His Night In The Park

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I’m in the park, near my house. It’s a big park (huge, really), so I’m a long way from any signs of civilisation (well, I guess a park IS a sign of civilisation, but you know what I mean).

It’s a little bit after half past two in the morning, the perfect time. No one’s about – they’re all inside their little houses, sleeping. I don’t have anything to do tomorrow, so I can stay up late (or early). I even had an afternoon sleep yesterday, then went to bed about nine, so I’m feeling fine, ready for whatever the night holds.

I’ve found a little clump of trees – actually, I found it yesterday morning. I came down here for a bike ride and did a bit of scoping out, looking for somewhere private and hidden, yet still most definitely outdoors.

This spot looks even better at night than it did in the daytime. The trees aren’t too massive, yet they’re big enough that I can keep out of sight. I shouldn’t need to hide, as it’s very unlikely there’ll be anyone around, but it’s good to have the option if I need it.

There’s a cobbled walkway winding its way through the trees, but I’m a little way off this. There’s a nice little grassy clearing that I had to push my way through a hedge to get into, and that’s where I’ll be for the night.

As luck would have it, there’s even a full moon, so I can see about as well as I would like to.

My cock stands up, most definitely erect, the moonlight glistening off the drop of precum at the tip. I’ve taken off all my clothes (why not!), and the coolness of the summer night air feels great on my naked skin.

I’m so determined to make a night of this that I actually had a quick wank before I went to bed. I really don’t want to be coming too soon tonight!

My shoulder bag is at the side of the clearing, my discarded clothes inside. That’s not all, though – I have a few other things in there, all of which I aim to make good use of tonight.

The first thing I pull out is an old drink bottle. I’m absolutely busting, and I think the only thing stopping me from involuntarily peeing is my hard-on!

I’ve taught myself to be able to let go while hard, though. I put the bottle over my cock while still standing, the weight of it making virtually no difference to the angle of my erection.

From experience, I know that just forcing the angle of the bottle (and my cock) down a bit will make it difficult to pee. Instead, I get down on all fours on the grass, pushing my knees wide enough apart to make the bottom of the bottle rest on the ground.

I keep my cock as far inside the bottle as it will go, then start relaxing so I can fill the bottle up. I’m so horny that it takes a few goes before I start. I get to that point where I’m just about to let go, when suddenly my cock tenses up. This happens about four or five times – each time, I am closer to the point of no return, until finally, I feel myself relax completely and start to spurt.

Even then, I’m so aroused that I can’t keep it up for more than a second or so before involuntarily stopping, my cock growing harder as I do so.

I have to go through it all again – four or five tries, followed by a slightly longer spurt, before I tense up once more and stop. I don’t mind this – quite the contrary, it feels incredibly sexy.

This time it only takes a couple of tries until I let go. It’s probably a couple of seconds before I stop, this time feeling and hearing the last bit jet out as my cock hardens once more.

I start again, this time only having one false start. When I relax a second time, I feel pee start to flow out of my cock, and this time (partly through sheer willpower to remain relaxed) it just keeps going.

I almost stop as I feel the warmth and wetness rise up the bottle, and along the length of my cock. It feels so good, but I manage to stop myself from tensing up, and feel the warmth rise higher.

As it does so, I reach a hand down to steady the bottle, and slowly start to draw my cock out of it, but keeping the head wet. Soon (almost too soon), the head of my cock is at the top of the bottle.

A second later, I realise my hand is getting wet – the bottle’s starting to overflow. I pull my cock completely out of the bottle now. Strangely, although it was difficult to start, NOW it takes a supreme effort to stop! Partly this is involuntary, but it’s also hard to stop something that feels so damn good!

My hand gets drenched until, after a few tries, I finally manage to stop. I bring the now full bottle up to my other hand, and clamp the lid on tight. I put the bottle to one side and stand up.

As I look down at my cock, I can see that it’s totally soaked, even to the point where excess liquid is dripping down onto my balls. I can’t resist, and using the wet hand, I take hold of my penis and rub right up and down.

It feels divine! Slippery, warm and oh so naughty!

