Gods Pt. 02

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“Joash, I love you,” Cernunnos said to his bald red-bearded lover. The fire god reached up and grabbed him. He rolled his naked muscled body on top of him, and pinned him to the moss-covered ground. Joash bent down and ran his tongue over the forest god’s ear and down his neck. He moved a hand up to the top of forest god’s hairy chest.

“Cern, I just love your hairy chest,” he replied.

“Just my chest?”

“Well, your hairy chest. If you shaved it, I would abandon you for someone like Pramada.”

“The fat god of pleasure?”

“Well, he, at least, has a hairy chest,” Joash said, teasingly.

Cernunnos pushed Joash away from him, pretending to be angry. Joash slid back on top of him and began to grind his hips slowly. He placed his hands on Cernunnos’ muscular chest, combing his fingers through it. He took his nips into his mouth and began to nibble on them. The grinding of his hips had made his cock hard, his precum making it slick.

He could feel Cernunnos getting hard beneath him, their hard cocks pushing into each other. Cernunnos wrapped his feet around Joash’s lower legs. His hands roamed over the soot-black tattoos covering Joash’s bulging arms. The tattoos were constantly changing form -they now showed various stylized men in various sexual positions with a few dragons entwining with them.

“Fill me, Joash, give me your cock, “Cernunnos groaned. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Joash raised his hips and positioned his cock. He slid forward and impaled the forest god. Cernunnos took a deep breath as the thick cock slid further in.

“We are one, my lover, “Joash said as he lay on top of his hairy lover, looking into his emerald eyes.

“We are one,” replied Cernunnos.

“We are one, “repeated Joash, as he snapped back into the moment. He sat on his hunches on the cliff overlooking the seashore. His mind had wandered back into the past as he watched Cernunnos and Nuada entangled together beside the water. He had watched them cavorting in the shallow waves like little children since sunrise, now they napped in the seagrass.

Joash wiped some soot across his face as if it were war paint. He pondered his next move.

“Don’t you hate when an ex you tried to destroy finds someone else?” casino oyna came a voice beside him.

Joash fell backward, startled by the intrusion. In an instant he was on his feet, his spear at the ready.

“Calm down, Joash,” replied Uri, as he sat cross-legged in the grass, one hand plucking a blade of grass which he tossed away. He let out a soft, breathy laugh. “I hate nature. Why don’t you burn it all down to ashes?”

Uri stood up and walked away from the cliff to an alcove in the rock face, where he propped himself against it and turned back to Joash.

“You know you were too good for him. And you literally burn too bright.” Uri smiled at the huge muscular man in front of him.

Uri, the god of the harvest, was smaller than the fire god, with a thin frame and tousled blond hair the color of wheat. No one ever knew what to expect from Uri, you could only plan your best and be prepared.

Uri wore sandals and a loose shift known to have been worn by farmers -Uri’s was made of a very thin material and had a habit of falling off one shoulder. He also wore a chain from which three small icons representing his domain were attached: a flower, wheat, and grapes. Now, in the spring, he was a lithesome youth; by the end of the year, he would be much more mature and powerful.

“Come here, fire god.” Uri reached out his hand. “You’re free from him. Let him be. You two were doomed from the beginning. We however have shared a relationship from the beginning of time -you clear away nature and I improve upon it.”

Joash growled at the golden boy in front of him, by harvest time he would transform into strong hairy blond bull of a god…or not. But now, he was a beautiful, promising youth.

Joash could not resist him. He chucked his spear into the grass, forcefully pushed himself onto the smaller god. He pushed his mouth onto Uri, grabbing his wrists and pushing his arms backward to the rocks. Joash ground his crotch forward into the harvest god’s sweet fresh body.

“Stop it!” moaned Uri, and pulled away. “Let’s go a gentler route. Fire has no self-control. You have to be a bit more patient,” he said, reaching to release the chain from Joash’s waist.

“Nice and slow,” Uri stated, falling to his knees in front of the well-endowed canlı casino fire god and peeling the tight black trousers down. His elephantine cock bounced as it was released from the confined space.

