Fun in the Library

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“So I’ve been noticing comments this past year about wanting more sock-related foot fetish stories. Personally, I’m not the biggest sock fan. I love bare feet, simple as that. However, I’m giving this story a try with some sock AND barefoot fun. One of my favorite places for foot sightings is the library on my campus. Every time I go there, I see girls with their shoes off, studying up. This story is fictional, but I really, really wish this would happen to me (minus being a guy). As always, let me know what you think with ratings, comments, or message me. Thanks!”

Wednesday nights at the university library are typically never fun. Those old enough to drink are hitting the bars for hump day specials, a lot of activities are going on, and it was too nice outside to be cooped up in a boring old library. Well, that’s where I was, feeling anti-social and behind on some schoolwork. I was sitting on the 2nd floor study area, basically all alone. Sure, there were a few Chinese foreign students in the corner reading something, but I wasn’t interested in chatting with them. In fact, I almost wished they leave.

Though I’m not the most talkative guy, it didn’t have anything to do with confidence or looks. I’m about a 5 foot 11 and well built for someone who doesn’t regularly work out. My hair was a bit of a brown mess, but I felt like it didn’t matter since I was just studying in a library. I had put on a simple plain white tee, comfy jeans, and tennis shoes on before coming here. All in all, I’m pretty much your basic looking guy.

I went to the library to study up on my American Lit. material I was falling behind on. Though I don’t mind the subject, I wasn’t too happy about all the reading I had to do tonight. I would have been distracted in my dorm, with all the people around and my computer just begging to be opened. So here I am, bored out of my mind reading about The Great Gatsby.

About 30 long minutes later, lady luck smiled on me. A petite girl walked into the area, found a table across from me, and sat with her back to me. Fortunately, I got a nice glimpse of her. white, blonde curly hair tied back, makeup and slight eyeliner, dressed in black yoga pants and white sweater, dark eyes, red lipstick, and a narrow facial structure. My kind of girl.

She got comfortable in her seat and pulled out some homework from her backpack she had laid next to her table. I pretended to be readin my book, but my eyes couldn’t keep away from her for too long, especially when I looked down and noticed she was wearing black flats. I’m a foot guy, and the library is my favorite spot to work because a lot of girls come here and take their shoes off. My spot was perfect because I would be close enough to get a good look when she took them off.

“Anything’s better than reading,” I thought to myself.

I looked at the Asians in the corner, wondering if they were going to be a problem. They didn’t seem at all interested and were occupied. I continued “reading” my book and watching the girl. She crossed her legs when she was comfortable, and started writing. I crossed my fingers and waited.

An hour passed by, and the girl had done nothing but uncross her legs once or twice, only to put them back in their original position.

“She’s boring,” I thought, “Why can’t she do anything?”

At this point, I had finished my reading. What I needed now was another book in the library. Fortunately, I saw one of the library assistants coming by and waved her to come over. This girl acknowledged me with a smile and quietly came over to me.

She leaned over to me, “Hi, can I help you with something?”

The assistant looked about 2 years older than me, seemed very nice and polite, but the bags under her eyes told me she had been at work for awhile now. Though she wasn’t nearly as cute as the girl at the table, she had a decent complexion. She had short brown hair that came down to above her shoulders, a soft face with brown eyes, comparatively wider calves, and wasn’t wearing any makeup other than a little eyeliner. Like me, she was wearing something more casual; a pair of loose fit jeans and a red university tee. Like most of canlı bahis the other workers here, she was wearing sneakers, since they have to walk around the large library so much.

I realized I had been concentrating on her looks for a few seconds too long, and I spoke up. “Yes, I need a copy of Catcher in The Rye for an assignment. Could you get me one please?”

She gave me a polite nod. “Of course, just let me look in that section and I will be back in a few minutes with your book.” The assistant got up and headed for the fiction section of the library. As she walked away, I couldn’t help but give her another look. Though she was a bit of a plain jane, I decided that she was attractive enough. I just wished I could have seen some more skin, especially her feet. Walking around all day had to make her feet sweat and reek.

Speaking about feet, I turned my attention back to the flats girl. Disappointed to see that she hadn’t moved a muscle, I decided to relax back a little.

A few minutes later, I noticed that she was moving a little bit more. I stared at her as she started packing up, destroying my dreams of seeing her beautiful feet. Bummed out was an understatement, and I watched her leave. What I hadn’t notice though was the assistant had returned with my book.

“Excuse me, here’s your book.”

She caught me by surprise and I almost yelped a little. She smiled at my reaction.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you,” she said sweetly. She gave me the book and I tried to dispel the awkward situation by immediately starting to read. The assistant, however, had yet another surprise for me.

