me nuts is that Mike looks great in a suit or a swim suit! Some times I hate men. We’re always doing something outside, which helps keep us in shape.

We work hard and play hard. If we’re not on the water then we love to be out camping or riding our bikes some place. After all, the state of California created all these trails for us to enjoy and we love to take advantage of them. Mike loves for me to wear skirts and this is a great way to keep my legs in shape!

My man just walked passed me wearing only a little towel. What a tease. He stopped, turned and looked at me, showing off.

“You know where I’m going,” he said, looking me up and down. “Why don’t you undress and join me. I’ll get something nice to drink.”

Hubby walked off while I went to the bedroom. Slowly I teased myself. It’s nice to be nude, but I find it erotic to have someone undress me – or to have someone watch as I’m undressed!

Staying one step ahead of him as he spoke, my sun dress fell to the floor; I stepped out and then grabbed two large terry cloth towels. Just love that feeling as my skirt rides up my thigh knowing that my “friend” is trying to check me out. However, there is no better feeling that being nude next to hubby. Sure, I love to tease and show off. Why not? All that time in the gym has to give me some reward. I’m not blessed like some ladies, but I’m all real and take great pride in my legs. So, I just love to find a sexy person and show off a little.

Mike was really adamant about getting a hot tub while I was not so sure. Now, I’m so glad that we purchased a hot tub. It was so expensive and I was worried about it. After all, I never used a hot tub before. Well, now that we’re getting older its nice to soak, relax, and enjoy a few drinks after a long day or week.

I heard some noise next door, and then I heard the slider open, “Jen? Jennifer, is that you?”

Oh, Renee was home. Renee was the perfect neighbor, perfect wife, perfect mother, and one of my best friends. We spent a lot of time doings things together. Every now and then, she would join us, whether it was tennis, golf, riding bikes, or some wild spur of the moment thing.

Renee is around five four with a perfect tone, tanned body, and nice b cup breasts. Well she is Latin but I know she loves lying out in the sun. We’ve enjoyed seeing her sunning herself, topless. Oh yes, she is a great neighbor. Renee has this thick shoulder length hair that I’ve always been jealous of. She is the perfect, “desperate housewife.”

I stood up and peeked over the red wood fence. “Why silly, who else would it be? Oh, has my man had some hotties over here,” I stood to greet my friend, “again?”

Renee gave me a surprised look. “No! And I keep asking him when I can come over – but he blows me off.”

She made me laugh, “I think you have that wrong, he wants you to blow him!”

They both laughed. “So is my stud with you?” She walked up, trying to peek over the fence. casino oyna I think she noticed that I was topless.

She knew better, but I still told her, “No, my hubby is with me. My stud has the night off.”

“You are so bad, girl.”

I grabbed my husband’s hair. “Stand up and be a gentleman. Where are you manners?” He stood up all right and was right behind me. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. Here I was, nude and talking with my “milf” neighbor. My husband was behind me, rock hard and was letting me feel him. It was all I could do to control my lust. I wanted them both!

“So, I hope that I interrupted something?”

Mike shocked me by sliding himself between my cheeks. Oh, it’s so erotic to feel a man grow. I love the feeling of having his soft cock against my skin: feel him become aroused: knowing that he wanted me. To know that in minutes that cock would be in me! To know that he wanted me and soon he would take me! That was my perfect erotic moment. It’s so naughty when a man becomes hard as you know that he’s thinking of you and that he wants you to make you his little slut for the night.

Mike said, “Hello,” but his attention was all on me. He reached around and started to touch me. He was so arrogant as his hands cupped my breasts, even with Renee so close. How could I talk to Renee with Mike teasing me?

“So Mike, how are you?”

He kissed me neck. “Just perfect. How has my hottie neighbor been as I’ve missed seeing you all this week?”

I pressed back into Mike, grinding my cheeks into his firm cock. Renee looked at me then at him. “Why, Mike, I don’t think you’ve missed me!”

Renee’s and my eyes met. “I think he has!” Then I started to wonder where that was going.

She blew me a little kiss, as Mike cupped his hand between my legs. Talk about a rush, to be held with my neighbor inches away from me! Renee knew that I was nude, and I’m sure she could tell what Mike was doing. Oh, his fingers started to squeeze my clit and then he started to massage my clit. He adjusted himself and slid his thick cock between my legs. He knew that I would be wet, and my body didn’t disappoint him. He easily slid between my lips, giving me great pleasure. Oh that tease, that jerk! He would pay! I knew she noticed my eyes flutter from him.

“Don’t you think that I should come over and help you discipline that bad boy of yours?”

I looked up at her with a lustful look. “Do you want to?” I would love that and so would Mike.

Mike spanked me. “Yeah, why don’t you come over!”