I feel like I should tell you a bit about my cock. I’m not circumcised, but over the years the casino oyna foreskin has receded quite a bit. I often wonder if this is due to all the masturbation! When I’m soft, it covers about half the head, but once I get hard, it rolls back completely leaving the head beautifully naked.

From what I’ve seen on the internet, I’m not gigantic, but then I’m not tiny either! My erection points a little to the left (from my point of view) – again, I put this down to me being right-handed! The shaft also has a slight upward curve along its length, giving just the right shape to really hit the g-spot!

Anyway, back to what I’m doing. As nice as it feels, pumping up and down my penis like that, I know I have to stop, or despite my preparation the night before, I’ll be coming long before I really want to.

I have a vague plan in my head of what I want to do throughout the night. I’ve always been able to last longer in my masturbation sessions if I’ve got at least a hazy idea of what I’m doing.

So, the next thing is to just gently rub at the head of my cock. There’s no chance of running out of lubrication, as even if the pee dries up, there’s still plenty of precum oozing out onto the tip of my penis.

First of all, I just rub the flattest part of the head of my cock, using a circular motion with my thumb. By this, I mean the part of it that I can look down and see, between the opening, and the ridge of the head.

The feeling this gives is kind of hard to describe, but I’ll try anyway. It takes half a minute or so, but once you get going, it feels so completely relaxing. I don’t go soft (in fact, I usually get harder), but it kind of feels that way.

You know when you use your PC muscle to clench and stop peeing? Well, this feels like the opposite of that – kind of as if I’m relaxing and letting go. If I try to tense up (like stopping a pee), it’s difficult to maintain the tension for very long while I’m rubbing myself this way.

I use my right thumb for this (of course), while my left hand gently holds the shaft, closer to my balls. After a while, the relaxing feeling seems to build to a kind of a peak (or I guess the opposite of a peak, actually). It sounds bizarre, but I can start to feel it along my legs and in the soles of my feet at this point!

The feeling’s almost ticklish – it feels absolutely fantastic, but can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. I’ve learnt to try and get past this, and keep it up for as long as possible.

Soon, though, I just HAVE to stop. I’d dearly love to be able to keep going and see what happens, but haven’t quite been able to make it that far yet!

Next, I move my thumb down a little, so it rubs back and forth over the ridge of the head, just below where I was rubbing before. The feeling is sort of the same as before, but instead of the ticklish kind of feeling, it’s more – I dunno – horny? Sexy? Whatever the case, it feels great!

It still has the same relaxing kind of effect too, and if I try and tense up my PC muscle, it’s even more difficult to maintain the tension.

Again, the feeling is so overwhelming that it’s difficult to keep up the rubbing for too long. Like I’ve done in the past, I continue on past that point though, and it just starts to feel better and better.

I’ve never come from rubbing like this before, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. Far from it – my whole body seems to have a deeply relaxed feeling, like I’m getting the best massage in the world (in a way, I am!).

As pleasurable as the sensation is, it’s nothing compared to what I’m going to do next. This might sound weird, but I think of this as half-and-half masturbation. Let me explain:

When I pump my cock with my whole fist, I rub over the WHOLE head (more importantly, the WHOLE ridge of the head). When I rub over just the top of the ridge (like I’m doing now), I isolate just that part, and the type of feeling it gives – kind of relaxation, like I said before.

The next step is to move my thumb to the underside of the head of my cock, and start rubbing there. You know, just below the hole, where the foreskin joins onto the head?

The sensation here is the complete opposite. Instead of a relaxing feeling, it produces one of extreme tension. It’s just like contracting the PC muscle, but completely involuntary, and it feels fucking amazing!

This is the other “half” of masturbating (in my mind, at least!) – do them together for too long and you’ll be spraying come everywhere before you know it!

The tensing up also makes my cock incredibly hard, and deep red – the rubbing kind of feeds on itself, I guess you could say. I only use my right hand for this – the thumb rubs over the ridge, while the fingers just rest lightly at the base of my cock.

The pleasurable sensations caused by this are extremely strong. In the past, I’ve come from just rubbing myself like this, but I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to hold off doing that tonight.

