Heather Ch. 13

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All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 12…

The next thing I remember is waking up, wondering wherever I was, with the smell of bacon wafting its way to me. Then I remembered the night before, and the bliss of Heather’s body. She’d obviously got up before me, and now seemed to be cooking breakfast downstairs. I rolled over and drifted into dreaming.

Then I awoke with a start as I felt the bed move – and that smell of bacon was much stronger.

“Wake up lazybones!” smiled Heather, as I looked over to where she left a tray of breakfast on the edge of the bed. She’d dressed in just a plain beige cardigan, buttoned up to the round neck, with tight full-bodied white panties which had an attractive lacy panel at the top of each leg.

“So did you sleep well?” she asked.

“Very well!” I smiled back – I think we had a busy night last night!”

“We certainly did – so I’ve brought you breakfast in bed to get your body back in shape again ready for today. I hope you like a full English breakfast!”

“Yes please!” I said, “a bit of everything’s fine by me.”

“Well here’s a starter for you – bacon, eggs, sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms, all on fried bread.” and she passed me the plate, before taking her plate and coming to sit in bed beside me.

“Ah, you’ll need these too,” she said leaning to the tray, and picking up the knives and forks.

All the time she moved I was watching her body as her breasts swung freely under her cardigan, and her bottom stretched her panties as she leaned forward. My cock gave an involuntary twitch at her sexiness.

So we ate our breakfast in bed, smiling to each other from time to time, me relishing the taste of the food, and the delight of having my neighbour in bed beside me. When we’d finished Heather gathered the plates together and suggested we had a quick wash and teeth-clean. Always happy to oblige, I followed her to the bathroom, picking up my wash kit on the way and somehow forgetting my nakedness as I went.

She was watching me as we brushed our teeth, smiling at my semi-erect cock as it waved about. I was watching her in amazement and arousal as her breasts wobbled from side to side with the movement of her tooth brush.

“Right, Andrew!” she smiled, “Now you’re ready for helping me some more – I hope!”

“Of course,” I smiled, “I’ll do whatever you want…”

“Let’s go back to the bedroom, shall we?” she smiled back, leading the way.

I followed her like a dog following a bone, wanting whatever pleasures she had in store for me, and marvelling at the sight of her well-filled cardigan and panties, which looked so good even from the back.

Once in the bedroom she assumed her dominant role.

“Right, come and lie on the bed for me, on your back with your legs apart, there’s a good boy!” she said, standing at the foot of the bed with her hands on her hips.

I did as she commanded, aware that my cock was now fully erect and showing off to her.

She smiled as she watched it spring up and down as I tensed it.

“I do like to see a nice hard cock waiting for me, so much keener than Ken’s!” she smiled, “So I’ll just come and explore you a little closer…”

And with that she climbed up onto the bed, kneeling between my legs and pushing them further apart. I was mesmerised by her breasts now that I could see them more closely, still hidden by the beige wool, but now only a few feet away and quivering deliciously as she moved. Her nipples were also just becoming clear as they pushed gently forwards.

She put her hands on my belly, sending shivers of excitement through me, and began to stroke my skin from my belly button down and out to my hips and back again, somehow emphasising my nakedness as my cock arched up in front of her.

Suddenly we both stopped everything – including breathing – as the front door bell rang.

Who could it be? Surely not Ken back already? Where could I hide?

As my mind raced so Heather went to the window and looked out.

“Oh thank goodness for that – it’s just Isabelle – but she’s very early. I told her to come round at 10 and its only just 9! I’ll go down and let her in.”

My head stopped racing about possible hiding places, and how to get out of the bedroom without being spotted, as Heather went downstairs to open the door to her neighbour. I pulled the sheet up the bed and over my body while I waited to see what happened, regretting the loss of Heather’s attention, but knowing Isabelle could add even more pleasures.

Then I heard them both coming upstairs, chatting about the confusion over the time. Suddenly the door opened and Heather came in, closely followed by Isabelle. She was as usual immaculately dressed, this time in a green cardigan – buttoned up to the neck – and a red tartan skirt. She had matching bright red lipstick and somehow took over the room with her gaze.

She gave her coat to Heather, still in her cardigan and panties, casino oyna and said: “Here you are pet, please can you hang this up for me?”

Isabelle’s French accent made the ‘hang’ sound like ‘ang’ but we both knew what she meant, and Heather meekly did as she was told, putting the coat on a hook on the back of the door.

