Holly Ch. 03

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All characters are at least eighteen years old. Thanks go out to musicloverxo91 and boheminxen for their editorial assistance.


They started French kissing causing both to start breathing heavier. After a time Holly felt Billy’s hands start sliding and caressing up and down her back eventually coming in contact with the soft curve of her left breast. He continued until her entire breast was covered where he started gently massaging causing the nipple to become erect and Holly to moan and push her breast deeper into his hand.

Billy’s hand skimmed to the top button of her blouse to unbutton it and as he did not hear any protest continued downward until he reached the waist band of her skirt. Billy broke the kiss to pull the top from the skirt, unbuttoned the final two buttons and opened the blouse to remove it from Holly’s shoulders and body. He took the blouse, folded it and placed it near the bag containing Holly’s safe skirt.

When he turned back toward her he saw she had her hands behind her back. To his surprise she unhooked her bra, shrugged her shoulders and let it fall displaying her beautiful breasts to his eyes.

“What the…?”

“I figured this will save some time as we don’t have all that much tonight. Now come over here so you can play.”

Billy moved as if in a trance, ‘I don’t know what has gotten in to her, but I hope it will be me shortly.’ He reached out taking both breasts gently in his hands. His fingers supported them on the underside while his thumb slowly traced around the aureoles. When he flicked over her nipples, Holly let out with a moan and pressed her breasts harder into his thumbs. Her breathing quickened. ‘Oh! He’s making me so wet and hot…We better take it down a notch,’ thought Holly.

“Fun time is over for you, now it is my turn,” she said as she reached for the hem of his polo shirt and started pulling up toward his head. Billy smiled and raised his arms to help her. Once she removed the shirt, placing it near her blouse, she removed his shoes and socks, leaving Billy in his jeans, but not for long. Holly unfastened the belt and button, pulled down the zipper and slipped them down his legs. Billy raised his feet separately so she could remove them and they joined the other clothes in the pile. Now the only separation between them was his briefs. Holly could plainly see his arousal and removed the last obstacle; his dick popped loose rapping against his stomach and stood proudly erect.

‘It’s huge! No way would it fit inside of me… not that it’s going to happen, anyway. But I may as well enjoy what I can.’

Holly wrapped her hand around his cock and started slowly pumping up and down the shaft, eliciting moans of pleasure from Billy.

“You remember what happened last time. Why not give me a blow job.”

“I’m game, but you know I’ve never given one so you will have to tell me what to do and what makes you feel good.”

“Keep your hand at the base as you have it now; slowly lick the underside until you get to the head.” Holly did as instructed and she could have sworn his pole jumped: although, as there was a moan emanating from Billy, she guessed she did it right. “Place your lips over the tip and slowly slide your mouth down.” Holly did as instructed and brought a gasp from Billy; “Now pull back to the tip repeating until you get a rhythm” Again gasps came from Billy. “Now use your tongue and move your hand the opposite of your mouth.”

Holly followed instructions, and received no additional instructions as Billy started moving his hips in cadence, moaning louder. “Baby, I’m going to come soon. I suggest you take it in your mouth or there will be a bigger mess than last time.

“Ummmm,” was Holly’s response as she continued her ministrations in a more rapid manner.

“Arrrrgh,” exclaimed Billy as he came. He exploded in her mouth and she continued sucking and swallowing until all was gone. Her mouth on the tip resulted in Billy almost collapsing with the intense pleasure he was experiencing. “That is the greatest blowjob I’ve ever received!” he stated. “If that was the first time, you are a natural and will win any blowjob contest on campus.”

“You’re just saying that to get in my pants, but in this case flattery will get you nowhere,” she said with a grin. “You really think I was that good?”

“Holly, I am serious. You have a special talent. Now lay back so I can give you some pleasure.” Holly lay on the mattress, “I said you are not going to get any farther than last time and I meant it.”

“You should know by now I will not do anything you don’t want. I only ask you to relax and enjoy the ride.”

Billy lay down beside her and took her into his arms, kissing her deeply. Their tongues were dueling as his hand encased her left breast, gently squeezing, kneading and caressing. He took the nipple between his thumb and index finger, gently rolling it and then pulling out. This caused it to elongated and stiffen even more. He repeated this with the right breast with the same results. Holly was beside casino oyna herself, letting him know her pleasure by her moans.

