Given Away

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Growing up it was always just me and Daddy. My mother left us when I was an infant and my Father never forgave her. He never forgave women at all, and avoided them as much as possible.

Daddy was a religious man, and held many traditional attitudes and the roles of the sexes. He believed that men were superior to women, and that the inherent God-given right of a man to lead in his home should be practiced, strictly. Since it was always just us two, there wasn’t a woman to cook and clean around the house. Father would never be caught scrubbing on his knees and doing “women’s work” as he called it, so I quickly adapted to the role my mother should have played.

In school, I was soft and weak. Now that I was 18, I still hadn’t made friends; too shy and girly for the boys, and too embarrassed around girls due to my Father’s dislike of women. This left me pretty much as a loner which my Father appreciated. I could be home right after school every day without anything to distract me from fixing up the house and dinner.

On this particular day, a few days after my 18th birthday, classes were coming to a close as summer neared. I was unsure of my future, as Father and I hadn’t yet discussed what I would be doing after graduation. I had a small desire to attend a local community college to continue my education, but didn’t know how I would ever graduate. School wasn’t my strong suit, and the only classes that came naturally to me were home economics and dance.

With my future looming I day dreamed while ironing Father’s work shirts. Around 5:30 PM I heard the garage door opening. I set aside the iron for a moment, wondering what mood Daddy would be in when he got home. As long as I obeyed, Daddy was a kind man who treated me sternly but fairly. But sometimes he was just upset and I would just have to be quiet or face his wrath.

Tonight was different, though. Instead of just Daddy’s footsteps, I heard two voices. One I recognized as my Father’s, but the other was a mysterious voice. Deep, masculine, European or Russian, and confident. I was very confused, because Daddy almost never had anyone over to our house, especially not without me meeting them first. He was a particular man and felt that his ways may not be accepted by everyone, so he kept his circle, and therefore my circle, very small. Daddy was also nervous around other people because he always feared that I would become “corrupted” or get “taken”. His greatest fear was that I would be “taken” from him by someone, and so he kept me safe and protected in our house. He always said boys like me need protection, and even though I didn’t really know what he meant, I was happy he would protect me.

Today I could only hope that he would protect me as he walked in the door with another man. I was embarrassed to step out of the laundry room because I was wearing only a pair of tiny light blue shorts and a small tight white shirt. I knew Father hated when men saw my skin, so I wasn’t exactly sure how to react to being stuck in the laundry room. Then I heard Father say “Honey, come in here. I have someone I’d like you to meet.”

I figured he knew I was in my normal house clothes, so I decided I would not need to warn him before of my state of dress. Exiting the laundry room, I tipped toed out, peeking around the corner. There stood my Father, looking handsome in his work suit. Although he’s a tall man at 6’3″, Father looked like a dwarf standing next to the veritable giant to his left. As I looked from his shoes up, it took me many seconds to traverse his entire body. He must have stood over 6 inches taller than Daddy, putting him at about 9 inches taller than my own 6 feet. I traveled up his huge feet to his strong legs, encased in a linen suit pant. His belt held a light blue dress shirt tucked in, with a navy knotted tie holding together the shirt. His jacket sat turgid, filled to the brim with his wide frame. On his sturdy neck balanced a handsome but rough face, which looked as though it would understand you better than you understood yourself. The face was framed by black stubble, and his sharp blue eyes were glistening with pride as we made contact. I finished my tour of his body with his buzzed head, which made him look manly and professional.

Looking at this suited beast made my body feel a way that I loved but hated. What scared me about this feeling was that after my 18th birthday, Father punished me for my thoughts. He made me apologize for my sins, and didn’t feed me dinner. He said only harlots, Jezebels and tramps did things like that, and if I was to be a good boy I wouldn’t act that way.

So when I felt these feeling around the giant in my house I was nervous to approach. But Daddy just said, “Come, meet my friend Victor.”

I padded over on my toes, trying to feel a bit taller around this huge man. I got up close and had to look up to see his face. I extended my hand to shake his, but he took it, held it softly, and kissed it multiple times. casino oyna I didn’t know how to react, so I just looked at Daddy nervously as I squirmed. My penis was getting excited and I was terrified I would be spanked for being a slut and a whore. But Daddy just smiled at me, gently rubbing my back, and smiling at Victor as well.