“I do hope I’ve not interrupted anything!” smiled, knowing full well that she had. “It looks as though you two might have been playing a little, with Andrew lying there in bed and you in just your cardie and knickers, Heather. And I must say that colour cardie really suits you – especially with no bra on. You do look a tempting sight!”

Heather blushed – I don’t know why – and said: “No, it’s fine – you didn’t really interrupt us as we had hardly got started. With you coming round so soon after breakfast, we’ve only had time to clean our teeth!”

“Oh I’m sorry,” smiled Isabelle, “But does that mean you’ve not had time to pump his cream out yet?”

“No, as I said we were just getting started when the doorbell went…”

“In that case I am in time after all – I thought I might be too late for it!” smiled Isabelle. “I think I’d like to taste his first morning cum, if you don’t mind Heather. It is the freshest of the day and I think it’s so good for my health to have these extra vitamins. I think he also needs a more advanced lesson on pleasing ladies, so how does that all sound to you?”

“Well I’m sure he would love you to suck him off again – I know he likes that, and I don’t think he’ll take long. And if the lesson on pleasing ladies involves me, then I’d love that too. We had a great session last night, and he’s already becoming very good with his tongue, aren’t you pet?”

Somehow all this talk about me was just passing me by, but gently arousing me at the same time, so Heather’s question took me by surprise.

“Well,” I began, “I think with all the lessons you’ve both been giving me, I hope I’m picking it up a bit.”

“Well that’s settled then.” smiled Isabelle. “I’ll suck him off first, then give him his lesson. Heather, can you go and check he’s ready? Pull the sheet down then sit by his side so he can suck at your breasts, like you did that first time I sucked him off.”

My cock was now hard as a board recalling Isabelle’s blow-job, and as Heather pulled the sheet down they both looked lovingly at it. Heather straightened her cardigan, then sat beside me, pulling my head up towards her breast. The softness of the wool against my cheek was just fabulous, and I propped myself up on my elbows as I began to suck at her nipple under the wool.

Suddenly I felt Isabelle’s hands as she open my legs, pushing them wide apart as she crawled up the bed towards me. Grabbing my cock and pulling it towards her, she licked her lips and then gently licked at my end.

I felt so amazing to see her tongue licking around me as I sucked and licked Heather’s hardening nipple. Two of my neighbours – my mothers friends – were pleasuring me in fabulous ways I could never have hoped for.

Isabelle put her mouth right around me, and began sliding her lips down my shaft. It felt so good, and she was so good at it. She seemed to twist her head as she pulled up, then grip tighter as she pushed down, and I could feel my cum starting to rise straight away.

Heather was breathing more heavily too, and I wondered if Isabelle was fingering her a little, like she did that first time. I looked up into her eyes, and she smiled back at me.

“Come on Andrew, let your cum spurt out for Aunt Isabelle – you know she loves the taste of it! I want you to give her a special treat and come as quick as you can…”

I was panting hard now, as Isabelle kept up her twisting pull and firm push up and down my shaft – and at the same time seemed to be licking my end just where it felt most arousing.

I know I’d have come soon even if I’d been on my own wanking at the thought – so having Isabelle sucking me and Heather’s breasts in my face was just too much for me.

“I’m nearly there!” I panted, “I’m going to come in Isabelle’s mouth very soon!”

“Well that’s a good boy!” smiled Heather, holding me closer, “You just let it all out – you know she loves it. Just come for me please – come for me now!”

And as Heather encouraged me I knew that there would be no stopping as my cum was right at the top of my shaft and ready to spurt out.

I took a long look down at Isabelle’s head, bobbing up and down my shaft, her hand squeezing my balls, then up at Heather’s breasts, now nearly all out of her cardigan, and I knew I was in heaven.

“Oh yes!” I cried, as the first spurt shot into Isabelle’s mouth. She started moving faster, sucking each spurt out as she swallowed it down.

I just kept on squirting my cum into her, feeling the total pleasure as she pumped it out of me. Heather had looked round to watch, and she was now breathing more rapidly as she became aroused by the whole situation.

After a few minutes, which seemed like ages to me, my cock had finished spurting and canlı casino Isabelle had sucked the last of my spunk out of me, and my cock began to subside.