Hearing him say those words, well, it took a few seconds for me to wake up. Wait! I had to get some clothes on.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to dress.”

Oh my god! She knew that we were nude!

“Well now, if we’re nude what about you?” an excited Mike asked.

She looked at me. “We will have to see.”

About a year ago, we installed a gate between our yards. That way, we could easily walk between our home and hers. Horrified and aroused, I watched as she came though. It was like she moved in slow motion. God only knew where we were going on this journey, but I trusted her and Mike. They both had my back and soon I would be a sandwich, I hoped.

Mike pulled me back into the tub, making her come closer to us. Catlike, she moved closer. I watched in awe, as her body moved towards us, how she held herself, and I could see the arousal growing in her face. I didn’t know where that night would take us, but I wanted to find out. I think Renee wanted it as much as we did. Soon, there would be no turning back!

Without saying a word, her fingers lead her charge. I watched as she started to remove her blouse. Oh, it had been awhile since I watched a woman undress. Renee drew me into her and I had to get closer. I moved so that my chest was on the side and waist down I was in the water. I almost forgot about Mike – until he came behind me and slide into me. There was no friction, nothing holding him back, nothing to stop him as I was more than aroused, having Renee inches away from me. I arched my back, exposing all of myself to her. She knew what he had just done. Oh, did that feel great. I wanted her to touch me, to feel her fingers, her tongue on my skin! ‘Come and get me girl!’

“Hurry up,” was all I could say. I just hoped that she heard me.

Renee looked into my eyes, “Oops, I forgot my suit.”

Mike stood up with no hesitation. “I’m as bad – I lost mine.”

Oh canlı casino my, my husband just showed himself to our neighbor. He proudly showed himself like he was daring her.

I don’t know why that shocked me as hubby loves to show off and has no inhibitions. He was half-hard and I have to say, looked rather impressive. I was proud to be with him and could see the same look on Renee’s face. Oh yeah, she wanted him.

Would my sexy friend allow herself to relax and be taken by my husband? God, I wanted to see her with him. Well, I also wanted to hold her, feel her skin turn hot with lust, and kiss her. Would she let me kiss her? Had Renee ever kissed another woman? Her full soft sexy lips, god, how would they taste?

“What’s a girl to do?”

OK, I had to step up. “Turn around, you dog, while I help our friend into the hot tub” I said to Mike. I told Renee, “Dress however you feel comfortable.”

“Oh, I will.” Renee looked in my eyes as she started to unbutton her blouse.

Next, she unzipped her pants. Oh, there must be a high pressure system that just moved in, as I was having a hard time breathing. My sexy neighbor was standing in front of me, wearing only a bra and panty. I had to look at her tight body! Damn, she caught me. She smiled and then reached around and unclipped her bra. Oh god, her breasts were perfect! Then she removed her panties.

Renee whispered, “Do you like?”

“Oh my, yes!” Mike piped in.

“Renee I’ve always thought of you as a beautiful, sexy woman.”

Then she moved up to me, kissed my flushing cheek, and joined us in the hot tub. My body was on fire, and that was when I noticed I was standing up, showing my breast to anyone and everyone. I was sure that Mike was more than happy as he then had two sexy ladies in his hot tub. Only that time he had two nude ladies!

I felt Renee’s leg touching mine. Was she flirting with me, or accidentally touching me? Mike would just love that – to watch her seduce me. Oh yes, he would love to watch us in bed. Could a man handle that? After all, I was sure she knew how to touch me in ways a man could never understand: how to tease and please me at the same moment. Not really sure what to do, I just stayed still.

“So Mike, I see that you’re still keeping in shape.”

That was my chance, my opening to try something. Playfully I said, “Hey!” I moved next to her, pressing my body into hers. “You better keep your hands to yourself – that’s my man.” Our bodies were pressed together as I was more or less sitting on her lap. Mike eyes were bulging and I was sure other things were growing.

Renee didn’t move but smiled. “Oh, you will do just fine, honey!” With that she reached out and groped me. “Mike honey, since it seems that I can’t have you, you don’t mind if I enjoy your pretty little wife do you?” Brazenly, Renee’s hands cupped my breasts and there was no doubt Mike knew what she was doing. Oh my nipples, her fingers danced and teased me.

She placed her hands on my lap. Slowly Renee started to run her hands from my neck down to my thighs. I had to admit, the attention she was giving me felt great! Her touch was soft, teasing, and making me want more. Renee knew how to work my body and my body was respond to her.

That night was going to be a very naughty night. That night Mike’s fantasy would come true in many ways. I knew that Renee and myself would be in bed together, and that Mike would also enjoy Renee.

“Mike, you have a very sexy wife.”

“Yes, I know,” Mike said, giving us a cocky smile. “So, Renee, how does my wife feel?”

“Well Mike, I don’t know what I was missing. I’ve never felt a woman up before, but I like it.”

