Holding Back and Letting Go!

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Elizabeth had enjoyed the evening, chit-chatting with some acquaintances at her favorite dyke bar, Sappho’s Lounge (known as Sappho’s Clit Lounge to those in the know). She’d had a few drinks and was now ready to head home, cleaning up in the washroom after having taken a piss and a shit.

As she was finishing up, a woman walked into the restroom, a petite dyke, maybe in her early thirties, maybe younger, maybe a little older, a wisp of a thing. She was dressed in jeans and a loose flannel shirt and headed into one of the stalls. Elizabeth’s senses now keenly alerted, she listened as the woman pulled down her jeans and set her bare ass down on the toilet seat. Elizabeth turned the water off and started drying her hands, now able to hear everything that transpired in the stall. She waited a few moments and then the expected sound, the “whiz” of urination as the woman seems to release a powerful stream, pissing up a storm. Probably had her share of beers and now was happily relieving herself. Elizabeth had long had something of a fetish for listening in on women and girls who entered toilet stalls to relieve themselves, sometimes lingering at wash basins so she could savor all the sounds and, often, the smells. And so she waited to see whether this would be just a one chapter toilet visit, or if there was a second chapter.

She smiled to herself as she heard the woman in the stall grunt softly, straining a bit. She knew just what that meant, a glorious shit was about to unfold behind the closed door of that stall. And then she heard a loud thud and splash and Elizabeth was experienced enough listening in on such details to guess that the woman in the stall had probably just squeezed out a substantial log. Soon there was a little more straining, then a soft sigh of almost relief and an even softer, and very distinctive sound of what she knew was a long turd passing through an anus. And then a moment later another thud and splash. To Elizabeth’s amazement, all this was repeated another three or four times. It seemed the shit the woman was taking was just as substantial as the piss that preceded it.

And then fresh sounds. The sound of a roll of toilet paper unspooling, toilet tissue clumped up, and then the wiping, first front, then rear. And then the standing up, the pulling up of jeans and the zipping up. And, finally, the flushing.

Now Elizabeth quickly took out her lipstick, pretending to still be making herself up. After all, the woman undoubtedly had noticed Elizabeth by the wash basins when she entered the stall.

“I hope I didn’t make too much noise in there,” the woman said.

“Oh no, not at all. Any noise that signals relief is a welcome noise, don’t you think? Sometimes peeing and shitting can feel almost as good as sex,” Elizabeth said, as the woman smiled knowingly.

“I agree. There’s nothing like a good crap when you feel the need, one that really empties you out and leaves you feeling so content and relaxed,” the woman said.

“You sound like a woman after my own heart. Or should I say after my own… shithole!” Elizabeth said as both women chuckled easily.

“We’ll have to explore our common interest some more another time. By the way I’m Denise.”

“And I’m Elizabeth. What are you doing Friday night, Denise?”

“I’m not doing anything.”

“Why don’t we meet here, around eight. Have a drink or two.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Denise said, looking Elizabeth straight in the eye.

“And how about that whole day we don’t pee or shit, we come here nice and full?”.

“Mmmh, I do like the sound of that. Full bladders and full rectums, nice and packed, huh?”

“That’s right. And then we can take care of our toilet needs together,” Elizabeth said, running a fingertip across Denise’s cheek.

“I like the sound of that even better, Elizabeth,” Denise purred, reaching down brazenly to give Elizabeth a little squeeze between the legs.

Just then a woman entered the restroom, actually more a girl, a college-aged girl, a cute blonde pixie with a ponytail. Elizabeth and Denise both looked over to eyeball her, appreciating the sight as the girl entered a stall and locked the door behind her.

“The dykes coming here are getting cuter and cuter every day,” Elizabeth whispered, knowing Denise would agree.

They looked at each other, then turned in the direction of the stall. A few moments of silence, and then that expected sound that brought a smile to both women’s faces. The sound of… urination. As that trailed off, they waited, wondering, as Elizabeth had wondered about Denise, whether there would be more. There was, as the girl in the stall now emptied her bowels rather loudly, the vivid sound matched by a sudden vivid stench. This made the two women smile even more appreciably.

A minute later the girl flushed, left the stall and walked over to wash her hands, avoiding the women but glancing at them for the briefest flicker, blushing, looking almost apologetic. The two women stared right back at her, which made canlı bahis her blush even more deeply, and rush to wash her hands and leave, which she did.

Now Elizabeth looked at Denise.

“Wish she had asked me in to wipe her clean,” Elizabeth said.

