His Friend’s Mom Pt. 08

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This is continuation of the series. It’s first and foremost a story so if you’re just looking for a quick sex scene, this isn’t the story for you. It will continue though. Thanks to all the readers who have encouraged me to continue the series. I guess these characters have marinated long enough and are ready to tell more stories.

Thanks for reading!


Scott Neilson’s urgent voice called up the stairs. “Deb, come on! You’re going to miss your flight!”

“Just a minute!” Deb yelled back at him. Frantically she took one last look around the room before hefting her carry on and running down the stairs to meet her impatient husband.

“You haven’t flown in a while, Deb, you don’t know how bad security has gotten. They don’t call TSA ‘Thousands Standing Around’ for nothing!” Scott said as he snatched her bag and headed for the car with Deb close on his heels.

Once in the car and finally on the way to the airport, both Scott and Deb relaxed a bit, his hand resting on her thigh while her hand covered his. Small moments of affection and connection came naturally to them the past few years and both reveled in their strong relationship.

Just four years before things looked very different for the long married couple. Deb had had an ongoing affair with a much younger man and when Scott discovered it, their marriage was very much in jeopardy for the better part of a year. Therapy, both individual and as a couple helped to salvage their skeletal marriage but the real healing came accidentally through counseling with another couple.

Six months after the affair was discovered, Deb and Scott continued to go to counseling but both privately wondered whether they should bother to continue. Deb was often moody and defensive while Scott was suspicious anytime she was out of his sight. The tension in the home was like a thick fog they couldn’t seem to get rid of. Then they met Rich and Sandy.

A friend of Scott’s recommended the couple as a resource for those struggling in their marriages. At their very first meeting with the older couple both Scott and Deb felt as if saving their marriage was a possibility and even worth the effort. Through regular visits with them, Deb and Scott worked through the difficulties and problems and although no marriage is perfect and the road was very painful, the Neilson’s marriage was stronger than it had ever been. They continued their friendship with Rich and Sandy, even continuing to meet for accountability on occasion. Eventually Deb and Scott even began to meet with and counsel other couples.

Deb watched Scott’s face as he concentrated on the road. Scott always gave full attention to whatever he was doing. She loved the laugh lines that spread like whiskers from the corners of his eyes. He sometimes would ask her if she thought he needed some cosmetic work done but Deb always reassured him that he was perfect just the way he was. Salt and pepper hair sparsely covered his head giving him a distinguished gentlemanly look. Deb knew that he sometimes still thought about the young lover she had taken and felt inferior to the youthful body without a ‘lived in’ look. She truly did love his look as he aged though and was sure to tell him often just how handsome and distinguished he looked to her. Of course, Deb was aging as well but still managed to look far younger than her 54 years.

As casino oyna he pulled up in front of the departure area at the airport, Scott looked over at Deb and for the millionth time thanked heaven for his wife. She was his whole world, a passionate and mysterious woman who loved him unconditionally. What man could ask for more, he often asked himself.

They quickly got out of the car and dealt with the suitcases as the no parking police watched closely. “I better get going, Deb. It looks like he’s low on his quota of tickets this week. I don’t want to be his next one. Now give everyone a big kiss from Grandpa and don’t let them run all over you.” Scott said with a teasing grin, a playful slap on her ass and a quick kiss.

“Goodbye Honey, I’ll see you a couple of weeks. I’ll call you when I get there.” Deb said as she turned to go into the terminal.

Once through security, which was as bad as Scott had predicted, Deb was able to sit quietly and enjoy a Chia tea while waiting for her flight to board. She was anxious to get to Raleigh and spend time with her son and his family. The three hour flight would be a good and probably last chance for some peace and quiet for a while. Deb smiled at the thought of the chaos that awaited her in North Carolina.

In Raleigh, Brian Neilson wrapped up his meeting with new investors. He had been working on this merger for a long time and knew he had them just where he wanted them. Brian exuded confidence and most people he came in contact with trusted him quickly and easily, while a small number thought he was too arrogant and would avoid doing business with him. That didn’t bother him though. Business was booming and that’s what mattered to him.

Thirty minutes from his office the aforementioned chaos was in full swing. Six year old Justin was chasing the dog through the house. Eight year old Sophia was at the kitchen island frosting a cake, and three year old Blake was barricaded in the powder room while his frazzled mother tried to unlock the door.

“Blake, open this door right now!”, she yelled and then paused for a few seconds. Hearing no response she renewed her efforts with the chop stick and finally heard the pop of the lock.

“Oh My God!”, she exclaimed as she took in the small bathroom. Blake had peed all over the rug and toilet paper was strewn everywhere. He took one look at his mother’s face and made a beeline out the door and up the stairs. Heather took a deep breath and sighed. For the hundredth time she questioned why she had agreed to a two week visit from her mother in law. The pressure to have everything perfect was just too much for the overwhelmed mother of three.

In truth the relationship between Heather and Deb couldn’t be stronger. Deb was always helpful with the children and was a loving and wise ear to the young mother. Heather often wondered how they would make it without her in-laws, even from a distance. The pressure to have everything in perfect order was huge although Heather knew that Deb didn’t expect that and would be fine with the craziness that was their life.

And what a life they had! Married at 20 with three kids before 30 was not how she envisioned her life once upon a time. Heather aspired to be an artist and planned on traveling the world before possibly getting married in her mid thirties. She thought she may be interested in having one child canlı casino if the timing was right but never in her wildest imagination did she see herself as a stay at home mother of three. She glanced in the mirror at her harried expression and said softly, “Chaos indeed!”

