Fun In The Pool

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I’m Allan a recently widowed man in his late 30’s. When my wife died a few months ago many of the neighbours more or less avoided me as they didn’t know what to say but recently they have become friendly again and I have been invited to a couple of parties. I didn’t stay long at either as I was by myself and I went just to put in an appearance. A couple of days after the second party Jill and Sue knocked on my door and I invited them in for a coffee. They were both in their early 30’s married with children but still very attractive. If either of them had been single I wouldn’t have hesitated to chat them up.

After a bit of small talk they got to the point of their visit, which was to ask if they could use my swimming pool, which had just been finished when my wife died. It was an indulgence but we had had the money so we spent it. I swam every morning and evening and readily agreed to them using it while I was at work provided they looked after it and they both promised they would and also agreed not to bring the children. The indoor pool was 20 metres long and about 1.5 metres in depth. It has a separate entrance and it’s also linked to the house by a door, covered by a motion sensitive security camera and also by a separate alarm system and I gave them the code. My computer was linked to the cameras and I knew roughly when Jill and Sue were using it so I tended to ignore it.

The first time they used the pool they were a bit apprehensive and I watched them swim up and down in their bikinis and admired their still slim bodies. I skipped through the footage and noticed that after a few days they had become braver and had started swimming in the nude. The security camera was in a fixed place so it only caught views of them when they came into shot and they weren’t very revealing but did show their slim bodies.

2 weeks after they started using it I had a long weekend off work and got up on the Friday and decided to meet them, by ‘accident’ while swimming. I swam a few lengths and then they appeared.

I looked at them, ‘Hi, I’ve a few days off and I thought I’d have swam before you came.’

‘Don’t worry, it’s your pool after all.’

‘Jump in, plenty of room for all of us.’

‘Well,’ Sue said hesitantly, ‘we’ve started to swim without our costumes, so under these wraps we haven’t got anything on, and so we’d best go and get them.’

‘Don’t worry I’ll just get out, casino oyna or why don’t I do the same?’

‘You mean … you’ll take your shorts off?’

‘I’m not ashamed of my body and you can’t be, so why not?’

Without waiting for any other comment I pulled my shorts off and threw them on to the side and swam away, face down showing my bare bottom to them. I swam a couple of lengths and then looked at them Sue had pulled her wrap off revealing her firm pert breasts and neatly trimmed bush and Jill had superb long legs with ample breasts and large nipples which looked they were hardening as she looked at me. They tentatively jumped into the pool and swam up and down and then stopped at one end as I did. I caught Sue glancing down in the water at my manhood, which was semi hard, and then she looked at Jill. They giggled and swam away again, this time on their backs, their legs opening with each kick showing their pussys to me. I was getting hard now but still didn’t know what they would do if I made a move.

I needn’t have worried, as we got to the other end Jill waited for me and as I stood up she opened her arms and pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips. Her mouth opened and her tongue started to edge its way into my mouth. I didn’t stop her and I could feel my cock starting to harden and Jill wriggled so that it was between her legs. Her hand moved down and she quickly ran it along my length and smiled at me.

‘Nice cock, lovely and thick, I bet I could really enjoy having that slipping and out of my wet tight pussy.’

I was a bit surprised at her forwardness but merely nodded as I lowered my head and kissed and licked her breasts, which were just above the water line. I looked across at Sue who was watching from a distance and slowly tracing her fingers over her own breasts.

Jill started to rub me and I was soon rock hard. She opened her legs wide and guided my tip towards her. She rubbed it against her lips and I could feel them opening as I pushed in slightly. Jill pushed against me and quickly took half of my 8″, crying out softly as she did. I held her hips and started to thrust and soon had my whole dick deep in her.

Jill was moaning as I built up speed but then I stopped as I didn’t want to fill her with my cum too soon. I slowly withdrew as she looked a bit disappointed, but then noticed that Sue has swam up to us and was already running her hands over canlı casino my wet prick.

‘My turn now and you can take me anyway you like.’

