Hot For a Retired Teacher Ch. 05

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We spent the next several days working our way out to Santa Fe, Taos, and Four Corners. We had a nice visit in Taos, where, besides seeing the Taos Pueblo, Donna took great pleasure in shopping the local craft shops, looking at all the jewelry and buying a fair amount. We were in one store and she had her eye on a beautiful ring, turquoise stones set in a silver band. She looked at it several times, and I could see her debating the several hundred dollar cost with herself. She had commented that even though she loved it, the ring was rather expensive, and she’d have to pass. While she was looking at other things in the shop, I bought it for her. We finished up and went back to the car. Once we were in, and Donna got herself settled, I pulled out the small box and held it out to her.

“I have something for you,” I said, watching for her reaction. The look on her face was priceless, a mix of surprise and love.

“You didn’t!!” said Donna, her face lighting up.

“I did,” I said, smiling at her. “Go ahead, open it.” I handed Donna the box, which she opened to find the turquoise ring she had been admiring. “I saw you looking. When you went back the fourth time, I knew it was something you had to have. Yes, I realize it was a bit of money, but it won’t put me in the poorhouse, and I can see it makes you very happy.” Donna looked at me as if she was going to melt, then leaned over and kissed me.

“I am so going to fall in love with you if you keep this up,” she said with a smile. What she did next surprised me. She looked at the ring, and looked at me. As she was looking into my eyes, she slowly worked her engagement ring, then her wedding band off her left ring finger, putting them in her purse. She looked at me when she finished, then handed me the ring I had just given her. “Put it on me,” she said, smiling at me as she looked into my eyes. I took the ring and looked at it, then back at her. I took her left hand in my left, and slowly slipped the new ring up onto her ring finger with my right. Donna looked at it a moment, then back at me, and took both my hands in hers. We had not said a word, yet I could sense a transformation in her.

“Let’s take good care of each other,” I said, our eyes still locked. Symbols are funny things. Donna had taken her wedding ring, the symbol of love and commitment to another man, off her hand, and put on a ring I had just given her, something I had meant as a sign of affection, and in the process had changed her whole outlook. I may have stolen her heart; but in the end she gave it over to me completely with that one simple act. Donna was not the only one who was falling in love. We kissed deeply, lovingly, one of those kisses that connects your souls. It was truly beautiful.

“See what happens to girls who don’t wear panties??” I said to Donna when our lips parted. Donna smiled at me, and lifted the denim mini she was wearing to show me that she wasn’t.

“All kinds of nice things,” said Donna with a smile.

“Lucky for you we’re parked on a busy street,” I said looking at her bush peeking out from under her skirt.

“I’m sure we’ll make up for it later,” said Donna, opening her legs to give me a good show as she slowly got settled back into her seat. She’d tease me much of the rest of the day, and I’d tease her right back, leading to an intense session later that evening.

We headed on toward Colorado, where I found Donna had more than a passing interest in the pueblo cultures of the southwest. We had gone to Mesa Verde, and finished the day in Durango, a short(by western standards)ride from the park. While waiting for a table at a restaurant there when three guys who appeared to be in their mid 20’s came up behind us in line. They were talking about working on one of the sites there, and the progress they were making. Donna turned and made a comment about what one of the guys had said, and next thing, we were all in the conversation. As we waited, we decided that we should all sit together, which we did, having a good dinner, and interesting discussion of new findings on the site. The guys were Ph. D candidates and had a good depth of knowledge, and were pleasantly surprised at Donna’s competence to discuss the topic. As we ate and talked, it became obvious we were all getting along very well, as the conversation and beer flowed easily. Donna seemed quite taken with the three young men. For their part, they were obviously interested in Donna, not only for her ability to speak intelligently about their field, but also because the short, dark green dress she had on did justice to her trim figure. I had noticed them checking out her legs, the curve of her calves accentuated by the wedges she was wearing. She had it open down to the fourth button, so I know she was giving them glimpses of her tits during the time we were waiting for a table. As we waited for dessert, she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room, a cue for me to follow. I did a moment later. We met in the hallway leading to the rest rooms. Donna took me by the hands and looked up at me.

“How serious casino siteleri were you about letting me, um, ‘play??’” she asked. She looked a little unsure of herself, and how I would react.

