Getting to Know Ourselves Better Ch. 02

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As she lowered herself I felt the warmth of her as my cockhead nestled against her puckered asshole smearing it with my leaking precum before easing slowly into her. It sank in and I felt her ass cheeks against my shaven pubes before she raised herself letting my cock slide almost out before thrusting hard down and began frantically fucking herself. The dildo she still wore slapped against me as she got faster, her hands clasping each breast squeezing them together with the hard nipples poking through her fingers.

“Finger fuck me” I heard her say, hardly believing my ears as she had never used language like this before and found it extremely exciting and my cock seemed to get harder.

Reaching out I grasped the silicone cock enjoying the feel of it before pushing it up, making her scream with delight as it rubbed against her clit, and my fingers felt her soaking wet cunt lips.

“Aaggh…..” she screamed, her body shaking as she came again flooding my fingers with her cum.

Sliding down beside me, her body still quivering with her orgasm she snuggled into me, her nipples crushed gently against me whilst the dildo found its way between my legs bumping against my balls. Wriggling my hips I managed to nestle its bulbous head against my rosebud trying to get it inside.

“You’re insatiable” she whispered thrusting her hips towards me causing the dildo to stretch my rosebud.

“It’s you. You’re so bloody sexy and hot, where’ve the real you been hiding all this time, just don’t hide again.”

“Don’t worry, you’ve opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box” she said squeezing my rapidly hardening cock “but don’t think I can do anything more right at this moment. You can always try and suck yourself if you want” she grinned.

“I’m the same but my cock doesn’t believe me” I answered.

“Now you’ve sucked my cock, wouldn’t you like to suck on a real one?” she whispered tweaking one of my nipples.

“Well?” She pressed as I hadn’t answered.

“Wouldn’t you mind?”

“Just answer me” she rebuked

“Yes, I must admit I’ve fantasized about doing it and think I would like to try, but that’s hardly going to happen is it? I answered honestly. Anyway what about you?”

“I’m already a cocksucker” she smiled “but the idea of making love to Jean sends shivers up my spine and to be honest she’s already made it clear she’d be up for it again.”

“What do you mean again! Have you done it already?” I almost shouted as I pulled away from her and raised myself up on my elbows not knowing if I was angry or turned on.

Her face flushed for an instant before she said “no but we fumbled about a bit when we were at school. Not the real thing.”

“Tell me” I urged gently as a feeling of excitement began casino oyna to coarse through me at the thought.

“Nothing really, we just touched each other a couple of times, nothing heavy, just made each other cum, no penetration or anything like that” she said with a yearning look in her eyes.

“Every man’s dream come true” I interrupted her thoughts “what’s she said now?”

“Oh you know, just a few hints and looks when you were away she kept hinting how nice it would be to spend some time together and wanted to stay over. Once she even took her dress off, supposedly to show me her new underwear, and I must admit she has a fantastic pair of breasts now, nothing like the little buttons she had at school. I was really tempted to let her stay but was a little afraid of what might happen although later I began to regret it and made myself cum just thinking about what might have happened when I went to bed.”

“Sounds like you really fancy her, why not give it a go?” I said kissing her.

“I will if you will” she smiled.

“Ok, but there’s only one problem, I don’t know anybody that would do it with me, any ideas?”

“Jean’s got a boyfriend” she replied “never know, he might be up for it.”

“I don’t know we’ll have to wait and see, anyway if you want to make love to Jean then its ok with me. Just one thing…”

“I know you would like to watch” she interrupted.

“How did you guess, any objections?”

“Not really, but not the first time, I’ll tell you all about it though” she said squeezing my cock and pulling the foreskin back.

“It’s a deal.” I said stroking her back.

This time our lovemaking wasn’t as urgent and eventually we fell asleep in each others arms.

I found out that the following week I would have to go away in a few weeks on a quick trip so suggested Sue should invite Jean over for a few drinks and just play it by ear. She immediately telephoned her and within minutes it was arranged for them to go to meet for a meal with Jean staying over so that they could both enjoy a drink and she would be able to tell her all about her holiday.

When she came off the telephone I said “remember what you said about telling me all what happens.”

“Promise” was all she said with a knowing smile “and I’ll see if I can find out about her boyfriend as well.”

With that she pounced on me and within seconds our clothes were strewn across the floor and she was bent forward over the table, parting her ass cheeks I thrust my cock into her pussy already wet from the thoughts of Jean. It wasn’t lovemaking it was just pure lust from both of us and we immediately came.

