Game of Seduction

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I am so glad to be back on Literotica. I had to step away due to unusual work demands. I continue to be inspired by Donna and the conversations that whet my imagination. I look forward to continuing again with our conversations.

I welcome positive feedback. Enjoy!



I love my husband. Carl and I were made for each other. I don’t mean to gush, but we love waking up to the adventure of what each new day will bring. Of course, adventures don’t just show up. Part of the fun of sharing adventures is scheming to make them happen. Our adventures take many forms, but none more fun than in our sex life.

Carl is my 6’2″ dream. He has blond hair, steely blue eyes, a rugged jaw and well-proportioned muscular body. I love his strong arms, almost six-pack abs and smile that melts me. He takes care of himself; he takes care of me. He is the envy of my friends.

I’m Stacie. I’ve always felt I am the perfect complement to Carl. I am a 5’8″ brunette with large brown eyes. I keep my 35, 24, 34 body in shape primarily through my daily morning workouts with Carl in the privacy of our basement gym. Of course, I love to relentlessly tease him during our training by wearing as little as possible to showcase his weakness of my nearly perfect firm tits and long fit legs. Far too often our workouts diverge to creative uses of the equipment for no-holds-barred sex.

Our workout this particular Saturday morning was cut short because my best friends Lisa and Jillian were due any minute. Lisa and her husband Benny live across the street and two houses down from us. Lisa is 5’6″ with a slender build with light brown hair with tight curls and blue eyes. She has small tits with large swollen nipples, a tiny ass and petite body covered with freckles. She is the definition of cute.

Jillian is single and lives next door. She is a 5’9″ blonde bombshell with hair that falls to the middle of her back, wide translucent blue eyes and a smile that stops traffic. If that wasn’t enough, she has large firm attention-grabbing tits, a perfect ass, and long fit legs. Her personality is as engaging and charming as her body is perfect. It is a mystery why her husband had an affair with his inferior bimbo secretary. Jill divorced him, taking everything she could, including the house.

Lisa, Jill and I are more like sisters than friends. We are all between 32 and 35. There is nothing we can’t talk about, and nothing is off limits. That has been tested and proven many times. Of course our conversations always take us to our favorite topics of sex and men. For Lisa, it means she usually talks about her husband Benny’s demanding work that requires him to travel almost every week, sometimes including weekends to get a strategic edge. Lisa and Benny do their best staying in touch while he is away, usually Facetiming in the evenings. The video chats regularly turn into a consolation of video sex. When not Facetiming sex with Benny, Lisa entertains herself through a new secret hobby. Lisa’s insatiable sex drive, adventuresome personality, endless free time and loneliness during the day have lured her into a deepening erotic fascination with self-bondage. The higher the risk is for Lisa, the greater is her arousal. Jillian and I love living vicariously through Lisa’s erotic risk-taking stories. Lisa loves telling them to us.

Jillian shares her stories about being back out in the dating scene. Of course, with her knockout beauty, she has endless suitors lining up to take her out in hopes of taking her in. Lisa and I always pump Jill for details of her dates, especially when the date ends by her inviting the man in for what he really wants. She never disappoints. The sex is usually wild and imaginative. As gorgeous as the men are, the relationships rarely go anywhere. Lisa is gun-shy, so she uses the men for her sexual satisfaction as much as they use her.

Of course, Lisa and Jill always make me share the intimate details of my sexual adventures with Carl. Every detail matters and they hang on every word.

Our mischievous sisterhood often includes playful bets and competitions with consequences for the losers. We always try to make them interesting and daring. Today would be no different. Lisa, Jill and I planned for a girl day at our neighborhood pool and clubhouse. Our plan was to get there early to secure the best location at the large pool and to make the most of the sunny summer day together. I made a large batch of my famous margaritas, enough to fill a three-gallon rolling beverage cooler with some left over for a pitcher I would leave at the house for Carl. Carl was taking advantage of us girls being away at the pool to get some “honey do” things done around the house.

Chapter One

Lisa and Jill arrived together at my house at 9:00. “Ready to go?” Jill asked eagerly.

“Yep,” I said. “Let me grab my bag and cooler,” I said.