Joash’s long thick cock was surrounded by a bush of dark red hair. Fleshy skin covered the head of his cock which Uri nibbled and licked. His cockhead began to appear hard, bulbous, and red.

Uri looked up at Joash’s eyes which were black with red embers now, and then he proceeded to swallow as much of his cock as he could. Joash could feel the warmth of Uri’s mouth engulfing his raging cock. He tried to hold back from ramming it down the young god’s tight throat. Uri pushed back on his thighs as Joash began to rush forward.

Joash moaned, “You feel so good. I’ve missed your mouth on my cock, you sweet little fucker.”

Uri pulled off the thick cock and lapped at the engorged head. Sticky sweet precum oozed out as his tongue swirled around the tip. Joash groaned as Uri’s tongue ran down the underside of his cock toward his bloated balls. The warm young mouth encircled each of the balls in turn, soothing their fullness, warming them.

“This is the kind of action that got you in trouble before, remember,” Uri told him after a ball popped from his mouth. “I do love bad Joash though,” he said with a wet smile.

“Bad?” answered back Joash. “I don’t want to be bad. I want to be evil.”

Joash pulled the smaller god to his feet and pushed his lips onto his. He could taste his own precum as his tongue snaked around Uri’s mouth. He could taste the tanginess in the young god’s spit. He pulled away from Uri’s mouth, a strand of spit still connecting them.

Uri quickly reached up and licked at the soot on Joash’s face. He turned the young god around and pulled the thin shift over his head, throwing it to the ground. He ran his rough hands over the tight young flesh of his back down to his firm buttocks. He knelt down and pulled the cheeks apart, exposing his tight hole. Joash spit onto the tiny blinking hole. He leaned in and tasted it, running his tongue around it in small circles.

Uri’s body jerked as Joash’s red beard tenderly scratched the pale young flesh of his ass cheeks. He gasped as Joash’s tongue pushed against his kaçak casino hole. Joash pierced the incredibly tight boypussy with his tongue as Uri pushed out slightly. He was begging to be filled by the lecherous fire burning inside Joash.

Figuring the hole was wet enough for his oozing slick cock, Joash stood up and positioned his swollen cock at the spittle-filled hole. He pushed his cockhead forward, causing Uri scream into the crook of his arm. But Joash didn’t stop. With a wide grin on is face, he sunk his cock deep into the younger god’s warm ass until his red hair brushed the tight cheeks.

He pulled back and sank again and again, Uri gasping with every forward thrust. Joash felt his full balls tightening up, knowing he would soon shoot a thick heavy load into the hole that was milking his holy rod.

Uri was stroking his own smaller cock in rhythm to Joash’s pounding. “Fuck me, fire god. Burn my hole with your fire. Give your hot cum,” Uri goaded. “Drive your hot load into me, you fire beast,” he moaned loudly. He flexed his ass muscles around the hard shaft. He wanted to scream so loud that it would be heard in The Temple of the Catenarin on the Mountains of Heladio.

Joash could not hold back his load. Cum spurt into the golden boy’s tight hole as Joash howled into Uri’s smooth warm back. His hips jolted forward with every spray of cum into the warmth. Joash threw his head back, and growled as Uri came and tightly grabbed his prick with his pulsating ass. Uri whimpered and cried as his cum shot onto the rocks under him.

Joash pulled his deflating, yet still fat cock from Uri’s ass and wiped the sweat from his red face, smearing the soot on his face. The tattoos on his arms were still after their frenetic dance during the orgasms. Uri turned around and licked at the smeared soot on Joash’s face.

“Who are they?” asked a voice nearby.

Joash and Uri turned to the direction from where the voice had come. Uri let out a soft laugh as he leaned unashamedly against the rocks. Joash pulled away from Uri and put his hands on his hips, a thread of semen dangling from his limp cock. He shook his red-bearded bald head and looked off to the horizon with a huff.

“An ex-lover who tried to destroy me and burned down one of my forests to the ground last night…, ” Cernunnos answered Nuada matter-of-factly, as they peeked over the rocks, investigating the loud voices they had heard from below, ” …and my younger brother.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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