His Sweet Boy Ch. 04

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AU: I apologize that this is kinda late, I discovered Final Fantasy XV and let’s just say it is highly distracting. I hope you enjoy a longer chapter as a treat. And the sass levels of Harley my god I love that girl.

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It had been two weeks since the night that will not be mentioned. And Ben was fine, he was great actually. Life was perfect.

Ok, so there had been a problem with shaking and some nausea, but that was easily explained away by the stress of life. It was nothing that the boy couldn’t handle. No reason to worry or dwell on the past. …If Ben was being completely honest with himself, he hadn’t been able to sleep more than four hours straight since that night, but again totally normal. All easily explained by stress from life. There was absolutely zero connection to Eric and that night.

Shit, Ben couldn’t even lie to himself convincingly. He missed Eric like a chocoholic missed their Hershey bar. It was a nagging ache that should have gotten better with time but only seemed to get worse.

The boy couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat, he was shaking all the time with slight tremors like an addict needing their fix. This had to end, Ben couldn’t keep going on like this, but by God was he going to try. He needed to prove to the world, and mostly himself that he didn’t need anyone to be ok. Especially someone he had spent less than 24 hours with.

So he went to school, his part-time job, and kept a fake smile plastered to his face for his friends.

His smile must not have been as convincing as he thought, because it was the thirteenth day of his self-imposed exile from all things Eric when Harley cornered him.

Harley, his “best” friend who he kept at arm’s length. She was a petite little thing with a curvaceous figure at 5’2 and 130 pounds and managed to rock the punk goth look better than most. It fit her flamboyant personality as well as her odd set of interests, which included knitting and serial killers (to name some of the polar opposites.)

She managed to catch him In the men’s room (of course). Couldn’t he take a piss in a public bathroom without being emotionally assaulted?

Ben was washing his hands in the sink when Harley barged into the college restroom. The boy jumped then glared at the spunky woman.

“What the hell Harley?! This is the men’s room!”

She grabbed his shirt and pulled his face down to her shorter height and glared back.

“I drew the short straw, that’s what the hell. The rest of the friend group think something is more wrong with you than usual and I’m the one that got stuck getting the truth out of you about it. Plus they blame me for taking you to a BDSM club and probably scarring that prude mind of yours for life.” She rolled her eyes, but her grip was strong on his clothes.

The door swung open behind them before Ben could speak and someone walked into the bathroom. The two looked over at the intruder who froze and backed slowly out of the men’s room. Poor bastard, it looked like a little freshman still learning the ways of college life.

“Can we do this somewhere else?” Ben asked pointedly looking around at the college men’s room.

“No, because the second you get a chance to escape, you will and disappear for a week, and everyone will wonder if I drove you to suicide.”

Ben rolled his eyes. “Isn’t that being a bit dramatic?”

“Not where you’re concerned. You’re more dramatic about things than I am and that’s saying something.”

“I am not dramatic!” Ben felt a little like he was arguing with Eric again. Why were people making so many assumptions about him? He was just a normal college student.

It was Harley’s turn to roll her eyes. “You’re at Mean Girls level dramatic.”

“What does that even mean, and I thought you hated Mean Girls.”

“I may hate it but that doesn’t make it any less true, and there you go trying to distract and deflect like you always do.”

“I do not.”

“See you’re doing it again. Christ, Ben, would it kill you to be truly honest for a second.”

“You know I don’t lie, I’m horrible at it.”

“That doesn’t mean you’re not great at omitting.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to let me in,” Harley growled.

“I do.”

“Stop lying! You keep everyone at arm’s length. The only reason I haven’t pushed is I don’t want to drive you away but we’ve been friends for over two years. It’s about time I started acting like one.”

“Harley, you’ve been a great friend. I don’t want you to feel bad about it.”

“Oh my god, you’re doing it again!! Fucking hell Ben.” Harley looked down, unable to meet the boy’s eyes, which actually made Ben worry. Harley never broke eye contact. She continued: “just talk to me, for real and stop deflecting. I want to be there for you.”

The boy’s shoulders slumped. He couldn’t say no to a request like that. For all Harley’s strength and bitchy attitude, she really was a sensitive soul.

“It’s…a guy.” Ben finally got out.

“What do you mean? Is someone being mean to you? Bullying you? I’ll kick him in the nuts. Where the fuck illegal bahis is he?” Harley went from sad damsel to angry bitch in 0.5 seconds, it almost gave Ben whiplash.

