Gamer Girl Ch. 05

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Soon, Chloe couldn’t imagine how she had survived without her friends, how she had lived without the constant attention her heavy breasts and hairless little pussy now regularly received. There was barely a day she went without at least one orgasm and her tits felt tender each evening from the constant playtime they got.

She had to laugh thinking about their silly little pranks, how they constantly tried to trick her to do even more outlandish stuff. And for the most time, she happily let them do whatever they came up with. Gamma was definitely the most creative one of the bunch and the first to suggest a bit of bodypainting. Soon, each of them proposed motives, ranging from their favorite characters to silly stuff, like painting her in the color of the room except for her boobies. ‘Tits on the wall’ Gamma called this specific work and he adored the pictures of her seemingly disembodied, gigantic breasts hovering in the air, with the rest of her body carefully camouflaged, much more than he adored his favorite game or his rare figurine collection, or anything else he owned.

If Chloe had to guess, this little project had been the one that encouraged them to propose even weirder stuff. Only a week later, Gamma asked if she would be OK with trying a bit of breast bondage. Chloe got concerned, feared that going down this path would lead to more and more extreme suggestions and that she would quickly lose control. But the guys simply took her objections as a sign that they needed to try harder.

On top of all that, their ideas became much more daring. The biggest change was that their proposals were not confined to their safe lair anymore but instead featured places outside, where random people would possibly see her massive tits. When Chloe reminded them of her tremendous fears, of how uncomfortable she felt about her ridiculous melons, they simply redoubled their efforts.

“Oh come on, Chloe, this is the saddest thing I heard, like, ever!” groaned Alpha, “By casino oyna now you should know just how spectacular your boobies are. And look, nobody in this room thinks any less of you just because of your tits.”

“But you’re a bunch of nerds that crave fat titties, you’re hardly representative of the society at large!” argued Chloe.

“Society at large my ass!” murmured Delta, “All I can say is that it would be a damn shame if you would hide those knockers for the rest of your life. We understand how you feel, Purple, we really do. We told you you’re safe here, we won’t judge you. But because we care, we have to help you out of this unsustainable situation. We won’t be there forever, Chloe, you know?”

“But everybody else for sure finds these meatbags obscene! I can’t do this, guys!” she wept, tears streaming down her face.

“Alright,” said Alpha, “Nobody forces you to anything. Uhm, I might have an idea though.”

“An idea for what exactly? For making me parade my laughable udders around town?”

“No, an idea to make you reconsider how you see yourself. Tell me, why are you so at war with your breasts?”

“Because they make people weird. They… they make them see me as a sex toy. I’m nothing more than a pair of tits to them for god’s sake!”

“How can you be so sure about this?”

“It’s fucking obvious, Alpha.”

“No it’s not. Proof: Our little group here and the fact that I am discussing this with you even though your phenomenal boobs are in clear sight right now.”

“Doesn’t count. You guys are different. And by the way, even you are lusting after my knockers. It’s just that I let you play with them to get your rocks off.”

“What would it need to make you feel comfortable with skipping those horrible bindings? You decided to go without them in this room after all.”

Chloe thought for a moment and said, “I would need to know that people won’t be weird with me. I trusted you. That’s why I made the jump. I would need canlı casino to trust people.”

“So it’s all about expectations in the end. How about we study this in a more scientific way. We would need to expose your breasts in a very controlled fashion so that we could be sure that the reaction is caused by your tits, not by anything else.”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, Alpha.”

“It’s actually quite simple. You’ll need to be assured that your expectations of how people would treat you are not accurate, and the people would need to prove that they are not acting weird just because of your tits. I suggest that we use our little campus as a trial ground and Delta’s weird waifu as cover.”

Everyone looked at the cardboard cutout, wondering what the hell Alpha was talking about.

“Look, we could hide you behind the cardboard and make your fantastic melons protrude through it just like those rubber appendages are doing right now. People would see your tits, and only your tits. Your body would be hidden from sight so we can be sure that however people would react, it would be because of your breasts.”

“Huh, interesting,” mused Chloe, “I actually kind of like that approach. Very… nerdy. But that cardboard isn’t really safe, right? I mean, everyone could simply peek behind it and see me.”

“Of course, but I’m sure we can come up with something. We could simply glue it on a plywood box that you can lock from the inside for example.”

“Right. Delta, would you let us do this with your waifu?”

“If I can see your tits on Taitan-san? Absolutely!”

“But wait, so let’s think this through,” wondered Chloe, “Let’s assume I’ll be standing in the cafeteria, hidden in the box, my tits hanging through some holes. People would see Taitan, wonder what the hell is going on and presumably start messing around with my boobs. What exactly would we gain with this experiment?”

“We would find out how people react to big tits on cardboard,” kaçak casino joked Beta.

“You guys still don’t get it, do you?” groaned Alpha, “First and foremost, Purple would experience what random people think of her breasts without exposing her identity. Secondly, I think we’ll see that after the initial excitement, people really don’t care all that much. Which brings us back to expectations. I think that Purple is freaking out over something that essentially is a non-issue. It may take people a bit to get used to those fat melons but after that, they will treat her just like they do now. That’s what I want to prove. If they treat Taitan like any boring old cardboard cutout, that would be proof enough to show that her tits don’t matter all that much, right?”

“I’m still not really sold on this line of thought, Alpha, but I appreciate your concern. And I actually like your proposal. I think it’s the most risk-free approach to actually expose myself to the outside world and see how people react to my breasts. Even if the results may not help in the end, I think it’s a worthwhile experiment. So yes, let’s do this. Let’s see how our fellow students react to my bazongas.”

“Nice, can’t wait to see your tits on Taitan-san!” beamed Delta, “Come on guys, let’s do this!”

“Alright,” smiled Alpha, “Beta, you scout for a good location. Delta, Gamma, you work on the plywood case for Taitan. And Purple,” a wide grin spread across his face, “Get your fat tits over here so I can play with them while everyone else is working!”

“Seriously, dude? You’ll play boobie ball while we do all the work?” groaned Delta, staring at Purple who was obediently scooting over to Alpha, presenting her soft breasts with a wicked smile.

“He came up with the plan, so I think we should grant him his wish,” she giggled, changing her voice into an imitation of an announcer “And Purple’s boobies approve this message!”

Alpha’s eager hands quickly dove into her soft flesh and massaged the sexy funbags with vigor.

“Ouchie! Calm down big guy, we have plenty of time!”

Shaking their heads but smiling, the three guys got to work while their leader had a bit of fun with Chloe’s treasures.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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