Hill Country Initiation Ch. 02

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Lena, meanwhile, had taken her own opportunity. She had brought my pecker up to full strength, and rubbed herself into a wet and ready state. Just as Karen bucked, shrieked, and exploded, Lena aimed my dick into her slit and squatted hard down to take the whole length of the thing up her pussy all at one go

“Oooooowwww! Yeowwww!” she screeched. “Damn! Goddamn! I didn’t know it was gonna hurt like that! Son of a Bitch!” She was cursing instead of crying, and blood was dripping out of her cunt. “It don’t hurt the cows or sheep when they get fucked. Or the dogs or cats or pigs. You told me it didn’t hurt you much, your first time.”

She flung this last at Karen as if she were throwing a chunk of wood at her. She stood up, drawing her pussy up off my prick with a soft plopping noise. My pecker was still standing up stiff. It was covered in blood, and blood was running down the insides of Lena’s thighs. It scared me. I figured I had injured this girl. And it was my fault!

“Oh, I’m sorry, Lena,” said Karen. “Really I am. It didn’t hurt me hardly at all when Kenny Kravitz popped my cherry. I bled some, but Hell, you’re supposed to bleed when you lose your cherry. It’s a sign! That’s how you get to be a woman!”

Oh, My God! Lena had been a virgin and had broken her cherry on me!

“Well I guess I’m not a woman,” Lena snarled. “I’m just a girl. And if it hurts like that, I don’t never want to be a woman. It hurts, God damn it! It hurts like Hell! You said there would be a little blood. I’m bleedin’ like a pig!”

“Oh, poor baby.” Karen wasn’t being sarcastic; she was really concerned for her friend, but apparently not worried. But her voice was tender as she wrapped her arms around Lena.

“Look, sweetie, you’ve just ripped a piece out of your cunt. Not all girls’ cherries are thin and easy. Some of them can be tough and hard to break. Lola May Whitgift told me that hers hurt like a red hot poker when Billy Bob busted her open. He had to punch it in her real hard about six or eight times before he could pop her. She says it hurt him a lot too. She says his pecker was red and sore for a week after that. And she wasn’t the first girl he’d fucked, by a damn long way.

“Okay, mine was thin and easy, and it didn’t hurt much, and it didn’t bleed near as much as you’re bleedin’ right now. But I wasn’t exactly as new at it as you. My pussy already had lots of mileage on it. I been working my pussy and my clit for a long time now. I do it three or four times a day. If I don’t feel myself up and rub the hell out of my clit regular, I get antsy and twitchy and hot and nervous. Lots of boys felt me up and fingered my pussy before I got my cherry popped. Tommy Frickheimer put his fingers a little way up inside of me, and he diddled around for about a half a hour. I wouldn’t let him get his fingers all the way inside, or nothin’, just work my clit real good, so he wouldn’t bust my cherry. And he didn’t bust it neither.

“And that time when everybody was at the dance over to Cherry Springs, I took Buck Kramer to the barn and we fooled around for near a hour. He took his boots off and his pants off and stuck his dick between my legs and rubbed it on my pussy and made me come . . . just a little. It wasn’t much of a come, but I did get off on Buck’s dick rubbin’ on my pussy all that time. But I just wasn’t ready to give my cherry away just yet, not to Buck. So I wouldn’t let him stick it inside of me. Made him pretty mad, too, so I felt like I had to suck him off. Just to make up for it. And he had already came once, from rubbing his dick between my legs. But I made him come one more time. I worked my hand up and down the shank of his cock, and I chewed on the head of it pretty rough. Then his cock started to swell up and he squirted out a bunch more come. In my mouth. I spit it all out. Yuck! You won’t like it when it comes your turn to suck a guy’s dick.

“Selden Singletary had enough balls to eat me out. I made him get down on his knees and suck my clit and chew out my cunt until my pussy juice was running like a sluice. Now, that boy knows how to make a girl come. He’s got a really big dick, too, a lot bigger than Jack’s. That was great! I came like a fire engine, and he did too. He spurted come all over the front of his pants. But I still wouldn’t give him any pussy. I guess that was kind of mean of me to do him that way, but he’s just not the kind of boy I want to fuck. And anyway, I’m scared of his big pecker. It looks like a horse’s wanger, and it looks like it would just tear me open. Maybe I ought to suck him off a time or two. I was mean to him, teasin’ him that way. Makin’ him get down and munch on my cunt and finger me up and suck my clit, and not lettin’ him have any pussy for all that. Hot damn! but he was good at it. He had me pushin’ my crotch up hard on his face and twistin’ my butt around like a swivel. I could feel it build up inside of me, and even my clit started to twitch, just like a boy’s dick does when he comes. I caught his head between my legs and clamped down good. casino oyna It’s a wonder I didn’t break his ears off or smother him to death. Okay, you’re right. I need to suck him off a couple of times to pay him back for that.”