“No! No, nothing like that.” The boy quickly corrected, grabbing onto the girl before she could go terrorizing in the hall. She’d probably kick every guy in sight in the balls until she found the right one just to prove a point.


“I’m…” fuck this shouldn’t be so hard to say. “Gay.”

“Ok.. and?” Harley said totally unfazed.

“Aren’t you like shocked?” Ben demanded a little miffed at the underwhelming response.

“Ben, I’ve known you’ve been gay since I first met you. I’m hot, like really hot. 8 out of 10 at least. I mean look at these tits.” She put a hand under each of her size Ds and cupped them, like an offering.

The boy looked down then back up at Harley’s face not getting the picture. “So?”

“Exactly, every straight guy I know wants to slather them in whip cream and motorboat these babies. You couldn’t give a shit.”

“They’re just boobs, Harley. It’s not like they’re a gift from god. Some guys are ass men.”

Harley gave him a look then shook her head as if beyond disappointed. “Honey, my tits ARE god sent. Plus” she turned mid-sentence and stuck out her butt. “My ass is almost as good as my tits, and you haven’t even checked it out, though I’ve given you ample opportunity.”

Ben rolled his eyes. “Fine, fine I get it.”

“Now what’s with this guy?”

“I met him at the BDSM club.”

Harley snapped her fingers as she had just put two and two together. “That’s why you grabbed me and dragged me out, I thought it was just because you had had enough being flirted at.”

Ben’s brain screeched to a halt so fast he could almost smell burning rubber. “Wait, what? No. No one flirted with me, well one did but that’s beside the point.”

“Seriously? You’re a Dom’s wet dream of a twink submissive.”

The boy blushed bright red. “Harley, seriously you don’t have to lie to make me feel better about myself. I’m very average.”

The girl gave him a pitying look. “You have no idea, do you? You are the epitome of sexy gay twink. I bet every gay dom in that room wanted to slather your cock and balls with whip cream and lick it off every inch of you.”

“I…I..I.” Ben stuttered, unable to get the image of Eric doing that exact thing to him out of his head. Fuck it was hot. Picturing the dom on his knees swallowing the boy whole as he sucked up the sweet taste of cream and Ben’s precum.

“Helloooooo, earth to Ben.” Harley sing-songed as she waved her hands in front of his face.

“What, I’m listening.”

The girl gave him a smug knowing look. “No, you’re not. You’re picturing whoever this guy was doing some hot dirty things to you. Was it the idea of the whipped cream, or getting sucked off that’s turning you all kinds of red?”

Ben’s face turned an even darker shade of red. “I wasn’t!” But fuck if he didn’t fidget.

Harley burst out laughing, clutching at her stomach, and had to lean against the wall to keep herself upright. “Imagine, you, the prude, having sexual fantasies in the middle of a public bathroom. Damn if this isn’t funny.”

“Would you stop laughing at me!?” Ben demanded, angry that Harley found this all so amusing.

It wasn’t like he was asexual. He had fantasies, he watched porn, he jerked off every week when he wasn’t overly stressed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“You’re talking like I’m some sort of sexless blob” Ben muttered, with folded arms and a sulky expression.

“Oh honey, no. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of kinks. Now tell me about this guy. Was it a dom? What’s he like? Did he take you down to the dungeon and do wonderfully dirty things to your innocent body?”

“Oh my god, Harley, could you make it sound any more like a porno?”

“Is that an invitation for me to try?” Harley asked suggestively as she wiggled her eyebrows.

“God no.”

“Then come on. Spill.”

“Ok ok fine. So I was looking for the bathroom and accidentally stumbled into the VIP restroom. And, just my luck, I ran into the dungeon master.”

Harley’s eyes got wide. “You ran into Eric Nordstrom. The Eric Nordstrom?”

“Wait how do you know who he is?”

“Oh my god, he’s famous in the BDSM world. The youngest dom to own a club, he’s gotten awards for the club and you should see some of the scenes he’s done. I’ve watched all the clips and my god if he isn’t the most beautiful piece of man flesh I have ever seen. Too bad he’s gay…wait! He’s the guy, isn’t he?! Oh my god, Ben! Fuck, this is amazing. You have to introduce me!”

Ben’s head was reeling. Famous in the BDSM world. Eric? But he was so chill, and goofy…and a softy. He was like a giant, fluffy, huggable, marshmallow.

“You must have the wrong Eric because that’s not him…He buys fucking whole wheat bread at the grocery store and flirts with me. Me!”

“Wait what? Ok, you need to give me the full story here.”