After kissing my hand, Victor continued to hold it, his huge paw dwarfing my delicate mitt. I looked up at him inquisitively, and he just smiled at me then looked back to my Father. I looked at Daddy, more confused than ever to see Daddy smiling as well.

Then Daddy broke the silence by saying, “Sweetheart, I know that your school is ending soon and it’s time for you to go into the next stage of your life. There are many possibilities for this. You could go to college and get a degree. But, you’ve never enjoyed classes as they make you tired and confused. You could also go to the army, but that wouldn’t work because you are so lithe and delicate. You’re 6 foot 145 lbs, a skinny little thing who wouldn’t last in the military. You would hate it there, and it would pain me to think of you being so sad. You could also try to get a job, but with your skill set you probably wouldn’t go much further than a waiter.

Unfortunately when school comes to an end you will no longer be allowed to live here as you need to move on in life as an adult.” I looked up at him with fear in my eyes. How could he leave me like this? With no where to go, no where to live. I suddenly felt terrified, like a stray cat with no owner. I subconsciously held Victor’s tighter, forgetting that I don’t even know him. I just needed comfort.

But then Father looked at me squarely and said, “But, I do have an idea for how you may spend your future. As we both know, you are a soft boy, a pansy, a little cream puff.” I blushed and turned my knees in, pointing my eyes to the floor. I’d always been a bit of a scaredy cat, and Daddy always protected me. “I’ve always protected you and kept you on the right track, but now that you’re an adult I can’t be the one to do that anymore. You need a different man to keep you on the righteous path, the path which I have carved for you. Victor here is a business associate of mine. He is a firm, God-fearing man who does not fall prey to deceitful women. He has been searching for someone to keep his home, someone who has a void in their life that needs to be filled. He needs a helpmeet, and I am offering you to him as his wife. I am giving you away, my son.”

My knees buckled and I almost fell to the floor. I couldn’t see straight and everything felt like it was spinning. None of this made any sense. How could I possibly be this man’s wife? I’m a boy not a girl, and Daddy knows that this is sinful. He must be playing a joke on me. But as I looked back at Daddy he stared at me firmly and resolutely.

“This isn’t a joke or a game, my dear. You are a precious boy who needs a man to take care of him and keep him in the light. Without guidance you could become lost and corrupted. And that is my greatest fear, my son. Now, I am going to leave and allow you to get acquainted with your betrothed. Please, respect him as you would me.”

With that, Father left the room and I was left shaking in Victor’s arms. He had caught me after I almost fell during the news, and then pulled me up into his big chest and wrapped me in his arms. I looked up in shock at his face with my eyes wide and nervous, mouth half open. And he was still just smiling, with a look of pure joy and serenity on his face. He cupped my chin in his finger and said “My sweet boy, you are more perfect than I ever could have imagined. I feel as though I have been brought an angel, and I haven’t stopped thanking God since I saw your face.”

I shuffled and looked down embarrassed, not expecting such sweet treatment from this man. Still confused, I looked to him for guidance in this completely unknown scenario. He smiled and walked toward a large leather chair in our living room. We walked hand in hand to the chair, where he sat down, then gently guided me to his knee to sit on his lap sideways. He circled his arms around my waist so as to hold me close, and my little cock was jumping more than ever before. I was excited but also felt scared and dirty. Was I being easy for getting so excited over a man who I didn’t even know? But then I thought, at least he is to be my husband, right?

After settling me on his lap with my shorts pulled high up my crack, exposing my cheeks on his leg, Victor told me to wrap my arms around his neck so we were looking at each other’s faces. Then Victor started talking.

“In our society there are men, and there are women. The men lead, create law, cure disease, fight crime, and solve problems. The women support, serve, and help the men in the home to ensure that men can achieve their best. In my search for my wife, I learned that I am not attracted to women, but rather men. Specifically young men, like you. canlı casino And from your Father I learned that you too like men, but rather big older men, like me. I also learned that you are a God-fearing boy, and submit to the will of your Father. I learned you cook and clean, support your Father, and obey his wishes. These are the traits I need in my wife. So I asked your Father if I may have your hand in marriage, and today is the first day of our courting before the wedding.”