Isabelle looked up at me as if to say: ‘was that nice then’, then let my cock slide gently from her lips and lay down on my belly.

She swallowed and licked her lips. “My that tasted good! And I do like a boy that comes so quickly. He is quite a find, isn’t he Heather? And I think I’ve left a few drops of cum on his belly, so you can lick them off now before we start his lesson.”

So Heather just twisted round so she could lower her head to my stomach, then licked the last of my spunk from my belly and the end of my cock. It was just so fabulous to watch her I wanted to come again in her mouth too, but my body was just not ready for it yet, so my cock lay there limply as Heather sucked it gently.

I’d hardly got my breath back when Isabelle stood up off the bed, straightened her cardigan, and slipped off her skirt revealing black stretch panties and black hold-up stockings.

“Right, you two,” she said, “Time to swap places. Heather you lie down on your back where Andrew is, with your legs apart, and Andrew, come and stand next to me while I explain what happens next.”

So I struggled to my feet, and stood at the end of the bed while Heather rather self-consciously lay back down, pulling her cardigan straight and making sure her panties were smooth.

“Now open your legs, please Heather.” said Isabelle, noticing her neighbour’s knees were nearly touching. “We need a nice view up to your knickers.”

“So, Andrew,” she continued, “what we’re going to do in this lesson is explore what excites a lady, using your tongue and fingers only, as that little cock of yours is good for nothing for a while. So you go and kneel between Heather’s legs, and I’ll get up on the bed the other side of Heather to watch and guide you. Any questions?”

I couldn’t think of anything to say, as the thought of licking and fingering Heather sounded so divine. “Err, no, not now anyway.” was all I could manage.

So I got back up on the bed, with Heather lying on her back, her pale blue cardigan now fully covering her breasts, which sagged gently to each side, and her thin white panties clinging to the folds between her legs.

Isabelle moved up so she was half lying beside Heather, with her head level with her panties, propping herself up with her right arm.

“Right, I think we’re ready. Now Heather, put your hands behind your head. We could tie them together, Andrew, but I think that’s for another lesson. And being blindfolded can be very erotic for a lady, but again this time we’ll let her watch. So, show me where you will lick her Andrew – that’s right, on top of her knickers.”

As I leaned forwards towards Heather’s mound, so the scent of her pussy got stronger and when I licked the cotton of her gusset, aiming for her clitoris, she let out a long moan.

“Well I think you’ve got the right spot, so now lick and suck gently – show me how you do it.” said Isabelle, watching closely.

So I put my lips over her clitty and began exploring with my tongue, feeling the cotton fibres in my mouth but knowing the shape of her body underneath. Soon the cotton was wet, and my lips began to pull gently at her clitty.

She moaned louder. “Oooh Andrew, that is just the spot, pet. It feels gorgeous!”

I kept on my licking and sucking, feeling Isabelle’s face getting closer as she watched me working Heather up.

“Right, now I want to see you slip her knickers to one side, and continue the licking on the bare skin of her cunt. Hold them carefully otherwise the elastic might snap back.”

I did as I was told, letting my fingers enjoy the slipperiness of Heather’s skin as they pulled her panties across, revealing her pink folds and gently bulging clitoris of her shaved cunt. Quickly I put my lips back over her clitty, sucking it and tasting her juices as my tongue explored further backwards.

“My you are good at this, Andrew – I can see you’ve been practising well!” smiled Isabelle. “It’s nearly time for a fingering up her vagina – but just start by fingering along her folds, separating them and making sure she’s nice and squidgy. Here, let me show you, then you do it after me.”

So she calmly began fingering her neighbour, as I watched only inches away, as the nail-varnished fingers skilfully separated her folds and explored the entrance to her vagina.

“Yes, she’s certainly ready for a good fingering,” said Isabelle, slipping a finger right inside her friend. “And she’s definitely slippery inside – aren’t you Heather?”

Heather looked down, not knowing quite what to say as her neighbour fingered her and another neighbour’s son was looking so closely at her intimate parts.

“Oh God,” she said, “This is all just so amazing, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!”

“Well we are, pet, and I’m about to slip two fingers into you, to widen you out a little.” smiled Isabelle, who then did just that.

Now right in front of kaçak casino me Isabelle’s fingers disappeared up Heather’s vagina as she slid them gently in and out.