“Hi Carl,” Lisa said. Carl stood in the kitchen drinking a casino oyna cup of coffee. He was wearing a tank top and running shorts. The women had no idea he had nothing on under his shorts. He saw no point since he would be alone at the house getting things done while we girls played at the pool. It was impossible to hide the movement of his large snake-like manhood in his shorts when Lisa and Jill walked in the door. Lisa was only wearing a small green bikini with tiny white shorts. Jill was wearing a red string bikini with short denim cutoffs. The bikini left nothing to the imagination. She was certain to be the envy of other women at the pool and a lustful distraction to any man in plain view of her luscious body. Not to be outdone, I was wearing a bright yellow and orange patterned bikini with small yellow shorts that offset my olive skin.

I gave Carl a peck on the lips and snuck a grab of his crotch as I headed toward the door. He felt so good in my hand it was tempting to send the girls ahead and steal a Saturday morning fuck from him.

“Let’s go,” Lisa said, seeing what was happening.

Carl slapped me on the ass as I walked away. “Have fun,” he said.

Our plan to arrive early to the pool to get prime seating worked perfectly. We set up in chase lounges alongside the pool, under misters that spray during the heat of the day to cool hot bodies down. We stripped our shorts off and poured our first round of margaritas. The fun began instantly. As always, we generously apply low-grade sunscreen to one another’s bodies. There is always something playfully sexual for us as sisters while coating one another’s bodies with the cool lotion. The ritual always captures the attention of on-lookers around the pool, which adds to our fun.

“Talk to Benny last night?” I asked Lisa eagerly, not to waste any time hearing the lurid details.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Lisa answered eagerly. “Our talk led to one of the best bondy experiences ever,” she said. She used her word bondy whenever she talked about her self-bondage exploits.

“What?! Tell us!” Jill insisted. We poured another round of margaritas.

Lisa blushed. “I was really revved up and hot after talking with Benny,” she began, frustrated that he wasn’t able to come home over the weekend after being gone all week. It was torture on Lisa’s insatiable libido when Benny was gone, especially longer than a week. She continued: “Earlier in the day, when I heard Benny wasn’t coming home, I filled an ice tray with water, dropped the key to my handcuffs in one of the cubes of the tray, and put the tray in the freezer.”

“Damn,” I said, excited for where this was going. I could see Lisa’s nipples pushing through her small bikini top from her excitement of telling her story.

“After talking with Benny, I called Luigi’s Pizza for a late night pizza delivery.” Luigi’s is a family owned pizzeria run by three generations. The handsome sons in their mid-20s are in charge of deliveries. “I called just before they closed, so I knew my pizza would be their last delivery. As soon as I called, I knew I didn’t have much time. I wrote a sign that said ‘Please bring the pizza inside.’” I taped the sign to the outside of my unlocked front door.

“Oh shit,” Lisa said in suspense.

“I stripped all my clothes off, put them in a plastic bag and threw them out in my backyard in full view of my neighbors. I moved a chair and card table in the entryway of my house. On the table I put another sign that simply said, ‘Here is the money for the pizza. Help yourself to my body for your tip. Be generous.’”

“Damn!” I said. Jill and I were hanging on her every word.

“I filled a tall glass with ice cubes, putting the cube with the key to my handcuffs at the bottom of the glass. I put the glass on the table next to the sign and pizza money.” She paused. “I’m getting hot just telling you about it,” she said. The bottoms of her bikini were soaked and she hadn’t yet been in the pool.

“Don’t stop,” Jill demanded.

“Ok, ok,” Lisa said. “I sat on the edge of the chair and used small ropes to tie my ankles to the bottom front legs of the chair. I tied another rope around one of my knees, wrapped it through the chair behind me and around the other side, tying it to my other knee, forcing my knees open. I gagged my mouth with a scarf and secured it tightly behind my head. I then put my trusty bullet vibrator in my pussy and turned it on. I was so hot from my Facetime with Benny that my body instantly reacted. Then I did the unthinkable. I sat back and cuffed my hands behind me around the back of the chair. I couldn’t move. There I was completely naked with my ass at the edge of the chair and my knees wide open.”

“Damn,” Jill said. “My heart is racing. What happened?”

