He’s Straight…Right?

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Mike was cruising down the street doing what heterosexual men did best. Looking for pussy. He was spending the night in the house he grew up in. Mike was raised by his grandparents, and he grew up on their farm until he turned 18 six years ago, when he moved back east to go to Harvard. Now he was in town for a couple of days to finalize the selling of his grandparent’s house. They had moved to Hawaii last year and decided it wasn’t worth it just renting out the old place. The house had been vacant for the past six months as it was.

Mike was checking out the women of the night along the busy street when suddenly the car started to sputter. “Oh great,” He said turning down the stereo as he glanced at the gas gauge. “I knew I should have filled it up.” The gas gauge was on the empty mark. Mike was able to limp the car a few more feet and parked in front of what looked like a run down nightclub. The paint was peeling and the An…In the name Anthony’s place was burned out.

Mike looked at the buildings beside it, a bookstore and a clothing store. Both of which had their closed signs up. Sighing heavily, he pulled his 5’7″ and around 165lb body from the car. He fixed his jeans and t-shirt, winked at one of the hookers standing nearby then walked into the bar.

If Mike had seen the look the hooker gave him as he moved towards the entrance, he probably would have gone somewhere else.

When Mike walked into the dimly lit building, he immediately knew what the hooker had already known. The place was a gay bar. There were men everywhere, many of whom were dancing and kissing each other. He sighed then ignoring the eyes that moved over his body, made his way towards the back of the place and the pay phones.

Mike was almost to the phone, when he was knocked off his feet, literally. He was looking over at the bar where a bunch of men were watching him and wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. He walked into a man who had just exited the bathroom. “Sorry, you okay?” The man asked in a deep voice as he helped Mike to his feet.

Mike let the man help him stand then when he looked at him, lost his voice. The man he had run into stood at least 6’1″ and couldn’t have been more then 175lbs of pure muscle. Both of his muscular arms were covered in tattoos, he wore a silver snake in one ear and his head was bald, with a small tattoo of a heart on the side of his head. His silver eyes moved seductively over Mike’s body. “Did I knock the wind out of you?” The man asked when Mike didn’t speak.

“Um…Uh…No…I think I’m okay.” Mike finally stuttered unable to take his eyes from the man before him.

The man’s eyes met Mike’s and he smiled, showing a mouth full of perfect white teeth. Mike’s cock jumped in his jeans as the other man smiled at him. “I’m Brad, wanna dance?”

“I…Well…I’m not…” Mike tried to say, for some reason his mouth didn’t want to work right. “That is…I just…I’m not…”

Brad smiled as understanding came over him. “Oh, you’re not gay. You come in to use the phone or something?”

Mike nodded, “yea, my car ran out of gas just outside and this was the only place open.”

Brad smiled softly as he let one finger move up over Mike’s mustache. “Bummer, have to admit I wouldn’t mind seeing how well you feel in my arms.” He lowered his hand and smiled again. “Well, if you change your mind, I’ll be over at the bar.”

Mike watched Brad walk away and sighed as he watched Brad’s tight butt encased in a pair of tight jeans. He willed his cock to go down as he slowly made his way to the pay phone. The tow truck driver told him it would be at least an hour or two before he could get to him. There was a huge pileup out on the highway and they were backed up. Mike sighed and told the driver where he was then hung up the phone.

He stood there for a minute wondering what he was going to do to pass the time, when his eyes drifted towards the bar. Brad was sitting there with his back to him, nursing a beer while he talked to another man sitting next to him.

If you asked him later, Mike couldn’t have told you what made him walk up to the bar and sit on a stool next to Brad. He ordered a beer, and then sat there drinking it until Brad suddenly turned to him. “Change your mind handsome?” Brad asked with his soft voice.

Mike looked into Brad’s silver eyes. “Well, I’m stuck here for at least an hour…so…” He let his voice trail off. He had no idea why he was willing to dance with another man. Even if the man made his blood boil and his cock stand at attention. He had never looked at another man that way in his life. He was straight…Right?

Brad moved his eyes over Mike’s face as if he was looking for something. Finally he nodded and downed the rest of his beer before he held out his hand. “Come on, let’s dance.”

Slowly Mike put his hand in Brad’s then let the bigger man lead him onto the dance floor. There was a slow song playing and he sighed as Brad pulled him gently into his arms. Mike wrapped casino siteleri his arms up around Brad’s neck as he closed his eyes, letting his head rest against the bigger man’s chest as his body swayed to the music. “I knew you would feel good in my arms.” Brad said huskily kissing the top of Mike’s head.