‘Out of the pool, then. I want to take you doggy over that bench.’ The bench was nearby and Sue got out of the pool giving me a superb view of her firm bottom as she climbed out and positioned herself over the bench. I quickly followed and slid a hand between her legs and felt her pussy wet with a mixture of water and her juices where she had been fingering herself. My cock was still wet, and as I spread her legs wide I positioned myself and pushed against her. Her pussy opened at the touch and I seemed to be sucked in. I held her hips and started to ride her. It was her turn to moan and sigh as I was slapping my balls against her many times a minute as I got really fast. Again I didn’t want to spill my load to soon so withdrew and turned to face them.

‘You sure you want this? All the way? ‘

They nodded as Jill added, ‘I haven’t had sex with James (her husband) for 2 months and I just want to feel a thick hard cock deep in me. I want to feel you come in me, don’t worry I’m on the pill so lets just enjoy.’

Sue nodded, ‘Don’t worry about me either, so just fill me with your cock.’

As Sue spoke Jill was on her knees and she was taking all of it deep into her mouth and throat. It felt fantastic, my wife had hardly ever done this and I knew that I wouldn’t last to long if I didn’t stop her.

Jill must have realised, as she stopped and slowly eased my cock out of her mouth and looked me waiting for me to tell them what I wanted. I hadn’t really planned this far so I looked round and inspiration struck me. There was a large lilo and I pulled both of them to it and I lay down. Sue quickly followed, straddling my legs and wasted no time in guiding her pussy down on to my manhood. She slid down my entire length, crying out as it stretched her but she started to ride up and down sending wonderful sensations through me. Jill meanwhile had moved up and was facing Sue, as her pussy lowered across my face and I eagerly started to lick and suck at the offered orifice. From the little I could see the girls were caressing each other and playing with each other’s tits. My cock was pushing deep into Sue and I was getting close as Sue slowed down but the moans from the girls obviously meant that they were enjoying each other as well as me. They kaçak casino both moved off me and changed places so that I could taste the mixture of Sue and me in my mouth as Jill slid easily down on to my sex stick.

This time there was no holding back, as Jill bounced merrily away, I was getting close and I cried out as my cum pumped deep into her Jill moaned as she climaxed. Sue was desperately pushing down hard on my face. My tongue deep in her cunt she started to explode and I felt her juices on my tongue and then on my face. She was making it hard for me to breathe but she slowly relaxed and lent forward on to her hands allowing me move slightly.

Jill was still slowly riding my cock as Sue moved forward more and kissed me just above where Jill was. Jill eased herself off revealing my semi hard cock to Sue covered in cum and juices and Sue started to lick me clean. I’d never had this done before and my cock was responding, twitching with pleasure and getting harder again. She wasted little time in moving down and she thrust her pussy down on to me and started to ride me fast and hard. She didn’t wait for me, she just wanted to come again and this she did, crying out as she came.

She fell face down, half on the bed, half off as Jill jumped into the pool with a splash. Sue smiled at me as she followed suit and I lay watching them. At the end of a couple of lengths they stopped at one end and kissed each other, not gently but quite passionately and their hands slid under the water and without any preamble were obviously fingering each others pussy and from the looks on their faces enjoying it.

I walked over to the edge of the pool close to them, knelt down and started to fondle myself. My hand stroked my manhood, revealing my knob to them as they fingered each other, I rubbed my cock hard and I felt myself getting close.

‘Who wants a face full?’

They looked at each other and spoke in unison, ‘we do.’

They were close to each other and as I started to grunt their faces were touching as my cum spurted out and shot across catching both of them. After 3 spurts I couldn’t get it to reach them so I let it come into my hand and then reached out and rubbed the girls tits. They wriggled as I did and then I jumped in the pool to recover. I swam a couple of lengths and as I looked back the girls were out of the pool and putting their wraps on.

‘Same time tomorrow?’ I asked.

They shook their heads and Sue spoke,’ Sorry, it was just a one off, great fun but we can’t risk getting caught.’

I nodded as they left but knew that it wouldn’t just be a one off and it wasn’t!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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