Heather’s Hectic Weekend Pt. 04

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Chapter Twenty-Five

(Sunday 28th April 2002)

Rita had met Julia and Betty towards the end of her first year at uni. In fact she hadn’t so much “met” them as tracked them down. At the time she’d been on a mission and, going on rumours she’d heard, she had decided they could help her achieve her goal.

On the face of it Julia and Betty made an unlikely couple. They were post-graduate students and were both extremely butch; not the sort of pairing she would have expected. Back then they had, however, already been living together for three years, so it was fair to assume some sort of an agreement had been arrived at. Whatever it might be was private, though. They weren’t for sharing secrets.

But, if those rumours were correct, they did occasionally share their bed with others.

One story had it that they preyed on innocent, submissive femmes. That is to say they would happily double-team a girl and neither expected nor wanted her to reciprocate. Normally that would have put Rita off. But not when she had that one specific aim in mind.

‘I’d be careful with those two,’ she’d been warned more than once. ‘They don’t take prisoners.’

Rita hadn’t taken notice. Well, not much. She had been slightly perturbed when Heather’s old mucker Angie advised caution. Angie was a ferocious-looking skinhead; her appearance was much scarier than the girls’. Compared to her the girls looked quite cute, in spite of their shaven heads and hairy armpits.

Anyway, Rita had finally taken the plunge and offered them a no strings night of sex. They could, she assured them, do anything short of physical harm. Her only proviso involved double penetration.

‘It has to be with strap-ons,’ she told them, ‘and it definitely has to happen.’

They had been in a quiet corner of the Union Bar at the time (where else?). Julia had agreed instantly and Betty nodded only moments later.

‘We wouldn’t dream of doing harm,’ she said archly, ‘but don’t expect to be able to walk after we’re done with you; not for a couple of hours, anyhow.’

And so Rita got what she had been hankering after and it was magnificent. The pleasure was infinitely better than her many DIY efforts with two dildos. It even eclipsed some of the thrills Heather had given her with twin toys.

Julia and Betty enjoyed themselves too. Repeat performances were agreed to be in order. Rita had gone back for several encores before the novelty started to wear off.


Last week, purely by chance, Rita had bumped into Betty on campus. Yes, she’d said, she was still living with Julia and yes, they were both well on their way to becoming perpetual students; their post-grad degrees were coming in thick and fast. They had a wall completely full of them.

‘And didn’t we three have fun, back in the day,’ she’d added.

Their meeting had been shortly before Rita bumped into Hev (after an even longer gap). She’d been tempted to suggest a three-girl reunion but didn’t think she could sneak it past Alex; not when they’d need more than just a snatched hour or two to do the occasion justice.

Betty had grinned at her obvious indecision. ‘Let’s swap phone numbers,’ she said. ‘Who knows when a convenient window might open?’

Mere days afterwards, almost incredibly, a window did open. And Rita had snapped at the chance. Plotting like a reincarnated Iago, she’d arranged for Alex to spend Friday night and, with any luck, the rest of the weekend with Hev. Then she’d called Betty and made similar arrangements for herself.

‘Julia’s well up for it,’ Betty told her. ‘Here, I’ll put her on. You can hear for yourself.’

Next moment Julia was on the line. ‘I hope you’re ready for the best fucking of your life,’ she began.

‘I am,’ Rita replied, ‘just as long as it’s on the same terms as before.’

‘Trust me,’ Julia said, laughing throatily, ‘it is.’


Of course Alex did his best to bugger up Rita’s carefully made scheme. Him and his devotion for that frigging sister of his! What guy in his right mind would forgo a night or two in Heather’s bed in favour of a vigil at a private nursing home?

Apparently Alex would. And apparently he would hold his vigil outside the home because the doctors and nurses were sick of him already.

Thinking on her feet Rita told him he didn’t deserve a night with Hev so she’d sleep with her instead. She had then enlisted Hev’s support with the deception plan and, confident her tracks were covered, set off for that promised best-ever fucking.

Another double-teaming at last, she’d crowed as she went, as excited as she’d been in a long, long while. Bring it on!

Julia hadn’t been kidding. As soon as Rita arrived at her place she was dragging her upstairs, leaving Betty to lock up behind them. Then they were in the bedroom and kissing like crazy, Julia’s tongue in Rita’s mouth, Rita sucking on it avidly.

And then they were on the bed and Rita’s gypsy-style skirt had been pushed up above her waist. Julia didn’t have the patience to remove her skimpy little thong casino oyna and simply dived in, nibbling and gnawing at her through the fabric.