I smiled. “Serious enough that if you want to take these gentlemen back to our room and have some fun with them, I’d go with it,” I said, squeezing her hands in mine. “You know how I feel about this kind of thing, and what my fantasy is. And I know yours. This might be a good chance to explore how it would play out if we were ever to have a serious relationship. Not that I have to tell you this, but you’re a long way from home, living out some dreams. Why not this one?? If ever there were a chance to let loose your inner slut, this is it. I can tell they’re interested, they’ve been checking you out since they came in.”

Donna looked at me slightly apprehensively. “Yeah, that’s true. They haven’t taken their eyes off me the whole time we’ve been here. It will be an easy pick up.”

Donna broke into a smile as I told her, “Come on, let’s do it. You already know how to handle a couple of young guys. Three won’t be over your head.”

Donna hugged me. “You’re amazing!!”

“Not really,” I said, laughing. “But I do want you to have a good time while we’re together. And it’s quite a turn on to watch you. Let’s set it up when we get back to the table.” We went back to the table and resumed our dinner.

The three archaeologists were Brian, a tall, lanky kid of 25 with light brown hair; Keith a little shorter than my six feet, a bit more solidly built, with dark hair; and Ray, who with his shaggy blond hair looked like a bit of a beach bum. From appearances, they looked like an unlikely trio, but we were quite comfortable with them after an hour in the restaurant. As we ate our cheesecake, I could see Donna was intrigued by the idea of taking on three seemingly different guys, and she didn’t miss a chance to make word play out of everything that could possibly have a double meaning. The guys were eating it up. I knew they were eating up Donna with their eyes, as I observed them watching her, checking out how she looked in her loose cotton dress, which showed off her hard nipples well. I know they got a good look at her legs in the dress she was wearing when she went to meet me by the rest rooms earlier, and while we were being shown to our table. There was no question as to their interest. Despite being in what might be considered a geeky field, these kids were not geeks at all, and rather well rounded. Even though it was still early in the digging season, they were also physically well defined. It looked like Donna was in for some manhandling.

We finished up our dessert, with Donna asking the boys if they’d like to join us for some drinks and more discussion. They jumped at the chance, and we arranged to meet them in our room in an hour, giving us time to get back and get set. We told the guys to pick up their beverage of choice, and we’d see them shortly.

Donna and I walked back to our hotel, a short couple of blocks, holding hands. Donna seemed to be floating as we walked. “This is going to be so much fun,” she said. “I’ve fantasized about this for a long time. You’re so sweet to let me live this out.”

“I just hope it turns out to be everything you dreamed,” I said, smiling down at Donna. “I want you to let go, do anything you want to do, let it go wherever it goes, as long as you’re comfortable with it. Remember, no matter how this plays out, I will love you just the same tomorrow morning. Just save the last dance for me.”

“And I love you for the freedom you let me have. My husband would never go for any of this, and I’m finally going to get an outlet for twenty years of fantasy. I know this could all end in a couple of days, but it’s nice to know that your feelings won’t change.” Donna squeezed my hand and pulled me closer, looking up and giving me a quick kiss as we walked.

We got back to our room and Donna immediately turned, put her arms around me and kissed me, hard and deep. We pawed at each other as we kissed, soon falling onto the bed. Donna had already undone my shorts as we were kissing, while at the same time I was rubbing her pussy under her dress. She was already quite wet in anticipation, and I easily slid two fingers inside her, playing on her clit as I stroked her. She didn’t waste any time, and had me stepping out of my shorts in seconds. I was already hard, and Donna stroked me a couple of times to bring me to full mast. She fell back on the bed, her dress riding up to expose her wet blonde curls, her labia wide and ready, begging for the next cock to enter her steaming insides.

“Come get it,” said Donna, a lustier look on her face than I’d seen to that point. She pulled me to her, guiding my cock into her eager cunt. “Hurry up, let’s get in a quickie before the guys get here,” she said in an anxious whisper.

“You’re going to give them sloppy seconds??” I asked, laughing.

“Sure,” replied Donna. “I don’t think they’ll care much. Besides, I want to feel your come in canlı casino me, have you inside me, even as I’m taking theirs. I know you’ll be last. I want you to be first, too-because you’re first in my heart.” Donna gave me a loving smile. “Besides, if any of these guys is big, it will help to have some come in me to help things along.”

