His Sexytary Ch. 01

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Richell started her day like always. Late. Her cell phone blared for what must have been the 12th time she banged her hand at it to force another snooze mode. The clock on her wall read 8:47am

“Shiiiit!” She screamed as she jumped out of bed to run into the bathroom. After a quick wipe down and rustle through the pile of clothes on the floor, Richell clumsily put an outfit together and headed for the door. She stopped though when she noticed her top was very complimentary of her cleavage, but her pants did nothing to show off her lower assets. She rifled through her closet to pull out a black long skirt and after donning the item, she waltzed in front of her mirror to admire her legs and her somewhat pleasing ass.

She smiled and took off for work. On the way to the office, she fumbled for her phone to call the office. “Umm yea, I’m gonna be late…again. I, uh, have woman problems today, ya know?” A couple more sentences and she was well on her way to a 6 hour work day.

The first thing Richell noticed after walking in (aside from a stare thru the HR department), was Willy. He sat there, bright smile and all, in his dapper suit, purple tie, and pants that almost looked like they were tailored to specifically hug and show off his glutes. Richell couldn’t help but check them out whenever time at the copy machine permitted. Willy started not too long after Richell did, but Willy’s job was all too different from Richell’s. She was the secretary type, and he was the up and coming type, ready to be groomed for whatever executive position would open up in the company.

They both worked for a promising company involved in Wind Energy. The green scene had kicked in and Richell’s lifestyle as holistic sort felt like a good intro into the company. Her holistic lifestyle also involved casino oyna lots of physical self exploration and not enough outside involvement. She was a virgin. And that was something she thought more and more about fixing.

She made her way to Willy’s desk later that day, observing him from across the floor at his tediously adjusted his shirt collar. “What’s bothering you, handsome?”

“Ha ha. Thanks Richell. Nah, my back’s just bothering me a bit. I got a tattoo over the weekend and my back is a little bothersome. Its a big tattoo, so I gotta put lotion on it to ease things, but its just getting annoying right now.” Richell felt her thighs tense as she thought of the bad boy’s tattoo.

“Can I see?” She asked.

“Um yea I guess. Actually, maybe you can help me put some of this crap on it, Its starting to get itchy and im not supposed to touch it. Wanna go to the back? Its a gnarly tattoo and I don’t wanna distract the office.” Willy then reached into his drawer to pull out an aloe vera lotion bottle.

Richell tried to get herself together as she followed Willy to the backroom. It was just a 12×12 storage room, but the thought of being alone there with him surely got her excited. “So anything exciting happen over the weekend?” Willy asked.

She couldn’t help but giggle, thinking about her very naughty activities over the weekend. Richell had developed more than a crush on Willy it seems. Even spending Saturday night touching herself over and over again to Willy’s pictures on Myspace. She was a virgin alright, but that’s something Willy needs to change. “No, not really. I uh kinda messed around by myself at the house… you?”

Willy sat down on the chair with his back exposed to her. The tattoo of a glorious angel spread on his shoulder was a very sexy add-on. “Except for canlı casino the tat, I didn’t do much either. Went out Friday night tho, remember I asked you to come to happy hour with us but you couldn’t. Ended up taking the waitress home. Man hahaha you should’ve been there. Shoot, get enough drinks in me, I might’ve taken you home.” Willy laughed as he turned around to smile at Richell.

“Yea right, you couldn’t handle me if you tried.” she replied as she laughed with him.

Richell began to rub lotion on his back. Slowly. Smoothly. She thought about being naked with him. As they rubbed and groped each other. And when the kettle in her pants couldn’t whistle any louder, she daydreamed about throwing him on his back and having her way with him. And that’s when she noticed it. Richell was wet.

She found herself gripping his shoulders harder and the lotion had missed its purpose entirely when she began to give him a very hard massage instead. She worked his shoulders first and Willy was a bit thrown off, but her movements were too comforting. He found himself sighing in relief and let his shoulders fall. Richell kept the thoughts in her head rolling as she made her way to his neck. Willy kept groaning. And his moans made her more wet. Till she couldn’t take it anymore and she grabbed his chin for a kiss. She planted her lips hard and deep onto his. Half scared half excited but all to cautious. Until he kissed her back. He turned around to grab her onto his lap, and they found themselves making out in the storage room for minutes.

Willy paused for a second to ask her “Are you sure youre ok with this? I mean, we work together. And Im not sure how you really feel about me. And if it doesnt work out, I dont want it to get weir—” Richell kissed him hard and told him to be quiet.

“Im kaçak casino not like you. I happen to be a virgin. But I cant wait anymore. I see you every Monday tell me about the crazy sex you have and all the fun you get out of your adventures. I want my adventure already. I want my first. And I want it with you.”

Willy sat there with her in his lap. Silence for about 6 seconds. Then he ran his hand up her skirt and started touching her. “Is this what you want?”

He slowly rubbed her surprisingly trimmed pussy lips and was amazed by how wet she was. “Geez you arent kidding!” She laughed and moaned at the same time. She then reached for his pants and began to unbuckle his belt. His cock was hard. And thick! Richell gulped as she descended, cock in hand, ready to consume him. But not even 10 seconds into it, he asked “Have you done this before?”

She grinned and said no. “You’d be my first, Willy. for a lot of things.”

Willy helped her get up and began to pull his pants back up. “As much as i’d love to be your first, we have to do this right. Why don’t we get together tonight, and do this, all of this, properly.”

Richell was ecstatic. “Okay. Come over tonight. Teach me everything I need to know. Not just how to do it all, but how to be good, how to make you want to do it with me over and over again.” He kissed her hard and said yes. “Tonight then.”

“Oh and Willy. I have one condition.” She whispered. “You need to dress in your suits and pretend I’m your secretary. And I want you to have your way with me. Degrade me if you must. I’ll be cooperative. But I want to please you and serve you at the same time.”

“Youre a sub. Awesome.” Willy laughed as he held her hand and walked back to the hall with her.

“Whats a sub?” she asked.

Willy just laughed. “You’ll see. Tonight, you’ll see.”

Richell giggled yet again and sat down at her chair. Willy winked at her from across the room and thats when she noticed it again. She was still very very wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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