Mike lifted his face to look into Brad’s eyes and his own eyes widened when Brad suddenly lowered his head, bringing his lips to Mike’s. Mike stood paralyzed in his arms for a minute as he felt Brad’s lips brush lightly over his own. He felt Brad’s arms tighten around him as the bigger man suddenly deepened the kiss by pressing his tongue gently against Mike’s closed lips.

Mike let his eyes close slowly as he slowly opened his mouth to Brad’s probing tongue. When Brad swept in, both men moaned loudly. Mike let his tongue tentatively move over Brad’s as the bigger man held him tightly against his body. Mike could feel Brad’s hard cock pressing against his own and couldn’t resist grounding his crotch against Brad’s.

Brad groaned loudly against Mike’s mouth. Lowering his hands from Mike’s back, he gripped Mike’s butt in his hands and gently squeezed. Mike whimpered in desire as he pressed himself closer to Brad. “I don’t care if your gay or not, but I gotta get you naked man. Please tell me you will let me make love to you.” Brad begged hoarsely when he pulled his lips roughly from Mike’s.

Mike was dazed from the kiss and the feelings coursing through his body. He knew at that moment he would be willing to do whatever Brad asked if he would just put out the fire in his body. “I’ve gotta wait for the tow truck.” he replied.

Brad groaned pressing his body close to Mike’s. “If I don’t have you soon I’m gonna explode. Can we just take my truck and have the tow truck driver deliver your car?”

Mike liked that idea. “Let’s get out of here.”

Brad kissed him hard, and then taking his hand, led him out of the bar. They left a note on Mike’s car then walked over to Brad’s truck. Once they were both in the truck, Brad fired it up and headed out towards Mike’s house.

They were barely inside the house before Brad had Mike in his arms and his hands everywhere. When Mike felt Brad’s hand brush over his hard cock, he whimpered in need. He knew there was no way they would make it upstairs to any of the bedrooms so he led Brad into the living room and over to the couch. He let Brad push him onto his back on the couch and lay over him. “Oh fuck, I am so hot for you.” Brad moaned kissing all over Mike’s face. His hands worked their way up under Mike’s t-shirt and he let his fingers brush lightly over Mike’s hard nipples.

“Oh fuck…” Mike groaned feeling shivers of pleasure go all through his body. “I need you Brad, I need you now.” He grabbed at Brad’s shirt and ripped it open, running his hands over Brad’s hard chest.

Brad moaned loudly when Mike suddenly pushed his upper body up and locked his mouth on one of Brad’s nipples. “That’s it baby, lick my nipples. Feel them get hard for you.” Brad cried running his hands through Mike’s short brown hair as he held his face against his chest. Brad ground his crotch tightly against Mike’s and grinned when he heard the other man moan.

“Brad please, I am on fire.” Mike whimpered pulling his face away from Brad’s chest.

Brad ran his hands lightly over Mike’s face. “What do you want baby?” He kissed Mike softly as he ground their bodies together.

Mike locked his arms tightly around Brad’s chest as he bucked up with his hips. “I need to get off so bad.”

Brad chuckled as he pulled Mike’s arms from his body. “Easy baby, we’ve got plenty of time.”

Mike whimpered as Brad moved off of him. He watched through desire glazed eyes as Brad moved to his knees on the floor beside the couch and reached his hand towards the fastenings on Mike’s jeans. When Mike’s 8 inch cock was free from its confinement, Mike let out a loud moan of relief. “Nice piece of meat you’ve got here baby.” Brad sighed wrapping his hand around Mike’s length and stroking it lightly.

“Oh, your hand feels so good.” Mike moaned closing his eyes as he felt Brad’s hand move over him.

Brad smiled at the man before him. “If you like that, you’re gonna love this.” Before Mike realized what Brad was going to do, he felt Brad’s mouth enclose over his hard meat.

“Oh fuck…Yes…” Mike cried bucking up with his hips as he drove his cock deep into Brad’s sucking mouth.

Brad moaned around Mike’s cock as he worked his mouth magic. He let his tongue move slowly over the other man’s flesh and heard Mike whimper in pleasure. Holding Mike’s cock with nothing but his mouth, he worked Mike’s clothes down his body until Mike finally kicked them off. He lifted his upper body long enough to pull his shirt over his head then lay back down, thrusting slowly upwards into Brad’s mouth. “Suck me, oh fuck, it feels so good.”

Brad ran one hand up over Mike’s bare stomach while his other hand moved down, canlı casino and gently cupped Mike’s balls. “Agh…Oh…” Mike moaned when he felt Brad’s fingers gently play with his balls. “Oh baby…I love it.” When he felt Brad’s hand push his legs apart and tease at his ass-hole, he stiffened. “Brad…?”

