Holding for Life Ch. 03

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This is a newly written story which I’ve shared elsewhere too and I expect to form part of an ongoing series. It is completely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, living or otherwise, is entirely coincidental. All characters are well over the age of 18. I hope you enjoy it.


Tuesday Morning -9.00am in a classroom/group setting.

Consoled by Sarah’s good sense, kind advice and the intimacy they’d shared, Anne stood before her students confident and sure that she could deal with whatever they threw at her.

Anne: “Good morning everyone. I hope everyone had a good night and enjoyed their breakfast. My colleagues and I were pleased to note we didn’t have much tea, coffee, or juice left and somebody had made good inroads into the cans of sugar free energy drink. That’s what I like to see as you’ll need full bladders this morning. It’s not my favourite job by any means but before we get started we have to get adjudication out of the way. As our returners will know, adjudication isn’t just about imposing sanctions on people but trying to acknowledge and understand what’s gone wrong overnight as well as how best to deal with it. Tim, I think you had rather a better night than most, didn’t you? When Miss Worthington checked the beds this morning she found ample evidence in yours of nocturnal masturbation. You know it’s against the rules here. What have you to say for yourself.”

Tim: “Sorry Miss. I was horny and got tempted. To be honest I thought you’d turn a blind eye in view of my donation to the Gymnasium roof fund.”

Anne: “We’re very grateful for your generous donation to the Gymnasium roof fund and it’s much appreciated. However, when I offered you a complimentary place on this course as a ‘thank you’ I did so on the assumption that you would respect and follow our rules. They exist for good reasons and if you don’t follow them it’s not fair to other students. Also, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to derive the optimum benefit from attending. I’m not going to ask you to come to the front and stand with your tail out because I can tell you need to pee and I think the temptation would be just too great. My adjudication is that you will spend tonight in a chastity device. You will be casino şirketleri quite comfy but your tail will be out of temptation’s way.”

Tim: “Thanks Miss. I won’t do it again.”

Anne: “I’m sure you won’t. Linsey Dawn, we did find you’d wet the bed but, having studied the medical form you submitted and reviewing our records of your previous stay with us, we fully accept that it was genuinely accidental rather than deliberate. My ruling is that you will spend tonight in a heavy-duty adult diaper. You’ll be very comfy in it and, if it’s dry tomorrow morning, you’ll only have to wear it for the one night. Jonah, your bed was very wet but we expected that to happen in view of the state you arrived in yesterday with a stressed bladder which hadn’t been emptied for far too long. I keep my word and I’m not going to punish you for it. However, if you would like, we can put you in a really comfy diaper tonight but it’s up to you.”

Linsey Dawn: That’s not fair Miss, telling me I’ve got to wear a nappy and letting him choose.”

Anne took a deep breath.

Anne: “Linsey Dawn, if taking into account a student’s circumstances, medical history and readiness to engage with the course at adjudication isn’t fair, perhaps you’d be good enough to tell me what is.”

Linsey Dawn: “Fuck off, Miss. You fancy him and we all know it. You’re after his cock in your minge, aren’t you?”

Trying not to blush, Anne glared at Linsey Dawn with barely disguised contempt.

Anne: “Don’t you swear at me young lady. As a punishment you will wear lockable plastic pants over that diaper tonight. If I hear any more filth from you I’ll have matron wash your mouth out with soap and water.”

Jonah: “Girls, pack it in now. I’ve never been a teacher’s pet and it’s not going to happen anytime soon. If it keeps Linsey Dawn happy I’ll wear a diaper tonight – and lockable plastic pants – if you’ve got some to fit me. I’ll even come to the front and stand with my cock out all morning if you want. Sure, I need to piss – probably worse than Tim – but I can hold it. I’ve had some practice after all.”

Anne: “Jonah, that’s very kind of you but I’m the boss in this classroom and I get to make the rules. You can wear a diaper tonight if you want casino firmaları but you don’t have to and you needn’t decide until later. You’ve not done anything wrong and I’m not going to humiliate you. Please stay where you are and keep your tail in your pants until we do Kegels after coffee.”

