Holly Ch. 02

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This story follows directly from Chapter 1 of the series, which you may wish to read first in order to make sense of the background.


Holly and I lay together on the floor for a few moments, recovering from our exertions and basking in the afterglow of our respective orgasms. Eventually, Holly broke the silence “I’m sorry, I never even offered you a drink” she said. “You must think that I’m a terrible host.”

“I was too busy thinking what a wonderful lover you were to worry about anything else” I laughed.

She led us into the kitchen and poured two large glasses of wine. “Cheers,” she said, clinking the glasses together, “here’s to a wonderful night.”

“I’m curious,” said Holly, “about how your marriage works. How on earth can you just drop everything and come all this way for sex with me, not that I’m complaining, but what will you tell her.”

“Well,” I said, “we are both bisexual with a high sex drive and a tendency to prefer women. We each accept that the other can get together with other partners and be physically intimate. The benefit we both get from this arrangement is that a proportion of the people we get together with will fancy casino şirketleri swinging both ways, in which case the other partner may get in on the action. As far as what I tell her, it’s a blow by blow account with nothing held back.”

“Wow! That sounds so cool – or hot! I’m thinking I’d love to meet her, she sounds like a fantastic lady.”

“Oh she is,” I said, “and I’m sure that she’d love to get to know you.”

We made our way upstairs to her bedroom, stripped naked and lay down on the bed. We kissed one another tenderly, and Holly lay in my arms as I gently caressed her, stroking her breasts and fondling her nipples.

“Thank you so much for coming all this way to pleasure a lonely old woman,” she said.

“Don’t knock yourself,” I said, “You’re a really hot lady, with a truly beautiful body and you know how to use it. I’ve already had a great deal of pleasure tonight and I’m sure there is a lot more to come.”

I kissed her lips tenderly and then slowly moved down her body, kissing her naked shoulders while cupping her breasts.

Moving lower, I began kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples, inserting a finger into her wet juicy cunt.

Holly casino firmaları started writhing and moaning as I toyed with her body, slowly twisting myself around as I moved my mouth across her belly down towards her neatly trimmed bush.

As I gradually moved position, towards a ’69’, my rapidly swelling cock came within reach of her hands and face. She was quick to take hold of it and began to lick the head, tasting the sticky remnants of our previous horny fucking session.

I buried my face in her wet, sloppy cunt licking out the combination of mine and Holly’s juices and sucking on her clit. Having removed my finger from her cunt, I moved it behind and started to play with the rosebud of her arsehole.

Meanwhile, Holly was taking more of my cock between her lips alternately sucking the shaft and licking the tip as she coated it with saliva. Her expert oral treatment caused it to swell and stiffen rapidly.

I increased the pressure of my finger and felt it slide past her sphincter into her arsehole. As I ate her out, I started to finger fuck her arse moving my finger in and out at an increasing rate.

We devoured one another with great güvenilir casino passion until she allowed my cock to slip out of her mouth and let out a great roar of ” FUUUUUUUCK!” She sent a huge spurt of liquid into my face as she climaxed. I swallowed as much as I could of her delicious nectar before burying my face back into her dripping wet hole, inserting a second finger into her arse and redoubled my efforts.

The powerful sweet and salty taste of her fluids was really turning me on as I rammed my fingers in and out of her arse while she bobbed on my cock.

As we ate each other, with increasing passion, I could feel my orgasm buiding. It wasn’t long before I shot my second load of the night into her willing mouth. As she sucked every last drop from me, she came again, giving me another drink of her delicious cum.

I turned from the ’69’ position and kissed Holly on the lips. She took my hand in hers, brought it to her mouth and sucked the two fingers which had just been up her arse, before giving me a wet sloppy kiss.

“I’m a dirty dirty girl,” she said with a wicked grin on her face. “This has been a wonderful experience for me. I just love hot dirty horny sex and you can do anything you want to me tomorrow, and I really do mean anything!”

With that we lay in each other’s arms and fell into an exhausted sleep dreaming of the pleasure we could share the following day.

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