“So, did you get to see her feet?” she asked innocently.

I looked up at her, terrified at what she had just asked. “I’m….I have no idea what you are talking about!” I said, a bit louder than I should have. The Asians noticed my voice being raised and looked over.

The assistant gave me a knowing smile. “Look, why don’t we go somewhere else a bit more private to talk about this.” She took my hand and I reluctantly went along, barely managing to grab my bag. I was lead upstairs, to the archives and periodical section. This area was so large and crammed with unused books, that not many people ever go up there. Even the librarians don’t regularly go into some of the areas, which was exactly where this girl was leading me to.

Finally, she stopped in this spot between two huge book shelves, with a desk and chair in the in between. It was cramped, but she went around and sat in the desk, and propped her sneakered feet on said desk.

“Look, I know you were gawking at that girl that whole time, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” the assistant explained. “To be exact, you were hoping to see her feet, weren’t you?”

“How did you know?” I asked nervously. “Was I being obvious?”

She laughed at my question. “I can just tell when a boy is doing that, after working here for so long.” She gave me a wink. “Also, I’ve dated a guy who had a foot fetish. It really isn’t as bad as other girls make it out to me.” Then, she popped her right foot out of her shoe, letting it drop to the floor, followed by doing the same to her left shoe. All I could do was stare. On her feet were tight, black socks with a few small holes in them. “I’ve worn these socks everyday since I’ve got this job, and they really stink from working all day….so maybe you should have a seat.”

That was surely not a question, but a demand. This girl had me wrapped around her finger, and only with her socks. It was true, they looked dirty and sweaty and I was loving it. I put my bag down and sat on the seat, unsure of what was actually going to happen. The first thing I noticed when I sat down was a slightly sweaty smell coming from her socked feet. She was not kidding when she said she got a bit of a workout today.

“Now let’s play a game,” the shoeless brunette said. “I want to see how long you can sniff my socks without gagging or coughing. If you can continue sniffing for 5 minutes without a break, I’ll have a prize for you. How does that sound?”

As amazing as that sounded, I knew there had to be a catch. “And if I bahis siteleri lose?” I asked.

She shrugged. “Well if you can’t do it or refuse to, then I’ll say you tried to get to my feet by force, against my will, and you’ll be in big trouble mister.” She gave a sinister little laugh, enjoying all the power she now possessed over me.

As much as I didn’t want to be reported, I felt like I didn’t have much a choice. “Deal”

The library assistant smiled. “Good boy, so why don’t you get into position and wait for my mark?” She set her watch on a 5 minute timer, and I drew my face closer to be ready. “Ready….set…..GO!!”

I pushed my nose right in between the two feet and became lightly sniffing her soles. Immediately, that slight smell erupted into a sucker punch of foot odor, nearly making me retreat back. That would have lost me my promised reward, so I boldly faced the influx that greeted my nose. Her foot odor itself wasn’t necessarily unpleasant, but it was strong enough to send my senses into a bit of shock. I had been fooled into believing they were just sweaty before, but now there were traces of dirt and lotion mixed with that.

“You call that smelling?!” she asked, obviously not very impressed. “You aren’t sniffing a delicate flower here boy, you’re sniffing my dirty feet, so get to inhaling these puppies!”

I never would have guess this girl had a shred of a dominating personality under that polite and helpful one I had seen only 10 minutes ago. Shrugging it off, I increased my sniffing, taking in more each time. I hovered my nose over the balls of her feet now. Her feet were about a size 8 was my guess, so I had plenty to smell. The longer I smelled her socks, the easier it was to deal with the stench. 4 minutes turned to 3 minutes, then we arrived at 2 minutes when….

“Ok, now you need to spend the rest of the time on my toes!” she demanded.

The socks had a few holes around the toes, so my guess was that those would stink the most on her foot. Without complaint, I started smelling those as well. I was proven right, they smell much stronger than the arches or balls of her feet. The exposure was starting to get to me, and I felt a bit dizzy.

“1 minute left!” she said.

“I can do this,” I thought to myself. “I just have to hold up long enough.” Whatever this “prize” was going to be would be well worth it, I knew. Suddenly, she started pressing her toes directly into my toes. I had the notion to object, as this wasn’t part of our deal, but I was semi-addicted to the smell at this point. Besides, what guy doesn’t want to prove his steel every once in awhile? If it was somehow possible, the smell grew stronger, and now I was a bit worried that I would gag. My nose was tired out, and my mouth tasted like her socks. I was about to give up when….

“TIME!” she said. Her timer went off and I backed off from the socks. She smiled, apparently impressed. “I honestly didn’t know if you had it in you,” she admitted. “Even my ex-boyfriend and my friends can’t always do it after my work shifts.”

