Girls with Big Boobs

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This story is 100% real so it may not be as exciting as a fictional tale.

When I was in college there was a girl I had a huge crush on. A lot of people would compare her looks to a young Linda Hamilton and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hamilton wasn’t a stunning beauty but but she had a sexiness that other more classically attractive women often lacked. Besides some smoldering good looks she also had some awesomely big boobs. She was one of six sisters and was the only one blessed in this area. Her uniquely large breasts and looks that seemed to differ significantly from her sisters led to quite a few jokes about her mom and the mailman.

My friend had always struggled with the battle of the bulge but during that period she was winning the fight. I never actually got a chance to touch her breasts but I imagine they were extremely soft despite her young age. Fast forward twenty years and the battle with weight had become a complete rout. She blew up like a balloon and her youthful attractiveness was gone. She went from being a decently thin girl with big boobs to a fat girl with big boobs. Her body had caught up with her boobs and now everything was in proportion, in a bad way. She did recently confess to me her bra size and it’s quite large, well beyond DD, but nothing I would have interest in touching. In her youth she probably had no interest in me but today I am out of her league. I have actually maintained my health and weight.

Please don’t take my bluntness for bitterness. I wish her nothing but the best and actually feel sorry that life has taken her down this path. She has never married or had kids and any sexiness she had has evaporated. I have no idea whether her breasts, even at their peak, were any good. Taking a bra off is like opening a present, you never know what you’re going to get. In one instance I got into the bra of a co-worker who I thought had some full breasts only to discover she was, at best, a B-cup. Somehow, the shape of her body gave the impression of much larger breasts than reality. In another case I was with a classmate who had D-cups. They were big but she was quite large and her breasts were casino oyna fairly flat against her body. She was just a big girl with a decent amount of breast volume but proportionally they were entirely unimpressive. In one instance the girl had small breasts, as expected, but what really surprised me was the tiny size of her areolas, which were smaller than dimes. It lent a certain manishness to her breasts that I found unappealing. In all other ways she was very feminine. One of the nicest set of breasts were on a friend who was a small A-cup. I had no expectations and although they were nearly entirely flat they were appropriate for her body.

Lots of people like to throw around cup sizes when discussing breast sizes but that can be quite deceiving. Easily the largest breasts I ever saw were on a woman who claimed to be a double D. You can have a set of D-cups that have a lot of surface area but not a ton to grab. In the case of my friend with the double D’s there was just pounds and pounds of pure breast meat to hold on to. There are big boobs and then there are exceptionally big boobs. I’m talking boobs that are clearly far beyond functional and most likely the result of an actual medical problem. By the definition of gigantomastia, my friend is clearly a sufferer given the weight of her breasts in relation to the rest of her body.

Tits can be good or bad regardless of a woman’s weight or age. I’ve seen the flattest saggiest boobs on a relatively young woman with small breasts. Although I have not actually seen my big breasted friends breasts in the flesh in decades I have seen her braless in a thin white t-shirt and got a very good look at how they are holding up. Without a bra on they wobble with every step and I don’t need to lift them to see they are incredibly heavy but despite all this they have held up miraculously well over the years. Her breasts have held up far better than much smaller breasts that I’ve seen. They hang to or possibly past her belly button but that’s only because they are so massive, not due to sagginess.

Based on her own words she has the kind of breasts that just get dropped down onto the table when she canlı casino has a mammogram. They are two soft, warm piles of white flesh sitting in front of her, almost as if they were separate from her body. Her nipples are probably a good 10 inches or so from her body yet sensitive to the touch. When she eats meals she jokes that food never touches her lap thanks to her “shelf”. She used to rest her breasts on the table but no longer does because her breasts have grown SO large that they sit in her lap even with a bra on. She would now have to pick her breasts up to drop them on a table and they’d likely take up so much space that it would become an inconvenience.

For decades my friend complained about the size of her breasts and talked about reduction. The thought of her hacking off her beautiful boobies was so sad but she never actually did it even as they ballooned in size. My theory is that she actually likes having big boobs despite the burden even if she’ll never admit it. She loved to mention how big her boobs were, even if it was to complain about their size but she’d joke about it also. I received several humorous birthday cards from her referencing her bustiness. At work she was seen by the ladies as the woman with the big boobs and there are certainly worse aspects of ones features to be defined by.

The growth of her boobs seems inexorable and I have no idea where it will end. Last I had heard they were double G’s but they have clearly gone past that mark. She has confessed that she takes pain killers every day and even had surgery on her back even as she has resisted reduction. She told me that when she takes a shower she tries to imagine they don’t exist. The statement seems absurd given the pounds and pounds of wobbly flesh she must be hoisting to wash beneath them. Yet she keeps them despite the debilitating effect they have on her job and life and through the pain they produce.

In my mind the absurdity is in keeping the breasts and then not at least enjoying them or allowing anyone else to enjoy them. Sometimes I fantasize about being at her apartment and she offers to let me see her breasts one more time. Possibly kaçak casino even touch them and hold them up. I’ve even fantasized about resting my head on her lap with her massive tit in my face as I sucked on her nipple. However, I’m happily married so that’s simply not going to happen. Would I push her away if she shoved her tits in my face? That would be a tough one but I’m guessing not.

My other fantasy is imagining another man enjoying her tits. It’s not any kind of cuckold fantasy since I hold no claim over her. I’d just love to witness that first ‘holy crap’ moment when some fellow sees those monster titties for the first time. She is the kind of woman who’s breasts just explode in size when the bra is removed. The fact of the matter is that all breasts have a shelf life and the larger they are the shorter the shelf life tends to be. I’ve tried to convince her to try online dating but she believes no one could desire her anymore but the fact is that big boob lovers would line up. Her logic is she doesn’t want any guy who wants her for her boobs but her boobs could be just a way to open the door. Come for the boobs, stay for the… whatever. It’s insane that she would rather be with no man than a man who wants her for her boobs.

Truth is just about anyone can grow big boobs. If I got big and fat I’d get boobs and I’m a guy. My friend has true, spongy, bouncy, wobbly breast tissue. These are honest to God, big massive, disproportional tits. This is not some kind of inherited trait because I’ve seen other women in her family and she is unique. This is an actual medical condition possibly brought on by an excess of estrogen which has caused her other medical issues. This is tissue hypertrophy and although it has brought her a lifetime of possibly unwanted attention it is glorious to see. Time is ticking and she has already moved from MILF to the traditional massively boobed matron. The kind I would have fantasized about in my youth and quite frankly up and to this day.

If you read this story you probably like big boobs and salivate at the thought of this massively boobed woman. I wish I could include pics and videos but all I can include are words. If you’ve never had your head between two soft, enormous breasts you have missed something magical. I wish I could relive that moment but for me it was clearly a once in a lifetime experience.

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