Held Hostage Pt. 05

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Part 5 Alternate Ending

A/N: In my rush to publish, I ended the story of Cassie rather abruptly and in an unrealistic manner. Here is what I had originally planned as an ending.


We made it home. Without being noticed by anyone. David and I both knew that it was just a matter of time. The cops would want to talk to both of us. We discussed it. First, while I went to work the next day, David would set up in my home office and look up what had been written about the situation. He would try to find a reporter or a quote from a cop that were favourable to the group’s cause. Then, we’d contact them and talk to them.

The next morning, I made my way to work as if nothing had happened. My coworkers were happy to see me, glad that everything was okay. One of them, Josie, called out “Cassie! We’re so happy you’re back! Osiris missed you so much that she refuses to work without you!”

We’d given our lab machines the names of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. “What’s wrong this time?”

“Go ask her, I don’t understand her language.”

Just then, the boss came in. “Cassie! Where have you been????”

Did he not know? Seriously? Had they not called him?

He continued “I know, the cops called me but that is what you can expect from Osiris. She’s you’re priority number one this morning, okay?”

“Okay. Thanks.”

I put my purse and lunch bag in my desk, grabbed my tools and headed to see Osiris. It was about twenty minutes later when I saw the boss walking towards me while on his cell phone. “I understand what you’re saying sir but I’m telling you that she’s right here at work. Would you like to speak to her?”

There was silence and then he looked at his phone and then at me. “He hung up.”

“Who was it?”

“A Sergeant Gibbs. He called me last week to confirm that you were part of the group being held hostage. I thought he’d be glad to know you were here and fine. Instead, he cursed and hung up! Anyway, if he didn’t want to talk to you, I guess I came in here for nothing. Did you figure out what’s wrong with Osiris?”

I explained the issue and the solution and he was content with that and walked away. I continued to work on Osiris but about half an hour later, the boss was back. “Cassie, can you come here for a minute?”

I straightened up and went his way “What’s up, boss?”

“Someone’s here to see you.”


By then, we were at his office. There, waiting, were two policemen. “Ms. Taylor? I’m Detective Nolan and this is Detective Ryan. We have a few questions for you.”

“Listen, I’m repairing a very important machine in the lab and I’m almost done. Any chance you could follow me in there and we could talk while I finish up?”

I didn’t really give them a choice as I immediately turned and walked towards the lab. On the way, I pointed to the safety glasses box on the wall next to the door and put my own back on. I led them to Osiris and got back to work.

“Ms Taylor, wouldn’t you rather do this in private?”

“Why? I’ve got nothing to hide. Ask away.”

“All right. How did you escape the reservation?”

“I drove through back roads and came out the north end and then drove around.”


“No, I had my boyfriend with me.”

“Your boyfriend?”


“Who is your boyfriend?”

“His name is David. Yes, I met him there and he wasn’t involved other than helping with helping us park our cars and helping me with the kitchen garbage. We hit it off.”

“Where is he now?”

“At my home.”

“We will need to talk to him.”


“Could we go now?”

“Nope, I need to finish this. Now, I heard on the news this morning that several people were allowed to go home. What’s been done on the other side to show a sign of good faith?”

“We need to know how many men there were guarding you.”

“You went to the same school as Sergeant Gibbs, didn’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You totally ignored my question, just like he did that day of the video conference. Tell me, what is being done to resolve this situation peacefully?”

“Well, if you answered our questions, we could formulate a plan.”

“Seriously? Your plan is still to gather intel and what? Send the SWAT team in? Why is it that you won’t even consider talking with them, negotiating?”

“We don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

“Terrorists? Are you kidding me? They’re not terrorists. They are people just like you and me, with families and jobs and plans for their futures!”

“They took you and over a hundred other people hostage!”

“Authorities took their children hostage! Are you investigating that?”

“That is not the same and not my focus. My focus is to look into the hostage situation so back to that. How many casino oyna men and how many firearms were there?”

“I didn’t count. Sorry.”

“Ms Taylor, you’re not being very cooperative.”

“Neither are you.”

“If you don’t start cooperating, we might need to take you down to the station.”

“Am I being accused of anything?”

“Well, the way you’re behaving, you could be considered to have aided and abetted, to be an accomplice. Unless you accept to cooperate, we will have no choice but to believe you are part of them.”

“Threats. Nice. Tell you what, David and I will come see you within a few days. Leave me your card. And now leave. I really need to focus on this machine.”

“Ms. Taylor, answering our questions is not optional.”

“Actually, considering that you just said you could accuse me, I have every right to refuse to answer questions. Guess I’ll be needing an attorney before I go see you. But for now, this chat is over. Please leave.”

The two detectives looked at each other. It was obvious they were debating taking me with them. Finally, they left. As soon as they were gone, I took out my phone and messaged David.

I got Osiris going again and spent the rest of the day making sure everything was right with Osiris’ calibrations. Then, I went home. David wasn’t there. He had texted me that he was at a cafe in town so after changing, I joined him there and we discussed the situation over dinner. He had found us a lawyer and had also found a couple of reporters who seemed to be questioning the official authorities’ story. I recognized one of the names as a tv investigative reporter. I’d seen some stories he had done before and trusted that he would be a good ally.