“You think your heart is racing!” Lisa said. “At that point I knew that I had no more than maybe ten minutes to escape before the pizza guy would show up. I leaned over to the side, forcing the chair on to two legs canlı casino to try to reach the ice-filled glass on the table with my mouth. I tried to gently tip the glass to get the ice cubes to come out on to the table, hoping to find the cube with the key. That’s hard to do with my mouth gagged and when my vibrator was quickly bringing me to my first orgasm. The glass fell over, dumping out almost all of the ice cubes. The ice slid across the table and on to the floor. If the one with the key fell off the table, it would be over for me. There would be no way to escape my bondage. The pizza guy would have his way with me.”

“Oh gawd,” I said.

“Fortunately the one with the key was still in the glass. I coaxed it out of the glass and on to the table. I sucked it into my mouth, hoping to help it to melt faster. I sucked on it like the head of a cock desperate for relief. I was desperate to not swallow it. My body was starting to shake from the imminent orgasm.”

Jill and I looked at each other, smiling in suspense.

“It felt like eternity trying to melt the cube in my mouth to get the key. Once I did, I had to find a way to get the key into my hands that were handcuffed behind my back. I turned my head, realizing I had one chance to try to drop it from my mouth over my shoulder so it might fall into my hands. If I missed, it would be over. There would be no way of escape, and the pizza guy would have me to himself. My heart stopped when the key dropped from my mouth but missed my hand.”

“Oh shit,” Jill yelled from the suspense.

“I desperately looked for it. I realized the key landed on the back of the chair seat,” Lisa continued. “My fingers franticly reached for the key, trying to maneuver to get a hold of it. I finally got it between my index finger and thumb. I pushed it into the keyhole and twisted the key. The cuff opened just as I heard the delivery car pull up into our driveway. ‘Oh gawd, oh Gawd, OH GAWD,’ I yelled as the first orgasm swept over me. My body shook in the chair. Cold chills covered my body.”

“Damn!” I said, mesmerized by the increasing suspense.

“My hands were clumsy from the orgasm racking my body. I quickly worked to try to untie the rope around my knees. I could hear him walking up toward the door. I reached down and quickly untied one foot from the bottom of the chair before I saw the door begin to open.”

“No shit!” Jill yelled, drawing attention from others nearby at the pool.

“I jumped up, grabbed the money from the table and lunged toward the door, dragging the chair with me,” Lisa said. “The chair fell over as I pushed against the door. ‘Pizza delivery,’ a strong masculine voice with an Italian accent said. ‘I’m so sorry,’ I said. ‘I’m not decent.’ I reached my hand and naked arm through the small opening in the door with the money. ‘Here’s the money for the pizza. Sorry I don’t have a tip,’ I said. “I’ll make it worth your while next time.” He handed the pizza through the door, which forced it open further. I stood completely naked just inches from him behind the door.”

“He could totally have pushed his way in and taken you,” I said. “If it was his last delivery, he’d have all night. That is so dangerous.”

“Italian chivalry won the day,” Lisa said. “I also had my video camera recording the whole thing in case something went wrong,” she added. “I’ve actually thought about sharing the video with Benny.”

“Are you serious?” Jill asked. “You’d share it with him? What would he do?”

“I don’t know,” Lisa said. “I think it might turn him on,” she answered with a coy smile.

“Damn,” I said. “Another round.” We filled our glasses with more of my famous margaritas, and began to feel the benefits of it.

By 11:00, the three of us were hot, drunk and sharing more stories. The pool area was filled with a growing crowd typical of sunny summer Saturday mornings.

“I think its time to play ‘Marco Polo,’” I said. Our version of Marco Polo is different from how most play it. It is a game the three of us made up to have a little innocent fun teasing unsuspecting men at the pool. We discovered that the word “polo” in Spanish means pole, so we thought it was only right to revise the famous water game. It starts by us picking a target (our Marco) at the pool and then one of us does whatever we can to raise his polo. We usually pick some guy who looks like his wife, girlfriend or kids talked him into spending the day there. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible in two minutes. We can do anything we want during those two minutes to get the attention of our Marco (as long as it is within the decency rules of the pool). We get one point if the man glances over. We get two points for every five seconds he stares. Of course the real points are earned with evidence of Marco’s polo. We get five points for every movement we detect in his swimsuit or if he adjusts himself.

“Drink to decide?” Lisa asked?

“Sounds good,” I said, filling two glasses for kaçak casino each of us with margaritas. “Last one to finish both cups goes first,” I explained unnecessarily.

