Getting Filled Ch. 04

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The story of Raven continues. A Hispanic college student from Albuquerque who explores her sexuality with the help of a trucking company. The first and second stories were quickies, but I’m continuing on with some more adventures. This story is about an outright gangbang, and seeing just how much she can handle. Enjoy, but don’t try this at home!


Raven dreamed of pulling into a gas station at the truck stop, because they had the cheapest gas. It was near the university, and on her way home. She wondered what she was going to do today as she got out of the car naked. Classes were over, she was off of work, and had the rest of the afternoon to herself.

Feeling adventurous, wearing only black, open-toed high-heels and silver jewelry, she walked into the gas station naked.

She woke up from the dream to the minivan stopped, and desperately having to use the bathroom.

“Wake up, Raven! Ready to earn your thousand dollars?”

Groggy and confused at first, and finding herself as naked inside the minivan as she had been in her dream, she remembered now. They were on their way to the hot springs of Vegas, New Mexico.

“Shit. Hold on,” she said, and put on her high-heels.

Then she looked around and saw that she had been crazy to accept this challenge. It was a small gas station, but there were people!

“No way! I can’t do it!”

She went to find her skimpy white strap and miniskirt, but they were nowhere to be seen.

“Guys, what did you do with my clothes?”

Seeing grins and smirks, she sighed and glared. “You call those clothes, girl?” Jack asked her. “They probably blew away.”

Jack and Hammer both winked at her, the owners of the trucking company that had basically made her a voluntary whore to their business partners and truck drivers. Older, bearish, strong men of mind and bodies, and war veterans. Daniel, her favorite, and the youngest of them with his boyish grin, cowboy hat, and his huge white dick tucked into his tight jeans. Jordan, the big, muscular black man, who had the biggest dick of all. Brian, a small and fatherly man in his 40’s, usually very quiet and reserved until he was fucking her. Jason, a Germanic, tightly muscular man with intense blue eyes. And Diego, the only other Hispanic besides herself, handsome as fuck with his Latin features and slick sarcasm.

Six men she had met and fucked over the last few months when they came through Albuquerque. Their truck stop was right near the university she was a student at, fifteen minutes away.

But all six of them together? Thank god the four others she knew hadn’t been in town. That would have been too much!

She attacked Daniel and pinched him.

“Give them to me!” she shouted.

He tickled her back, and she squeaked uncontrollably.

“Stop! I have to pee!”

“You ain’t getting your clothes back till you do what you agreed to do for a thousand bucks. Or you stay in the car.”

She pretended to pout and crossed her arms over her bare, youthful breasts, but that only made them laugh.

“I’ll pee on the seats then!”

They left the windows down, and all six men went inside the gas station, no doubt betting on whether she would accept her own bet to walk naked into a gas station in the middle of nowhere.

Nonetheless it began getting hot, windows down or not. She started sweating. Looking around, it didn’t seem like too many people were out and about in the early afternoon. Fuck it! She put her high-heels back on, and prepared herself for the moment.

Public nudity. Why was it so hard? Feelings of shame? Inhibitions? What was it? I guess she would find out. The thought of strangers seeing her naked aroused her on some new level. They would see her shaved pussy, perky tits, dark nipples, and perfect, firm bubbly ass on a slender body.

Fuck it. She got out of the minivan and began walking buck naked on heels to the door. Then she remembered her purse, turned around and bent through the open window to grab it from the floorboard, and then rushed towards the door.

Just act casual, she told herself.

A man came out the door, bells dinging, and stopped and gaped as she approached.

“Hi!” she said, and walked passed him.

Inside, she saw her six men grinning and watching. Danny came up to her and whispered. “You still got a little dried cum on your mouth.”

She shrugged. “Oh well.” The cum of all six of them was probably still in her stomach. Yummy! Her jaws still hurt, though.

She did her little pee-dance as she found the restroom and rushed towards her, holding her pussy with one hand as if that would help.

Raven did her business. Her anus was sore being fucked by all six truckers in the bathroom, each one coming deep in her. Six loads of cum in her rectum finally came out. From her purse she used wipes to clean herself well. Good hygiene was important. She washed up and checked herself out in the mirror. Sexy as always, naked or not.