“You let your friends smell your feet like this?” I asked in disbelief.

She shrugged. “Yeah, I’m part of the fetish club on campus, and we play this game almost every meeting. I’m usually the popular choice.”

“Fetish club? I didn’t know there was a fetish club on campus,” I said.

“Well, that’s because we don’t advertise,” she said. “It’s an invite only club, and honestly it’s mostly guys and ugly girls. I basically stopped going after I broke up with my ex.”

I couldn’t believe that this girl was so open. “And you don’t mind foot fetishes at all?”

The assistant laughed. “I wouldn’t go THAT far,” she explained. “I never thought about my feet before then. I hardly ever got pedis or painted my toes, and I still don’t often. They weren’t allowed to touch or lick my feet ever.”

That answer left me feeling a bit disappointed. Sure, sniffing her socks had given me a nice boner, but you could believe I wanted more.

As if she read my mind, she gave me an understanding smile. “Well, you won, so you get your reward.”

“What’s my reward exactly?” I bahis şirketleri asked, curious now to see what she had in mind. I was also curious about something else. “What’s your name by the way?”

She laughed. “Hahahaha, silly me. My is Alex, probably should have said something before.” I introduced myself and shook her hand. “Ok, so you have two options for a reward. First, I could give you a blowjob.”

Her feet hadn’t made me gag, but this almost did. Being sexually inexperienced, I had never received a blowjob before. This sounded tempting.

She continued, “Or, I could give you a footjob.”

“Well, those both sound awesome,” I said, trying to mask my excitement. “But what could I do to get both maybe?”

Alex nearly laughed herself out of her seat, regaining herself before answering. “You are to the point, now aren’t you?” She thought about it for a moment, then an idea dawned on her. “Ok, we can do both, but you have to win another game.”

“Another game?” I asked, unsure if I could handle another round. “What do I have to do this time?”

“Oh, it’s a really fun game!” Alex told me. “I’m going to keep my socks on and give you a footjob. If you can last five minutes without cumming, I’ll finish you off with a blowjob. How does that sound?”

“Five minutes huh?” I said in a cocky manner. “I think I can keep myself from cumming in five minutes.”

Alex smiled, already knowing how this would turn out. “Ok, let’s start.” She got up from the chair and sat down on the desk, then motioned me to sit on the chair she had just vacated. As I was sitting down, Alex added something. “Oh, and if you lose, same punishment as before, got it?”

“Great, more pressure is all I need,” I said sarcastically.

“I’ll show you pressure all right,” she said with a teasing tone. “Now take off your pants and lets see what’s been growing in your pants this whole time!”

I notice that in all the excitement, ymy cock was also getting excited to, and was at full mast. Eager to start, I pulled my pants and boxers down and let the beast spring out. I’ve always been rather proud of my size, and feel especially so when you see Alex’s surprised reaction.

“Now that’s what I call a dick!” she said. “Hope it’s ready to blow.” And with that, Alex, brought her feet around and into position. “Five minutes….ready….set….GO!!”

Before I could even register the go, her socked peds were wrapped around my manhood. The damp cotton and my precum made it easy for her to go to town, and I was starting to wonder if I had made a mistake with this. Her soles rubbed heavily against my shaft, and I could already feel a rush coming up. I tried an idea a friend suggested to do during sex; if I wanna last longer, think about something disgusting or sad to keep me from cumming too soon. Quickly, I tried to think of something unpleasant to distract me.

“How about that reading I was doing only fifteen minutes ago?” I thought about how much I still needed to get done. Read Catcher In The Rye, To Kill A Mockingbird, etc. etc…..

“Four minutes left there big guy!” Alex said.

“Ok, that seemed to work,” I thought to myself. “Now, what else do I…”

Alex then started pumping harder, letting her toes do most of the work for her now. Her new strategy brought me back to reality, and I found myself unable to concentrate on my distraction. My dick was at its max, as big as it can get. Her foot fucking was amazing, which she probably worked on at this fetish club. It made me wonder how many guys had lost bets to Alex.

“Three minutes! Guess you’re gonna need a little more persuasion huh?” Alex took her right foot, and started stroking the tip of my shaft, and continued pumping with her left foot.

I was starting to get red in the face. Sweat dripped down my face, and I felt like I was going to explode any minute. To think, I believed that nothing could make a guy cum so quickly. Alex was a definite pro, and I was nothing more than an inexperienced rookie.

While I was trying to keep myself together, Alex was having the time of her life. “Don’t feel bad, I’ve done this more times than I care to think about.” She brought both feet to my sensitive tip, and started stroking with her socked toes.

“Two minutes left foot freak!”

There wasn’t going to be a two minutes if she kept this up……


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