He replaced his hand with his mouth, going over the mounds respectively eventually he took a nipple and sucked gently to be rewarded by a longer, stiffer nipple, which elicited a major moan from Holly, along with her pushing into his mouth.

Meanwhile Billy had placed his hand on her thigh, lightly stroking as he slowly moved toward the ultimate target. He met no resistance and she even opened her thighs to make his path easier. Billy could not believe his luck.”I may completely thaw the Ice Queen tonight.”

He reached his goal, rubbing against her pussy through the panties. “She is extremely wet,” he noticed. He continued caressing her until moving to the waistband. Hearing no objections, only moans of desire, he slipped his hand under the panties, going through her curls to her pussy. He traced the puffy, slick lips and slid the middle finger into her slit. His thumb caressed her clit. Holly was going wild, moving her hips in time to his caresses. “I think she is ready.”

Unfortunately, as he took hold of the top of her panties in preparation for removal, the cell phone alarm went off breaking the spell.

Holly realized where she was and wasn’t too happy with his hand in her twat. “Billy, what did I tell you? I know I really was enjoying it, probably too much, but we have to get home. Please hand me my clothes.”

Billy reluctantly complied and was shocked when he handed her clothes to her to see she had removed her skirt. “I thought we were done as you have to get home.”

“No, silly, I have to take this skirt off to put on the other one. Anyway, you had your hand in my pussy. Now let’s get dressed and let’s go home. Holly put the short skirt in her large purse as Billy raised his eyebrows. “Now you know why I brought this purse that you were giving me such a hard time about.. I didn’t want the skirt to get wrinkled is why we brought them to you yesterday. I will wash it sometime when I am home alone and I have a place to store it where my mother will not find it. I doubt I will wear it again until college.”

“You will drive every stud on campus crazy with that skirt. I saw a lot of your panties tonight.”

Holly blushed.

A little later, they were parked in Holly’s driveway.

“Billy, I really enjoyed this evening. I hope you weren’t kidding about how you felt after the blowjob. I think I like it.”

“You are great and I can’t wait until you do me again. Here, take this mint,” as he handed her an Altoids, “so your parents don’t smell anything. You know they’re still up.”

“Thank you.” Holly said as she started opening the door. “We better get out as I doubt being in the driveway counts. I must be in the house.” Billy scrambled around to finish opening the door and they walked up onto the porch. They had a long deep kiss with Billy getting a few gropes of her ass cheeks when the porch light flashed on and off.

“I better go. See you Monday,” Holly said as she opened the door and went into the house.

Billy stood there for a few seconds, pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. “I had my finger in the Ice Queen’s pussy!” he smiled as he got into his van.

As Billy said, Holly’s parents were still up. “How was the concert, sweetie?” her mother asked.

“It was great, but some of the bands appeared to have come right out of their garages. The others were really good and some may make the big time in a few years.”

“I’m glad I didn’t have to have a talk with your boyfriend about getting you home on time,” her father interjected.

“Daddy, why do you try to act so tough. I haven’t dated anyone you or Mom hasn’t approved of. I’ve always been home on time except for the time Jimmy had car trouble and you came and got us. You even used your AAA card to get his car towed to the garage. In fact, I’m surprised you didn’t pay for the repairs.”

That got a laugh from her parents. “

Now I think I’m going upstairs and get ready for bed. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” her parents replied.

Holly went to her room. ‘That went better than I expected. They must be tired as this is the latest they have been up since I can remember.’

She put the skirt in the bottom of her hamper until tomorrow afternoon. She would be able to do her laundry when her parents and brother were at Aunt Betty’s.

Holly stripped off her clothes putting this batch in the hamper on top. She noticed her thighs were moist and her pussy was wet. ‘Another shower!’ as she headed to the bathroom. Prior to getting in the shower she stood in front of the full length mirror. Her skin was aglow, her nipples extended and, of course, her pussy wet. ‘I don’t know what has gotten into me,’ she thought, ‘Although everything feels so good and apparently I like it as I haven’t said no. It’s a good thing we had the alarm set to be sure I got home on time. I think that lends a new meaning to ‘saved by the bell!’