Then she went and got a Coke Zero, chips, some honey roasted peanuts, beef jerky, and carried it all around casino siteleri her tits in her arms to the counter. As she did all of this, she bent over or squatted slowly, letting anyone watching see her pussy and anus, or hanging tits. She wondered if her anus gaped when she bent over.

The young, dorky, zit-infested teen at the counter stared in shock.

“Hi,” he managed to say.

“Hi,” she replied. “I don’t suppose you’d pay for this for me, would you?”

Her mouth felt dry, and her jaws still ached from sucking all six of them off in the van earlier. Six loads of cum was still inside her belly. And now she was thirsty.

“I don’t have any money, lady. I just work here.”

Raven liked being naked in public, she decided. She had the body for it, and the confidence to pull it off. Of course, six strong men there to protect her if something went wrong helped.

She had a wicked thought. Her six men were merely watching all of this play out. She turned around and smiled at them. Could she dare it? She felt giddy and ambitious, and powerful as well.

“Well I’ll have to fuck for food, then. Who wants to bend me over and dog me?”

Only her men knew she was kidding, of course. She was theirs for the time being. They might share her amongst themselves, but not with the outside world. Not anymore, anyway. She was their bitch. But she had always wanted to try dogging, or several men fucking her in public like a common mutt.

“Well, miss. I’ll take you up on that,” Daniel said first, tipping his hat. “A quickie right here, baby? For soda and chips, that’s all I got money for, babe.”

“Ok,” she replied, bending over for him on the counter near the register.

Raven shivered, anxious and a little cold, her nipples hardening as she did the craziest thing ever. Letting men fuck her in public amongst strangers, in a convenience store in the middle of nowhere. It was better than in the bathroom!

Far more modest than her, he didn’t get his dick out until he was right behind her. She relished the feel of it seeking her pussy, sliding up and down from clitoris to perineum until he found her wet opening. Then he thrust in hard and fast, and she groaned from the pain of being stretched so suddenly.

“Take it easy, stranger. I ain’t that kind of girl!”

Danny laughed as he pumped her. “What kind of girl are you then?”

“A hungry bitch.”

She could see herself in the security mirrors, a little image of herself. Long dark legs, dark skin, nice titties hanging on the countertop, a cute Hispanic girl with black hair and big brown eyes, naked in high-heels being bent over by a cowboy and fucked.

Daniel reached around and played with hr tits as he pumped hard into her. Grabbing her by the waist, he pumped hard and fast to finish, and then pumped her full of cum.

Raven came at the same time, moaning loudly. She looked down at the floor as watched in satisfaction as Daniel’s sperm dripped on the concrete.

“Soda and chips,” Daniel said, zipping himself up. And he paid for them and left the goods with her. “Tight pussy, miss. Thanks!”

She left to get a bunch more stuff she wanted. Reese’s Cups, raisins, nuts, energy drinks. And then bent over for someone to pay for it.

Each of her men complied. Jack grabbed her by the hair as he fucked her hard and fast, and Hammer grabbed her waist and filled her up next. The pool of cum on the floor grew, and she fucking loved every second of every quickie.

Only her truckers volunteered. Everyone else was too shocked to even take it seriously, though they enjoyed the show. The kid at the counter just let the gentlemen pay for her goodies as they left it in front of her. But she could tell he was hard as a rock and wanted a piece, too.

“I’ll pay you a hundred bucks to lick all that cum up off the floor, girl,” said a stranger wearing leather.

Raven stared at the puddle of cum, and then at the stranger.

“I got what I want. And I still got my dignity,” she replied.

The stranger came forward, an older man with long gray hair and a gray beard. He wore a leather jacket and jeans and boots. Could be a biker type, Raven thought.

“A whore ain’t got no dignity, girl. Two hundred dollars to get on your hands and knees and lap it up. You know you want to.”

She got angry, because some perverted part of her did want to. But she did have limits, and she did have dignity. She stood tall in her heels and faced him openly. Her Hispanic fire was up now! But Jack intervenes before she said something stupid.

“She’s with us. Now back off, she ain’t for you.”

Jack and Hammer stood in front of the man, sensing he was a threat. Other customers sensed there was a problem and left.

“Oh I knew that. I saw you all get out of the same car. Quite a show. Social experiment, maybe? Kink? You men have you own little young slut to use. Every man’s wet fucking dream. Well, how do I get in on this?”

“You don’t,” Daniel said threatening.