“I would’ve wiped the little bitch clean with my tongue, her soggy pussy and her dirty ass both!” Denise said, stunning Elizabeth a little, Elizabeth amazed by the pint-sized dyke’s bold lewdness.

“Shall we?” Elizabeth said, waving towards’s the door.

“Let’s,” Denise said as the two left the restroom.

That Friday Elizabeth and Denise met up at Sappho’s, as planned. Elizabeth got there first, forcing herself to have a beer. though she was full to bursting. The temptation to rush to the restroom and use the toilet was overwhelming, but she resisted that desperate temptation as she eagerly waited for Denise to arrive. Soon Denise arrived, wearing a simple dress rather than her usual jeans, biting her lip and squirming a little as she rushed to join Elizabeth at the little horseshoe table, where she slid up to her.

“I’m absolutely dying!” Denise panted, “By now I could’ve gone ten times. I feel like I’ve got a gallon of piss and a ton of shit inside me.”

“Tell me about it!” Elizabeth smirked, lowering her hand to her tummy.

“Let me see,” Denise said with a wicked smile, her eyes gleaming as she discreetly lowered a hand under the table and slid it up Elizabeth’s thigh, squeezing her panty crotch.

“Don’t!” Elizabeth gasped, “or I’ll go right here!”

“That would be a sight to see,” Denise said.

“Yeah, these freaky dykes would probably love it,”

“I know I’d love it,” Denise cackled.

“You’ll just have to wait.”

“I’m so fucking turned on,” Denise confessed. “I can’t wait for us to piss and shit together and get wet and messy”

“Yeah, and I’m sure we’ll reek too,” Elizabeth added.

“I know we will, and we’ll both be smelling all our funk and loving it.”

“And feeling it,” Elizabeth said.

“And tasting it?” Denise added with a sexy purr, wondering how far the other woman was willing to go, “yum yum!”

“Fuck,” Elizabeth gasped, biting her lip, “god, do I ever have to go!”

“Yeah, I don’t know how much longer I can hold it” Denise said, almost breathless.

“Do your best, Denise, be brave. Let’s have a couple of beers and then head over to my place,” Elizabeth said, signaling to a waitress who brought two bottles for the two women, as though they had room for any more inside! Desperate but brave, as Elizabeth said they must be, they downed the bottles of beer, Elizabeth paying the bill, and leading Denise out to her car.

Standing behind Denise as she opened the passenger side for her, Elizabeth quickly but slyly wet a finger in her mouth, reached under Denise’s dress, ran her hand up Denise’s bare thigh and under the elastic of her panties, and expertly found her asshole with the slickened finger, sticking it in, as Denise, startled, whipped her head around.

“Just checking,” Elizabeth said with an almost lewd leer, as she wiggled the finger around inside Denise’s anal passage, then pulled it out and held it up for both women to see. The fingertip was coated brown.

“As I thought,” Elizabeth said boldly, Denise smiling complicitly, admiring the other woman’s boldness as Elizabeth brought the dirtied finger up to the two women’s noses for a sniff of the fecal scent, then wiped it clean on Denise’s dress, leaving a faint brown smudge. She’d seen how brazen Denise could be; now she wanted the little dyke to see that Elizabeth could be her match.

“Let’s go,” Elizabeth said as she got into the driver’s seat and Denise into the passenger’s.

It was about a half hour drive to her place, and Elizabeth chose a back route. A few minutes into the drive, Elizabeth could see that Denise, who had been squirming from the start, was really beginning to struggle. She was sweating and wincing, her desperation vivid.

“Maybe I can keep the shit inside, But I just gotta piss. I just can’t! I can’t hold it in any longer,” Denise said, turning to Elizabeth with such a look of frantic need on her face. Elizabeth pulled the car over to the side of the road and stopped.

“Well go ahead, then. Pee. Piss away,” Elizabeth urged the other woman, understanding Denise’s desperation, feeling that desperation herself. It was a lonely road and Denise was about to step out the car and squat by the door, out of sight, but Elizabeth stopped her, grabbing hold of her wrist.

“No. You don’t have to go outside. Piss right here, right where you are, right where you’re sitting. I don’t mind; in fact, I’d love it,” Elizabeth told her.

“But your car? It’ll — it’ll get all drenched with my urine. I’ll ruin your–” Denise sputtered, but Elizabeth interrupted.

“I don’t care; I was about to junk this car pretty soon. And I wouldn’t mind having it reek of your piss until I do,” Elizabeth said, Denise smiling like a happy kitten who’d bahis siteleri just had the door opened to the litter box.