Meanwhile Billy was working canlı casino at his computer melding the different cameras into a finished product. ‘Normally I would have waited until tomorrow when I was more awake, but I just had to see how my project is working. And, if I say so myself, it is almost perfect.’ He was looking at their make out session in defined detail. Every feature of each of them was flawlessly visible and her blowjob was as though he was receiving it again.

‘There are a few adjustments to be made and I think it will be perfect.’ With that he turned off the computer and lights to go to bed.

The next week progressed slowly as it was getting close to the last day for the seniors. Finally Friday came finding Mark, Molly, Holly and Billy at the Sandwich Shack planning their evening. As no one had anything different to do, they decided to go to the Goodfellas movie.

Afterwards, they stopped at the Sandwich Shack for drinks and Billy and Holly got in his van, Mark and Molly left in his car. They all knew the others were going to the parking area, but they all wanted privacy.

“The movie was pretty good, but next weekend let’s do something outside,” Billy said. “We are stuck inside all winter, now is the time to enjoy being outside.”

“I agree that we need to get outside more.”

As luck would have it, they got the same parking space as the last time.

“Holly, what’s wrong? You haven’t been yourself tonight. Even Mark noticed and asked me f we were having a fight when you and Molly went to the ladies room before we left. I noticed you didn’t jump on Molly and even me like you usually do. Is there anything I can do?”

“Billy, there is nothing you can do. I started my period and it is going to be one that knocks me for a loop. So I don’t feel too perky right now.”

“That’s okay, Holly. I’ll take you home if you want. I don’t like not being able to help you.”

“It’s not your fault, Billy, its nature. You don’t have to take me home but we aren’t going to mess around very much. We can snuggle If you want.”

“That’s fine with me. Let me get things set up in the back. You know it’s more comfortable.”

“That’s true; it’s comfortable on the mattress. Let’s get set up.”

Billy went to the rear, checked the mattress (he had previously set it up), and turned on the lights. He also started the video system. ‘Won’t be much, but I will be able to tell if the adjustments I made are right,’ Billy thought. “Come on back, Holly.”

She came back and they both lay down on the mattress. He put his arm around her and she placed her head on his shoulder. After a while she leaned over and gave Billy a kiss. “You are so special; you are laying here with me even though I can’t let you do anything since I don’t feel good. There has to be something I can do to pay you back.”

Billy was laying there with his eyes closed enjoying the quiet with his girl when he felt her pulling at his belt. Before he could react she had it open, his zipper down and pulling his pants down.

“What are you doing? You don’t feel well and I don’t expect anything from you. We can wait until next weekend.”

“You just relax; I’m going to reward you for your patience,” she said as his briefs headed for his feet. “Well, what have we here?” she asked as she touched his flaccid penis. Before Billy could answer, she engulfed his entire cock in her mouth.

“Oh man!” Billy exclaimed as he saw his entire cock in her mouth. It didn’t stay there for long as after a few sucks and up and down, he was fully erect. Holly then started using her tongue and playing with his balls. She gently caressed them coupled with playful squeezes. This was driving Billy wild. He was moaning like she had never heard before. But what happened next blew his mind.

She started going down his shaft finally stopping to offset her gag reflex. She pulled back a little and went down again taking his entire dick in her mouth. ‘I don’t believe I did this on my first try. It feels a little strange having my nose in his hair ad my chin resting on his balls. From the noises he is making, I gather he likes it,’she thought. Holly made a few more deep throat moves and concentrated on bring him off by working the upper part. It didn’t take long until she heard.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” just as a big load rushed out of his tool. Holly swallowed as she had the first time, but then concentrated on the head of his dick. This prolonged Billy’s pleasure. She kept sucking until he started to deflate.

“That is the first time any girl did that to me, where did you learn to do that?”

“I’ve heard the girls talking about it so I asked Molly. She told me what to do, but also said it would take several times before I managed to take it all in. She was speaking from her experience with Mark.”

“She does that with Mark? What else do you girls talk about?”

“Probably the same things guys talk about when it comes to sex.”

