Hellie Dreams

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(following “Hellie and the House Party”)

When Hellie came home, Trevor and Bryant were sitting at the kitchen table.

“Hellie,” Trevor said excitedly. “Come try this custard we made!”

“Let me just change my clothes,” Hellie called as she rushed past them up the stairs.

Trevor was her housemate; Bryant was their landlord. Bryant had once been a professor at the university nearby, but had retired early at 50. Now he rented out the two rooms in his house and seemed to do a little of everything. Hellie admired him, in multiple ways. Trevor was a sophomore studying chemistry and engineering. He was incredibly smart and had started a campus organization called Gay Geeks, where, according to him, they built robots designed to spread the gay agenda. As a part-timer, Hellie had a an open invite to the organization.

In her room, Hellie quickly pulled off her shorts, the inside of which were now soaked with cum. She put on a new pair and kept the black lace top. She pulled her hair back into a low pony and headed down to the kitchen.

She felt Bryant’s eyes on her as she crossed the room and sat down with them at the table. They exchanged smiles.

“Hellie, try this NOW!” Trevor exclaimed. “It’s delicious.” He handed her a small paper plate. Hellie took a forkful.

“Oh wow,” she said, her mouth full. “This is great.”

“Thanks!” said Trevor. “Bry helped me with it.”

Bryant rolled his eyes. “Bry,” he said mockingly.

Trevor giggled. “I’ll see you two later, I’m taking this to the GG party tonight.” He grabbed a large container of the stuff and looked to Hellie as he turned toward the door. “You want to join, Hellie?”

Hellie shook her head. “I just got back from a party, I think I’m in for the night.”

“Aw okay. Enjoy! Thanks again Bryant.” Trevor was gone.

“That boy is an excellent baker,” said Bryant, looking after Trevor. “It’s the chemist in him, he gets all the measurements and chemical reactions just right.”

“He’s great,” Hellie agreed.

The two sat a moment in silence.

“So a party, huh?” said Bryant.

“Yeah,” said Hellie. “Just a girl from work.”

“You have any fun?”

Hellie smiled and shrugged.

“Good,” said Bryant. “Young girl ought to have some fun.”

“You sound like a grandmother.”

“Grandmothers know what they’re talking about.”

Hellie giggled shyly. “That’s true.”

Another moment in silence.

“I’m so used to Trevor talking right about now,” said Hellie.

“We never did properly get to know each other,” said Bryant. His brown eyes shined at her. He stood. “I think I might have a whiskey. Do you drink whiskey?”

Hellie nodded.

Bryant opened a cabinet high above the fridge and pulled out a bottle that Hellie didn’t recognize.

“That looks expensive,” said Hellie.

“That’s why I keep it on the top shelf,” said Bryant. “Smooth as silk.”

He poured the whiskey into two small but handsome glasses, and set his own on the table while he handed Hellie hers. Their casino oyna fingertips touched. It was something Hellie thought she’d like to feel again, or maybe she was just still horny.

“I didn’t really think you drank,” said Hellie, watching him sip.


“You’re so disciplined.”

Bryant seemed to chuckle to himself “Discipline?”

“Yeah, I mean you’re up at 5am jogging. I’ve seen you at the gym later in the day. You’re constantly working on the house or writing in your office, and whenever I see you in the kitchen you’re chopping up vegetables.”

“Discipline? No, that’s maintenance. That’s maintenance, when you get old you need to do extra maintenance.”

Hellie leaned forward on her elbows. “You’re not old.”

“52 ain’t young,” said Bryant.

“It’s not old either,” said Hellie. “It’s not even retirement age.”

“I got lucky,” Bryant said.

“You don’t miss your job?”

Bryant shook his head. “I like taking care of my house and my yard.”

What about your family? Hellie thought. But she didn’t ask. Trevor had hinted that there was a tragedy somewhere in Bryant’s history, and she didn’t want to bring that up with him without warning. It wasn’t really her business anyway.

Hellie nodded. “I could learn a lesson or two about maintenance.”

“You don’t look in need of any maintenance to me. If you don’t mind my saying so.”

“I don’t mind.” Hellie took a long sip.

“How do you like that?” he asked her.

“Very much,” she said.

He held up the bottle. “Another?”

Hellie started to hold out the glass, and then slid it over to him instead. He poured the whiskey in, and then as though reading her thoughts handed in back to her, their fingers touching again. The touch seemed to last longer now.

“But really though,” said Hellie. “I’ve never seen you drink. There’s never beer in the fridge. I’ve never seen you out at a bar. I’ve never seen you come home from a date.”

“You get a little older, you pay a little more attention to the company you keep. How you spend your time becomes a little more sacred.” Bryant poured himself a second as well.

“I guess I should take this as a compliment then,” said Hellie. She was sucking down her whiskey quickly.

“I guess you should,” Bryant said with a smile. “I’ve never seen you come home from a date either.”

“I don’t…I don’t really date.”

“Girl like you? Why not?”

“What does that mean?”

“What’s that?”

“‘Girl like me.’” Hellie echoed him.

“Young, cute. Smart. I’ve sure seen you reading.”

Hellie smiled. “There. Books are my dates.”

“Don’t you like boys?”

“Sure. Girls too.”

“Oh,” Bryant drew the word out as he looked, intrigued, at his whiskey glass. He poured himself a third. Hellie finished her second and slid the glass over. Bryant paused. “We better have some waters.” He got up and pour them two tall glasses. “You drink this first. I don’t need little white girls passing out on my kitchen floor.”

Hellie giggled. “What canlı casino would you do?”