Jack turned to her. “Get in the car.”

They all left, their mood shaken by canlı casino the stranger and his boldness. But confrontation was inevitable if you were going to challenge social norms. Raven found herself excited, angry, and a little shame, too.

“What are you limits, girl? Do porn next?”

The stranger’s questions echoed her own inner thoughts. What were her fucking limits? What were the limits of these men around her?

As they pulled away, she stared after the old biker and his knowing smirk.

“Well, that got weird. But it was fun while it lasted,” Jordan said.

“My pussy is sore now. So is my ass, and my jaw,” she said, as she began eating her junk food and drinking soda.

* * *

They got to the hot springs just after dark. Hammer had a long button shirt over his tee-shirt, and he gave that to Raven to wear. Then she led them to the springs and showed them around.

“This is where I grew up. I know these mountains, and all the secret places.”

“Is that a castle?” Jordan asked, pointing.

“The Armand Hammer World College,” Raven said. “Looks like one, huh?”

The college overlooked the valley they were in, and the springs along a small river. She had missed her home town. The hot late August weather was getting cold at night, and she shivered in her tee-shirt as she walked barefoot to the springs.

There were three rectangular concrete tubs she led them to. “Each of these have different temperatures. This is the hottest.” And that is the one she got into, removing her shirt and getting in naked.

“Is nudity allowed?”

“No, but if we occupy all three tubs here, no one will both coming over. This is private land, so they don’t allow nudity.”

But she went nude anyway and basked in the hot water. Her sore ass and pussy burned nicely, reminding her how much crazy sex she enjoyed in one day, and with six men! It was a heady feeling being such a slut, and yet she didn’t feel shame. Well sometimes she did.

It was not long before hard cocks pressed against her body. Jack and Hammer had joined her, and wanted her for themselves for a moment. She felt their hands all over her beneath the darkness of the water.

“We have a proposition for you, Raven. When you graduate college, we want you to work for us.”

“We will start you off only at 60k in the beginning. But you’ll be a senior member of our new trucking company.”

“To do what? Be a company whore?” she teased.

They stared at her, dead serious. “Yes. We incorporated in Nevada, and we’re hoping to use their laws to at least justify legally a new kind of benefit to employees. Sexual benefits.”

“It has to be on the up and up. STD’s checks, contractual obligations not to have sex outside the company. If you married, spouse has to submit to checks as well.”

“You would start off as a recruiter of women like you. Women you like sex, and want to explore their sexuality. For our part, this benefit is offered to those that make on-time deliveries safely, don’t break the rules. If we get enough women, then single drivers would get to take different company girls with them on runs.”

“Is this so you don’t have to pay truckers well? Ass instead of cash?” she giggled.

“No, this is for many reasons. Scandals are higher than ever. Truckers are getting a bad rap as perverts. Have you heard of the Vampire Trucker who recently got busted? Transport of child porn, and kidnapping of multiple women he sexual assaulted daily in his truck.”

She was horrified.

“He used a grinder on their teeth, too. A sick bastard that adds already to the existing persona. But times are changing. We partnered with Google. And this got us thinking about new ways to take care of our trucker’s needs. Sexually.”

“Google?” she asked. But then she narrowed her eyes and wondered if he was eluding to Google’s driverless cars. “Computer driven trucks? People will never go for it.”

Jack and Hammer looked at each other. “I told you she was sharp,” Jack said. “Indeed,” Hammer replied. They looked at her. “We will need truckers for years to come. The program will still need to be supervised by real truckers, and AI cannot navigate docks and other situations quite yet. But it’s only a matter of time. This is bigger than just a trucking company. Pretty soon, all transportation will be automated, and save tens of thousands of lives a year.”

She was very intrigued by all of this.

“So where do I come in?” she felt their hard cocks press against her in the hot water, their breath hot on her skin. They were all getting aroused again.

“You’d be an executive partner for one thing. You’re honest. You haven’t been talking to others about your exploits with our men. You are discrete.”

“How do you know this? You spying on me?” she asked, trying to sound offended. But she would not be.

“You tell us. How would we know if you were discrete or not?” Jack asked.

She thought about it. No, they were not spying on her. They were testing her right now. Judging her character. They had been judging her character since the kaçak casino first time they met her in the truck stop.