Rita moaned and came: twice in quick succession.

Still leaving the skirt indecently rucked up Julia tugged off Rita’s very wet underwear and got her face back in there. Rita came again. This was just too good. Julia was using fingers as well as her lips and tongue, paying attention to absolutely everywhere.

The eating out went on almost forever. Rita was dimly aware that Betty had joined them in the room but, seeing as she didn’t join them on the bed, she immediately forgot about her. Consequently it was a bit of a surprise to see her later, sitting on a chair watching them, naked apart from a medium-sized strap-on in tasteful black.

God only knows when she undressed. Time’s a blur. It could have been just now or it could have been centuries ago.

‘My turn,’ Betty announced brightly. ‘Get us wine, Julia. We’ll start without you.’

Still fully clothed, Julia left them to it. Replacing her on the bed, Betty grinned down at Rita.

‘Open your legs,’ she commanded.

Rita obeyed and squealed as the sex toy entered her pussy. Then she squealed some more as Betty pounded away at her. Feeling somewhat like a sex toy herself, she closed her eyes. This was already even better than Julia’s eating out and the weekend hadn’t really started yet.

‘Fuck me,’ she implored. ‘Fuck me harder!’

Betty more than obliged. Rita more than enjoyed it. Then, after countless cums, her replacement lover withdrew and barked out another command.

‘Lift up your bum.’

Rita knew what was about to happen even before Betty slid a pillow under her backside and rolled a fresh condom onto her artificial cock.

‘Oh yes,’ she sighed, raising and bending her legs, presenting her with a target she couldn’t miss, ‘oh yes, yes, yes.’

Betty made a show of lubing up and, grinning again, pressed her cock against Rita’s anus. It went in as easily as it had gone into her vagina. Even so, she squealed as the real enjoyment began.

‘Better and better,’ she cried, ‘more, more, more!’

Chapter Twenty-Six

(Sunday 28th April 2002)

Julia and Betty must have taken turns to fuck her for the next three or four hours. Ass, pussy, tits and mouth, they fucked her everywhere and just about every which way they could. Rita had taken care to arrive early but, by the time Julia suggested she had a timeout, it had been dark outside for ages.

Not that the timeout applied universally.

Sipping Muscadet, she watched Julia and Betty going at each other on a double-ender. Doing that in front of her was a first. They had never so much as kissed for her before. And it was a sight to behold; they had that act off to a T. Rita was sorely tempted to join in . . . to at least fondle a tit or two . . . but dare not break the rules. The fucking so far had been great but she hadn’t had the cream yet.

And she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardise that!

Later, much later, the girls were done. They approached Rita and Julia took her hand, tugging on it, encouraging her onto her feet.

‘Come here,’ she said, ‘come with me.’

Rita followed for perhaps two yards, weaving her way between what seemed like dozens of discarded condoms. She guessed they were going to fuck in another room (the bathroom perhaps, or maybe the spare one) and was surprised when she was suddenly lifted off her feet.

‘Hey!’ she said.

Then she shut up and worked with the girl, willingly allowing access to her pussy. Having sex standing up was a new one on her but she wasn’t going to knock it without trying. Why should she? And Julia was a big, strong woman. She was easily capable of supporting her, so long as she hooked her legs over the woman’s hips and Julia kept hold of the undersides of Rita’s thighs.

Full sensory overload only hit her when Betty put in her two-pennyworth; or rather when it came home to her what she was about to do.

Fuck me, she thought, it’s not just sex standing up, it’s . . .

And then Betty was also inside her (inside her ass!) and the whole world was glowing. Rita dimly tried to analyse the situation but failed dismally. She was being fucked in different places and with different rhythms, she knew that much. Or was it a case of rhythm and beat?

She wasn’t sure but it was fantastic whatever it was. Their efforts were more than just working; they were contriving to drive her insane.

The sounds coming out of Rita were little more than cavewoman grunts. But they were happy grunts. Tit-to-tit with Julia, back-to-front with Betty, she’d never been happier in her life.

Eventually, when she was starting to think she’d run out of cums, her two strap-on lovers switched roles and the sensations got even better. Unable to articulate herself, she took it and took it and took it.

And Angie had warned her to keep away!



Somehow early Friday evening had become latish Sunday afternoon. Forty-eight canlı casino hours of Rita’s life had zipped by and she’d relished every last second.

But after the feast comes the reckoning.

Alone in her lovers’ double bed she tried to put together a risk assessment. Right now Julia and Betty were downstairs, making “Sunday dinner”. Rita was expected to attend and had been invited to stay for another night.