Brad kept his mouth moving up and down lovingly over Mike’s cock, sucking deeply on it while he lifted to his eyes to meet Mike’s. He sucked harder at Mike’s hard cock while he continued to tease his finger against the other man’s hole. Mike was breathing heavily, his breaths coming out in pants as he kept his eyes locked on Brad’s. He whimpered in pain for a minute when Brad suddenly pushed his finger up into his virgin hole.

Brad looked into Mike’s eyes, and then pulled his finger out. He put it in his mouth along side Mike’s cock, getting it wet with his saliva, before moving it back over Mike’s bum hole again.

Mike stiffened for a minute when he felt Brad’s finger once again against his ass, but as Brad sucked harder at his cock, his body relaxed. “Oh fuck…” He groaned fucking hard upwards into Brad’s mouth. “Suck me baby. It feels so good.”

Brad sucked harder at Mike’s cock, letting his head bob up and down over the other man’s hard shaft. He teased Mike’s bum hole with his finger for another second, and then slowly slid it inside. He felt Mike’s muscles tighten around him and closed his eyes as he thought of that tightening around his cock.

Mike grunted in surprise when he felt Brad’s finger move up inside him. He wasn’t sure how he felt about having the other man’s finger up his ass. It didn’t hurt but it didn’t exactly feel good either. That was until he suddenly jumped and moaned when Brad’s finger brushed over his love button.” Oh fuck. Yes.” He growled slamming his hard cock deep into Brad’s face.

Brad chuckled against the cock in his mouth as he sucked harder at it. From the way Mike was pounding his face, he had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before he got a mouthful. When he felt Mike’s precum squirt into his mouth, he relished the taste before digging around for more. Brad let his finger slowly slide in and out of Mike’s ass, making sure to hit his prostate every time he pushed inside.

Mike was in heaven. His cock was on fire, he was so hot and his ass was clinging to Brad’s thrusting finger. He could feel his cum boiling in his balls and knew it wouldn’t be long. “Oh god, suck me. I’m gonna cum.” He cried grabbing the back of Brad’s head and pulling him hard against his cock as he thrust upwards.

Brad tightened his lips around Mike’s pistoning cock; he didn’t want to miss a bit of the delicious juices he knew Mike was going to give him. He moved his finger faster in Mike’s ass as he sucked hard at him. He could hear Mike whimpering in need and knew the man needed more.

With his free hand, he gently started rolling Mike’s balls in his hand. He squeezed them gently and heard Mike’s howl of pleasure as he started shooting hard and fast into Brad’s sucking mouth.

Brad swallowed the cum as fast as he could. He didn’t know how long it had been since Mike got off last but he had a feeling it had been a while. The man was shooting what felt like a gallon of cum into his mouth and he loved all of it. When Mike’s cock finally slowed down, he licked around the base of the cock then finally let the limp flesh slip from between his lips as he pulled his finger from Mike’s ass.

Mike was laying there with his eyes closed breathing heavily as he recovered from the amazing orgasm Brad had just given him.

“I wanna fuck you baby.” Brad said huskily staring at Mike.

Mike opened his eyes and shivered at the look of pure fire in Brad’s silver eyes. The man was hot and wanted him. Somehow that made him feel good, but the thought of giving his ass to the man before him, scared the hell out of him. He had never had anything up his ass before and wasn’t sure he wanted one now. “I…I don’t know about that.” Mike said fearfully.

Brad smiled tenderly as he leaned forward and kissed Mike gently on the lips. “I’ll lube you up really well and make you feel so good.”

A part of Mike admitted to himself that Brad’s finger had felt good and he wanted Brad to fuck him but he was scared. He was saved from answering by the knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” Brad said suddenly standing up. He smiled down at Mike still resting naked on the couch then went to answer the door.

“Your car is parked outside.” Brad said coming back a couple minutes later. Mike had sat up on the couch but didn’t bother pulling any clothes on. His cock had hardened again as he watched Brad’s butt walk away and was pulsing madly against his stomach. “I’ll pay you back.” He said softly knowing that Brad must have paid the driver.

Brad just shrugged. “Don’t worry about it.” He moved over to Mike and knelt down between the other man’s legs. “I’ll make you feel good baby. I promise.”

Mike lifted his fear filled kaçak casino eyes to meet Brad’s. “I’m scared. I mean this is all new to me. I never thought of being with another man before tonight. I’ve sure never thought about somebody fucking me up the ass before.”