The only way to contact him was through email so we sent him a request. To our surprise, he answered within the hour. Because he lived in another city, there was no way to meet face to face so we did a video conference. We discussed the situation and he agreed to look into things for us in return for an exclusive interview on camera. We agreed. He also made a suggestion as to a lawyer in our area we should contact.

The next day, I contacted that lawyer and he agreed to meet with us at the end of the day. We met with him and he agreed to not only represent us but also work to help the group get their children back.

The following day, I called my boss and told him I had to go to the police station. David and I met our lawyer just before entering the station. We met with the detectives. They asked us question after question, all in line with their approach to get intel to swarm the place. We refused to answer. They threatened us with criminal charges which our lawyer laughed off.

In the end, they let us go home without a single charge laid against the two of us. But the battle was far from over. The lawyer met up with the reporter and they went to the city on the other side of the reservation. There, they met with government officials, social services and police to push things forward. It took three more days but there was finally some progress towards a peaceful resolution.

When things stalled again, the police once again asked David and I to provide information. Our lawyer wasn’t available to come with us so he sent someone else from his office. We were really thankful for her presence as once again, we were threatened with legal action if we didn’t provide information about the guards and firearms.

Eventually, negotiations worked and an agreement was reached. The remaining hostages were released and children were returned to their families. Many of the men on the reservation were taken into custody as soon as the standoff was over. The lawyer we had hired and his team represented them and managed to get most of them released but that took almost a week.

It would be three months until we could finally get to see Henry and Matt again. We rented a visitor condo with two bedrooms in a town about half way between our locations. We met there on the Friday and had dinner together. We talked about what we’d all lived through the last few months.

As we were finishing the meal, Henry said “The Band will repay you the legal fees”

David smiled “Actually Father, when we left the reservation, we stopped for gas and bought a lottery ticket. Turns out it was a five out of six winner so we’ve already used that to cover the legal costs.”

“Are you sure?”

“Totally. We’ve both got good jobs and we both agreed to use the winnings for this, right Cassie?”

“Absolutely. Now how about we go for a nice walk before retiring for the night?”

The guys agreed so we went for a long walk around the neighbourhood, most of the way just silently. There was an awkward feeling. I think we were all wondering if we would have sex and how canlı casino we could broach the subject with each other. There was palpable tension as we made our way back to our condo in the complex. David had said he was okay with sharing me with his father and brother. Should I assume it was still the case? Should I verify? How could I discreetly verify?

I reached for his hand in the elevator. He squeezed my hand and kept it in his. As we got inside, David gently pushed me towards his father. It was the sign I was hoping for. I put my arms around Henry’s neck and kissed him lightly on the lips. He hesitated and glanced at David who nodded.

We took off our coats and footwear and made our way to the living room. Once there, I got back to kissing Henry. Behind me, Matt and David started undressing. Henry turned me around so he could kiss my neck and reach under my sweater. As soon as he reached my breasts, I moaned. To my dismay, he pulled his hands down but it was only to raise my sweater up and over my head.

As soon as the sweater was off, Matt whistled and commented “Wow, that is nice!”

I had indeed chosen a really nice French-made bra. Matt came to stand in front of me and ran his finger along the edge of the bra, lightly caressing the visible skin of my breasts. He bent down and kissed me while Henry’s hands got busy on my pants. We heard David say “Guys? How about coming in here?”

He’d turned down the king sized bed for us to play on. He helped me out of my pants and socks while Henry got undressed. Soon, there were three very tempting erect cocks awaiting my attention. I knelt down in front of the bed and motioned for them to approach. I pulled Henry’s cock into my mouth and while I licked it and sucked on it, my hands reached for the other two cocks so I could stroke them. I took turns sucking on the three cocks while I stroked the other two.

After a while, Matt bent down and pulled me up. He then pushed me onto the bed. His head went right between my legs and he started licking me, getting me to moan loudly. David and Henry got onto the bed and came up close to my head. I reached for their cocks and stroked them. Of course, knowing how much I like my nipples played with, they reached for them and teased them. Matt was really going to town on my pussy, licking and fingering but when he pulled my clit between his lips and flicked his tongue on it, I came, hard.

He pulled away and said “She’s ready for you Father.”

Henry got off the bed and went to the foot of the bed and pulled me to the edge. He pushed his thick cock inside me and pushed all the way in.

“Oh God, that feels good!”

Matt took his father’s place to my right and put his cock in my hand. I started rubbing it up and down while Henry moved in and out. David and Matt reached down for my nipples and teased them. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed all the sensations these three me were giving me. How had I gotten so lucky?

Henry didn’t last long and we heard him grunt his release. He withdrew. Matt said “Cassie, get on your hands and knees. I want you to suck my cock while David fucks you.”

We weren’t going to argue with that so I assumed the position between the two of them. David pushed into my pussy, filling me nicely. Matt fed me his cock and I eagerly took it into my mouth and licked and suckled on it. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and set the pace yet he did so gently. Henry laid down on the bed next to me and reached for my nipples and played with them. David reached around my hip and rubbed my clit as he let the movement set by Matt to create friction on his cock. I focused on Matt’s cock and really rubbed the underside of it with my tongue. His breathing was quickening and I slowed down to make his pleasure last longer.