Neither one of us, Lena or me, had said anything at all about her paying Selden back. But Karen was on a roll, her words in full flow. Lena had stopped cursing; I guess she ran out of anger or out of curse words. Now she was squatting on the ground, moaning. She had tears on her cheeks, and her hand was clamped over her bleeding crotch.

Karen hadn’t paused. “I know you’re hurtin’ now, Lena, but it’s not that bad, really. Or it won’t be after a while. It’ll only hurt for a little while. Lola May says that getting’ fucked again and again, a bunch of times, if the boy can get his whanger back up again and keep it up, it makes the hurt fade out so you don’t notice it real much. And once you get used to it, fucking is the most fun there is to do in the world! And look. You’re not bleedin’ anymore. But we need to go down to the creek and wash off all that blood on your legs. And the water’s cool; it’ll take a lot of the hurt away, and you can wash out your pussy too. Whooee, and I can wash mine out too. And get all this sticky goo off of my legs. And all of us need to cool off anyway. Come on now.”

Karen had to lift Lena up to a standing position. She seemed shaky on her feet, and she planted them wide apart. She was still holding her hand over her pussy, but there was no more blood seeping out between her fingers. Karen rounded up all of our clothes and came back to help Lena down to the creek. We held her up on either side. She walked with tentative steps, her legs bent outward at the knees. As we walked her down the slope she seemed to be getting her strength back. She lifted her hand away from her cunt and looked at the bloodstained palm. She spat into her palm.

“Damn,” she said. “When I rub myself down there it feels good, real good; but when I jabbed your dick up me like that, it hurt! Maybe I should ‘a took it slow. Karen was goin’ to show me how it’s done. We talked about that before we left the house today. We had it all worked out. We were gonna jack with Jack, and make him do us both. Karen was gonna break you in, and show you how to fuck, and give you your first piece of pussy. Then we were gonna make you take my cherry, real slow and easy like, and we were gonna take turns after that, and make you fuck us both till our pussies were wore out.”

This whole expedition was all meant to get Lena fucked for her first time. She had obviously decided that she was ready, and I was the one she wanted to give her cherry to. That thought was pretty much of a shock.

“But,” Lena was saying, “when I was watchin’ Karen gettin’ fucked like that, it got me too hot to wait. I never had a chance to watch boys and girls fucking before. I knew you could get your pecker hard again. I knew I could get it up if I just gave it a little help, so I just helped it along, like. Man! When it started to raise up like that, it made my pussy get real wet and hot. I just couldn’t wait to get that thing in me. I’ve seen the mares get fucked by our stud stallion, many’s the time. And your whanger isn’t all that big compared to a horse, so it didn’t scare me none. Damn, it does now.

“Damn, a horse’s dick is way longer than my arm, maybe three foot long, and he rams it up the mare like a tractor bashin’ in the side of a barn. Wham! Wham! Wham! You could hear it all the way up to the house. First time I seen horses fuck, I thought it would tear the mare’s guts right out of her. But the mares like it! You can tell they like it a lot. She backs up to him and turns her cunt up to where he can see it and smell it. And she lifts her tail up out of the way, where he can get his dick in her real easy. But it don’t last very long. He jams it real deep in her, and hard, about four or five times, and then he’s done. After he’s fucked her, they both just walk away. People ain’t like that. I’d wanta cuddle up a lot, real close, before I got fucked, and after too. I guess that don’t count now. I don’t know if I can ever stand to get fucked.”

By this time we were down at the creekside, and Karen laid all our clothes out along very neatly the bank. She folded up her skirt and blouse, and Lena’s too, and my tee-shirt and jeans, and laid them in three neat stacks, side by side. As she bent to lay out the clothes her long golden braids brushed the grass, and I thought, how thoroughly charming. She was a lovely girl, with a face not quite as angelic as Lena’s, but beautiful in a different way. She was composed and self-assured, even in her late teen years. Even as she was, covered in sweat and with pussy juices drying on her thighs, she moved as calmly and gracefully as if she had been dressed in a business suit and standing in a downtown office in the city.

