From Pen to Passion

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The PT Cruiser dodged in between an SUV and a semi, trying to make it over to exit the heavily clogged freeway. Just as the car attempted that third lane, another car sped up totally ignoring the turn signal and cutting it off.

Inside the car Victor Stephens cursed and slammed his fist down on the steering wheel. What else could go wrong today? He had to fire his assistant manager and work a double shift just because he caught the rat stealing, and his other manager was still on vacation. At least they got vacations. Being the owner of an up and coming game store in the mid sized college town was a busy job, but always a job he lived for.

He lived and breathed his store, from way before it opened in the morning till long after it closed at night. He wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. He took great pains to develop a playful and interactive store and he’d always enjoyed the lighthearted atmosphere he had created there. He held monthly tourneys in almost every game he himself excelled at, which were a lot. At his home he held monthly casino nights and had a lot of friends. And the money was nice. Damn nice. He had a dream job – he got to play, he got to meet new people and he got paid very well for all of it.

The only problem he could have even complained about was the fact he didn’t have someone to share all this with. There were girls, most definitely. He was a fun loving guy who loved to laugh, but he was also very sexual. And he’d been equipped well by Mother Nature for all the explicit games he liked to play. The only problem was finding someone he could consider his equal. Most times they were pretty, petite, highly sexed girls, but in the end that’s all they were. Girls. He needed something more. And what he longed to find more than anyone was someone who could challenge him in bed and out, who was beautiful AND smart, and a true class act.

And he didn’t mind at all biding his time until he found her. He had other things he could do to ease the pains of loneliness in the meantime. There were his playmates he met on the job, for one, and he enjoyed the Internet to the fullest. He belonged to several X rated sites, a few of which helped him find other bed mates for clandestine one night stands. He had a full erotic movie collection and a really strong right hand. But best of all, he had, a place he could read stories that came from like minded people.

His cock jumped a bit as he drove along, thinking about how his journey on Literotica had changed lately. A few months ago he had unearthed a writer who knocked his socks off, she was eloquent and insightful, and she was a master of the art of seduction through story. He read all her stories, most of which were rated H for hot, and had to send her an email letting her know how exciting he found what she wrote.

He wasn’t expecting her to write back. He found out she wasn’t just a sexual powerhouse of words, she was also gracious and just plain nice. So he wrote her back to tell her so, and she wrote him back again. Within days he found himself anxious to leave his store and head home so he could open up his email and find her handle amongst all the spam. He got more daring with his casual, fun, chatty emails – trying his hand at writing erotica for her – just to ask for her opinion of course. To hell with that, he was hoping she was sitting on her end of it, moist and dripping wet thinking about him too. When they began writing chain erotic stories that he’d start, she’d continue and then he’d pick up again, it became clear that she was as interested in him as he was in her. After an all night session of the back and forth writing session, she begged him for his phone number to finish the story with the sound of his voice.

Victor shifted in his car seat as he remembered her hushed, husky voice on the other end of the phone. His cock was straining against the fabric of his pants, as desperate for her as Victor was himself. The traffic was stopped, so Victor wasn’t going to get home too soon. He figured, fuck it. He wasn’t going to drive home with this erection. He was going to come right there and then write a story about it that he’d send to her later. That’s just how sexy she was, the mere thought of her made him insane with desire and he had to come.

He zipped down his pants, keeping an eye on the other cars. No one seemed to notice him, and his windows were mercifully tinted. His warm hand surrounded his stiff shaft as he went over that first phone call yet again.

Her voice was soft, like a touch against his skin, as she told him what she would do to him. She described how she’d take him into her mouth and suck his cock until he came, shooting all that cum right into her throat. Her intense words had him pumping his cock as they spoke, and he could tell by the way her voice quivered she had her fingers shoved deep in her pussy – right where she wished that big hard cock of his was. Or so she told him. When she came she screamed out loud and that was all it took for him to go over canlı bahis the edge. He had the most intense sexual experience of his life and he hadn’t even touched her.