Matt stopped moving but David picked up the pace. To do so, he had to stop rubbing my clit and grab my hips. Henry noticed and rolled onto his side so he could reach with both hands. One hand on my nipples, teasing one after the other while the other hand reached for my clit and started rubbing it in circles. I heard Matt say “When he comes, I want you to suck me dry.”

David was varying the speed of his thrusts and I knew it was to last longer so I matched my actions on Matt’s cock. It felt so good to have both of them. David indicated that he was getting close so I really focused on rubbing the underside of Matt’s cock and sucking as much as I could given the pounding I was getting at the other end. Matt and David came pretty much at the same time.

Matt pulled out of my mouth and said “I’ll go sleep in the other room, the three of you can cuddle in this one.”

We spent a wonderful weekend together, going for walks, seeing the sights and having great sex. We got together every four to six weeks for about a year. kaçak casino We knew it couldn’t go on forever.

When we met one weekend, I sensed something was different. When we made it back to the condo that evening after dinner, Henry indicated that his preference was for me to go down on him and pleasure him with my mouth which I did with enthusiasm. When he had come, he said “Now take care of my two boys.”

I took it to mean he wanted me to perform the same on them. So I went to them and started licking, caressing and sucking on their cocks. Both had become fully erect while watching me go down on their father. For a while, I alternated between the two of them but then Matt said “I want to eat your pussy.” He got on his back on the bed and put his head between my legs and started licking. I moaned with pleasure.

Matt increased his attention and pressure on my clit. I was moaning more and more and the vibration of that moaning was transferred to David’s hard cock in my mouth. He gave me the sign that he was about to come and I made sure I would catch it all. Soon after he shot his first squirts down my throat, I felt my own climax coming on and I had to hold onto him to not topple over.

We stayed immobile for a few moments but then disengaged. Matt then asked “Any objections to me going missionary?”

I shook my head, not understanding that he was really asking David’s permission. David had no objections either. The two of them gently turned me around and laid me on my back, caressing me everywhere as they did so.

Matt got on top of me and slowly pushed into me. We saw David leave to go to the washroom and clean up. Henry had also left so it was just the two of us. He kissed me deeply and then started moving inside me. He propped himself on his elbows in such a manner that allowed him to play with my nipples. The pressure on my vulva was amazing. He moved slowly, lovingly. He kissed my neck, he kissed my cheeks, my temples, my lips and the hollow at the junction of my neck and shoulder. He was moving around slightly with his hips, almost like he was searching for the perfect position.

Oh my God, he was! It suddenly dawned on me that he was looking to rub my g-spot with his cock, like he’d seen David do it. I changed my own angle and wrapped my legs around him. Between the two of us, we found the spot and I let him know by way of a sharp intake of air when we reached it. A guttural groan on his part indicated to me how important it had been to him. I held him tighter and guided his movements to maximize my pleasure, knowing it`s what he wanted.

When the dam inside me finally let go, I held Matt really tightly and moaned loudly. He allowed me to fully experience my orgasm and delay his. When I was ready, I said “Fuck me, I want you to come.” He moved slowly at first and then faster. He came within me and then rolled us onto our sides. He gathered me tightly in his arms and held me there for some time while we caught our breaths. He whispered in my ear “Thank you.”

I pulled away just enough to look at him “For what?”

“For allowing me to prove to myself that I could make love tenderly and put my partner’s needs ahead of mine.”

“I never doubted that you could, did you?”


“Well, now those doubts should be gone. You’re a nice guy Matt.”

“Think I’ll ever find someone like you to love me like you love David?”

“I’m sure you will.”

“Thank you. I’m sure you’ll understand this but this was our last time. I’ll never want to be with another woman if I keep being with you. As much as I love this and love you, I need to find a relationship like you and David have for myself.”

“I do understand. Thank you for telling me. I appreciate your honesty.”

He kissed me gently and then pulled away. David was coming back. Matt got up and said “You’re a lucky man, brother.”

He left to go to the other room with his dad. David crawled into bed with me and cuddled me.

The next morning, as we were sitting at the breakfast table, Matt asked “May I do something to your hair?”

“As long as you don’t cut it, sure.”

It was an odd request but if he wanted to play in my hair, I wasn’t going to object. He went to the washroom and came back with my brush and started brushing my hair. Soon, he was braiding my hair into one nice braid down my neck and back. Since he had told me that not being a native, I had no right to wear my hair in braids, I had made sure I never did around him. This was a big sign of acceptance from him. When he was done, he said “All right, everybody get dressed and ready to go within 30 minutes!”

He took us to a really nice path in the woods, one that led to gorgeous waterfalls. Once there, I got the surprise of my life: David got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. Of course, I said yes!

Matt and Henry both hugged me and kissed my cheeks and forehead and said “welcome, officially, to the family. You’re one of us now.”

A/N: Hope this was a better ending 🙂

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