His Birthday or Mine

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Leading up to my husbands fortieth had us going through the adult related magazines to find whether there was something he might like to have tried. I was really looking more at the adult holidays or at most the Hedonistic hotels in abundance down in the mountains of southern France.

He soon got bored looking at those and would inevitably end up looking in the swinging columns to see if he had overlooked any from the previous evening, the evening before, as it seems to be his main ambition in life. Almost under pressure from me, we did agree to look into one of these hotels and so emailed the address for details.

Their website did look an exiting place to be, a veranda next to a heated pool where couples were lying around sunning themselves before Boris and Carol would serve up the dinner before the fun and games started in the main bar at around nine.

I think he was ready to go for it, even though the array of beautiful bodies there were more than likely all paid stand-ins for the promotional photo shoot. Being a very small hotel with only four bedrooms each consisting of two king-size beds mind you had us a little concerned. Why, well because as a footnote Boris and Carol stated that even if no one else were there the week we travelled then they would gladly be available for us.

That had Dave looking at me in disbelief when seeing a picture of Carol, as she must have been all of sixty something, Boris wasn’t any younger either and so doubts quickly entered into my head of Boris climbing on top of me because of the lack of other guests.

With that idea crossed off his birthday list, I was becoming stuck for original ideas for him. A party with all his friends, perhaps a special box at his favourite football team maybe. If he were a fan of Leeds, then maybe, however, he is a Chelsea supporter and I’d need more money than the yearly wage bill to cover a box there, so that was out.

Sod it, void of ideas we were swapping with a couple to whom I knew Dave had special feeling’s towards and so organised a birthday meal out and hopefully a nice evening in their arms, and beds. That would be a treat for me anyway, so that way we all get a special birthday present.

Coming up to that weekend life was pretty much normal, it is always a little hectic as I for one needed to shop and get myself looking good for George and Mildred. The first I heard of any change was when Mildred phoned me feeling sorry because of the virus Dave had picked up just days before his birthday. We had both played that card before, as it was a reason for one or both of us to chicken out on meeting a couple for a number of reasons. Therefore I was quick to stay silent and feel concerned for poor Dave as his birthday was only days away.

I had arranged the hairdresser, my outfit hanging on the wardrobe door yet as far as I knew then he had cancelled his treat for some unknown reason. Knowing I was due an explanation, he arrived home from work, tired and hot and a shrug of his shoulders being enough of an answer for me.

Later on, dinner all finished and both of us relaxed listening to some music, I did not complain or argue any, but simply told him that all efforts for a birthday treat had faded and that it was just the two of us now. Not giving anything away, lovingly, he pulled me towards him, without a care in the world; I nestled in his nape while he combed my hair gently with his fingers. Feeling relaxed, I did become conscious that something was on his mind though and taken aback when he said that as a birthday treat then he wanted me to do a threesome.

With our numerous adverts in the contact magazines, we had hundreds, if not thousands of replies from single people wanting a threesome. Dave didn’t even reply to them, simply tore up their advert and threw it away in the bin. Therefore, I was surprised, a bit unhappy that after so long he finally wanted to see me fuck with someone else.

It was his birthday, to that day I had never refused him anything and wasn’t going to start then. Getting the place ready for our guest on the evening, I didn’t know what he would want or what he would be like. There was one thing I knew of Dave though, which was, that he would never have liked to see me abused, or do anything that I was truly against doing.

With the lounge ready, a quilt conveniently hidden away in case he wanted to do it in the lounge, the bed had clean sheets also, just in case. He was showered, dressed and enjoying the buffet I put on for them when it was time for me to go shower and get myself ready.

If nothing else, I knew I felt good in myself and although a little tartish in my micro dress, I had heard the doorbell go a while back and knew our guest had arrived. Excited now, ready, looking and feeling good in myself, I took a large breath and slowly walked down into the lounge.

My tummy was knotting up in expectations, my steps unsteady while taking a last look in the hallway casino oyna mirror before taking a deep breath and knocking on the lounge door. He had always wanted me to be fucked by a big black man, and would ask me what it would feel like when sex was a talkative point rather than a physical one.