Brad smiled seductively at him. “You may not believe this but I was actually in your shoes about 2 years ago.”

Mike looked at him in surprise. “Really? You were straight?”

Brad nodded. “Yup, I thought the thought of being with another man was completely disgusting. I couldn’t see how anyone would give up a woman’s body.”

Mike ran his hand up over Brad’s arm. “So what changed your mind?”

Brad smiled in remembrance. “I was 25, single and looking to get laid. I met this guy who told me he would pay me 200.00 to let him fuck me up the ass. Well I was shocked of course, I mean I wasn’t a prostitute and told him so.”

Mike absently kept running his hand up and down Brad’s arm. “So what happened?”

Brad laughed, “He kissed me. Right on the lips as he ground his crotch against mine. He turned me on so fast that I was willing to do anything he wanted.”

Mike nodded, “I felt that way tonight when I met you.”

Brad cupped Mike’s face, kissing him softly. “So I let him fuck me, and oh man. It was so fucking hot. I never went back to women after that. It just wasn’t the same. I also didn’t take his money; I ended up being his lover until he was killed in a plane crash about 6 months ago.”

Mike looked into Brad’s eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Brad shrugged, “he was a good man. I can make you feel good Mike, if you will let me.”

Mike was still scared but the tenderness in Brad’s eyes made him feel wanted. Something he hadn’t felt in a long time. “There’s a bottle of vegetable oil in the kitchen cupboard. Will that work?”

Brad smiled at him. “Sure, although we are really gonna need more room.”

Mike thought about it for a minute. “Well, we could go upstairs to my bedroom. There is a king sized bed up there.” He smiled seductively at Brad. “Is that enough room for ya?”

Brad groaned at the look of pure desire that showed in Mike’s eyes. “Oh hell yea, where the hell is the kitchen?”

Mike laughed and pointed Brad in the right direction. Brad got the bottle of vegetable oil, and then let Mike lead him up the stairs.

When they were in the bedroom, Mike led Brad over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it. Ever since he had felt Brad’s cock pressing against his at the bar, he wanted to see what the other man was packing between his legs. While Brad dropped the vegetable oil on the bed, Mike pulled his jeans open.

Brad stood still watching as Mike opened his jeans. When he felt his pants slip down over his hips, he reached down to help Mike slowly undress him. When his clothes were around his ankles, he kicked them off then pulled his shirt off the rest of the way so he stood there as naked as Mike.

Mike’s eyes widened when he saw the size of Brad’s cock. It had to be at least 11 inches in length. It was slender in width but just the length itself frightened Mike. Reaching out, he slowly wrapped his hand around Brad’s cock and jerked it slowly.

“Mmmmm…That feels good.” Brad said running his fingers through Mike’s hair.

Mike lifted his eyes to meet Brad’s. “Brad, I want you but…”

“Shhhhhh…” Brad said suddenly pulling Mike’s face towards his crotch. “For now just take me in your mouth. We’ll start slow and go from there.”

Mike sighed in relief; he felt he had gotten a reprieve from this monster being shoved up inside him. He let Brad push his face towards his cock and slowly opened his mouth when the tip pressed against his lips. He slid his mouth down over Brad’s cock, taking as much inside as he could. When he held all he could, he wrapped his hand around the base and slowly pulled his mouth back. He had to admit that Brad’s cock didn’t taste bad in his mouth. In fact, he actually liked it.

He heard Brad cry out when he tentatively started sucking on the meat in his mouth. “That’s it baby, suck my hard meat.” Brad moaned slowly thrusting his hips forward.

Mike ran his tongue over Brad’s cock and heard the man’s ragged cry. When he tasted a bit of precum that slammed into his mouth suddenly, he tasted it before swallowing it. It was salty, but sweet at the same time. He pulled his head back until he held just the head of Brad’s cock in his mouth and dug at the piss hole, he was rewarded with more precum. “Baby, suck me.” Brad begged pressing harder against mike’s mouth.

Mike let his mouth slide back down over Brad’s cock and heard the sighs of pleasure as his tentative motions became more firm. He ran his tongue over the bottom of Brad’s cock and heard the big man whimper in pleasure. When he grazed the meat with his teeth, he was rewarded by Brad slamming his cock deeper into his mouth. “Fuck, yea…oh god…Ugh…” Brad panted tangling his fingers in Mike’s hair as he started furiously fucking the other man’s face. “Suck it baby. Suck my hard meat.”

Mike was unsure what to do when Brad suddenly started fucking his face, so he just held his head still letting the bigger man slam hard into his mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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