He Knew It Was Wrong

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All Zack could do now was walk his girlfriend home on a cool Friday night. The first week of May offered a constant respite with the cool ocean breeze sweeping across Southern California. Everyone living in the city of La Mirada would appreciate the Mediterranean climate in the Spring, especially before the heat waves made famous in the Summer. Tonight, Zack found it to be the perfect environment when spending time with his girlfriend Bridget. It was a peaceful night with colder temperatures approaching. Fortunately, Zack always liked cold nights. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt for this occasion and didn’t have any use for a jacket. When he and his girlfriend had reached her house, Bridget thanked him for the wonderful night out. It was nothing naughty: just two eighteen-year-old individuals who went to go see a movie. She gave him a kiss before they separated for the night. They said their goodbyes and Bridget closed the door.

Zack walked away with a smile on his face. He was fortunate enough to have a girlfriend like Bridget. He wasn’t muscular like the students from the high school football team, but he stayed skinny and maintained a healthy lifestyle. He kept his short blond hair in a haircut that mimicked the pop stars that strived for a teenage demographic. He overall had a rather feminine exterior, and that was what Bridget liked about him. He was an innocent young man who evaded criminal activities. He would be a good match for anyone who had been drawn to his specific characteristics. Anyone.

Zack had already decided to walk home on this quiet night. He house was located just several blocks away. It would most likely take ten to fifteen minutes to get there. He didn’t feel the need to be in a hurry, was it was only ten o’clock. The suburban neighborhood had been shrouded by darkness. Only the streetlamps and the crescent moon would illuminate the landscape. Everything had grown silent. Zack could only hear his faint footsteps and a lone cricket in the distance. So far, there were no cars on the street. Zack started humming a classic rock song to himself. He enjoyed the solitude that emerged in the late night.

A flash of light slowly appeared from behind him. He didn’t think that the car on the street would be important to him. But then, it stopped right beside him. He had to turn to see the true identity of the driver. And it turned out to be someone he could already recognize.

Herman, a thirty-six-year-old African-American man was a neighbor on the same street that Zack lived on. The older man lived right across the street from the younger man’s house. And unlike Zack, Herman was as muscular as the guys from the football team.

Herman had already rolled down the window on the passenger side. “So what brings you out here?”

Zack replied, “I’m already on my home. My girlfriend and I just went to the movies some time ago.”

Herman gave a little smile. “So you’re just going to walk all the way home?”

“It doesn’t bother me.”

“Come on, it’s cold. Get inside. I’ll take you home.”

Zack immediately wanted to reject the offer, but he started to have second thoughts. Just having Herman nearby almost made him tremble. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. It’ll only take a few minutes to get there. Come on. You’re not taking a ride from a stranger. You’re taking a ride from a friendly neighbor.”

Zack couldn’t stop staring at Herman. It was like a trance that he couldn’t bring himself to pull away from.

“Alright, thanks.”

He stepped inside Herman’s sedan and took a seat in the passenger side. Both men were well on their way back home. A modern rock song played on Herman’s radio at mid-volume. Zack recognized it as a song from one of his favorite rock bands.

“So you like Daughtry, too?”

Herman nodded. “I sure do.”

Zack realized that he crept closer toward Herman in his seat, and stopped himself before he could reveal his subconscious motive. He tried to sit still. But he found himself shivering for a few seconds before the vibration on his body had stopped. Sitting beside Herman was something that he had never expected to do. And he wanted to do more of it. In fact, he currently thought of ways to inform Herman that he wanted to pay him a visit in his own house. He wanted to spend the rest of the casino siteleri night with his neighbor. Even going so far as wanting to sleep in the same bed as him.

But Zack stopped himself from going further. He tightened his fists for a brief moment. The suspense was unbearable. Herman was his neighbor for an entire year now, and since the start of April, Zack had finally gotten to know him. And when he did, he had a certain temptation that he just couldn’t fight off. He tried to convince himself that he loved Bridget very much and didn’t want to break their trust and loyalty to each other. But then Herman came along and a reworking of his mentality had risen from the heart. Zack just wanted to kiss his neighbor. That was it. Just one kiss and it would have been fine with him. But he wanted more. He wanted to forget about Bridget and become a subservient being for Herman.

As soon as they reached the cul-de-sac in which they resided on, Herman parked his car on his driveway. Zack’s house was right behind him. With all of the lights still turned off, his parents still didn’t come home from work. But that had been the last thing on his mind right now. He couldn’t stop staring at Herman. The older black man was so handsome and so muscular. Zack didn’t question his yearning for brand new territory. He welcomed it.

But he decided to stay silent. He would just leave the car, walk across the street, and enter his house. He wouldn’t want to deal with a dilemma that would tear him apart day by day.

Herman opened the garage door. He didn’t turn off the engine. In fact, he brought his car into the garage with Zack still inside. He didn’t attempt to escape. He waited for Herman to say something. The neighbor closed the garage door. And now, Zack was officially in Herman’s home.