As she bent over I couldn’t help staring at her butt. Remember, I had just been fucked by this woman, only minutes before. Her bottom was the color canlı casino of fresh cream, and round as a pair of young melons. When she straightened up. Her to braids flipped up and over her shoulders, coming together softly in the small of her back, almost brushing the top of her ass. Again I noticed the blue bows that held them.

She turned in a fluid movement and came back to where Lena and I were waiting at the water’s edge. Watching her move, bend and sway, and walk barefoot over the green summer grass had worked on my inner feelings. Karen smiled, that mysterious, sultry smile, and laid her palm along my face. Her voice was as calm as her manner. She said, “Okay, of course, but not right now. We have a hurt girl to take care of. Then we’ll see about that plan.”

They had planned all along to get me alone, I suddenly recalled. They were going to spend the whole afternoon taking turns at fucking with me. I wasn’t sure I was up to it, for that first bout with Karen had sapped my strength, big time. But the sight of Karen as she stepped down into the water gave new strength to my arousal. Ankle deep in the cold creek water, she turned and looked back at me. She whispered in an oh-so-promising tone, “Come in with us; we all have to cool off.”

Well, it had come back around. I had come down here in the first place to go swimming alone, and then I was going to swim with these two girls, and now we were all three going in stark naked. Karen waded out first into the water, towing Lena by one hand, to where the water came up to her thighs, just below her pussy. Lena was a little shorter than Karen, so her pussy was already underwater. The water in that creek was cold, even in the heat of early summer; but I was used to it, and I suppose the girls were too. It felt good after I had got all hot and sweaty. Both girls began to rub the cool water up and down their bodies.

“Here,” said Karen, “let me help you with that. I’ll be real gentle. I know you’re sore.” It was gentle and almost tender the way she stroked the younger girl’s pale white crotch. She seemed almost like an affectionate mother taking care of her little girl’s hurts. She pulled Lena’s pussy lips apart only a little way, very slowly, and ran her finger up and down Lena’s tiny slit. “Now you do it like that,” she said. “It’ll make your pussy feel a lot better.”

“I think it does already,” Lena said. “Say, that’s not bad.” She stroked her pussy again, and let her fingertip slip inside. She stroked her finger up inside of her pussy two times more. Then she settled down in the water until it came up over her nipples. She began to run her palms over her body, washing away anything that still clung to her pale white skin. Washing herself back to innocence?

Karen had sunk herself down as well, but her breasts looked up at me, barely covered by the cold creek water. Her big, big nipples stood up like stalks just under the water’s surface. She stood up and waded waist deep into the water near me. Using both hands she splashed a jet of water up into my face. She was laughing. I splashed water back at her. She turned and did a head-up dive into the deeper apart of the pool. “Can’t catch me!” she cried. Suddenly this woman, this sexual temptress, was just a playful girl.

Her backstroke kept her well ahead of me to the full length of the pool, where the creek bed narrowed again. Lena swam behind me, grasping at my feet with every stroke. They were both better swimmers than I. Karen slowed her strokes and stopped. She put her feet down, stood up, and put her hand on my head as I came within reach. She shoved my head under the water. So we were in a ducking contest, and we all three got ducked more than once. We were just enjoying playing in the water, with hardly any sexual overtones at all.

After a few minutes of this, Lena caught my hand. “I want to try again,” she said.

The girls made their way to the bank and I followed a little way behind. Karen’s butt swayed and shifted as she moved, a kind of fluid grace with just a hint of a jiggle as her weight shifted from her right hip to her left, from her left to her right. I was awed by the raw sexuality and contrasting innocence of these two country girls walking side by side in front of me. I revelled in the joy of the moment. Watching those two girls wading before me was a satisfying thing, and a sight to treasure in long memory.

Karen picked up the bundle of my clothes that she had laid out so neatly. “Come on up here, y’all.” she said. “We have to find a good spot. A good spot for fucking.” That pleased her. She said it again. “A good spot for fucking, a good spot for fucking, a good spot for fucking, for fucking, for fucking, fucking, fucking.” She was almost singing that as a mantra as she walked.

She led us back up the slope and behind the screen of bushes to the same place we had been earlier. The meadow with deep soft, lush green grass. The same place where I had fucked her before. “My first piece of pussy,” I thought. ” My first piece of pussy.”

“Here’s kaçak casino a nice spot,” Karen said. “We can fuck here all afternoon. All afternoon,” she crooned. She folded my jeans neatly and laid them down. She folded my swimsuit and put it on top of the jeans. Then she spread my tee-shirt on top of the pile, smoothing it out as if she were making up a bed. “Okay, Lena. Just sit down right here and lay back. It’s gonna be all right, It’s gonna be real good. You’ll see.”