As canlı casino intense as it is, it never really seems to get to the point where I just can’t continue, like it does with rubbing the top. The tension just keeps building and building – this might not sound that great, but it’s truly fantastic! If you don’t believe me, please try it yourself. You won’t regret it.

I’m really starting to get deep into it now, so I don’t really know quite how or why I decide to move back to the other “half” of my cock. The same relaxed feeling happens, only this time it’s more immediate, and feels far more pronounced, since it directly follows the tensing “half”.

My knees almost buckle, and I think to myself how wonderful tonight is going to be. Normally, I will have been going for hours before it starts to feel this good.

Right here is where the story gets more (MUCH more) interesting. I’ve just moved back to the underside of my cock, and am revelling in the feeling of my cock tensing up. My mind has entered that state where nothing else but making me feel good matters. You know, you imagine ANYONE could walk in on you now, and you’d just keep fucking yourself!

I hear a very faint noise – bizarrely, it sounds like a fridge being opened. I’m so caught up in pleasuring myself that I don’t think too much of it, until a few minutes later.

This is when I hear what sounds like panting, and it sounds quite close. Normally, I’d be quite paranoid about this kind of thing, and quickly throw some clothes on and hide. I’m so sexed up though, that I continue my rubbing, staying in the clearing.

As I hear more of it, I think I recogise the sound – it’s a hedgehog snuffling around in the undergrowth! Nothing to worry about.

I focus on the noise in my highly-aroused state, and start to imagine it’s another guy, just on the other side of the hedge. I can even vaguely picture him, standing there naked like me, totally focussed on rubbing his cock.

Even though I know it’s just fantasy, it turns me on so much that I start to move towards the noise. I know this sounds crazy, but the (faux) voyeuristic nature of it just turns me on even more.

I get right up to the hedge, and carefully make my way through a gap in it to the path on the other side.

The sight that greets me is beyond any of my wildest imaginings.

There, sitting on a bench by the path, is a girl of about my age. The pale skin on her legs and arms glows in the moonlight.

Her hands are at her waist – it looks like she is pulling some tight shorts on – like bike shorts.

Suddenly, she stands up. Her hands pull the shorts up as high as she can in front and back – it looks like the shorts are padded or something.

Unknowingly, I’ve taken my hand off my cock completely, and am absolutely entranced by the sight of her. I can still feel my erection though – it’s not going anywhere, and I feel even more sexy now.

As she stands up, she turns so she’s now face-on to me. For a brief second, I think (hope!) she’s seen me, but she appears to be pretty caught up in whatever it is she’s doing and doesn’t notice me at all.

I catch a different reflection on her inner thigh. At first, I think I’m hallucinating, but then, as I see a dark patch appear on the path at her feet, I realise what’s happening.

I’m scarcely able to believe it, but she’s wetting herself in her shorts, and it’s running down her thighs to the ground!

Next thing I know, there’s a rushing, liquid sound, and liquid runs out of the shorts, between her legs and straight onto the ground.

I think my jaw is hanging open in absolute amazement at this point. Where before I thought nothing could possibly have stopped me from masturbating, now, nothing could tear me away from this beautiful, sexy sight.

I can’t concieve of how this could get any sexier, but then she rips off her skirt, her shorts, and then her t-shirt. She does so in one seemingly fluid movement, and is standing there, naked.

I’m absolutely flabbergasted now. I’ve come out here in the middle of the night, had an amazing start to my masturbation session, and now this!

She sits down on the bench, but before she does, I get a look at the sexiest, most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life. She’s about average height, with a gorgeous body. Not the supermodel kind of gorgeous (that’s never really been my thing), but fantastically curvy. Plump is a horrible word, but she is, in all the right places, without being fat in any way. Rubenesque might be the right word to describe her.

Her breasts are amazing – big, yet perky, highlighted in the moonlight by the darkness of her areolae. Even in the night, with her facing me, I can see the erectness of her nipples. There’s just the merest hint of a tummy, soooo sexy.

As she sits down, reclining back, I can see her neck crane forward, looking down between her tits to her vagina. Her hands move between her legs now – oh my god, kaçak casino she’s going to start playing with herself!