As I knocked on the door I had a vision of this black man we befriended by mail, he was a lovely looking guy and had a cock that put Dave’s to shame. That was the closest we ever got to having a threesome as Dave really did get close to inviting him over.

You can imagine the shock on my face when sitting on the couch with Dave was a thirty something pretty woman. Dressed not unlike me but looking much neater, unlike me, full of confidence, she did not wait for Dave to introduce us. Standing, approaching me, she sucked all the air from my lungs as she kissed me passionately on my unsuspecting lips.

Ignoring Dave as though he didn’t exist she held me by my shoulders, her eyes looked me up and down making me feel uneasy until another passionate kiss on my lips had my knees buckling below me and my sexuality hitting a peek in one.

With him sitting calmly on the settee I had Helga, her name was, guide me over to the settee where Dave was seated. As my bum hit the settee then she had my tits out of my halter necked dress before I could refuse her and was suckling on them making me reach out to Dave for help.

This was supposed to be his birthday treat as I watched her expertly suckle each of my nipples in her mouth so as to send exciting feelings throughout my body. With one of her hands lifting the hem of the black silk of my dress I was able to look down and feel her fingers trace over the silk of my new white panties. Ignoring her advances, I needed to take a deep breath, what with those exquisite feeling’s her lips were doing to me I could see her painted nails draw an obvious line between my parted labium as I let out an uncontrollable sigh towards Dave.

Not letting me grope at his cock, he was very calm watching her excite me as by now all inhibitions had left me with an arm encircling her head and grasping tightly at her hair. Was it me or was it her, I would never know, still holding onto the back of her head it was lowered downwards until I felt the gusset of my panties being parted.

Feeling my moisture sticking to the nylon then I was aware of me being moist and could already sense my pungent aromas as embarrassed, I felt her tongue explore me. I had one leg over Dave by this time; he still seemed to remain voyeuristic and not join in. Feeling Helga’s fingers open me wide though and her tongue slide so effortless into my body, he watched, as did I, as my body trembled in either fear or anticipation.

Still unaware of the circumstances, I left her alone and hugging Dave, we kissed passionately while distracted by Helga’s frequent probing below us. I was in two places at the same time as she started to excite, unable to concentrate on Dave I pulled my lips from him so as to revel in the delights she was giving me. He told me later that I had the fear of god written on my face, as my breathing quickly became a breathless panting. With my mouth dry and becoming light-headed, I closed my eyes, looking away from Dave, unashamedly taking hold of Helga tightly so as to pull her deeply into me.

I climaxed uncontrollably from the attention she had given me; still trying to kiss and be close to Dave I suddenly had my hands on her hair, enjoying the orgasm alone which she was expertly producing me. Holding her face into my body, trembling with excitement, I let out a loud sigh for the first time in ages, an exaggerated sound that had Helga realising I wanted her to stop.

Slowing down to a stop I had no thoughts of her as I imagined what a mess I must have looked. Staring up at the ceiling, my head resting over the arm of the settee, he still had hold of one leg while the other draped tiredly on to the floor. Feeling my breasts clasped together by her hands she lightly kissed each nipple before resting a hand beneath my head for support. Lifting me, I looked at her face, the last time I had seen it then it was tidy and made up. That had gone as her hair, knotted in perspiration; her lipstick had vanished and no doubt left around my vagina. Her face, wet with my body fluids as she put her lips to mine. All I was able to taste were the aroma of my body as we kissed and our parted lips were an invitation for her to slide her tongue into my mouth.

I needed and wanted to give Dave his birthday present at that second in time and while kissing Helga I tried to guide Dave’s body towards my open thighs. Helga hadn’t began yet though as I was soon to find out.

Giving me at least some respite, stopping kissing, she pulled me up onto the settee. He was grinning at me, I must have looked a mess also, I could feel my boobs still out and exposed around the thin material of my dress and made no attempt to canlı casino cover the lower half of me as she started to try and build some more enthusiasm in me. Offering me her wine glass I gratefully took a gulp of it if only to quench my thirst. She had ignored Dave all the time I was there and did still, asking whether I wanted to dance to the music he had put on before I arrived. Again hesitating, she whispered, with Dave listening in, how he would love to watch us dance.