“Renee, what are you doing to me?” Time to get back at my dear friend! I slid my right hand behind my back and down to her crotch. Her legs were all ready parted as my hand cupped her pussy. I gently applied some pressure to her. She didn’t act surprised or shocked, as I didn’t think she wanted Mike to know. I gave him a quick air kiss. The position was a little awkward and hard to really tease her. Renee retaliated by working my nipples. Her touch was soft as she went back and forth. Renee worked circles coming ever so close, but not touching my nipples, as I did my best to tease her clit with my fingers. I reached my leg out to find Mike very hard. Oh, the mix of emotions from touching Renee’s pussy, my husband’s hard cock and Renee touching my breasts.

Then Renee kaçak casino buckled and let out a moan. Oh my god, I think she had a little orgasm.

“Mike, you have a very naughty girl.”

Mike had bug eyes, “And your not, little Miss Renee? I think you’re a very bad girl, playing with my wife’s nipples like that. In fact, I think you need a little spanking.”

“Oh yes, Renee is a bad girl and needs a spanking.”

“Oh Mike, you won’t hurt me too much, will you?’ Renee asked as she stood up and turned around.

Oh my, she looked so sexy, showing herself to my husband. Mike proudly stood up showing himself. We both gasped, enjoying the eye candy. His cock pointed straight out, as he wanted us. Renee rocked her hips, taunting her ass at him.

Mike pulled his arm back and slapped her right cheek, ‘the sound of the slap against her tight firm cheek was amplified by the water.’

“Oh, that’s nice.” She pushed back, pressing her ass against his cock. Watching him took my breath away, as I didn’t know what would come next. He grabbed her hips and moved her. I was sure his cock moved between her legs and I imagined if I were her how it would feel to have his cock pressing against my clit. Renee rocked forward and backwards creating little waves. I knew she was masturbating on his cock, rubbing his thick shaft between her lips and over her clit.

I had to see more and be a bitch! After all it was time to make my friend pay, so I got out of the hot tub. Our eyes met as she watched me move in front of her and up onto the hot tub. I didn’t care anymore about being a lady. Renee pulled up and I could see my husband’s cock from the hot tub light. Taking my place against the edge of the tub, my legs parted inches in front of her.

Renee’s breast looked perfect and I could see why Mike enjoyed many fantasies about her. Her nipples stood erect, calling out for someone to lick them. Had to taste those lips and wanted her to be my first woman. She looked at me while I moved up to her and kissed. Her lips parted as she accepted my tongue. Now was not the time for that and I ran my tongue over her lips, nibbling on her lower lip. She tasted almost as great as she looked.

I pulled back as I had to take it in. Looking at her, I knew what she needed. First, I had to have her. I reached out touched Renee’s face, her neck, and then her long auburn hair. My fingers dug in and pulled her down. She let out a little moan and I knew Mike had entered her. Slowly she leaned forward towards me while taking my husband deep inside. Oh, I love that feeling from being empty to feeling filled.

Oh, it seemed like hours, as she moved between my legs. I was so nervous waiting for Mike to take her. Oh I wanted to watch Mike use her, enjoy her female charms. Mike had a big smile on his face as he enjoyed Renee and worked up a rhythm. Playfully, she bit my thigh – oh how I loved that. How I wanted to grab her, to pull her into me!

I leaded back as Renee started to lick me, little circles around my clit, closer and closer, teasing me with her soft tongue. Then she looked down and took me. Her pretty face was nestled between my legs as her tongue found my clit. I didn’t need any foreplay or any more teasing – I just wanted her to suck me! And then Renee did it, giving me what I so desperately wanted, needed!

It was so erotic feeling Mike pushing her into me, knowing that Mike was fucking my close friend as she licked my pussy. My body surrendered to her as she brought out the women in me, and it was coming fast.

Mike was really grinding into her, pushing and pumping her for all he was worth. I could tell by the faces he was making that he was getting close. Oh, I wanted to hold off – but my body was overpowering my mind.

Oh how good she made me feel, her tongue gave me things, different than a man and oh, so good.

I’ve never cum so fast before but my toes tingled and curled. As it hit, my reflexes and overpowered nerves caused me to reach out and grab her. Oh, I felt the wave crash against me, rippling through my body. Oh how I shook, crying from pleasure. Little gasps and moans escaped my lips.

Mike gave one last thrust and I knew what just happened. He also came. Oh Mike just came in her how kinky. Renee looked up at me, god did she look hot! The way her eyes opened up to me, her long eye lashes partying revealing her sexy eyes.

Reaching down I pulled her up to me and kissed her. Renee’s lips were creamy and delicious.

I asked her if she wanted to spend the night with us, but she said that she better get home. She thanks us for the experience and that we will be doing this again, soon!

End of part 1

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