The young blond man shifted in his seat. “So…what’s going on here?”

Herman turned off the radio and the car engine. He brought an almost sinister stare that seemed to come out of nowhere. It became something that made Zack feel a little uneasy. He started to take a deep breath.

Herman whispered, “I know what you’re thinking right now.”

Zack’s own eyes slowly widened. “You do?”

“I’ve seen the way you look at me for the past few weeks. I don’t what it means.”

Zack was suddenly intrigued. “And what does it mean?”

Herman reached out with his hand and touched Zack’s cheek. The warmth from his fingers made Zack experience a new round of exhilaration that had nothing to do with his girlfriend.

Herman smiled. “It means that you want me inside you.”

Those choice of words didn’t surprise Zack at all. He grew entranced by Herman’s initiation.

The older man leaned forward. “Kiss me.”

Zack would have tried to spent his time suppressing his irregular behavior, but he couldn’t. In just a few seconds, he gave Herman a kiss in the car. He embraced the warm lips. He let Herman reach around him and pull him closer to his body. The two of them succumbed to their true interests. They held each other as they kissed for as long as they could. Zack had already forgotten about Bridget. Herman could easily replace her as the one that Zack had truly longed for.

They stopped kissing. Herman whispered in Zack’s ear, “Follow me upstairs.”

Zack would never reject an offer like that.

* * *

With minimal persuasion, Herman had made him take off his clothes in the master bedroom. His shirt and blue jeans were tossed to the side. His shoes and socks were the last to be pulled from his body. Zack wouldn’t be the only one without any apparel. Herman had also taken off everything. Both men were now in the nude. Zack couldn’t look away from Herman, especially the monstrous cock from below. The black man had retained a healthy appearance. He would be the exact opposite of Zack: tall and muscular, with broad shoulders and a massive dick. Zack was shorter; he maintained a skinny figure and a slightly smaller cock. He was very close to connecting with his neighbor in the most sensuous way possible. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t pull himself away from the opportunity.

Herman whispered, “You’re adorable.”

That made Zack giggle in the most innocent manner.

Herman pulled him closer and embraced him as they kissed again. This time, Zack canlı casino felt more comfortable with this private encounter. He was thrilled to be in Herman’s arms as the two of them pressed their solid cocks against each other. It was a mesmerizing sensation. With their dicks rubbing against each other, as well as Herman holding him with his muscular arms, Zack didn’t want to leave this room. He wanted to push forward, to accept a new stage in their relationship. He moaned in their embrace. He felt like a young woman being taken by a scoundrel in a desolate location.

Herman kissed him on the neck, which made him feel even more tense. He trembled at Herman’s warm lips making direct contact to his bright skin.

The black man uttered, “Get down on your knees. I want to see what you’re capable of.”

Zack didn’t waste any time. As they let go of each other, the young man got down on his knees and looked up at Herman’s rock-hard cock. Just the sight of the smooth black cylinder made him lick his lips with excitement.

Herman waited for him. “Go ahead. Take that dick.”

Zack leaned forward and kissed the tip. He treated it with care. The dick was the only thing he yearned for right now. He almost drooled as he grabbed the dick with both hands.

Herman smiled. “Fuck, yeah. Put it in.”

Zack opened his mouth wide and brought the big black dick inside it. He moved back and forth as he crammed the cock deep inside him. The tip reached his throat and poked it as Zack moved his head in a slow repeated motion. He had to breathe through his nostrils. In regard to the taste, the black cock was warm and almost sweet. It was an unusual flavor, but it kept Zack from feeling disgusted. It truly became the type of taste that he would have preferred at a time like this.

Herman grabbed the young man by the hair and thrust his hips back and forth. This time, Zack could feel the entire cock being shoved all the way in. He choked on it a few times as it managed to reach even deeper into his throat. He looked up at Herman, who displayed a look of satisfaction as he controlled his neighbor with his primal instincts. The experience was slightly painful, given the size of the dick from within. But Zack still didn’t want to leave. The forward motion of Herman’s dick just made him want more of it instead.

Herman chuckled. “You’re looking good down there. I’m gonna have to make you my bitch around here.”

Zack couldn’t speak. He could only mumble his words as the dick interfered with his ability to verbally communicate. He continued to let Herman control him and have him taste the dick that made him glad to be here. He had to grab hold of Herman’s thighs to keep a steady balance. Herman’s hips picked up speed. Zack could now feel the dick moving in and out of him at a swift pace. The bulbous tip slid in and out of his throat.

Herman whispered, “Oh, it’s coming. I want you to swallow it. Don’t spit it out. Take what I give you.”

Zack had no objections. He waited for the ounces to make their way into his throat.