He moaned a bit as he played with himself. This is why he had to get home. Tonight was the night they were going to take what they did online and make it real. The details would be waiting for him at home, in another email from the screen name he’d come to passionately lust for. Renee Grisholm had him tied up in knots, and if his instincts were right, he got to her the same way. Even though he didn’t need to see her to want her, by the time she actually sent him a picture a few weeks ago there was no doubt in his mind that they would meet and they would take this passionate affair to a new level. It didn’t matter if they hadn’t already met; the phone calls that followed that first one all added up to one very important thing. He needed to meet her. It seemed fate they ended up in the same area, and now everything was in place for them to finally get together.

He felt that old familiar rush as his hand pumped up and down on his hard cock. He wanted to come, but he wanted it to be with her. The foreplay for their first time together had started long ago with that first email, and he knew now he wasn’t going to spend one more drop until he could shoot it into her hot, waiting pussy. They hadn’t even had phone sex for about a week as they planned this first meeting, although the stories never stopped, and now she had started a whole new section of stories on Literotica just for him. From Pen to Passion, she called it, and each installment was about wild fantasy dates that always ended up with all he wanted – she and he together at last.

She told him how much fan mail she received, and he got totally hot thinking of how many men wanted her just from who she was online. Yet he was the one she was going to be with. Tonight and hopefully many more nights to come. He had spent the last few months thinking of nothing else, and if they had the same chemistry in person as they did on the phone or online, he knew that this could possibly be the girl he’d been waiting for.

And she was just as crazy for him, she said. He began taking digital photos of himself as he jacked off to her stories, and he’d send them to her in emails. She wasn’t allowed to open them until they were on the phone together, and whenever she did he could hear her moan in anticipation. She had confessed to him that she’d never before had a vaginal orgasm, just clitoral ones. Seeing that magnificent, hard, thick cock made her contemplate the possibilities that he’d be the one to finally accomplish the impossible.

So Victor put his dick away for now, still throbbing, still hard, but a soldier who had a mission for the evening. To make her come not just once, but multiple times. He was confident he could do it too, because Mother Nature also made sure that he not only had an impressive member, but one that never went limp right away even after he’d come. That was one secret he had kept from her. She had no idea what was coming.

He was still firm as he finally drove up into his garage and head into the house. Their conversations had been daily – sometimes many times daily – for months, and for the last week they had not allowed each other to go all the way. He was about ready to explode.

He dumped his keys in the tray by the door, and bent down to cuddle with his Pug Wiley. “One quick walk, boy,” he advised, turning an eye toward the computer. “Daddy’s got something very important to do tonight.”

He booted up the computer before they head out, and he grinned like a sappy schoolboy when he caught sight of that gorgeous redhead who now smiled at him from the screen. It was a boudoir shot, where she was laying naked against red satin sheets, wisps of material covering her firm breasts and draped across her hips. He was so jealous of the person who took that photo. She was the kind of person who could have sex with her eyes, and that’s what she was doing when that shutter captured her luscious form on film.

Wiley was not happy that their walk only included to the end of the street and back, but Victor knew he’d get over it. He gave him some special food before heading toward the computer where he could be with her at last.

“You’ve got female,” said the voice from the computer, a funky fun .wav she sent him as a joke. He’d replaced all his AOL sounds with her voice; he was consumed with everything about her. And sure enough there was her screen name amidst all the rest. All the offers to get bigger, as if he needed to, or to see sexy live cams of sorority girls, which he no longer needed were quickly deleted as he saved the best for last. “Hi Baby. Just got in from my trip and I’m glad to be home. I am especially glad that I finally get to meet you tonight. I can’t wait to take you in my arms. I want to feel you against me for real. Meet me at Mike’s Bar on Seventh Street at 8:00pm. I’ll be the one who isn’t wearing any bahis siteleri underwear. Renee”