“By my attitude and reaction to all of this. You know I’m not your typical young, naïve college student seeking a thrill. That I’m actually into this.”

“Yes,” Hammer said. “We know we can trust you. You know you can trust us. The guys respect you.”

Getting too hot, Raven sat on the edge of the pool, her bare ass on the concrete lip. Jack went to it like a fly to honey and began eating her out. Then Hammer had a turn. She leaned back, her skin steamy in the cold air and moonlight, nipples hard.

“Oh shit, I don’t know if I can handle more pounding.”

But they were servicing her this time, and their lips and tongues on her sore pussy felt wonderful. It began to rain gently. She relaxed on her back, not caring about the grass, cold mud, or ragged concrete around each pool. She just stared up at the sky, partially overcast, the moon making each raindrop sparkle as it fell on her chest and stomach.

She thought about their job offer. She had had never been out of New Mexico, and would love to see the country. Food, sex, and seeing the country with different guys in their truck seemed too exciting to pass up. And get paid doing it?

The excitement, and each man taking turns eating her out, made her come again. The orgasm ran up and down her body, from curled toes to earlobes, and mental bliss.

Then feeling cold, she got back into the hot water and warm up again, feeling relaxed and tired. But she had a duty to the two hard men with her. They both pressed against her front and back in the water, their hard cocks rubbing between her legs.

“You two are insatiable for old men,” she teased.

“Old men, huh?”

“I want to get drunk and lie back on a couch, and let all of you fuck me and cum on my tits and face. A bukkake. It sounds humiliating, but I want to try it once. And how often are six of you going to be in town?”

“Probably not that often. We should get a hotel then.”

They all relaxed and enjoyed the night, and anticipating her new desire for them all.

* * *

Showered, freshly saved, naked and sitting on a dark java-colored couch with her third vodka and cranberry drink, she spread her legs and let the fun begin.

The hot springs had made them all hornier than fuck. But too many people had arrived to do anything about it, so now they had a hotel. A nice one, too.

“So you want us all to cum on you this time, huh?”

“Yep. And order pizza.”

“Pizza is on the way, little slut queen.”

Jordan got on his knees and started eating her out, and Danny and Diego got on both sides of the couch to present their dicks to her face. She began sucking on Latin cock, and then white cowboy cock, taking turns while Jordan made her moan and writhe. The sound of lips and tongue slurping on her clitoris made her slurp and suck cock all the more.

The place had an old Western look, a hotel she had seen growing up as a little girl, but never been able to see inside of. But it didn’t matter now as she had two eager, hard cocks that needed to come. Her jaws still hurt from earlier, so she used her hands more than her mouth.

Diego came first, and she opened her mouth to drink some of it, and let most of it fall on her tits and face. Seeing this must have gotten Danny going, his huge cock rigid and hard suddenly exploded over her. Young and virile, his sperm was watery and rich. She drank some of it, and let the rest fall on her face, chest, and stomach. He came forever it seemed, rubbing out the last of his semen with his head tilted back.

Jordan brought his massive black cock up to her pussy and pressed it into her. She nearly screamed! He stretched her good, and her achy cunt wasn’t ready for more. But then it felt good, the pain and pleasure becoming groans and moans.

“Don’t forget to pull out and cum on me!” she moaned.

Jordan pumped hard and fast into her with glazed eyes, eight inches of cock putting her pussy to its limits! When he came, it was explosive as well, spraying her face and tits with its sheer force, and leaving a nice puddle on her stomach as the majority of his massive load spilled out.

“Dang, I never came that much before. You turn me on something fierce, girl!” Jordan said.

Then the next three men got into position, Jack and Hammer bringing their cocks to her face to suck on and rub out. Brian got between her legs and started fucking her right away. These were the older veterans, and they took their time with her. She had to work for their loads!

Jack and Hammer’s cocks were big and gorgeous man-cocks. They had double-stuffed her that first time they had talked her into their truck to fuck the shit out of. They were older men, but they were spry, energetic, and perfectly capable of keeping up with the younger guys. All six of these men had worked together in the military, and they knew how to throw a train on a girl with military precision!

Jack and Hammer came at the same time, holding their cocks over her face and open, eager mouth. Then over her tits, rubbing all they had out onto her. Brian got to his feet and brought his cock to her mouth to suck off, and then cum erupted onto her face and dripped on her stomach and chest.

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