Herman tightened his grip on Zack’s hair and let out a loud sigh. With eyes wide open, Zack could feel the warm cum spilling into him. It flooded his mouth in spurts. This would be the first time that the young man ever tasted another man’s cum. It was an interesting mix between sweet and bitter. Zack remembered that Herman didn’t want him to spit it out. He had no other option but to swallow all of it. He gulped them down several times before his mouth, as well as Herman’s balls, had been emptied.

Herman finally pulled his hard cock out of Zack’s mouth. Zack licked the residue off of his lips. With what he received from the other man, he wouldn’t consider it as a worthless import. He loved the taste of Herman’s semen. He moaned innocuously and his body tensed with satisfaction.

Herman brought him up to his feet and said, “We’re not done yet.”

He turned Zack around and bent him over on the bed. Zack pressed his hands against the bed and waited for the cock in the opposite direction. Herman grabbed him by the waist and teased his insertion by sliding the tip of his cock around the hole. Zack closed his eyes for a moment. He knew what would happen, and he couldn’t believe it. He had dreamed of it, and now it would come true because of kaçak casino Herman’s correct assumptions.

In just a few seconds, Herman thrust his dick inside the tight hole. Zack gasped. His whole body shivered when the cock made its way inside his ass.

“Oh, my God!”

Herman’s hips underwent an aggressive rhythm as it went back and forth. The cock slid in and out of Zack’s hole. Herman’s hips collided with the younger man’s buttocks, causing a loud smacking noise that erupted in the room. Zack had to keep his balance by keeping his hands on the bed. He could feel his blond hair swaying in the air due to the forward propulsion that Herman had embellished. He moaned louder than before. He could feel the massive dick attacking him from behind.

Herman didn’t stop. “You like the feeling of my dick in your ass, don’t you?”

Zack embraced his feminine side by moaning like a woman. “Oh, yes! Fuck me as hard as you want!”

Herman showed no signs of ceasing his operations. He brought Zack closer to him and held him in his arms. The two men stood together in their adjusted solitude.

Herman whispered in Zack’s ear, “I like you better this way.”

Zack held on to the arms that wrapped around his body. “Oh, Herman. I’ll be your little bitch.”

They kissed each other in the midst of the slow and ardent thrusting. Herman reached down and started caressing Zack’s own cock with his fingers. He slid them up and down, giving Zack another reason to prepare for a majestic climax. As the man being cradled in the black man’s arms, he would never dare to view this as an infamous encounter. This was what he had yearned for. He knew that Bridget would never understand, but Herman certainly did. He wanted him just as much as he wanted his girlfriend.

Herman bent Zack over again as he continued to stimulate the younger man’s cock with his fast warm fingers. Zack could sense the inevitable eruption drawing ever so nearer. He already embraced his new role in Herman’s home. He wanted to be more submissive to someone of the same sex. He would enjoy his time with Bridget, but he would adore his interactions with his neighbor just as much, or not more. He let Herman use his cock to give Zack a hell of a good time. Both men stayed close as they silently acknowledged their dedication.

Zack was still bent over as Herman had picked up speed with his dick. The collision between hips and buttocks had grown louder. Herman growled when his aggression had exceeded its limit. He thrust his cock inside Zack’s ass so hard that the latter almost lost his balance.

“Oh, fuck! That’s it! Keep fucking me as hard as you can! I love it so much!”

Several minutes must have passed when Herman had reached the pinnacle of his movements. His last thrust was the most powerful. Zack squeezed his eyes shut and dug his fingers deep into the bed. He could feel Herman’s grip on his waist tighten. The second eruption was already here. More of Herman’s semen made its way into Zack’s lower passageway. Meanwhile, Herman’s fast fingers caused Zack’s own cock to erupt as well. Zack’s cum spurted out of the shaft and landed on the sheets.

Herman pulled out of Zack’s hole, which must have expanded twice its original size. Zack finally relaxed. He got back down on his knees in exhaustion. His head almost landed on his own trail of semen on the bed, but he stopped himself just in time. He could feel Herman’s cum spilling out of his hole and sliding down his legs.

He turned around and saw Herman standing right in front of him with a little grin.

“You’re already my favorite. I’m gonna make you my bitch. When I feel the need to fuck, you better be here.”

Zack slowly nodded his head. “Yes…I’ll be here when you want to fuck me.”

Herman caressed Zack’s blond hair. “You better not tell your girlfriend about this.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Bridget won’t even suspect a thing.”

Soon after their escapade, they took a shower together. They kept themselves close to each other. Zack had hoped that Herman would fuck him yet again in the shower, but it didn’t happen. He wasn’t disappointed. He understood that Herman’s resources had already been emptied.

Zack was about to leave the house. He gave Herman a hug near the front door and kissed him to show his gratitude.

Herman gave him a smiled and said, “You were good. You were really good.”

Zack whispered, “And so were you.”

The eighteen-year-old receiver exited the house and went across to the street to enter his own home.

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