His heart jumped in his chest. He couldn’t believe the day was finally here. He glanced down at the time on his computer, realizing he only had about an hour to get ready. He showered and shaved, brushed his teeth and splashed on some subtle cologne. He wore a shirt of soft suede, black and striking, making his blue eyes ever more brilliant. He brushed back his salt and pepper grey hair he’d had from his early twenties, and tried to smooth his trousers over his cock, whom also seemed to know what was going on. No more hands for this fellow, he was going to feel her tight pussy enclose around him and clutch him tight, and he couldn’t wait. He wasn’t going to sleep until he’d spent his last drop. Which made life interesting for Vic, but he couldn’t really blame the lil guy. He was on the verge of a mental orgasm just thinking of gazing at her lovely face for the first time.

Across town Renee Grisholm stood in front of her full length mirror. She turned this way and that, peering at her body. She liked the bustier look with this underwear set, but she knew that could wait for another day. This day she wanted to wear absolutely nothing underneath her clothes. She got wet just thinking of sitting there across from him at dinner, just waiting for the moment they could be alone. Feeling the juice run from her pussy and down her legs as she hungered for that amazing hard cock seemed way sexier than any satin or lace she’d put against her flesh.

She slipped into a halter dress that stopped a few inches above her knee. It clung to her curves, her generous bosom, her full hips, her long legs. She stepped into sexy black pumps that made her legs seem even longer. She fluffed up her medium length copper red hair with her fingers, hoping he wouldn’t mind too much the ten inches she’d cut over the last week. Every now and then she liked to shake things up and do things different, and she’d had long hair just long enough. It was time to go short and sassy.

She applied her makeup artfully, framing those vibrant green eyes with dark makeup, making them seem almost incandescent. A sprits of natural hormonal based perfume later and she was on her way. Her body was alive with anticipation, and as she thought once more of the photos he’d sent of himself, her pussy responded with deep need to feel him inside of her.

She pulled up to Mike’s at exactly 7:45pm. She jumped a bit as she slid out of her car and the cool air swept over her bare pussy. She’d forgotten for a moment she wasn’t wearing any panties, and ended up giving a couple of guys nearby the peek show of their lives. The whistled and commented as she strutted by, paying them no mind.

When it came to men, not just any one could turn Renee’s head. She could appreciate a handsome man, but she wanted to sleep with very few. Her experiences had shown her that more often than not she’d be disappointed, so she just kept those sorts of thoughts for her career as a writer. Her books were good sellers because of it, and she was considered one of the greatest erotic fiction writers around. As well she should, because years worth of sexual frustration was pumped into each and every one.

Perhaps it was her tendency to be a control freak, but no one had ever managed to bring her to orgasm through sex alone. She always had to help them out, providing clitoral stimuli while they were pumping their average equipment into her and reaching climax much too soon. She went off like a rocket if the proper attention was paid, but most of the time men were much too impatient to give her that attention. And in doing so they ended up being one night stands that she’d end up writing about later, only she’d use creative license to make them the lovers they failed to be.

It was one of the reasons she’d held off meeting Victor for so long. Sure he wrote great stories, and he was certainly physically attractive, but would it be enough? Or would this be one more night she’d end up coming home to masturbate, filling in all the spots that he’d left unattended? And she’d only met men through her service at the beginning, trying to find that elusive partner that would provide her the passion she desperately sought. Many partners later, she gave up. And would never have answered his email had he not been so funny. She started talking to Victor because he was a likeable guy, the sex came later.

And she could feel her nipples harden as they brushed against the material of her dress, thinking about all the stories he’d written and turned HER on. The photos, the phone calls, the sound of his voice as he lost control and came were all things that began to drive her wild for him. And she knew no matter what she had to meet him. She had to feel him inside her. Her pussy was so hungry for him she had begun to masturbate several times a day. All but this last week, when they both promised they’d do nothing until they actually met. Tonight. In minutes. She couldn’t wait.