Hmmm . . .

She was worried about her deception plan: had it really held together as long as this? Had Alex been so wrapped up with Carrie that he hadn’t wondered where his girlfriend was? Or what on earth she’d been doing, come to that.

Hmmm . . .

In her heart Rita knew this was her last tryst with Julia and Betty. It could never be surpassed and she would soon be away from Lancashire for good. If ever there was a case of “leave ’em wanting more” this was it.

But that didn’t mean she had to leave immediately, did it? She could already smell a chicken roasting so dinner was a must. And surely she could manage one more night of being submissive? Surely she could when the rewards were so great?

Rita reached for her mobile and turned it on for the first time in two days, anticipating a flood of texts and missed calls, mostly from Alex.

Surprise, surprise, most of what there was came from Alex but there wasn’t a lot. Three missed calls, a text and a message from Vodafone suggesting an upgrade.

The text was from Alex. It said:

“Don’t worry, I’m OK now.

Catch you soon.”

Wondering what the heck that was meant to mean, she rang Heather. No reply. She fired off a quick text of her own.

“Is my coast still clear?”

After ten minutes without a response from Hev she bit the bullet and called Alex.

‘What do you mean “don’t worry”,’ she said over his attempt to state his name. ‘What happened to you? Why are you okay?’

‘I’m okay because I’m glad to be alive,’ he said irritatingly. ‘But never mind me; where are you? I know you’re not with Heather, like you were supposed to be.’

Rats, thought Rita, borrowing the term from the lady herself.

‘I’m with a girl,’ she said aloud, half-truthfully. ‘She’s doing me chicken and roast potatoes even as we speak. How’s Carrie?’

‘I honestly don’t know,’ he said, sounding as if he didn’t much care. ‘She’s in lockdown, isn’t she?’ He paused before adding, ‘When you say “with a girl”, do you mean one you’ve been shagging ever since Friday?’

‘Yes,’ Rita admitted, closing her eyes as she spoke.

‘Fair enough,’ said Alex, still sounding disinterested, ‘if it’s a girl that’s all right.’

‘Don’t be a sexist bastard.’

‘I can’t help myself. And neither can you if you’ve been shagging all weekend.’

Alex’s mood puzzled Rita. But at least she’d come clean and he didn’t seem bothered. Well, not a lot. And maybe she hadn’t as much come clean as clean-ish.

‘Where are you,’ she ventured, ‘and are you expecting to see me tonight?’

‘I’m somewhere safe and out of the way,’ he said mysteriously. ‘Feel free to dally with that new girl of yours. I’ll catch up with you at uni early next week. We need to talk.’

Rita stared at her mobile. He’d disconnected without saying goodbye.

And he hadn’t even tried to tell her where he was.

She redialled only to discover he’d switched off.

‘Frigging right,’ she muttered, ‘we do need to talk.’

Chapter Twenty-Seven

(Sunday 28th April 2002)

Naz had been looking after Alex all weekend, spoon-feeding him soup and using those healing hands of hers in a variety of ways, some of them not strictly nurse-like. She’d also slept with him on Saturday night, in an almost platonic sort of way.

All right then; she’d deemed him still too battered to have full sex and had limited him to below jobs, a policy he easily accepted. He liked her blow jobs. So far he’d had six of them. He’d been about to get number seven when his girlfriend rang.

Naz didn’t know Rita but reckoned she was nuts for disappearing on him. And she’d kept her phone off to keep herself unreachable! That made her calculating as well as mad!!

‘That was Rita,’ Alex said, switching his own phone off.

‘I know. I’m right next to you in bed. I could hear her as well as you could.’

‘Right then,’ he said, ‘where were we?’

‘Not so fast,’ said Naz, ‘I have questions to ask.’

‘Go on, then.’

‘Why aren’t you furious with her for going with someone else?’

‘We give each other leeway. Didn’t I tell you?’

‘Yes,’ Naz admitted. ‘You’re both bisexual. You can go with blokes and she can go with girls. But isn’t two days with a new girlfriend pushing it a bit?’

‘I’ve been here two days,’ he countered, ‘and you aren’t even a bloke. And thank God for that,’ he added hastily.

‘So you’re cheating and she isn’t.’

‘I’m sure she has cheated in the past, so I’m letting me off on that charge.’

‘What’s this chat you need to have with her?’

‘We need to discuss all sorts. She’s been involved kaçak casino with Carrie, so I have to tell her how it worked out with Spider. I guess I’ll have to tell her where I’ve been holed up too.’