“Well we talked a little that night in the men’s room then he ‘punished’ illegal bahis siteleri me for being in the wrong bathroom then I fled. The next day he shows up at the fucking Harris Teeter I work at and tries to ask me out. He wouldn’t leave until I told him what time I got off so I did then he picked me up that night and we just…hung out…I guess…at his club.”

Harley just stared at him.

“What?!” Ben demanded.

“Oh my god, you just got the most eligible gay bachelor in all of the BDSM world to ask you out, and you tried to turn him down. I don’t know whether to slap you or hug you. So what happened next?”

“That’s it. He told me he didn’t want to force anything on me and that I should think about what I want and I knew where to find him if I wanted to continue with the relationship.”

“And when did this happen?”

“Two weeks ago”

“You have stood up Eric Nordstrom for two whole fucking weeks?!”

“I mean I wouldn’t say it like that but I guess…?”

“Oh my god, we’re going there right now, I’m driving.”

“Harley what the fuck?! No!”

“Why not?”

“I’ve been avoiding going on purpose. I don’t want to.”

“Of course you do,” Harley said flippantly as she turned to head from the room.

“Harley, no I don’t,” Ben said more firmly as he grabbed onto her wrist.

The girl studied him for a moment before speaking “That’s bullshit. And I’m not just saying that because Eric is hot as fuck. If you were over it or not interested you wouldn’t be acting weird or have gone with him when he asked you out. You’re the most stubborn person I know. If you truly didn’t want to do something. Not even a semi-truck barreling down at you at 90 miles per hour would get you to move. I’m not an idiot, I’ve seen you skipping lunch and your shaking even now. Look at your hands.”

Ben did so and watched as they trembled in mid-air.

“I only see you shake when you’re trying to make a hard choice. Like when you had to decide whether to buy a new car or pay the extra rent to get your own place. You shook for a week. Tell me, did you like being with him?”

Ben gulped and then nodded, not trusting his voice.

“Did he hurt you? Cross any boundaries that you weren’t ok with? Make you feel unsafe or uncared for?”

Ben shook his head no.

“Then let me be a friend and tell you that Eric is probably one of the best things that has happened to you in a long while. Let yourself be vulnerable with someone. He’s a good one from what I’ve seen. I’ve read all about him and did some heavy research when looking into his club. It all checks out. And if he turns out to be a rat bastard I’ll cut his balls off and bring them to you gift wrapped.”

“Only you would think that someone’s cut off balls would make a good present.”

“That’s why you love me,” Harley said and winked before grabbing Ben’s hand and dragging him to her car on a Friday afternoon.


Eric paced his office, while Darryl sat in his desk chair and twirled around like a seven-year-old.

“Would you stop that.” Eric finally snapped.

“I will when you stop pacing.”

“At least I’m not acting like a child.”

“Ouch, if I didn’t have a thick skin I might have felt a little bit of that burn.”

Eric rolled his eyes and aggressively caught the back of the chair so it would stop spinning.

“Dude, seriously?!” Darryl demanded. “I know you’re cranky but do you have to act like a joy killer. Just because you’re not getting any doesn’t mean you have to ruin everyone else’s fun.”

“My club, my office, my chair.” Eric snarled back.

“Yea, that I helped fund so half mine.”

“then use your own office which I put in for you.”

Darryl looked like he was thinking “nahhhh it’s more fun watching you lose control over a little twink not calling you back.”

Eric sighed and slumped over to the couch that he then crashed on.

“Am I really that obvious?” Eric groaned.

Darryl let out a snort of laughter. “I’ve never seen you like this over someone you just met. The closest comparison is Nick but that was what? Ten years ago?”

“Yea, about that long. He was something else.” Eric sighed thinking sadly of his old love. “I miss him Darryl, but you know it’s time to look for something serious again. And this kid he just sorta fell in my lap…twice. And fuck his responses, so natural, so trusting one minute then the next he’s the brattiest little shit I’ve ever seen.”

Darryl gave him a wolfish grin. “A sub after your own heart it sounds like. You know I caught you two sleeping on the couch. Cutest shit I’ve seen in a while.”

“No shit. You know the kid snores like a teacup pig with these cute little grunts.”

“Well, that just makes him even more fucking adorable. You get to kiss him yet?”

Eric couldn’t stop the stupid grin that spread across his face. “Yea and fuck was it not the best damn kiss I’ve ever had.”

“Shit, you serious? Even better than Nick?”

“Yea, it was…fuck I don’t even know how to describe it. Like tasting chocolate for the first time. Addictive.”

Darryl chuckled canlı bahis siteleri as he shook his head. “Sounds too good to be true. If I hadn’t seen him myself I would say he’s a figment of your imagination.”