Brian called Heather as he walked to the parking garage. “Hey, is everything ready for my mom? We’ll be there by 6:00 so I hope dinner will be ready to go.”

Heather rolled her eyes, took a deep breath and said with restraint, “It’s coming. I’m doing my best but you do know I have three monsters to deal with and one hyper dog and pee in the downstairs bathroom, right?”

Brian chuckled, characteristically ignoring the frustration in her voice and said calmly, “Ok then. We’ll see you soon.” Then in 20 minutes he was pulling up to the curb and welcoming his mother.

“How do you get more beautiful every time I see you?” Brian asked Deb as he hugged her tight. “I’m so glad you’re here. Heather is going nuts at home and can really use your help.”

Not for the first time Deb had to bite her lip to keep from responding that if he would be home once in a while and would help when he was, maybe Heather wouldn’t be so overwhelmed. Instead Deb smiled at her son and said, “Well her job is pretty stressful. It’s not easy to run a household.”

Brian, as always, didn’t want to talk about that so they reverted to safer subjects as they headed to the house.

As usual, Deb overlooked all the chaos and just loved on her family. They were precious to her and she never wanted to waste time dwelling on the negative although eventually she would make sure she had one on one time with Heather at some point during the visit. In the meantime the children were the focus and Deb loved every minute of being with them.

When Brian and Heather had asked her to visit for two weeks, Deb was a little hesitant. Then they explained that they both had trips planned and they could really use her help to run the household. Deb was happy to help out and more than willing to spend extra time with her grandchildren.

The first few days were spent just having fun together. Even Brian put work aside and took time with them. The atmosphere was fun, relaxed and rewarding.

After the weekend Brian packed his things and left for some meetings in Denver. Although he wouldn’t be staying at his parents’ house, he was planning on having dinner with his dad. Deb was happy that the two of them would have some time together.

On Tuesday morning Heather took a cab to the airport for a trip of her own. Not usually one to indulge herself, Heather had signed up for a class in Boston. She was to be gone for six days of lectures, painting and mentoring by some of the best artists in the country. It was a wonderful opportunity to explore the art world without the distraction of her family. Heather hugged Deb closely before leaving the house and said, “I just can’t thank you enough. You don’t know how much it means to me to be able to do this without worrying about the kids.”

Deb smiled and brushed the tears from Heather’s face, saying, “Go! Don’t worry about a thing. Learn and create and have a blast!”

As she shut the front door and looked around at the mess in the foyer, Deb sighed deeply and said softly, “Ok. It’s chaos but I’ve got this.”

Once she was in the Uber, Heather could kaçak casino finally relax. The guilt she felt leaving her mother in law with such a messy house bothered her a bit but mostly she was just happy to be escaping. Of course she loved her children and loved her husband most of the time but was often resentful of what she had given up for them. She never voiced those thoughts but felt them deeply. Going to Boston for the art clinic would be a wonderful and much needed respite for the young mother and she couldn’t wait to get there.

The flight was uneventful and as Heather walked through the airport she was daydreaming about the week to come. She felt lighter and younger than she had in a long time. Stopping in the restroom, she quickly brushed her teeth and checked her reflection in the mirror. 32, 5’6″ on a good day, a medium length brown hair that never seemed to stay in place, a lovely clear complexion, small upturned nose and bright green eyes, Heather often was complemented as ‘cute’ or ‘sweet’. She would rather it be ‘beautiful’ or ‘stunning’ but those words were not in her genes. She would most likely age well, just like her mother, so she accepted that ‘cute’ was as good as it was going to get. Of course after the damage caused by carrying and nursing three kids until they were 2, she was just pleased to receive compliments.

Just after leaving the secured area, Heather looked over the waiting crowd of people. Finally she spotted the older gentleman. The ipad he held in front of him displayed her name and when he saw her a wide grin spread across his face.

“Heather!” he exclaimed in a deep voice as she came to close to her. “Am I happy to see you!”

Heather stepped into his tight embrace after just a moment of hesitation. Her arms slipped around his waist as his hands firmly pulled her into him. After just a bit too long a time, Heather pulled back slightly and looked up into his ruggedly handsome face.

“Eric. It’s really good to finally meet you.” Heather said softly as she blushed.

Eric silenced her by placing his lips firmly on hers. She gasped as his hand moved to cradle her head under her hair and hold her close. Her lips parted in surprise which he quickly took advantage of. His tongue licked the width of her soft lips, leaving no doubt as to his desire. She sighed and melted against him as his insistent tongue pressed into her mouth. After a minute or so she came to her senses and gently pushed back from him.

“Wow! That’s so much better than just playing online.”

Eric laughed softly and held her firmly against him with a strong hand on the small of her back. “You better believe it baby. If you think I’ve cum a lot for you over the last couple of months, and I have, you haven’t seen anything yet!”

As they walked out of the terminal and headed to Eric’s car, Heather’s mind raced. Signing up for the art class had led to meeting Eric which led, somehow, to flirting and playing on the phone and webcamming with him over the past few months. What had begun as a way to release her pent up frustrations and loneliness had led to a full blown online affair that was finally going to move into real world. Heather leaned against her lover as they walked, fully aware that she was really walking with a stranger. As he placed her suitcase into the trunk and led her to the passenger door however, Heather was also fully aware of the enticing bulge in his pants and the moisture forming between her legs.

“It’s going to be quite a week”, she whispered as she sank into the soft leather of the seat.

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