“Right, now it’s your go Andrew,” she said, “Try two fingers together, and gently push them in – yes, that’s it, an excellent angle. And I can see you’re recovering too, aren’t you, you cheeky boy?” and with that she reached down to squeeze my gently growing cock.

“Yes, your penis is getting ready very well,” she continued, looking up at Heather, “That’s what I do like about him – he’s just so keen and ready. Not like our husbands at all. Sometimes getting my Jerry hard just once takes me all night!”

“Now instead of just pushing in and out, I want you to see if you can find Heather’s g-spot. It’s not that definite, but try fingering along the top of her vagina – and maybe try some little side to side movements.”

So I tried fingering Heather as she said, and listened as her breathing got faster.

“Hmm,” said Isabelle, “I think you’re nearly there but not quite. Here, pull you fingers out and I’ll show you again.”

And with my head still resting over Heather’s cunt, Isabelle showed me how to finger Heather to find her g-spot.

Judging from Heather’s response, she got there straight away as her neighbour began moaning and moving her hips up and down, pushing right into my face.

“OK, now you try!” smiled Isabelle, pulling her fingers out, but watching intently.

So I tried to get my fingers at the right angle so as to reach the top wall of Heather’s vagina, which was now so slippery that I could get three fingers in if I’d wanted to. I felt some sort of ripples on her vagina wall, so began stroking and tickling, as I continued to suck at her swollen clitoris, pulling it between my lips and tonguing it in response to Heather’s ever more powerful hip movements.

“Yes, I think you’re getting her there, Andrew, well done! I’m going to give her nipples a sucking to finish her off, but you keep up that work down below. Let’s see if we can get her coming quickly!”

And with that she moved up and I saw her pulling Heather’s cardigan open to get to her breasts, where she sucked first one nipple then the other, using her hand to continue playing with the one she wasn’t sucking.

I kept up my fingering as she began to thrash about beneath me, almost throwing me off from her clitoris. Now I had three fingers in her, and was exploring all around her cunt with my other hand as my lips kept on sucking at her clitty.

Heather was panting hard now as Isabelle kept up her sucking of her nipples and stroking her breasts, while I carried on fingering and sucking her.

“Oh!” she panted, “I’m so nearly there! Finger me hard Andrew, now, hard, now, hard!”

I pushed harder into her, still trying to flick along her vagina wall where the ripples seemed harder than ever, and was amazed by the noise of my fingers squishing in and out of her wetness. She was certainly getting very excited.

I looked up to see Isabelle still hard at work on first one nipples then the other, her own black panties now stretched tightly as she leaned across her neighbour.

I kept up my fingering and sucking then she let out an enormous cry as her body heaved with an intense orgasm.

“Oh yes!” she shouted, “I coming now!” and by the thrashing of her whole body underneath us, we knew she was.

Her hips were writhing for some time as she enjoyed her moment of ecstasy and her panting continued as the feelings slowly subsided, my fingers now drenched by her juices flowing over them.

Then almost as soon as she seemed to be quietening down, she started up again with more panting and hip-thrashing as her second peak reached a crescendo.

“God!” she was crying, “Oh yes, oh yes!”

Isabelle and I continued our pleasuring, waiting to see if she could do more, and again just as she seemed to be subsiding and slowing down, it all started again as she peaked for the third time.

Finally it seemed she was spent, and I began to slow down my fingering and sucking as her breathing slowed down.

Isabelle pulled up from sucking at her nipples, kneeling up besides her neighbour with a hand stroking over the cotton of her panties.

“Well there’s a good girl, coming so nicely for us!” she smiled, “And I think you must have found her g-spot there, Andrew, judging by all that thrashing about. So how did you like it, Heather?”

“Oh God!” she murmured, “Oh that was just so amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever come so strongly in my life! And its all down to your fingers and lips, the pair of you. Oh God, I feel so weak now.”

“Well, Andrew,” smiled Isabelle, “Now that you’re nice and hard again you and she’s so weak, you could just slip inside her, couldn’t you? And she’s so wet you’d be fucking her in no time at all! But I’ve got other plans for you, because it’s my turn for pleasuring now.”

“So, as Heather’s so tired we’ll let her lie down, but she’ll have to move across the bed at an angle, as I’m going to kneel over her the other way around so I can taste her lovely cum juices. That mean’s I’ll have my bottom in the air for you to take me doggy style, Andrew. But first I’ll slip off my panties to make sure you can get to me nicely.”

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