“I almost wish he was, it would be easier to get over the fact that I’m never gonna see him again.”

“You don’t know that. Don’t be such a pessimist.”

Eric just shook his head. “Nah man, he’s too scared of the lifestyle. He wants it but it terrifies him. I’ve seen that look before in some of the newbies and many of them don’t come back. It’s too much for them. They can’t handle it.”

“Maybe you’re not giving him enough credit. He wouldn’t have come back with you the next day if he wasn’t stronger than that. Besides, you forget you’re like a ten out of ten. I haven’t met a twink yet that’s been able to resist your muscles.”

Eric laughed. “Yea I think the muscles had the opposite effect. I scare him. You know he thinks I’m a half-giant.”

Darryl let out another snort. “Because you are.”

Eric groaned. “Not you too. It’s not my fault my dad was like 6’6”

“Yea? And what about the muscles.”

Eric shifted uncomfortably. “I find working out to be relaxing.”

“Uhuh. Don’t you think there should be a limit to the amount you exercise? We don’t need another Dwayne the rock Johnson. One is enough.”

“I’m not that bad. I’m perfectly healthy without crossing the line to extreme. Thank you very much.”

Darryl gave him a look before replying: “whatever you say, man.”

The dungeon master scowled back. “What about you? You’ve got more muscle than I do.”

“Yea but I’m not as tall. Gotta keep the ladies interested somehow.” Darryl shot back, gesturing to his average height of 5’11”.

“Uhuh,” Eric said, sarcasm dripping from his tone.

Darryl was wider than him in the shoulders and that was saying something. He was more stocky than the other dom and could do a rep of 500 lbs when the mood struck. Eric on the other hand stayed around 350 lbs when he benched.

“Alright, we’re both a little insane about the whole working out thing. Now come on, the doors are going to open in an hour, your twink may show up tonight.” Darryl said as he bounced up from the desk chair and made his way out the door.

Eric rolled his eyes at his over-exuberant friend and followed.

They made their way up the stairs to the VIP section where the dungeon master walked to the one-way mirror and looked out over his staff, busily getting ready for opening at 8 pm. It was currently 7 but Eric liked to personally set up the VIP room. He enjoyed giving the space a personal touch.

Darryl claimed the couch as a place to lie down and play on his phone while the dungeon master went through his nightly ritual.

First, he checked all the aftercare kits to make sure they were fully stocked with everything a sub or dom could need. Next, he checked the bar to make sure it had all the required alcohol and consent forms, and other important paperwork that was necessary for safe playing.

The soothing motions settled the dom back into a centered space as he readied himself for his job. He decided he would walk the floor tonight. He did it about once a week as a way to reassure his patrons that he was an active member of the club and didn’t just sit in his office or the VIP room. It also encouraged some of his long time regulars to bring their play up from the private dungeons to do live shows.

Eric finished and moved his large bulk to his chair and sat down. Now all that was left to do was wait, watch, and hope that Ben would come back. God he wished he would. He missed the little brat and his spunky attitude. Never a dull moment when Ben was around.


“This is insane! Harley, I’m not wearing this!” Ben shouted from her bathroom as he stared at himself in the mirror.

“But you look so hot! Ben oh my god look at your ass, I had no idea it was so sexy and firm. You could bounce a quarter off that shit.” Harley responded as she walked into the bathroom.

Ben turned in the mirror and checked out his ass in the skin-tight dark red leather pants he wore that hugged every curve. His shirt was a black short sleeve crop top that showed off his flat belly and bit of a snail trail that led down to his crotch.

“Why do you never show off like this? You’re hot and look at your stomach, I didn’t know you had some abs.” The girl continued

“Everyone has abs.”

“Yea but you can kinda see yours. I was expecting you to have like a flat undefined stomach, but damn there’s some actual definition there.”

Ben covered his stomach with his hands, uncomfortable with how much Harley was staring at it. The boy hadn’t realized his best friend would objectify him so thoroughly.

“Isn’t there anything else I can wear?” Ben whined.

The girl rolled her eyes, “ok fine you can wear a mesh tank top underneath that. But I still want Eric to get a hint of skin. You’re gonna knock the poor man’s socks off, easy.”

Ben let out an audible gulp. He wasn’t sure that’s what he wanted to happen. This was all so terrifying and new, but he did want to see Eric again. No, it was more a need at this point. He needed Eric to help him relax once more, then he wouldn’t be stressing so much and feeling like he was going to lose his stomach at any second.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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