I can’t really see what she’s doing with her hands, then there’s that same rushing, liquid sound. I can see a little of it splash around her hands and onto her inner thighs.

As this happens, I can see her eyes and mouth go wide, like she’s amazed that she’s doing this. Well, that makes two of us!

Her breasts shake a bit, and I can see her tummy tighten as I see and hear another little splash.

Now her hands move up and over her body, leaving a glistening trail behind them. I can’t be mistaken, can I? She really is covering herself. Her hands spread liquid all over her body, returning to between her legs every so often.

Now that I’ve been watching for a while, it doesn’t really seem like she’s peeing, either. For a start, each time she puts her hand back between her legs, her body seems to shudder – it’s like she’s coming! She is! She’s there in front of me, coming and squirting on her hands, rubbing her come all over her body.

I know I’ve said this a few times, but I can barely believe what I’m seeing here. The only reason this hasn’t been a fantasy of mine is that even my wildest imagination couldn’t conjure up something as . . . well, downright horny as this! Her whole body (the bits I can see, at least) now glimmers in the moonlight, covered in a film of her own juices.

She even makes a few attempts to spread the stuff onto her back. The way she does it shows how uncontrollably sexy she’s feeling. In any other situation it would look bizarre, kind of desperate. A girl obviously in the throes of a powerful orgasm though – it’s just amazingly, wonderfully sexual.

A very gentle breeze is blowing my way, and I can now smell her – it’s obviously the smell of natural vaginal lubricant, but I dunno, it seems stronger somehow. It only adds to the massive sexiness of the situation.

My hand has gone back to my cock, without me even being aware of it. I look down and see that, while the slight breeze has dried me off a bit, there’s still plenty of moisture to work with.

I use my whole hand now, squeezing it quite tight and moving slowly up and down my penis. I can see the hole opening up with each down-stroke, and it looks amazing, almost like a little vagina.

I get caught up watching myself for a minute or so, until, hearing another wet sound from the girl, I turn my attention back to her.

She’s still reclined on the bench, and her hands are still moving from between her legs and up over her body. She’s moving much more than before now though, writhing in obvious pleasure. I think to myself, “she must really be coming hard now.”

As if to prove this, her whole body jerks, and I can see a glistening stream jet out of her fanny. Just as I’m thinking how sexy it is that this girl likes to play with her pee, I realise that it isn’t pee at all. Something about the look of it, and the sound it makes as it splashes onto the ground below her – it’s not watery like pee.

Suddenly it hits me – she’s ejaculating! A shiver of pleasure runs through my body as realisation dawns. Already I couldn’t have imagined a sexier sight, and now this makes it a hundred, no, a thousand times more horny.

As I watch, she continues to spasm every five or ten seconds, spraying come out each time. Then, she has both hands between her legs, and she allows herself to spurt twice into them.

Slowly and carefully, she brings her cupped hands up her body, trails of come dripping out of them onto her stomach and beautiful tits.

In one quick movement, her hands are at her mouth, and yes – she’s drinking her juices! My mind boggles at just how fantastically turned on she must be to try this, here and now.

She begins to pant, quite heavily, then her whole body starts quivering and shuddering. I’d thought she was having an orgasm before, but if she was, it was nothing compared to the one she’s having now.

She’s shaking with pleasure, her tits wobbling, her knees moving apart and together. Her panting sounds almost like giggling, again, as if she’s incredulous about what she’s doing.

She’s still squirting liquid too, only now it’s in much smaller spurts, but much closer together.

I have another “not thinking about it” moment, and driven completely by lust, I creep up until I’m kneeling in front of her.

My mind is blank, except for the overwhelming desire to feel her come on me. I can’t get right between her legs, as they’re still opening and closing, but I thrust my hips forward, pushing my cock as close to her as it will go.

A couple of seconds is all I have to wait before I feel a warm, slippery splash on my cock. I’m almost coming just from the feel of it, and involuntarily thrust my cock a little further towards her.

Just at that moment, her knees come together again, and they grip my hard, wet cock for half a second.

The feeling is divine – I don’t know how I don’t just blow my load right then and there, but somehow I don’t.

She feels me, and her knees snap apart, her head arching up as she looks right into my eyes.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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