Lisa knew she would be first to finish. I followed closely behind her. Jill was last. I wondered if it wasn’t on purpose. Either way, all of us enjoyed the heightening effects of the alcohol.

We picked a target straight across the short end of the pool from us. It was a guy that looked 40 sitting next to his wife, with three wet kids buzzing around them. He looked average with average height and build. He looked ready for a surprise game of Marco Polo.

“Go,” I said.

Jill stood up and slipped into the water right in front of us. She swam under the water toward her Marco and came up at the wall across the pool, right in front of the unsuspecting target. She pulled herself up out of the pool. It was impossible for her tiny red string bikini top to stay in place over her ample tits as she pulled herself out of the water. Like most of what the three of us wear to the pool, her swimsuit was not made for swimming. Jill’s perfect body dripped with water and immediately captured the attention of her prey and his wife, not to mention others sitting around them. Jill smiled as if embarrassed as she slowly covered her nipples with the tiny fabric of her swim top. She whipped her hair around, and took it in her hands in a seductive way to wring her long mane out. Without skipping a beat, she then bent over to push the water down her long legs. Her position allowed her gorgeous tits to hang down while showcasing her all-but-bare ass and long legs.

Lisa and I studied her Marco while Jill put on her show. She not only captured his attention for a glance, but also got some extended stares. His attention was long enough to earn a chest slap from his wife. So far, five points in a matter of seconds. Then the big points began to rack up. The target’s swimsuit immediately turned into a tent. His swimsuit was too tight to allow for the full length of his dick. He quickly pushed it down in an attempt to hide his arousal from his wife. The instincts of wives are better than that. Jill scored ten more points, five for the movement and five for the adjustment. To our surprise, we watched as Marco’s wife reach over in frustration to the top of her husband’s swimsuit to confirm his arousal. Her face was mad with anger, but Lisa and I decided that her touch meant another five points for Jill.

“Excuse me, you’re blocking our view of the pool,” the target’s jealous wife said to Jill.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Jill lied. Jill looked over at her Marco and smiled. The brief encounter racked up more points for Jill. The target continued to stare. Without warning, his swimsuit rose again from the mast of his aroused flesh beneath. He quickly pushed it back down, hoping against hope again, his wife missed it. Ten more points.

Sensing her two minutes were almost up, Jill turned toward the swimming pool and dove in. She, her target and his wife all knew her bikini top had no chance of staying in place from the force of her entry into the water. Her target couldn’t resist stealing glances to confirm as Jill pulled herself out of the water on our side of the pool. He was right. He earned himself another slap from his wife; Jill earned a record number of points. “Beat that, Ladies,” she said, as she retook her place on the throne of her chase lounge.

We giggled at the challenge and poured another round of drinks in honor of Jill’s new record. My turn was next.

By early afternoon, our little party was in full swing. Times like these make the best memories.

“So Lisa, you going to share your video from last night with us?” Jill asked.

Lisa blushed slightly. “Sure,” she said. “It might inspire you to start having your own bondy adventures.”

“I just wish you couldn’t reach the key to escape,” Jill added. “I’d rather watch a video of you completely defenseless while the Italian hunk has his way with you.”

“Jill!” I said. “Who knows what might of happened to Lisa if he did.”

“Exactly,” Jill said. “Who knows what might of happened if he did, especially since Lisa was tied up and asked for it from him. So hot.”

All three of us were aroused by the thought of an Italian stud enjoying the delicacies of Lisa’s body while restrained by her own self-bondage.

“Would you ever share a video with Carl of you being taken by an Italian stallion?” Jill asked.

“I think he would be secretly turned on by watching me being taken by another man,” I said. “If the tables were turned though, no woman could ever seduce him. He’s too loyal,” I said.

“No woman?” Jill answered.

“Not even you two,” I meant as a compliment and tease.

“That almost sounds like a dare,” Lisa said with a giggle.

“Just true,” I answered. “No one, not even you two would ever be able to seduce Carl.”

“Really?” Jill asked. “You make that sound like a challenge.”

“I suppose it could be,” I said with a confident smile.

“I accept,” Lisa said playfully. “What’s the bet?” Lisa said. The three of us are highly competitive. Little wagers are not uncommon in our playful bantering.

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