A few weeks later I could hardly wait to get back home from my trip and waited impatiently for Sue to get canlı casino home from work, all she had kept telling me all week that her and Jean had a great time but despite my pleadings refused to go into any lurid details and I was left to my imagination as I wanked myself to sleep.

Whilst waiting I showered and sat around in my towelling robe, my cock already semi-erect in anticipation.

Finally she arrived and we fell into each others arms but she insisted on a quick shower leaving me with a hard-on opening a bottle of wine which I took up to the bedroom.

We kissed passionately when she joined me on the bed and soon we were both naked “Now no more excuses, tell me” I demanded pulling her close.

“Ok” she said stroking my erection “well we decided to eat at El Franco’s. I was early and Jean arrived about seven o’clock. I was amazed how great she looked wearing a white cotton dress that clung to her emphasizing every curve of her body. It was short and buttoned-down the front and I could clearly see the outline of her nipples, several buttons at that the bottom were left undone,

I stood up and hugged her and then took a step back, “God Jean, you look fantastic, what a deep tan, in fact you look good enough to eat.”

“Well, is that a compliment or a promise?” she said with a mischievous grin.

I poured two glasses of wine and handed one to her saying “a promise if you want, it’s up to you.”

“Sounds good” she said resting her hand lightly on mine.

As we waited to order she told me about the resort where she and Ron had stayed the previous week and about the nude beach they had frequented, and how she had to be very careful, as not to get too burned and that she had lots of photos with her.

When we had finished the meal I casually said “let’s have a look at the photos then.”

She took an envelope from her bag and took about 20 photos from it; the first few were of the resort and nearby town and Jean pointed out various little details of what they had seen and done. The next few interested me more and didn’t require any explanations as they showed her in clothes intended to appeal to Ron and did little to cover her. Her small breasts, crowned by her hard pointed nipples were clearly visible through the thin materials and in one of her wearing a teddy I could clearly see her prominent mound and the outline of her pussy as she was only wearing tiny see-through panties.

“Nice.” I murmured.

“Do you mean the clothes or the wearer?” Without waiting for an answer she added “they get better” handing me a couple of her on the beach wearing just a tiny bikini, then topless lying on her stomach showing off her beautiful, well toned back and shoulders with just a small towel covering kaçak casino her round butt. Soon the towel had turned out to be superfluous because it had disappeared and a hand, which looked distinctively feminine, was rubbing oil into the small of her back just above her beautifully shaped ass.

As I studied it I felt Jean move her chair closer and her hand brushed gently against my thigh “you’re right it’s not Ron’s” she whispered, “carry on, I can tell you’re getting more inquisitive” she whispered quietly in my ear.

“I didn’t realize how beautiful you are…..” my voice trailed off at the site of the next one which showed her standing on the beach naked, her body glistening with oil, her prominent hairless pubic mound thrust proudly towards the camera with her slit clearly in evidence.

“Jeez, what a lovely sight, you’re gorgeous” I groaned looking her straight in the eye as her fingers traced around my thigh.

“Thanks but don’t stop yet” and kissed me gently on the cheek as she handed me the next one.

It was of her and Ron, both naked on the beach with his genitals hanging eye-catchingly between his legs, dangling from a mass of hair but it was the next one that took my breath away. Next to her on the beach was a muscular and much younger man, both were naked and standing close together, their bodies touching with her hand was on his ass whilst his was endeavouring to hide a large, half erect penis without much success.

“Wow…, I can’t wait to see the others” I exhaled feeling my cunt beginning to get wet and wondered if she was as wet as me.

“Shall we pick up a bottle on the way home?” She asked obviously wanting to go.

“No need, Tom’s made sure we are well stocked up so don’t let’s waste anymore time” I said paying the bill and ordering a cab.

We sat close in the cab and I could feel her leg against mine as we chattered, giggled and flirted with each other like school girls and were both glad when we arrived home because we were both so excited.

“Just like you are now” Tom interrupted her as his fingers slid between Sue’s wet labia and gently rubbed her clit

“Keep doing that and I’ll never be able to finish telling you” Sue said breathlessly pulling him closer.

“All I want now is you!” he said rolling her onto her back, his hard cock head nudged between her waiting labia and sank deep into the sopping wet cunt as she arched her back to meet his thrusts.

Their bodies became a blur as they pounded against each other with unadulterated lust until with great cries they erupted and clung together as their juices mixed in her cunt until they both felt his cock deflate and it slithered out. Rolling off, he reached for the wine and poured two glasses and handed her one “I do love you; you’re out of this world.”

“You’re not too bad yourself” Sue said tracing the tips of fingers around his nipple “lets just lie here for a few moments then I’ll tell you more.”

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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