“Well here goes then,” Denise said, hitching up her dress.

“Leave your panties on, piss through them,” Elizabeth suggested.

And that’s just what Denise did, suddenly letting go and starting to urinate. Though a patch of fabric covered her pissing pussy, the stream was so powerful that the crotch patch was immediately soaked, urine splashing out through the fabric, splattering, rather then shooting out in a single powerful stream. Elizabeth, suddenly overwhelmed by the sight, dropped her hand right over the wet crotch and squeezed, luxuriating in the soggy, warm feel.

But that wasn’t enough, so Elizabeth now pulled aside the crotch of Denise’s panties as, suddenly, a stunningly powerful stream tore out from between her legs as she spread them, splashing the dashboard and the windshield, splattering everything.

“Oh god, look at you go!” Elizabeth said, astounded by the power and the copious volume of urine suddenly blasting out from between the petite woman’s thighs.

“Feels so fucking good!” Denise said, pissing away brazenly.

Now Elizabeth pressed her hand right over Denise’s peeing pussy, feeling the urine splash against her skin, then bringing the wet fingers up to her mouth to taste the intimate brine.

“Mmmmmh, tasty,” Elizabeth purred, licking her wet fingers.

“Here, have some more,” Denise said, taking hold of Elizabeth’s hand and bringing it down between her legs. This time Elizabeth cupped her hand over the spouting pussy and scooped up a handful of the urine, bringing it up her face, and drinking, slurping it up from her cupped hand.

“Let me have a taste too,” Denise said and Elizabeth brought the cupped hand over to Denise’s mouth as Denise kept peeing and peeing and peeing, spraying the windshield so powerfully that it was as if Elizabeth suddenly needed windshield wipers on the inside of her windshield!

“My turn,” Elizabeth said, suddenly spreading her legs, her own stream now exploding out of her, drenching the panty crotch instantly, then pulling aside the crotch as she had Denise’s and letting the stream splash out of her freely, both woman pissing together now, Denise’s stream powerful and still in full flow, Elizabeth’s urine geyser now joining hers.

The two seated women looked at each other, legs hitched up and spread wide, pissing away and flooding the car with urine, their mixed pee splashing all over the car and themselves. Denise, of course, was now eager to return the favor, reaching in between Elizabeth’s legs to feel her damp, piss-drenched cunt and then to bring wet fingers to her mouth to taste the driver’s fragrant urine.

The looked at each other as they sat there like that, both still pissing, amazed at how full they both were, how much urine they each now had to excrete, flooding the car with the brine, getting more lewd by the moment, swaying and grinding their hips to send the flow everywhere, piss splashing and splattering, the car soon reeking from the scent of their mixed urine.

“Mmmmmmh, heaven,” Denise hissed, “so good; so good to piss and empty it all out. Except now I have to think about my aching shit-packed bowels!

The two woman laughed as Elizabeth reached over to teasingly rub Denise’s tummy.

“Soon we’ll shit, hun, shit and more!” Elizabeth reassured her, hinting of obscene pleasures to come, as well as relief.

“Can’t wait!” Denise groaned, still pissing, though the stream trailed off now. Elizabeth waited a few moments more until both women had completely stopped urinating, puddles of piss at their feet now. Then she started up the car again, and headed home.

Now that they were driving, with the car windows up, what was most noticeable was the powerful scent of piss; the two women and the car reeked of urine, the women each sitting in a pool of it, the dashboard glistening from the urinary splatter, the windshield dripping streams of pee. They savored the sights and the smell, the taste of each other lingering on their lips and tongues, the vivid sensation of hot dampness between their legs.

A few minutes later Elizabeth pulled the car in and the two women, smelling of urine, their panties damp under their dresses, streaks of pee running down their thighs and legs, rushed into Elizabeth’s place, breathless with arousal, their brains feverish with thoughts of toilet kink, crazed with anticipation. Elizabeth grabbed Denise by the hand and dragged her into the bedroom. Guessing where this would all lead, she had made up her big bed with a rubber sheet under the cotton sheet. She knew they would get filthy — very filthy — and she didn’t want to limit the filth to the bathroom, to tile and porcelain. No, her queen sized bed would become their dirty, funky playground. And yet she didn’t want that new mattress to be ruined forever.

They fell onto the bed together, panting, groping,, kissing passionately, the kisses so much more bahis şirketleri arousing than kisses would otherwise be, their lips scented with one another’s piss.

Elizabeth pulled back a moment to gaze at Denise.