He said this all so calmly, and with so much love, that I couldn’t help but to just stare into his eyes and smile myself, thinking yes, he is right. I never felt correct thinking of myself as the Head of the Household, the authoritarian who would rule with a firm hand. Instead I viewed myself as the one under, the one who was ruled. The one who listened and obeyed because it was my duty to God, and once to my Father, but now my Husband. A little tear formed in my eye as we stared into each other and he smiled even deeper, calmly brushing it aside and holding my face. I smiled weakly, trembling in his grasp. I held his neck tighter, afraid he wouldn’t like me for crying. I suddenly became nervous and tried to bury my head in his chest.

He slowly pulled me back, still smiling and wiped a few more tears. He said, “Baby don’t be afraid to cry in front of me. I love your tears. To me, they are an expression of your love to me. They show me that what I am saying is reaching you, and that you are humbling yourself in front of your Husband. Never hold your tears back from me, my betrothed.”

Then, he did what I didn’t expect. He grabbed my chin again, and moved his face closer, kissing me. I didn’t quite know what to do, so I just let Victor take the lead and leaned back into his hand. He held me in place and he softly kissed me, expertly maneuvering his mouth. He gently slipped in his tongue a few times, marking the inside of my mouth as his. As he was the first person I had ever kissed, and the man who was to become my Husband, I guess it was his mouth to claim. After a long, passionate kiss, he told me we mustn’t get too excited, as I need to be pure for our wedding. I didn’t know what that meant but I was ok with stopping because my little cock was getting too excited and I was nervous.

After the kiss, I sat blissfully on his lap for a moment. Then he spoke: “Before I leave today there is one more thing we must do. When taking on the role of your Husband, I will also be taking on the sacred role of keeping you on a righteous path of a dutiful wife. Thus, it is I who will be monitoring and maintaining your behavior. Currently, your Father monitors you, checking to see that you are staying chaste, pure, and meek. He punishes you which rightfully keeps you on the path he and God chose for you. Now as your husband, I will be guiding you down the path I choose for you, so I will be the one to maintain your behavior. And in our society, a Husband maintains his wife’s behavior by the means he feels are necessary and appropriate. I have always felt that wives learn best through direct spankings, and that tears are the proof that you are humbled in front of your Husband, your Master. So now I will spank you my love, just as your Father spanks you. Get over my knee love, now.”

I stared terrified and confused, but also understanding. Daddy has always controlled my behavior. He explained that it is the best way to make sure I stay good and submissive to his authority. I know Daddy knows best, so I always listened and gratefully accepted punishment, thanking Daddy for correcting me and caring enough to help me stay pure. Now that my Husband would be taking over as the Head of Household I would have to respect his authority, and his decision to correct me. So I got up, and daintily lay over his lap.

I heard Victor sigh with contentment, probably happy that he didn’t have to ask me twice to lay over his lap. This made me feel proud to make my Husband happy. I smiled inwardly, thinking that experiencing Victor’s joy gave me a feeling of utter bliss and completion. It made me feel loved and cherished. I was ready to accept my fiancé’s spanking.

He started slow, pulling the shorts up between my bubble cheeks to make my creamy white globes display. This embarrassed me greatly, as I had never been nude in front of another person. But I knew Husbands were to know their wives intimately, so I accepted his handling. He began administering firm, fair spanks, directly to the center of my cheeks. They were the kind of spanks that were loving; there was no anger in them. I sensed my fiancé’s desire to humble me, to make me feel his authority over me, and I gladly accepted his direction. He held my hands behind my back as I cried and whimpered. He commanded that when he spank me, which will be often, that I never thrash and scream. Only whimper and sob softly like a little kitten. After a few more harsh swats, he held his large hand onto my cheeks and grabbed them softly, kneading kaçak casino and manipulating them. This caused me to squirm, making me feel like a harlot. I also felt a huge rod under my stomach, but I couldn’t work out what it was. I didn’t think there was anything in my pockets, but it was probably just something in Victor’s pocket.