Bryant snorted. “Throw a blanket over you and move you out of the way as best I could. Trevor’d trip over you in the night.” They both laughed. “I would put you right on the couch.”

“If you could carry me.”

“I could lift you like a sack of potatoes.”

Hellie stood. “Prove it.”

“Oh, you want to see the fireman technique?” Bryant got up and thrusted her up over his shoulder, Hellie squealing with laughter, and carried her across the kitchen and through a doorway into the living room, and gently dropped her on the couch. Hellie tried to memorize the feeling of his strong hand on the back of her thigh as he carried her.

“That’s not really fair,” said Hellie. “Because if I passed out I would be dead weight.”

Bryant rolled his eyes. “Are you finished?”

“We should bring the drinks in here.”

Bryant shook his head. “We’re not spilling good whiskey on this couch.”

“Why would we spill the whiskey?” Hellie held his gaze.

He looked steadily into her eyes. “Better safe than sorry.”

She followed him back to the kitchen and began to drink her water.

They talked a while longer before Bryant said he’d be heading to bed.

Hellie was more than slightly disappointed. She spent an hour or so looking at porn in her room, and then fell asleep.

* * *

In her dream, Hellie got out of bed and went downstairs.

There was Bryant, sitting again at the kitchen table. The glasses of whiskey were there, too.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Hellie said. “I wasn’t ready to stop talking to you.”

“I wasn’t either,” said Bryant. “That’s why I was waiting.”

“Waiting in my dream?”

“Waiting in my dream. But it’s yours now.”

“Oh really?” Hellie sat at the table.

“That’s right.”

“Well I wish this were real.”

“I’m happy to hear that.”

“That’s because you’re me, too.”

“No,” said Bryant. “It’s still me. Just in a dream.”

Hellie giggled. “I don’t understand.”

“You don’t need to,” said Bryant. “The important thing is, this is a dream, and you don’t have to feel inhibited here.”

“Thank you, Bryant.” Hellie felt somehow that it was a gentlemanly thing to say. “You made me want to tell you about my whole life.”

“Well we’ve got all night.”

Hellie looked around. “Were you waiting long?” she asked. “It takes me a while to go to sleep.”

Bryant nodded. “I fall pretty quickly myself. There’s a lot to look forward to in dreams.”

“So you visit other peoples dreams often?”

“Not too often, no. But it’s a worthwhile pastime.” Bryant waved a hand outward. “I admit, this isn’t the first time I’ve looked into yours.”

“Oh really?” Hellie grinned.

“Sometimes I can hear you calling.”


“Mmhmm.” Bryant smiled at her. “You like naughty dreams.”

Hellie giggled and stood. “You’re right, I do.” She walked toward him, and, as it suited her purpose, she was suddenly wearing kaçak casino a button-down shirt. She looked down and saw that she was braless, her hard nipples showing through the fabric. “I’d like to make this dream naughty.”

Bryant watched as Hellie slowly unbuttoned her shirt, opened it to reveal her breasts to him. Bryant gave a hum of appreciation, and Hellie leaned in to bring them to his face. Bryant began to suck and lick, his lips teasing at her nipples, his tongue tracing them. Hellie moaned, growing louder when he sucked hard or bit her. Losing patience, she stood back up and pulled her pants off. She wore no panties.

“Oh dear god,” murmured Bryant as she climbed onto his lap. Hellie gave a whimper of satisfaction as his strong hands grabbed her thighs and ass.

“I wanted you to make a move the whole night,” Hellie whispered, grinding on his hardness through the fabric of his pants. “I was dying for it.”

“I had to be sure,” said Bryant, pressing himself into her warm wetness.

“I didn’t mean to leave room for doubt,” said Hellie.

“It won’t be much longer.” Bryant reached down to palm her pussy, and Hellie whimpered again, pressing into his hand. “I was ready to eat this pussy on the kitchen table like a proper meal.” Hellie moaned louder. One of his fingers slid up between her lips, just teasing the very inside of her entrance.

“Please,” Hellie moaned.

“What is it girl?”

“Your finger. Please.”

“What about my finger?” Bryant twirled his finger all around her entrance, rubbing and teasing her walls.

“Please, put it in deeper.”

“Deeper in this pussy?”

Hellie whimpered. “Yes, please.”

“Tell me.”

Hellie pressed her pussy against his hand. “Bryant please, I want you deep in my pussy,” she whispered in his ear.

Very slowly, Bryant slid his finger in, then out then in a little deeper, and then out again. Hellie moaned and shook as his finger moved deeper and deeper, until finally all of it was inside her.

“Oh God,” she whispered.

“That’s exactly how I’m going to fuck you,” he whispered, and she gasped. “Real slow until that pussy’s full.”

Hellie moaned, grinding on his finger.

“Real slow until you beg. And then I’ll make you beg harder.” He wiggled his finger and Hellie shuddered in pleasure. Moving his finger expertly inside her, he leaned forward. He placed his other hand on the back of her neck and pulled her toward him until he could whisper in her ear.

“Do you want that, baby?”

Hellie whimpered. “Yessss.”

His finger moved faster. “You want this dick inside you?”

“Please, please yes.”

Hellie woke up then, the sound of several people screaming gleefully pulling her from sleep. Trevor had brought some friends back from the party.

She sighed, lying back down and waiting for sleep to come. She’d so wanted to finish that dream.

* * *

The next morning, Hellie went down to the kitchen and found Bryant in the kitchen with the newspaper.

“Morning,” he said, not looking up.

Hellie grabbed some coffee and stared.

“I had..I had this dream,” she began.

“Oh?” Bryant turned the page of the paper, not looking up.

Hellie paused.

“Never mind.”

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