Sexually, I had never been as close to a woman feeling her erect nipples on mine, while her knee kept lifting between my parted thighs to gyrate on my excited pussy. Relaxed now, I knew Dave was loving every second as we had stopped dancing and simply facing each other, as she was asking me things I’d like to do to give Dave that special birthday present.

I knew what she would have said; I knew also, what Dave would have said, yet to say it allowed was something I could never have done. Her hands, her body, and her lips were becoming increasingly intimate with me now as I found my hands also wanting to caress and please her. She was lovely, kind also, and although seemingly ignoring Dave completely she was however trying to excite him with her advances towards me.

As I loosely held onto her waist with both hands, the sensitivity of my pussy was enough to feel the difference between her skin, and the sheer nylon of her hold-ups as her leg rubbed intimately up and down the insides of my thighs. Holding the sides of my head with her hands, she was tenderly laying kisses on my cheeks, neck and lips. Tasting my intimate juices on her face, she held me firmly by each of her hands while her tongue entered provocatively into my open mouth. Closing my lips on her, my thighs also had grasped hold of her leg.

Wanting, needing to climax once more, I could feel my face again redden under the heat she was producing inside my body. With the music suddenly ending, the room was silent, broken only by the shallow sighs I was producing for her.

“Can I make love to you Pat,” Helga whispered, completely unexpectedly. With the room silent, I knew Dave was able to hear her ask. Confused, I did not answer her, yet not doing so seemed to be a positive reply in her eyes. Guiding me over towards Dave and the settee, she lowered me down next to him once more. Leaving me momentarily and going to her handbag, she produced an enormous flesh coloured dildo. It must have made him look on jealously as I said something to break the heavy atmosphere we had generated between us all in the room.

It was heavy, hard and wrinkled like a perfect cock as she let me handle it. I felt ashamed in front of my husband as I had both my hands firmly around the phallic object and still room; I took some of it into my mouth. Helga was standing in front of me, holding onto some elasticised strings attached to this wonderful object. Until this time, she had been fully dressed but leaving me to fondle the giant cock alone, she rid herself of the simple summer dress she had on. I could hear a purring noise at the side of me and knew he would have loved to have the chance of going with her. Shocked even more, when her skimpy knickers came off to reveal a shaven and exquisitely formed genital region.

Looking over towards Dave, she took the big cock from my tight grasp and watching her part her sex lips she ran it along her slightly parted legs. Talking to Dave yet looking into my wide-open eyes, I could see the moisture glisten on this cock as she told him that she would be his birthday gift if I would agree. I knew I’d be banished to the back bedroom if I’d have said no as once more, taking the large cock from my grasp we both watched on as she slipped the elasticised strings around her body. All of a sudden, that large rubber cock looked threatening, as it stood erect, hard, and sticking out proud from her body.

Knowing I wasn’t going to get Dave, I was relieved in a way when she had me rest my head into Dave’s lap. With my legs wide open and awaiting her attention, I watched with nervous anticipation as that phallic object probed at my eager pussy. With Dave cupping my boobs in his hands I was able to feel his hard cock poking at the side of my head. Helga was staring down into my eyes, a wry grin on her face as I took a sharp gulp of air as her plastic slid easily into my wetness.

With every ripple of that cock heightening the feelings inside me, kissing Dave became secondary as I reached out with my hands for Helga to give me guidance. Knowing that cock was sliding the length of it inside me, she lowered herself down to my face. We kissed, feverishly as my dry mouth tasted her saliva, still drenched in my juices while her tongue explored deep inside me. Hugging her head with my arms, I was able to feel her hands clasp at my thighs and lift my legs from the floor.

I was wrapped around her body, my arms and thighs holding tightly onto her as she continued to fuck me. Feeling kaçak casino her fingers gripping firmly at my thighs now, she was whispering to me, Dave could hear no doubt as she was asking me lovingly and calmly to orgasm for her. Still practically ignoring Dave, I could feel that large cock, dampened with my juices now; slide increasingly faster in and out of me. Each time deep inside then Helga would whisper something to me. Deliberately preventing me from climaxing and able to feel every inch of that solid object inside me, she was asking me whether her tongue felt as satisfying as the dildo.