‘Gee,’ said Naz. ‘Thanks.’

‘Don’t worry; I’ll do it without revealing your identity. I’ll come up with some cunning cover story.’

‘Why am I not filled with confidence?’ Naz laughed then grew serious. ‘You can tell her the truth as far as I’m concerned. Tell her I’m a kindly soul who couldn’t resist the chance to keep sucking you off. As long as you do it in a way that doesn’t get you dumped and me thumped.’

‘That’s the big part of our chat,’ said Alex, just as serious. ‘Our final exams start at the end of May. We’ll be splitting up after they’re over. I want to agree a new set of ground rules for our last few weeks together. And, if she doesn’t agree . . .’

From the way he tailed off Naz guessed he meant they’d be splitting up sooner rather than later. He was, however, a man. And he wasn’t talking about the woman currently in bed with him.

‘Is that supposed to impress me,’ she asked, ‘am I supposed to think you’re as good as single?’

‘No,’ he said. ‘I’m telling you because you’re my friend. And because nobody’s ever taken care of me like you have. I owe you a debt that will last forever.’

‘What about Heather?’

‘I owe her too, but not quite as much. All she did was call me a taxi.’

‘After rescuing your sister, you mean.’

‘You helped her with that. She couldn’t have pulled it off without you.’

‘Hmmm,’ went Naz. ‘I still think you want to get into my knickers.’

‘Of course I do. Every man on the planet does. You’re drop-dead gorgeous.’

So was he, in a hunky sort of a way. Naz considered her situation carefully. Alex was going to be in her bed for another day at least. The ibuprofen tablets she’d nipped out for had eased the swelling in his knee, but he still struggled to get about. In fact it would probably be Wednesday before he was fit to go into uni.

So she’d be studying at home for two days and her other lovers would have to wait, Heather included. And she was going to have another night with Hev. Half-promises had been given and she was going to take them up. She might be mildly confused about her feelings but she was positive about that.

Talking about confused feelings . . .

Could she really share a bed with Alex for two or three more nights without shagging him?

Come to that, could she really go downstairs to heat more soup without shagging him first?

Rita was going to assume the worst, anyway. Well, she was, wasn’t she? Anyone would. Chances were it would be all round the university by next weekend. How she’d dallied with another girl’s man.

After perhaps a minute of consideration she shrugged. Some situations didn’t need thinking over as much as they needed exploiting.

She reached between Alex’s legs and took hold of his cock, smiling when it instantly hardened in her hand.

‘I’m going on top,’ she said in her no-nonsense nurse’s voice. ‘You have to be completely still and leave everything to me. And then, if you’re a good boy and eat all your supper, I might do it again.’

Chapter Twenty-Eight

(Sunday 28th April 2002)

Majid arrived at Heather’s ten minutes early, bearing cans of Tetley’s and bad news.

‘One of the other drivers has blobbed,’ he said, ‘I have to be back in the cab at midnight or Hattie will flay me alive. And don’t let me drink more than two of these.’

Heather had only been back from the pub five minutes herself, just long enough to have a pee and pour a glass of Pinot. She made an instant management decision.

‘Okay, time is of the essence. Forget authentic and side salads. I’ll use Sainsbury’s pre-made sauce and chapattis. And don’t worry; I’ll spice the sauce up a bit.’

Preparing the meal the quick way didn’t take long but it still needed twenty minutes in the microwave. As Majid was limiting his drinking they passed the time by shagging on the granite worktop. Being the polite hostess, Heather did most of the work.

Then, curries consumed, she grinned at him. ‘We’ve got to cram a whole night’s sex into five hours. Do you want to do it on my bed or in the lounge?’

‘The lounge sounds good,’ he said.

And it was. Before she knew it the clock was at quarter to twelve. Reluctantly, not wanting to make him late, she let him shower alone.

‘Men usually only get two nights with me,’ she told him as he headed for the door.

‘That’s it for me then,’ he said.

‘Of course it isn’t. Friday was little more than a kiss; it doesn’t count. And you’ve only had half a night tonight. Try and pick a day when you won’t get called in and I’ll do you a proper vindaloo.’ She smiled as she paraphrased Stuffypants. ‘And don’t take forever. Make it sooner rather than later.’

Alone again Heather assessed her tiredness. Sex always invigorated her and she was as full of beans as ever. She was also badly in need of a shower. Showers always invigorated her as well but, seeing as she was already wide awake, she had one then went back to the kitchen and poured more wine.

Naz eventually answered her phone, just before it went on to voicemail.

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