Gentleman’s Maid Ch. 01

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Sir Edward frowned as he followed the sounds of gasps and moans… he was very strict with his household and didn’t allow any sort of dalliances in it between his workers. And right now whoever was “dallying” was most certainly supposed to be on duty; it was the middle of the afternoon! A pleasurable feminine moan echoed through the stable as he walked towards the end, stopping and staring as the pretty, young maid was thoroughly plugged by the stable boy.

It was Cecilia. His heart sank, he rather liked the pretty 20 year old, she made him feel quite young again – and at 50 years he was often feeling old lately. Very pretty and curvy, he liked to watch as she worked, because there was always a generous amount of cleavage showing, and when she bent over to dust he could often catch a glimpse of her stocking tops. Well, right now he was seeing more than that… her face was screwed up with passion and her eyes were closed, legs high in the air as the stableboy between her thighs thrust vigorously.

Plump breasts flopped up and down on her chest, the pink nipples looking extremely enticing… he could see the stable-boy’s average sized penis disappearing over and over into her wet slit. And he could feel his own start to grow… he knew that he was bigger than the stable-boy and he wondered if she would have ever approached him like this. Probably not… but right now he was wishing she had. So what if he was old enough to be her father?

Realizing that he could most certainly take advantage of the situation he let out a roar, “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!”

The stable-boy yelped and rolled off of the pretty girl as her eyes sprung wide. Lord Edward was treated to her shocked face, bared breasts, and the pretty spread of her pink pussy – although he was still feeling justifiably angry, he also enjoyed the view and could feel his groin getting even harder. Fortunately neither of the two miscreants were observant enough in their panic to notice the tent at the front of his trousers, they were too busy groveling in front of him begging for their jobs – Cecilia was also preoccupied with trying to cover her delectable breasts.

“You’re demoted,” he growled at the stableboy, “Get your things and get out to the pigsty, you’re the new pigboy. Tell Harry that he has a new job in the stable.”

Although becoming the pigboy was certainly an unpleasant job, it was much more than the young man had been expecting. Burbling gratitude he practically ran out to the pigpen, just wanting to get away before the old gentleman with the stormy look on his face changed his mind. Sir Edward wondered for a moment why he had just demoted the boy rather than firing him… but as he looked down at the pretty Cecilia, blushing and tearfully looking up at him through wide eyes, he knew that it was because he didn’t feel as though he could fire one without firing the other. And he didn’t want to fire Cecilia… normally this was something he would never involve himself in, but really she’d brought it on herself. Besides, he was harder than he had been in quite some time and he needed some relief.

Standing in front of the kneeling girl he pulled out his aching dick, “Suck on it for your job.” he ordered her, pointing it at her surprised and wary face.

Cecilia was shocked as Sir Edward whipped out his member, ordering her to suck on it. For a moment she thought of protesting – she’d never done anything like that before, that was what whores did! But then she realized that she probably didn’t have much of a choice… if she casino oyna was turned out here there was nowhere for her to go. She’d been turned out of her last household for lewdness, and Sir Edward had taken a chance on her. Reluctantly she leaned forward, her hands pressed over her chest as she struggled to keep the straining shirt closed over her ample breasts, and she licked the tip.

Groaning, Sir Edward pushed his member between her lips, forcing her cheeks outwards as he filled her mouth with his meaty flesh. Shocked, she realized that he was much bigger than any of the boys her own age that she’d been with… and she’d been with several. There was just something about that itch between her legs that she couldn’t ignore, even though it had gotten her into trouble more than once. But she’d always thought that an older man would have an older dick… more wrinkled or something. With the gray streaked throughout his hair he definitely qualified as a much older man than her… why when he’d been her age she hadn’t even been born yet!

And yet here she was, on her knees in front of him, doing a sexual act that only whores did. Blushing shamefully, her cheeks turned an even deeper red as he pushed her hands away from her clothing and her breasts spilled out again. He squeezed the large globes, enjoyment written all over his face as he fondled her… his nimble hands began eliciting the most exquisite sensations from her, turning that itch in her pussy into a roaring fire. When he pinched her nipples she moaned around his dick, trying to stuff more of it into her mouth. For some reason sucking on him seemed to give her some relief from the insistent desires in her pussy.

Sir Edward pushed deep into her mouth, using her plump breasts to pull her forwards. Enjoying the way her hands pushed against his thighs as she tried not to choke, he managed to shove his entire dick down her throat. Cecilia felt slightly panicked as her throat convulsed around his shaft and he moaned, she felt nauseated and also she couldn’t breath. Then he began pulsing against her tongue and something spilled down her throat; automatically she swallowed.

It was a relief when he began shrinking inside her mouth, letting up on the pressure in her throat. She sighed with relief even though there was a strange and slightly bitter taste on her tonuge that she didn’t recognize.

Sir Edward gave her a slight smile as she continued to kneel in front of him, unsure of what to do. Leaning down he gave her a kiss on the lips, which she returned uncertainly, before pulling away and telling her, “Go and get back to your work now. After dinner tonight you’ll report directly to me… and no more fooling around with the boys or you’ll be out of here faster than you can imagine. And no playing with yourself either.”

After he’d left Cecilia sat there for a moment, still in shock. For a second she contemplated disobeying and relieving the burning in her pussy, but then she realized that he might be watching to see how long it would take her to leave. Frantically she pulled her clothes together, covering herself decently, before going at a dead run back to the house.