“Good point,” I observed. I looked down at Donna as I pumped her deep, banging her womb with every stroke. I pulled out, teasing her clit with the head of my cock, then slammed it into her and watched her smile turn to a grimace as she cried out and came. I rocked back and forth on her, ready to come by now. I pushed deep, the swelling head of my erection pressed to her cervix. Donna shook, then spoke in a hoarse whisper.

“Give it to me, honey, fill me with your hot loving seed,” said Donna, the look of love now returned to her eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her, my cock erupting inside her, splashing her cervix with hot bursts of sperm. We held our kiss as my orgasm peaked and subsided. Pulling away, I looked in Donna’s face, now with a dreamy expression as she felt my come swimming inside her.

“I love this little woman,” I thought. “What a fun, playful partner.” I pulled out of Donna, a big drip of semen spilling out of her as I left her.

“Better get cleaned up,” I said, aware that we didn’t have much time til the guys showed up. Donna reached down and felt the flood cascading from her.

“You ain’t kidding!!” she said, getting up and heading to the bathroom. She couldn’t have been in there more than three minutes when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find our three friends outside, a couple of 12 packs in hand.

I let the guys in, taking their beer and putting it in the small fridge next to the desk. I was handing everyone a beer when Donna came out of the bathroom. I handed her a beer as well.

“What’s this??” she asked, looking at the can I handed her.

“We’re trying to get you drunk and take advantage of you,” I teased her.

“Not if I take advantage of you first,” said Donna, giving me a knowing smile. She was ready to take advantage of someone, her dress open at the top and bottom, only the two middle buttons closed. She greeted each of the young men with a lingering kiss. Brian had to lean over quite a bit to reach her-he had to be 6′ 3″ or 4″.

“Wow, you’re tall,” said Donna. “I might have to climb right up on you.” Donna looked up at him, her face even with his belly. “Let me get something to hold on to,” she said, unbuttoning his jeans. She pulled down his jeans to find a pair of boxers already tented out. It looked like Donna would have plenty to hold. Brian looked big, judging by the bulge in his shorts. She had him step out of his jeans, then rubbed his cock through his boxers. Brian sighed as she stroked him.

“I think I’ll climb on this,” said Donna, pulling Brian’s boxers down, releasing what had to be a 10″ cock once she got him to full size.

“You might need a little warm up,” said Brian. “Not everyone can take that right away.”

“Oh, I’ve had a little already,” said Donna, giving me a wink. She moved him over to the side of the bed, taking his cock and sucking the head. It didn’t take long til she was slurping on it, then pulling away to lick the underside, then taking it back in her mouth, all the while playing with his balls, which were huge. When she’d pull away, there would be a long string of precome hanging off her tongue and his swelling head. Brian was enjoying the attention, slowly pumping his hips as Donna sucked him. He shuddered, but Donna didn’t let him come, instead backing away and lying down on the bed, pulling him with her. She got him on his back and straddled him, giving me and the others a good look at her sperm coated, pouting labia, signaling her arousal. I watched as she placed the massive head of his cock at her opening, and wondered how she would get him inside, even with the generous coating of come she already had in her. Keith and Ray were mesmerized by this scene too. I could see them watching with mouths open as Donna took their friend on.

Donna, knowing she’d need some effort to take in Brian’s dick, took it in her hand and rubbed the head all around her clit and pussy, then let it fall onto his belly and rode it back and forth so the shaft stroked her lips and clit. Brian helped by sucking on her tits, and fingering her clit as she rode, and soon brought her to a loud orgasm, Donna’s hips thrusting back and forth on Brian’s cock as she coated his crotch with her juices. She lifted up off him, again placing his pulsing dick on her labia, and pushed down. Ever so slowly she took the head in. I could see her shudder as she got it past her opening and into her clutching vagina. She pulled it out, rubbing it on her clit, then took it in a little farther, then repeated the process. It took about ten minutes, but she finally was able to take all of it inside her. Once she was there, she looked over her shoulder. The three of us sitting and watching were looking with rapt attention kaçak casino at the spectacle of my tiny girlfriend taking their buddy’s massive erection all the way into her pussy. Donna looked over as she settled on Brian’s cock.