Jonah: “Thanks Miss.”

Anne: “Right, that concludes adjudication. Moving swiftly on, we’ll turn to our first exercise this morning which is all about trust. You folks can ask me anything – it doesn’t matter how gross or off beam – and I’ll do my best to give you a truthful answer.”

Emily: “Are you religious, Miss?”

Anne: “I’m a practising Christian but not a very good one. My husband is a Church of England clergyman but all I don’t do much apart from serving for him at the Parish Mass on Sundays and Benediction on Fridays.”

Linsey Dawn: “Yeah, a bloody hypocrite!”

Anne: “Linsey Dawn, this is your final warning. Any more nonsense from you and you’ll be going to matron. I mean it.”

Linsey Dawn: “Oh yeah. Like I’m wetting myself.”

Anne: “You better hadn’t be, young lady. Anyone else?”

Cathy: “Which party do you vote for, Miss?”

Anne: “The Anne Glenson’s Marvellous Party! No seriously, I used to vote Labour after seeing what the Tories did to the NHS. When Mr Corbyn became leader and the whole thing swung far to the left, I changed horses and decided to back the Tories. Actually, for what it’s worth I think Mrs May’s a decent woman. My husband is – and always has been – Lib Dem.”

Brian: “Are you straight, gay or bi, Miss?”

Anne: “I’m bisexual as is my husband. We love each over very dearly but, by mutual agreement, we both have same sex partners too.”

Brian: “What about Miss Worthington – Sarah.”

Anne: “I don’t think it’s fair to discuss my colleague’s private life in her absence.

If you want to know, you’ll have to ask her.”

Cathy: “Are you and her an item?”

Anne: “Cathy, did you not hear a word I just said? I’m not discussing Miss Worthington’s private life and that’s the end of the matter.”

Linsey Dawn: “Have you been for shit this morning, Miss?”

Anne: “No, I went for a shit on Sunday morning – at 11.43am to be precise. Much to my güvenilir casino husband’s relief I wasn’t at home but in Sarah’s cottage. My next scheduled appointment with the porcelain is tomorrow night. If you’re still with us on Thursday morning – which I very much doubt if your behaviour doesn’t improve – I’ll let you know if it was successful.”

Tim: “Why did you give up nursing, Miss?”

Anne: “I didn’t give up nursing, Tim. I just quit working full time for the NHS. Don’t get me wrong, the NHS is fantastic and there’s a lot of amazing stuff going off in NHS Urology. Sarah and I weren’t completely happy with some of the agendas which crept in though and we also felt there was a gap in terms of provision which we could fill. There’s lots of provision in NHS Urology for people who are medically incontinent or who have moderate to severe continence problems. I’m not saying it might not exist somewhere in the system, but Sarah and I felt there was nothing for busy professional people who are functionally continent but need a bit of help to improve their bladder control skills and give them choices when a loo isn’t available. Thus it was that Proud Holders – Or Holding for Life as we now call it – was born.”

Jonah: “Why don’t you like masturbation, Miss? Surely you must have played with yourself sometime or other.”

Anne: “Good question, Jonah. When I was younger I swallowed all the liberal guff about how good and healthy it was. If you really want to know, I could hardly leave myself alone. Nursing – and particularly working in Urology – changed my mind.

I soon came to the conclusion that it didn’t help people to develop good, independent, habits of continence and was counter productive.”

Jonah: “I’ve always found if I need to use the bathroom bad that having a good fap buys me time.”

Anne: “It may buy you a few minutes in the short term and that’s absolutely correct. You will, I’m sure, have found that you need to go to the bathroom after you’ve masturbated though, even if you didn’t beforehand. That’s one of the reasons why we discourage it here.”

Jonah: “Thanks Miss.”

Anne: “Good. It’s nearly coffee time folks so I suggest we adjourn and come back in fifteen minutes to do our Kegels. That will give matron a chance to get the commodes in place. We’ll do it as a group. I take it nobody’s pee shy.”

Jonah: “I am – a bit.”

Anne: “Don’t worry sweetheart. We’ll soon have you cured.”

(To be continued)

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