“I really appreciate the blowjob,” he said as he pulled her to him and held her tight. kaçak casino They lay like that for a long time enjoying each other’s company until Holly said, “Maybe we should start for home.”

Billy started pulling his pants up, “Okay, after that performance I will do whatever you want.”

Shortly they were standing on her porch when Holly said “Could we skip tomorrow? I know I’m going to feel like hell and definitely will not be pleasant to be around. Next weekend I should be back to my old self.”

“That’s fine, sweetheart. I will find something to do tomorrow. See you at school Monday,” as he kissed her gently.

“I won’t break, give me a kiss.” Billy did as she asked and soon they had their respective tongues in the others mouth. When they came up for air Holly opened the door and went inside. She looked back at him with forlorn eyes and Billy could tell she didn’t feel good right now.

Holly saw her parents in the family room, stopped briefly to say hi and went to her room.

“What’s wrong with her?” her father asked,

“I’ll find out,” her mother replied as she started toward Holly’s room. “Can I come in?” She asked at the door.

“Sure, Mom, come on in.

Her mother entered and asked, “What is wrong, honey?”

“Nothing really, I am having one of those real bad period cycles. It wasn’t a very good night for Billy, but he is such a gentleman and agreed to bring me home early. We aren’t going out tomorrow night. I feel bad for him as he is going to have to find something to do on short notice.”

“Don’t worry about Billy. He is a big boy and will find something to occupy his time. Now I am going to get you something to help you; although, there is not much that can be done.”

“I understand, Mom, I just hope you are right in that it will get better after I get older.”

“Remember, I had bad ones until I had you, then they became more bearable. That doesn’t mean the same will happen for you, but changes do occur.”

After she took the drink to Holly, her mother returned to the family room. “She’s just starting one of those periods.”

“I better lay low, then. I remember how you used to be when one hit you. I’m glad it wasn’t a fight with Billy.” “No she said he was an understanding gentleman.

“I like that boy.”

Billy was at his computer editing the activity of the evening. ‘Damn can Holly ever give a blowjob,’ he thought, ‘I’m still floored that she deep throated me tonight on only her second time. I can’t wait until next weekend. Although I understand as we have final exams all week. Thank goodness high school is coming to an end with college on the horizon and who knows after that. I think Mark may want the van tomorrow night. I’ll ask him in the morning, but now it is time to check out the inside of my eyelids.’

The next morning Holly really felt bad. Around 10 her mother came in to check on her. “I know this is going to sound lame and I probably already know the answer, but how are you feeling?”


“I thought so. Do you want me to bring you something to eat?”

“Maybe some toast and orange juice would be okay I think. Could you bring me some more of what you brought last night? It seemed to help a little and I finally was able to get some sleep.”

Her mother brought her requested items, waited until she had tasted it and said, “I’m going to go now, but if you need me just call. I think you will be better if you stay in bed today and,if necessary tomorrow, so you will be ready for your last week of high school.”

“Sounds good to me, Mom, I definitely want to go next week. I know that shocks you to hear that I want to go to school!”

“You’re right under normal circumstances, but the last week of senior year is special. Enjoy it as you can only experience it one time.”

Billy and Mark were looking at the computer screen and Mark was astonished. “If I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes, I would have accused you of lying big time. No way would the Ice Queen be doing that, especially the deep throat. Molly just did it last week and she has been sucking my cock for months and you say Holly took you all the way in on her second blow job, unbelievable.

“Believe it, buddy, she is coming around nicely. I guess it has just taken a stud to start her thawing. Anyway, she is on her period and not feeling well at all so we are not going out tonight. Would you and Molly like to have the van for the night?”

“That would be great!” Mark replied. “Can I record our session?”

Billy smiled, “I was hoping you would ask that. You do realize I will be seeing all the uncensored action when I edit the video.”

“I do and have no reservations. After all you showed me the Ice Queen giving a blow job a porn queen would envy.”

“Okay, let’s go out to the van and I will show you how to start the cameras. I will set the mattress up so you don’t have to bother with it. There is a concealed curtain you pull across the back of the seats so no one can see in and get a free show.”


Billy walked Mark through the process and had him do it in reverse and from the beginning and turn off. “That’s all you have to do when you bring the van back I will edit the video and show you the result. Sound reasonable?”

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