“Fuck, I am so turned on!” she gasped, holding Denise close, the two kissing again, Elizabeth grinding her wet pubic mound against Denise’s, the women’s arms wrapped around each other, pressing so close, close enough to almost squeeze the breath out of each other, the intoxicating scent of their urine perfuming the air.

In a trance of passion they ripped the clothes off each other, just leaving on the soggy, piss-drenched cotton panties. Gasping and groaning, panting breathlessly with arousal, they kissed and hugged and squeezed and groped and entwined legs and thighs, hands wandering everywhere, touching, fondling, squeezing, feeling.

And through all this, the desperate need to empty their bowels and shit never left them, only intensified and became enhanced by all the groping and fondling, the tight squeezing of hot, impassioned bodies.

Now Elizabeth felt Denise’s hand slide under the elastic of the wet panties and reach for her soggy cunt, as wet now as a dishrag. The expert fingers found Elizabeth’s engorged clit and strummed it with just the right pressure, rhythm. Elizabeth closed her eyes, her lips clamped to Denise’s as Denise fingered her pussy. And then it was Elizabeth’s hand reaching into Denise’s piss-soaked panties, probing and finding the other woman’s stiffened clitoris, the two now strumming in unison, in a perfect pleasure-provoking rhythm, kissing and fingering, pressed together so tightly now, taking in the sharp aroma of piss permeating them both.

And then… and then… and then… at the same sublime moment, together, simultaneously, that sharp arrow, that exquisite quiver of raw orgasmic pleasure raced through every nerve fiber of their heated, super-charged bodies, the two women exploding in a pair of volcanic, shattering orgasms, shaking and flailing, pulsing and throbbing, crying out in pure, blistering, ecstatic joy.

But that was not all.

For with their orgasms, something else happened. At the moment they climaxed their shitholes finally gave way, releasing the long-contained rectal loads, all the crap they’d been so bravely holding in, retaining all day, the massive contents of their overtaxed bowels. For hours they had been clenching their anal gates to hold back the tide. But now, with their orgasms, those gates suddenly gave way, surrendering to the astounding pressure within. Still breathless, gazing at each other with eyes glazed with lust and desire, each knew that the other had just released into the seats of those pee-drenched panties a gigantic load of stinking, greasy shit! The look on their faces told them that, and so did the acrid stench.

“Oh god, we’ve shit!” Elizabeth gasped breathlessly, weak from her orgasm.

Now Denise, pulling her fingers out of Elizabeth’s panties, away from her cunt, reached around and was stunned to feel herself cupping a huge bulge in the seat of Elizabeth’s panties, a bulge the size of a grapefruit. Those panties had been warm and wet from the moment the two women had urinated, but now they were hotter, and bulging, holding their load of freshly deposited crap. And as Denise had reached around, so now did Elizabeth, feeling a bulge in the seat of Denise’s panties that was even larger than her own, a bulge the size of a small melon, an irregularly contoured bulge made up of big logs of shit, or a big coil of it, squeezed out in one gigantic evacuation. Elizabeth savored cupping the bulge, marveling at the massive load of shit this petite woman had just emptied into the seat of her panties.

“Oh god, I came so hard! And to shit just as I came, it was like a double orgasm, it felt so good,” Denise purred like satisfied kitten, a dirty kitten.

“Mmmmmmmh, I couldn’t agree more,” Elizabeth added in a silky whisper. Then with her hand still cupping the big bulge through Denise’s wet panties, Elizabeth pushed in on it, mashing that bulge, pancaking the big load of coiled logs, of shit, between the wet fabric of the panties and Denise’s bare ass. Elizabeth could feel the shit oozing out under the elastic of the panties as Denise felt the shit spreading over her ass, and pushed back into her ass crack, into the crease from which it came only moments ago. And could also feel the fecal sludge oozing down between her legs and spreading to her pussy.

“My turn now,” Denise said with a wicked gleam as she pushed in on Elizabeth’s bulge, mashing and pancaking it just as the other woman had her’s, Elizabeth moaning as she felt her own shit oozing and spreading down over her ass, her thighs, her pussy.

“We are very, very, very dirty, aren’t we?” Elizabeth said with a coy smile, still luxuriating in the aftermath of her exquisite orgasm, as was Denise.

“Dirty is putting it mildly,” Denise said, “we’re a pair of piss-loving, shit-addicted bitches who love to wallow in pure filth.”

And with that Denise pulled her hand away, reached under the elastic and dug in, feeling Elizabeth’s hot shit with her fingers, scooping up a big handful of the greasy warm crap and pulling it out.

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