Homecoming and Ali

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I’d been away on an out of town job for three nights. I had been scheduled to take the evening flight back home on the fourth day but the work had gone well, finishing early that morning. I just managed to catch a late morning flight to my hometown, not having the time to call to my wife before boarding. I’d picked my car up from the airport which is close to home, so it didn’t seem worthwhile ringing my wife and I was home mid-day.

There was another car in our driveway. I recognized it as belonging to Ali, a friend of my wife. Ali was a tough looking woman with a short, no-nonsense hair style. I knew she was strong, self-assured and I’m not certain that she liked me. I parked on the road, took my bag and opened our door. I don’t like slamming doors, so I always close the door softly. I kicked off my shoes and went inside. For some reason, I didn’t call out and I must have entered the house very quietly.

I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from the main bedroom.

I went down the hallway to the bedroom where the door was wide open. I looked in. My wife was on the bed, on her back with Ali half on top of her. Both were naked with my wife’s legs open wide. Ali was kissing her and finger fucking her, thrusting two fingers into her pussy at once, making her say “oh, oh, oh,” with each inwards thrust as she brought my wife to a climax. My cock went hard, with an obvious bulge in my pants.

Ali was the first to realize I was there. She stopped kissing and fingering my wife, but kept her fingers in her pussy. She calmly looked up at me.

“My, you’re home early.”

My casino oyna wife struggled to raise herself up, but Ali used her weight to hold her down.

“Lie still” she commanded. Ali looked at my hard on.

“You’re enjoying what you see, aren’t you? Come and join us,” she said to me.

Almost hypnotized I moved towards her. Ali pulled her fingers out of my wife’s pussy and reached out to rub my cock which was straining to break free of my pants.

“Drop your pants” she ordered. I did as I was told, stepping out of them and my cock sprang free, hard, erect.

“Mmmm, that is a nice, stiff cock” Ali said, taking hold of it, stroking it and fondling my balls. “Your wife is ready for a good fucking.” Then she whispered in my wife’s ear.

“Let him give it to you, it will be alright, I promise”.

I climbed onto the bed and mounted my wife, wanting to dominate her, pushing her legs further apart and ramming my cock into her wet pussy. I didn’t bother with any foreplay, just began fucking with hard, fast strokes, enjoying how she had submitted to me without question. I felt Ali put her hand on my buttocks and push it between my legs. She gave my balls a squeeze, then started rimming me. I didn’t protest when she pushed her finger up my asshole. I gave a moan of pleasure.

“You like that,” she said. Then she pulled her finger out, only to push two in at once and begin finger fucking me. The effect was electric and I couldn’t stop myself cumming. I rammed my cock hard into my wife’s pussy, as deep as it would go. I spurted and pumped my load into slot oyna her, flooding her with my cum.

When I had finished, I’d have liked to have stayed there as my cock slowly lost its hardness and shrank but Ali pushed me off and pushed my wife’s legs wide open again. Ali’s fingers went into her pussy.

“My you are sooo wet,” she said “your cunt is full of his cum”.

Ali began kissing her while she finger fucked her and brought her to another climax. My wife was moaning and crying out with pleasure as she was being done. Eventually Ali stopped and looked at me.

“I want your cock” she said.

She reached out and took hold of it. She stroked it, pulled it and began wanking me. It took more than ten minutes of firm wanking before I got hard again. Ali clambered over my wife, pushing her to one side, then she pulled me on top of her, guiding my cock into her pussy.

“Fuck me,” she said. Once again I began fucking, thrusting in and out fast and hard, making sure my cock stayed horny. I was enjoying myself. I saw my wife looking at me and that added to the enjoyment. I’d no cum left in my balls so I was able to fuck Ali for over 15 minutes giving her several orgasms before I ran out of breath and had to rest. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. It was still hard. Ali rolled me over onto my back then told my wife to ride my cock which was sticking up like a flag pole. My wife mounted me and my cock slid into her as though it knew its way in, which it should have done given how many times I’ve fucked her. Ali then sat on my face, ordering me to lick her clit while canlı casino siteleri she began kissing my wife again.

The two of them pleasured themselves on me. They kissed and fondled each other’s tits and nipples. With their combined weight I couldn’t do anything other than let them have their fun. My wife rode up and down on my cock while Ali stroked her nipples and squeezed them. I could feel my cum mixed with my wife’s love-juices running down my upright cock and onto my crotch, while Ali’s love-juice from her pussy was smeared over my mouth. At times I could hardly breathe as Ali bounced on me and her pussy covered my mouth and nose. I’m sure that she was doing that deliberately, pressing down hard. She had got me where she wanted me, ignoring my protests and flapping hands with my arms pinned by her legs. Eventually I came a second time but spurting hardly any cum although my cock muscles were pumping away as if there was. My cock promptly went limp and slid out of my wife. By then, all three of us were sated.

My wife and Ali would meet together for sex twice a week now that I knew about their relationship. We started having a threesome together, once or twice a month. Ali never let me cum in her, but liked watching me shoot into my wife before thrusting her fingers into her pussy filled with my cum. Ali had a sadistic streak in her. Sometimes she would thrust two fingers up my ass while she wanked my cock or squeezed my balls; sometimes she would use a vibrator on me, both times thrusting in and out hard and enjoying hearing me moan. The sex between my wife and I got better too. We’d now do it three or four times a week, trying different positions as my wife became more adventurous, but mainly missionary or her riding me. I realized that she was having at least one orgasm nearly every day.

Long may it last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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