Hard Work

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Bill’s yard was not by any means neat. In fact it was a mess, but since Bill’s wife left him he saw no reason to work. His wife leaving him also killed his sex life. He had not had sex in weeks. He was also questioning himself. He had recently stumbled across a gay porno and discovered that he was more aroused than ever. But Bill was straight and now very confused, yet curious. And then Timmy appeared.

Timmy was an average kid, he had friends, dated his fair share of girls, a typical 18 year old. Except for one thing, he was a virgin. Never even had a girl stick her hands down his pants. Timmy worked as a yardman to make a few extra bucks, so it was on this condition that Timmy showed up to Bill’s house offering his services. Bill opened his door to see a skinny, slightly taller male, wearing a tight t-shirt and gym shorts.

“Hi, I’m Timmy, can I help you with anything in the house?”

“Sure” Bill replied as he led Timmy into the kitchen. “You can start by washing these dishes, then meet me upstairs.”

A casino oyna few minutes later Timmy arrived upstairs to see Bill working on the showerhead in the bathroom and went in to help him. Bill stepped back to let Timmy fix it and then leaned in to help him. Timmy could feel the erection innocently poking him in the back but didn’t say anything. “What am I doing”, he thought but still his body was thinking more than his mind and he leaned back a little. Bill glanced down but then kept working. All of a sudden a blast of water hit them in the face as the showerhead came off.

Laughing, Bill watched as Timmy turned around, his hard cock making a tent in his gym shorts.

“You okay” Bill asked


“Well there is really no need to stay in those wet clothes now is there” Bill surprised himself by saying.

Embarrassed, Timmy looked down and tried to cover himself up. “Its okay”, Bill said quickly, we are both guys”.

“I guess so” Timmy nervously replied as he slid canlı casino down his shorts.

Bill watched an awe as his cock appeared, it was about 6 inches and completely shaven. He then quickly dropped his pants as his unshaven 9 inch penis came out.

Timmy was also in awe, he had never seen a cock so big and he was strangely turned on….but this was wrong wasn’t it?

“It’s ok you can touch it” Bill said as he moved closer.

Nervously Timmy reached out and started stroking Bill’s now fully hard penis. “Im sorry,” Timmy said, Ive never done anything like this before.” “Not even with a girl” Bill asked. No sir was the quiet reply. Bill then thought Ive gone this far might as well go all the way, as he dropped to his knees and swallowed Timmy in one gulp.

“Oh god” Timmy gasped as he immediately came in Bill’s mouth. Bill swallowed it all, enjoying the new taste. Who knew sperm could taste so good? Bill knew he would have to taste it again. Bill kept sucking sliding a finger into Timmy’s kaçak casino ass which caused him to involuntarily moan and jerk. Amazingly he was still hard. Bill then said he wanted to try something and if at any time Timmy felt uncomfortable to tell him to stop. He then spun him around and stuck another finger in him.

Timmy’s mind was screaming no, but his body betrayed him as he started moaning and sliding on his fingers. All of a sudden he felt a pressure on his warm asshole, but before he could resist there was a blinding pain that made fireworks in his eyes.

Bill let him adjust for a second then started sliding in and out. Soon Timmy’s pain was replaced by pleasure, then by the best ecstasy he had ever felt. He started moaning and bucking his hips as Bill’s huge cock filled his virgin asshole. “Fuck me harder” he cried.

Bill was only too happy to oblige he started ramming in and out, his balls slapping off Timmy’s. Before he could give a warning he started shooting load after load of cum into his ass. The warm cum was too much for Timmy as he came all over the wall without actually touching himself. He collapsed and when he awoke was surprised to find himself home and in bed. But that’s another adventure…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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