Her, Her and Him

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I swirled the dark red liquid around the bell of the glass then brought it to my lips. My eyes looking over the edge at her sitting across from me. Her long brown hair looked baby soft as she pushed it over her shoulder, smiling as she raised her own glass in a silent toast to me before she drank deeply.

I watched as her little pink tongue darted out and caught a drip from the corner of her mouth. My body clenched, we both knew why I was here and what was going to happen, but the anticipation was almost painful and my pussy got wetter by the minute.

I stood and moved toward her, my eyes locked with hers as I knelt on the floor and leaned close, brushing my lips lightly against hers. They were soft and full, her tongue traced gently over the seam of my lips and I opened for her.

She tasted of wine mixed with strawberries as I deepened the kiss, my hands moving to her soft tresses. This was so different from kissing a man. My nipples puckered in anticipation as a soft moan escaped my lips.

She dropped to the top button of my blouse, her lips moved from mine and placed gentle kissing along the column of my throat and down to the vee of my neck. She undid each of the buttons slowly, brushing her lips against my heated flesh as she bared me inch my slow inch.

I groaned out loud as she tugged my shirt from my body and tossed it onto the floor. Her hands moved and cupped my breasts through my bra, her fingertips lightly pulling at my nipples through the thin lacey material.

She pulled me close, her hands reaching around and expertly undoing the clasp. I brushed my lips against her neck, inhaling her soft scent and raised my own hands to tug her shirt over her head, then I removed her bra with one quick motion.

I filled my hands with her breasts, they fit perfectly against my palms. I let my thumbs brush over her nipples, enjoying her little moans as she plucked at my own hard nips.

Her arms wrapped around me and she pulled me close to kiss me again, I felt her warm skin, her nipples rubbing against my own was like an electric shock. I moaned into her mouth as her hands dropped and began to toy with me. She pulled and pinched, rolling my nips between her fingers as I did the same to hers.

She was so responsive; I felt them harden even more under my fingertips. I broke the kiss and dipped my head, flicking my tongue out lightly. Her hands came out and held my head close to her as I swirled my tongue around, then let my teeth brush lightly against the sensitive tip.

I moved my hands to her thighs at the same moment I locked my lips around her nipple and sucked. Her head fell back and she groaned, a long low groan as I nipped and flicked my tongue against her breast. I moved from one to the other, enjoying her little noises and her body’s response to my ministrations. I let my hands climb up her thighs and slid it slowly under the hem of her skirt.

I kept at it, flicking my tongue, sucking her nips, moving back and forth as my fingertips finally reached their target. I could feel how wet she as through the crotch of her panties as I started to pet her slowly.

She opened wider for me, her legs falling open and I slipped one finger under the elastic, running it up and down the almost hairless, warm, soft and wet center of her body.

I teased her canlı bahis how I knew I liked it, slowly up and down, lightly brushing over her hard clit then down to dip just a bit inside her body. Then back up again.

My own breathing was coming in pants as I thought of what I was going to do next. I leaned back and hooked my fingers into the top of her panties. She lifted for me as I tugged her skirt and them slowly down her long legs and put them aside.

I stared at her for a moment. She was truly beautiful. Her pussy was open, dark pink and shiny with moisture. I could see her clit, hard and proud as it stood up, waiting for my tongue. She was almost completely shaved, except for a strip of hair, exactly like me.

I smiled as I reached my hand out and pinched a nipple between my fingers, then I kissed her and slowly worked my way down her body. I let my lips lightly brush against her skin, first her neck, then the valley between her compact breasts, her abdomen, lightly traveling over her hipbone and then I shifted and placed a light kiss against the inside of her thighs.

I could smell her arousal, musky and sweet as I moved my hands and opened her to my eyes. She moaned as my fingers parted her sex and I blew lightly over her heated flesh.

I darted my tongue out and let the tip just lightly flick over her hard clit. She cried out a little as I did it again and again. Her hips lifted slightly when I laved her from top to bottom, her juice coating my tongue as I licked her slow and soft.

I waited until she was moaning at a regular interval, almost little like little pleas before I concentrated on her button.

I flicked lightly and softly just there, faster and a little harder with each flick. Her hands dug into my scalp as her hips lifted and fell at the same rhythm as my tongue. I started to finger her, filling her hole with two fingers as my tongue moved faster.

I locked my lips around her clit and sucked hard as I pushed deep inside her. I felt her muscles contract around my fingers, felt the gush of liquid as she came, crying out loudly She pushed my mouth against her pussy, grinding my lips into her as she bucked up under my mouth, coating my face with her come.

My own pussy clenched as she came, I was so wet and more aroused than I think I have ever been. I kept my fingers moving slow and deep as she rode out her climax, letting her take it to the end before she pulled my face up and kissed my mouth hungrily.

She pushed me back onto the soft carpet and came down on the floor with me. She knelt above me and continued the kiss, letting one hand roam over my body. I moaned as she toyed with my nipples, now almost painfully hard. Her mouth moved from mine and locked on one. I arched up off the floor as she nipped and sucked at the over sensitive tip, her hand sliding down my body and tugging at my own skirt and panties. I lifted for her and helped her finish undressing me as her mouth moved from one nipple to the other.

I moaned as she moved to lay between my outspread legs and gripped my thighs. She leaned close and ran her tongue up the length of my slit.