Lena took hold of my dick. She gave it a tentative pull, then another. “You got to get it up, Jack,” she said. “You have to fuck me now”

She lay down on the bundle of my clothes that Karen had laid out and spread her legs wide. The tail of my white cotton tee-shirt stuck out from under her little ass like the flap of a snow white apron. It was hardly any whiter than her pale, creamy skin. The sight of that girl, with a mass of God’s own gold shining on her head, and eyes bluer than the deepest blue of a summer sky, looking like an angel newly come down from Heaven but lying there stretched out on the earth with her legs splayed out and waiting to be fucked, struck me as totally incongruous, and I burst into a small trickle of laughter.

That didn’t please Lena. She gave me a sour frown. “What’s the matter? You making fun of me? What is it? You think I look funny?”

“Oh, no.” I did a quick save. “You’re really pretty. You’re beautiful. I’m just enjoying this, having so much fun I just can’t help it.”

“Oh. Okay. Well, I want to have fun too. I’m ready to try this again. I know you know how to do it; you fucked Karen like that. Do me now.” Her soft, sweet voice had the lilt of a child asking for an ice cream cone.

I got down on my knees between her wide-spread legs. Karen knelt beside Lena, stroking her arm in a soft, soothing manner. “You’ll see, Sweetie,” she said. “This time will make the first hurt go away.” She spat in her hands and rubbed them over Lena’s tiny nipples. Those nipples certainly liked that. They stood up, hard and ready.

“Oooohhh,” said Lena. “That’s good! Do that again.”

Instead Karen pinched both of Lena’s nipples and twisted them lightly. She stroked Lena’s slit, gently rubbing one finger between the thin, rubbery little lips. She continued to stroke maybe a dozen times; then she pulled Lena’s pussy lips slightly apart, stuck her finger in her own mouth, and rubbed it on Lena’s little clit. “We’ve got to get you wet and ready, Lena,” she said. “One reason it hurt before, I think, is maybe you weren’t wet enough.”

“Wait,” Lena said. “That feels real good, but I still hurt some. Let me do this. I know how to get my pussy wet. What did you call this little nub right at the top of my pussy here? It feels real good when I rub that.”

“That’s called your clit, and it’s the best part of a girls’ pussy. You can rub your clit, and it feels as good as getting fucked, maybe better. I get myself off by just doing nothing but rubbing my clit. I can make myself come four or five times in a row, without stopping.”

Lena said, “Okay, that’s my clit. And she began to rub her clit round and round, and up and down.

Karen wrapped her fingers around my peter and began to massage it with a kind of a milking motion, squeezing and stroking together at once. This time, without the cold creek water, it came up hard and stuck out to its full seven-inch length. Now she was moving her hand up and down the shaft like a piston. After eight or ten strokes, she said, “Okay. Now fuck her.”

She guided my dick to the opening of Lena’s smooth white cunt while she held Lena’s pussy lips open with her other hand. She pushed the head of my now throbbing tool about an inch into Lena.

“Fuck her,” she said again. “And after you fuck her, you’re goin’ to fuck me again.”

Just the head of my dick was inside Lena. She was warm and soft inside, and my dick throbbed like half a dozen bass drums.

“I’m ready,” Lena said. “Fuck me. Make the hurt go away”

I pressed forward, putting some pressure on Lena’s cunt, but it wouldn’t go in any deeper. I was sort of stuck there with just the head hanging in her.

“Come on,” Lena said. “That’s not enough. Fuck me, Jack.”

I pushed harder, but I still couldn’t get any farther in her. I was beginning to think I really didn’t know how to do this, even though I had already fucked Karen. Fucking her must have been pretty much okay, because she wanted me to fuck her again. After I finished fucking Lena.

I put a steady pressure on my dick, pushing it hard against the resistance in Lena’s cunt. I pushed a little more, harder, then harder, then harder still, with as much pressure I could muster. I was straining now, and it was starting to hurt the head of my prick. I pulled back and let the pressure relax, leaving only the swollen purple head of my pulsating tool lodged in the mouth of Lena’s incredibly tight little pussy. Her finger was marching at quick-time over her little button of a clit, up and down and round and round. She was getting wetter and wetter by the second, and juice was leaking out of her snatch and running down the crack of her ass. I cocked my butt back up into approach position and began the push again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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