“Well, aren’t the rest of you going to play??” said Donna, looking back at us. I was already mostly naked, having put on a pair of boxers after Donna and I finished earlier. They didn’t hide much, as I was already getting hard again watching my little blonde friend mounting up on her new partner. Keith and Ray undressed as they watched Donna riding their colleague. Both were already hard when they undressed, both about 7″, but Ray a bit thicker and hairier than Keith.

“Honey, why don’t you turn around so we can see what’s happening a little better,” I said to Donna.

“Good idea,” she said, slowing her pace and looking over her shoulder. “Oh, good, you guys are ready.” She dismounted Brian’s immense cock and turned to face us, placing the head back at her pussy and slowly sinking onto it. We watched as the head spread her labia and slipped inside. It went in easily this time, as she was quite wet, both from her own juices and my load inside her. When she got Brian all the way in, she motioned for Keith to come over to the bed. When he did, she took his cock in her mouth, licking the head, then up and down his shaft as she started to slowly ride Brian again.

The sight of my little blonde riding that massive cock was intensely arousing. Ray was sitting next to me, his dick at full mast, and he was stroking it absent mindedly. Donna, seeing this, called him over, saying, “I can do that,” taking his cock in her hand, smiling up at him as she played with his dick, soon making it leak onto her fingers. Donna was now working all three of our new friends, one in her hand, one in her mouth, one in her pussy. It was a real turn on, and I was amazed at her versatility. I had never expected this when we first started out a week before.

Donna was still riding Brian steadily, and it was hot watching his immense erection push into her, then stretch her pussy lips on the out stroke. It was turning her on, too, and I could see she was getting close to another orgasm. She was stroking Ray faster, and starting to have trouble keeping Keith in her mouth. Suddenly she released Keith and cried out, her hips shaking and bucking as she came all over Brian’s dick, which was buried to the balls in her. He must have been close too, as he started to thrust up into her, his balls hitting her clit, sending her into overdrive.

“Dammit, Brian, I want that big cock to come in me, shove it deep, I want to feel it in my throat when you come!!” Donna was almost delirious. Again she shook, this time grabbing his hands for support. “Oh, God, yes, fill me with your sperm.” She reached down with one hand and held his balls. “You must have a quart of come in those huge nuts, give it all to me!!” Brian grunted and held his dick deep in her. Donna, feeling his come hit her cervix, cried out again.

“Oh, God, Brian, yes, fill me!! Flood my tiny cunt with your big dick, I feel every spurt of your hot come…” Donna was convulsing on his cock and rode hard as Brian continued to spew his load in Donna’s overheated pussy, overflowing her as he came. He finally stopped coming and Donna settled down after the most intense orgasm I have ever witnessed. Her bush was soaked and Brian’s cock was coated in his come. Donna, finally recovered, took a breath and slowly pulled herself up and off the now softening but still sizeable member she was riding. As the head slid out, Brian’s come flowed out of her, a large blob at first, then a more steady flow. Donna rolled off and lay on the bed, her legs open, and looked up at Keith, whom she had let go when she and Brian had their orgasm. She reached out to him, pulling him to her on the bed.

“You can be next,” said Donna, as Keith got into place over her, his hard, leaking shaft bobbing out in front of him.

“I don’t know if I can match that,” said Keith. “I mean, I’m not nearly as big.”

“Don’t you worry,” said Donna, taking his cock and guiding it to her. “I’ve never had one that big, and I don’t think most guys come close to that. And don’t sell yourself short-you’re pretty nicely built yourself. It doesn’t have to be long, thickness counts for something. You’re doing pretty well in that area,” she said, giving his cock a long squeeze down his shaft, making a big drop of come seep out from his swollen head. Donna looked at the growing bubble of precome, then up at Keith. “Mmmm, you look excited. I like when a guy’s come is already leaking out of him even before he’s inside me. It makes me feel like he wants me so bad he can’t stop from coming. Do you want me that bad??” Donna looked up at him with a desire in her eyes I had not seen before as she plunged his dick inside her incredibly sloppy cunt. Keith started pumping away at her hard, his balls slapping on her ass as his cock slurped in and out of her. Donna’s bush, thighs, and ass were now getting a really good coating of come as Keith stroked in and out, Brian’s come still spilling out, and Keith’s leaking dick adding to the mix. He slowed his pace, saying he was getting close. Donna slowed him down further, not wanting him to come yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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