I almost came from just that, her soft mouth felt amazing! Her tongue moved over me lightly and slowly. She explored every fold with delicacy, purposely avoiding my throbbing clit. I groaned over bahis siteleri and over, my hands moving to my own breasts to play with my nipples as my hips lifted and fell against her tongue, trying to get her to concentrate where I really needed it. She pushed two fingers into my pussy, my internal muscles clamped down tight as she fucked me with them, I heard her chuckle low as I cried out in frustration, I was so close! I just needed a little push.

Her fingers moved faster and deeper inside me until the sound of her hand smacking against my soaking sex filed the room around us. I almost screamed when her tongue started to stab against my clit, I moved my hips with her as she un-relentlessly prodded and ground against my sensitive nub.

Then I did scream, I cried out over and over as I exploded. My whole body shook as her fingers didn’t let up and her mouth locked on my clit. I came again on the tails of the first one, my whole body thrashing and shuddering until she finally took her mouth from me and let her fingers slow.

My pussy spasmed around her fingers as she kept moving them inside me. I looked up at her and smiled, feeling incredibly satiated, but still wanting more.

I head someone cough and glanced toward the couch, where the noise had come from. Her sexy as hell boyfriend stood there, his very large very hard cock in his hand. It was pretty evident that he had come in and hand been watching us for some time.

I blushed from the root of my hair to the tips of my toes…then he said something that made a jolt run through my entire body,

“Can I play too?”

She smiled at me as she stood and reached for my hand to pull me up. I little nod was all that was needed and I knew I had her full permission.

We undressed him quickly…his t-shirt and jeans joining our clothing all ready on the floor of the living room. Right as we were about to reach for him he stopped us.


He walked over to the entertainment centre and fiddled around with the VCR for a moment. He stood and walked back to us as the television came to life. There in full color was me and her, obviously there was a camera hidden somewhere in the room. I felt my face flush as I watched spellbound for a moment.

It was incredibly erotic, seeing us on the big screen kissing and touching. I looked at her and smiled as the two of us on screen started moaning and undressing each other. He moved and stood behind me and his hands ran from my stomach up to my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples as we watched the TV. She moved to one side of us and her hand trailed down my body, stroking my sopping pussy as his cock pressed against my ass. I moaned as she flicked her fingers lightly over my clit, I wiggled my body a bit and rubbed against him.

He turned me and kissed me hard; she pressed the length of her body against my back. I moaned low, the heat from both their bodies surrounding mine. I pulled back and slipped to my knees, taking his cock in my hand, she kneeled next to me and we both licked him. Me on one side and her on the other. His body shuddered a bit as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock.

She moved her mouth lower, licked and sucked his balls while I tried to get as much of his cock into my mouth as possible. He was hot and hard as I slid him deep. Swirling bahis şirketleri my tongue around his length before pulling back, letting my teeth brush along his shaft. He moaned as he dug his fingers into my hair, pulling my mouth along his length. His hips started to move and I just sucked, letting him set the pace and fuck my mouth.

I pulled back and she took my place, I dipped my head lower and began to run my tongue against his balls, bath the rough skin in my saliva, I sucked one, then the other into my mouth. He pulled back from us and smiled; taking my arm he led me to the couch and laid me down.

He moved between my legs, hooking his arms around my thighs as his tongue rasped over my pussy, flicking over my clit as she straddled my head and slowly lowered her sex against my lips.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her the rest of the way as my tongue came out to tease her folds. I moaned into her pussy as he brought me closer and closer, she moved above me as I licked and sucked her clit until we were both moaning in unison.

I glanced over at the screen, on the TV screen I saw her head buried between my thighs and my body arched off the floor, it was all I could take. I screamed out as he sucked my clit into his mouth and I exploded, my whole body stiff as I came nice and hard. I pushed my face into her and she came with me, her salty sweet juices coating my tongue.

He moved quick, flipping me onto my back and gripping my hips. He pulled me back onto his cock and filled me with one hard stroke. I ground back against him, lifting my hips to take every inch. He fisted his hand in my hair and started to pound hard and fast.

I dug my hands into the couch meeting him stroke for stroke, I pushed back hard, crying out each time he stretched me. She moved behind him, her hands on his hips, pushing him harder into me.

I screamed again when I came, my whole body bucked against his but he didn’t let up, just slammed into me over and over riding out my orgasm as my pussy contracted tightly around him.

He pulled out of me and turned to lie back on the couch moving her over his lap so they both faced me. She straddled his legs as he pushed his cock deep inside her, his hands sliding up her torso and cupping her breasts as he began to pump in and out of her. She moved with him, her hips grinding against his.

I watched them for a moment, and then moved closer, reaching my hand out and running it down the length of her sex. I parted my fingers and slid them between their moving parts. His hard smooth cock was such a contrast to her wet soft pussy. I leaned in close and flicked the tip of my tongue over her hard nub while I squeezed around the root of his moving cock.

They both moaned simultaneously as I began to lick harder, running my tongue from her clit down to his balls. I laved his balls, wetting them thoroughly as I let my fingers move over her sex, lightly pinching her clit between my fingers before dragging my tongue back up and tapping it over the sensitive bud. She reached her hand down and pushed my lips against her, moaning loudly as she came, squeezing his cock deep inside her.

He groaned loudly as he thrust harder and deep into her and filled her with his juices. I felt them both clench and pulse under my still moving tongue.

I leaned back and smiled, my face wet and slick with their mixed fluids as they came apart, she got up and pulled us both towards the bathroom.

“Time to clean up and I think the shower has enough room for all of us!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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