Unable to control the feelings her tongue gave me I told her that, as once more I felt my muscles contract on the hard cock as it slid from my wet body. Expecting to have the air pushed from my lungs again, I was mistaken though as she seemed to leave me alone once more. Dave was kissing me this time, his hands cupping my boobs with his fingers caressing my excited nipples.

Squirming in pleasure now, my legs still spread wide with Helga’s help. Dave was getting me high with the sensation of my boobs sending telltale signs to my head. At the same time, I felt Helga’s soft lips kiss my inner thighs, softly and intimately with her fingers opening my labium widely. Expecting her tongue inside me, I was mistaken as it gently flicked at my hardened clitoris. Ready to push her away, my hand instinctively gripped hold of her face. I was able to push her off, however the lightness of her tongue flickering over my clitoris had me ignoring Dave and screaming to her for more. Feeling it sucked into her mouth, held there while her tongue excited it more was too much for me Ignoring them both she quickly brought me off once more. That time was as intense as I had ever known and needed to pull at Helga’s hair to get her off me.

My face had overheated, my body too, yet she gave me no time to recover as that plastic cock slid straight back into me. Not fucking me with it though, it was motionless deep inside as once more I was to taste my body from her tongue and lips.

“I am sure Dave would love for you to prepare me for him,” Helga whispered. Unwilling to answer I was laid flat on the settee as she unhooked the plastic cock from her body, still embedded deeply inside me; she manoeuvred herself above my face. Only inches from the gaze of Dave, she lowered herself onto me. With her hands, she held the phallic cock and slowly pushed it in and out of my tired body. It still felt lovely though as did the response of her, as my tongue searched out her open sex lips. Any nervousness was quickly unfounded when my tongue entered into her making her body react so violently. I was enjoying pleasing her, able to see Dave’s glare helped, and felt as though I hadn’t finished before hearing her climax above me

Lying there alone, Helga was standing now, that cock still embedded in me though. I felt good then when both Dave and Helga, close to me, and both looking as though I had pleased them. No rest from that busy cock, she started to fuck me with it, kissing me once more and asking me to climax just one more time.

I did, as the heat produced by all three of us nearly had me pass out feeling my muscles gripping tenderly to that giant phallic cock. It was deep inside me now, not moving as Helga pulled some hair from my wet face and gently kissing me now, asked whether I had enjoyed myself. Still unable to breathe, let alone talk, I nodded to her as I felt that cock leave me for the last time.

Leaving me alone I lay collecting my breath, realising Dave wasn’t to be seen Helga was suddenly above me once more. Naked now, no cock between her legs, she had a knee either side of my waist. Her elbows at the side of my face as she bent down to kiss me once more. I had calmed down by then, still hot with the close attention she was giving me though, sore, knowing that large cock was going to leave me aching the day after. Happy though kissing with Helga, I felt her face change from a relaxed mode to one of pain. Dave was inside her, her body now being slowly pushed forward above me. Lovingly I reached a hand out high into the air and felt good when Dave’s hand gripped hold of it. The attention from Helga meant nothing now to me; my hand had wrapped itself around his back while I willed him on silently to orgasm for me.

He was loving the situation, whether Helga was, I wasn’t sure. Hearing him tense up above us both though, I was able to hear those telltale sounds of him coming deeply inside her.

As quickly as he started then it was over, I could see him standing besides us cleaning himself with some tissues. Helga didn’t get close to climaxing with Dave, I had, Dave had and that was all that mattered. We looked at each other and were almost glad when suggesting she used the bathroom and then wanted to leave. When she came back down, dressed and tided up, Dave was laying beside me on the settee. Ignoring Dave completely, she stroked my face, lovingly kissed me while asking when my birthday was.

That was a long way off, I told her yet there was nothing in the rulebook to say I could not have a birthday whenever I wanted…

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