When he was finished playing with my cheeks, Victor pulled them apart one time then groaned, saying, “That is enough for today. We have a lifetime to do this once we are married.”

Then he pulled me into his lap and sat my with my bum off his leg so it didn’t hurt. I thought that was really thoughtful of him and I smiled shyly giving him a kiss on his cheek while I wiped away a tear. He held my face softly and whispered that I was even more beautiful when I cry, then he kissed me once more.

He then lifted me off his lap and we stood up together. He held my hand and we walked back to my front room where Daddy was waiting. I was terribly embarrassed to be seen with my face red and streamed with tears, and my red bum peeking out from my short shorts, but I met his eyes.

“I see you two got acquainted” Daddy joked.

“Yes we did,” answered Victor, speaking for us. “As fiancés should.”

“Indeed” Father said smiling. The men just beamed at each other while I shyly held onto Victor, unsure of how to feel.

“Ok dear, it is time for me to talk to your Father about some details that you need not worry your pretty head about. Here is a cell phone. I know your Father hasn’t allowed you one but he has allowed this. It doesn’t have any internet access, thankfully, but it will let you call and text me. Now I can check in with you all week before the wedding. Now give me one more kiss on the cheek then go and clean your pretty face.”

He leaned down and I kissed him on the cheek. Then he handed me the cell phone and suggested with his eyes I go to the bathroom and leave the conversation. I had only just met Victor but I already recognized how easily I took to his commands. It felt natural to listen to him.

After about 15 minutes Father came into the kitchen where I was making dinner. “So did you like him? I’m sorry it was a surprise but it is what is best for you and I didn’t want any fuss.” He said firmly.

I stood nervously, not wanting to sound wanton in my desire for Victor. “Yes Daddy I very much liked him. Thank you for choosing such a righteous man to guide me and forge my path.”

“Of course. Protecting you is all I live for. And with Victor I know you will always be safe.”

As the week went on, I got more comfortable with the fact that soon I would be Victor’s wife. Yes I was a man, but for all intents and purposes I would be a wife to him. It helped that Victor doted on me all week, texting me to ask me how I feel, signing his notes with hearts, calling me at night to speak about his day, and even sending me pictures of his handsome face. I was shy to send a picture, but once I sent him one of me in the mirror and he said he loved it so much he set it as his background. It made me so happy.

When the day of the wedding arrived I was nervous. I didn’t know much about Victor, and I knew even less about his culture. We were both religious but Daddy and Victor had hinted at the fact that in his community wives were very subservient. I didn’t really understand because I didn’t know much about normal marriages anyway, besides the fact that wives listen, submit, and obey their Husbands.

A limo pulled up to my house and Daddy brought me to the front hall. He hugged me tightly, and said, “Son, I won’t be seeing you for a bit. Victor may have plans for you two after the wedding so it could be a while until I see you. But don’t worry, I will see you again. And next time you will be a happy, dutiful wife!” He said this with such excitement in his eyes that I knew this was the right decision. Marrying Victor would bring the peace and direction that my Father and I both desperately needed since my mother left, and I would not ruin my Father’s chance of seeing his son get married.

“But Daddy won’t you be at the wedding?” I asked.

“No son. It’s a special ceremony that only men of their community can join. But I will see you shortly after, do not worry. Now, the car is here. You must leave. You won’t need anything, your Husband will always take care of you. Goodbye, son.”

With that he gave me a kiss and a hug and ushered me out the door. The limo was driven by a man as equally large as Victor. He introduced himself as Ivan then asked that I sit in the back. Once I was in, I texted Victor to let him know I was there. He was so happy and said he would see me later on the alter with a big kissy face. I was a bit hungry having not eaten breakfast at the request of Victor (probably because we would eat a big meal later) so I was hungry and bored waiting in the car. Eventually it pulled up to a large hotel venue that was bustling with huge men in suits.

The driver led me to a room where a woman stood waiting with a vanity and chair. I was a bit confused by the speed of everything happening but figured it was just a little ceremony before the wedding.

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