The rest of the day was spent in breathless anticipation and fear… she’d always heard rumors that older men would have more… exotic… interests than younger ones. And while Cecelia enjoyed sex quite a lot, she was a little worried from some of the stories she’d heard. Some of her friends had joked that with her appetite for sex she might actually do well as a hooker, but she’d heard canlı casino too many horror stories of girls abused, hurt, forced to do grotesque things… and it was always older men that did it. They had more experience and so had tried more things… Sir Edward had always been kind, but he’d already shown himself to be a little perverse by having her suck on his dick. That was something that none of the boys she’d been with had even known about as far as she knew, it was the first time someone had ever requested that of her. Usually they just wanted to stick their things in her puss and hump until they were done.

Which she had already decided she liked better than sucking on his thing… for one, she had gotten no relief and she needed it so badly!


That evening when she went to his rooms, Sir Edward was waiting for her in one of his lounging robes. He was already hard, having been thinking about her all day and trying to decide what he wanted to do with her first. Cecilia almost felt like shaking with fear as he had her stand in place while he undressed her, his hands running over her body. But the gentle caresses also stoked the fire in her pussy and she moaned as he began to pinch her nipples, hefting her large breasts. Sir Edward had forgotten how beautiful young woman were, their firm flesh and quick responses… it nearly took his breath away.

“Go lay on the bed on your back,” he ordered her as he began to pull of his robe. Cecilia hurried to do as he said and her breasts and ass jiggled as she hopped up onto the large bed, lying down. Feeling extremely awkward she didn’t know where to put her hands and settled with just having them lie on either side of her… she felt very exposed and vulnerable. Sir Edward approached and began to smooth his hands over her legs, working up to her hips and then up to her breasts. Leaning forward he sucked one of her rosy nipples between his lips and began to work it over with his tongue and teeth. Cecilia thrashed with pleasure and she moaned as he switched nipples, making the tender buds ache with passion.

His lips began moving down her body and she wondered what he was doing other than teasing her unmercifully, her hips were moving up and down, wishing that he would just plunge into her. Instead his head paused above her parted hips, looking lustfully down at her pink pussy. Blushing modesty, she wished that she could close her thighs and stop him from looking at her… it seemed so indecent.

She shrieked when he suddenly plunged forward and his mouth was on her down there, her hands grasping uselessly towards his head as her hips arched in surprised pleasure. This was definitely something no one had ever done before… his tongue melted her insides as he licked along her slit, and she thought she was going to die when she actually felt it press inside of her. But it felt just as good as sex… even better perhaps… if this was something that older men liked to do then she could certainly get used to it! Her hands pressed down on the top of his head as her lustful moans encouraged him. Tongue and teeth went all around her pussy, licking and nibbling with abandon, drinking up her sweet juices as she writhed in front of him. It had been a long time since he’d pleasured a woman with his tongue, and it certainly didn’t seem to be something she was accustomed to – although she was quickly acquiring at taste for it!

Cecilia shuddered as his sucked her clit into his mouth, biting down gently on the little bud and her back arched with pleasure kaçak casino as she came. Thrashing wildly, she didn’t have any weight on top of her to hold her down and her breasts flopped all over as tears came to her eyes with the intensity of the orgasm.

Climbing on top of her, Sir Edward kissed her and she realized that she was tasting herself on his lips and in his mouth… for a moment she recoiled but he pressed forward and she realized that it didn’t taste that bad. The idea was repugnant, but as long as she didn’t think about it too much… and anyway, he was going to do what he wanted anyway. And if it all felt as good as his mouth had down there, then that might just be ok.

His dick rubbed against her thigh and swollen pussy, and she tried to spread her legs more, wanting him further inside of her. Instead, one of his hands reached down and lifted up one of her legs and he slapped her ass. Cecilia shrieked, her eyes popping open in surprise at the pain. His hand descended again and again, and she writhed underneath him, trying to push him off, trying to get away from the kiss so she could protest. Then his dick began to push into her, although he was still slapping her ass, and she got confused as to what to do. Although her cheek was burning, it felt incredibly good to have him pushing inside of her, and the different position made him feel very large inside her.

As her pussy stretched to accommodate him, she arched her back, feeling him dig deep into her body. The slaps didn’t hurt so much now that he was giving her some pleasure too… in fact he was giving her a lot of pleasure. Moving slowly, he ground himself against her pussy, adding in the occasional ass slap, and he pressed deeper. Working her over, he began to suck on her nipples again as he thrust in and out of her stretched pussy; Cecilia was gasping in delight. She was used to a short amount of foreplay – which usually involved a lot of squeezing of her breasts – and then having a dick thrust in her pussy and fucking until the guy came. Of course, she usually managed to cum before them, but it always felt like a race.

Somehow she got the feeling that Sir Edward was most certainly not going to cum until she’d gotten her pleasure first. Well, her pleasure again first… she was astounded at the amount of care he was putting towards her body; although she was moving against him in mutual pleasure, she probably could have just laid there and still had great pleasure from the experience! There was certainly something to be said about an older man… or maybe it was just because he was a gentleman.

Moaning ecstatically she could feel her orgasm building to incredible heights, possibly the best orgasm she’d ever had in her life. When it hit her, Cecilia’s entire body went rigid as she shrieked her ecstacy; Sir Edward pressed his groin firmly against hers and rotated his hips so that his rough crotch rubbed her clit. Thrashing underneath him, Cecilia’s orgasm went on and on, her pussy clasping him in orgasmic convulsions. With a groan, he pulled back out of her tightness and then slammed forward, holding her soft body close as he unloaded his cum into her young sheath. It was heaven as she moved beneath him, her pussy massaging his dick as it spurted inside her.

Sighing in completion, Cecilia didn’t even mind as he rolled off of her… she had never felt so incredibly completed after sex. It was as if all the parts of her that had needed to be touched and rubbed had been, and most exquisitely too. She was given orders to return the next day in the afternoon, to meet him in his study.

Humming happily, the surprisingly satisfied strumpet went merrily down the hall, feeling gooey gobs of cum leaking from her reddened pussy.

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