When bahis şirketleri Victor walked into the bar she was not hard to spot. Her vibrant red hair practically glowed from across the room. He watched her for a moment as she laughed with the bartender who had just handed her a drink. Her laughter died away as their eyes met for the first time. They both smiled. She stood as he approached and before they could say anything he swept her into a hug. She felt so soft and full in his arms, and he could feel her breasts pressed into his chest. He groaned a little as he kissed her hair. “You feel good.”

“You feel better,” she whispered into his neck. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

He pulled her closer against his hardness. “Believe it now?” All she could do was groan. He was even more impressive than he looked on the photos.

He pulled away and she led him to a back booth. One of the kinds of booths that have candle light and a lot of privacy, and it suited them both just fine. They sat close together, their legs touching under the table cloth. And all he could do was drown in her eyes. They were amazing. She was amazing.

The waiter dropped off menus and took their drink order. A bottle of your best champagne, please. Of course, sir. He left them alone again and Vic turned to Renee. “You’re even more beautiful than your photos. I love your hair, when did you do that?”

“While I was in New York. I’m glad you like it.”

He didn’t say anything; all he could do was look at her face, and deep into her eyes. Just as she was about to ask him what he was thinking, his face moved toward hers for a kiss. Just before their lips can meet the waiter brought over the champagne.

Like two kids, Vic and Renee sit back again, and smile and laugh nervously as the waiter pours the glasses. The waiter laughs it off. “You two been married long?”

They both just laughed. “What makes you ask that?” Vic wanted to know.

“You look like newlyweds.” Neither of them tell him that they just met. Both ponder how interesting it is that they could act so familiar and loving together so soon. They place their order and he disappears.

The conversation never fell into a lull; they talked as if they talked every single day. And they did. She quizzed him how things were going at the store, and he unloaded about his miserable day. She placed her hand on his thigh, “I’m sorry you had a bad day.”

He grinned at her. “It’s better now.”

They talked about her trip to New York. She finally met with a book publisher for one of her “serious” manuscripts, and things were looking really good. He told her what a phenomenal writer she was and that she deserved this break.

They discussed everything and nothing over dinner, feeding each other, laughing, and avoiding what they really wanted to do. As the waiter cleared the table and was given the order for strawberries and chocolate for dessert, Vic moved closer to her. He had to; he wanted to hold her so bad.

Her breath caught as she felt him draw nearer. He reached out to touch her face, gently tracing the line of her chin. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered.

She gave him a big, happy grin. “So are you.”

He bent in for his kiss and once again the waiter interrupted, bringing up the tray full of fruit and chocolate and cream. Vic leaned in to whisper to her, “This guy is never going to get a tip this way,” which made her giggle. She reached for a strawberry but Vic grabbed her hand. He held both her tiny hands in his one large one, and reached for the fruit with the other. He slid the big, plump, red berry over her full lips, and his cock jerked as she ran the tip of her tongue all around it before her mouth closed over it. Her cheeks sunk it as she sucked on it, and he couldn’t help but groan. Her eyes never left his as she simulated oral sex with that fat strawberry. He took her hands that he was holding and pressed it against his raging hard on, and this time it was she who groaned, her eyes sliding back in her head. “Oh God,” she groaned, her fingers grasping him, savoring the hardness.

He withdrew the strawberry from her mouth and then slipped it under the table cloth. She gasped as she felt it against her inner thigh, and she opened her legs further. She felt it nudge against her engorged clit. She jumped as he began to flick the berry back and forth over her and he leaned in to whisper, “Don’t you wish that were my tongue?”

She nodded, incapable of speech. He grinned as he brought the strawberry up to his lips and bit into it. She reached up and her lips covered his, her tongue rescuing that piece of strawberry from his mouth and eating it herself.

He grabbed her to him for a kiss, and their waiter came up to see if they needed anything.

“Yes,” Vic growled.

“Check, please,” Renee murmured.

They paid the check in record time and he all but drug her by the hand as they made it across the street to the historic hotel where he’d already booked a room. The minute the elevator doors closed behind them they were all over each other. He shoved his tongue deep in her mouth as he lifted her up to him, his hands on her ass, cupping and squeezing the firmness.

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