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Friday’s are usually a chaotic day, so I like to get out of the office for a little while to clear my head. My favorite place to go is a little pizza place in the shopping plaza next to the medical office complex I work in. It’s got good food, and the staff is always really nice.

A little about me… I’m Megan, and I work in a doctor’s office as a medical secretary. I’m 5’4″ and about 110 pounds. I have longish strawberry blonde hair (although a little more blonde than red) and a 34B chest. I’m the mother of a 6 year old boy, and through some hard work managed to never lose my pre-mom figure. I think I look pretty good, and I like to dress nice for the office.

I usually wear nice dresses or business suits, and always wear thigh high stockings and heels. I also like to put on some fairly sexy lingerie under my professional looking suits. On occasion, when I wake up and my body is almost vibrating from being so horny, I will skip the panties and cherish the naughtiness of feeling my bare ass and pussy on the fabric of my dress or suit.

One particular Friday I woke up earlier than my alarm because I had a sexy dream and was very worked up. As I got my day started, I couldn’t help running my hands all over myself in the shower. Hearing “Mom, I’m hungry” come from outside the bathroom snapped my out of my horny haze. I threw on a robe and made my son something to eat.

Just as I was finishing that, the nanny arrived and I went to finish getting ready for work. It was a nice warm, and sunny early June morning so I decided to go with more of a nicer sun dress today. As I reached for my underwear drawer I again felt my body shiver with excitement and decided to not wear any panties. I knew I would feel wickedly sexy as the breeze went through my dress and past my bald pussy.

Work was indeed chaotic, and patients were trying to cram in last minute appointments all morning. As my lunch break approached, I handed off the phones to the call service and headed out the door to my little hole in the wall pizza joint.

As I walked through the door I saw that it was completely empty as usual. I’m not so sure that this place is doing well at all. The only time I see any more than one or two people here is when the dance school next door in the plaza lets out on a Friday evening. Could be because it’s on the non-street facing side of the plaza, or maybe the plethora of other pizza joints in town.

I walk over to the table I usually sit at, and take a seat. Sandra, the cook/owner/waitress, sees me from the kitchen and smiles.

“Kim, Megan’s here!” she shouts at her daughter Kim who is a waitress there.

Kim saunters over with a big smile and asks how I was, and how my son was. We make a little small talk and then she takes my order.

As she walks away I hear Sandra talking sternly into the phone. I can’t make out what exactly she’s saying since the table I like to sit at it right next to the soda machine, and it’s a bit loud. I can only suspect that it’s her ex-boyfriend (and Kim’s dad) that she’s arguing with. It was his idea to open the pizza place, and after about 6 months he decided it wasn’t for him. So, he ran off with the other waitress who was Kim’s age and actually graduated high school with her the year before. Needless to say, he wasn’t too popular around the pizza place.

Sandra hung up, and after threw my slices into the oven, she came over to talk. She plunked herself down in the chair across from me and sighed.

“The ex?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She replied with a sigh. “He wants me to sell the shop and give him half of the money. I keep telling him that’s not going to happen because a) it was mostly MY money we used to start up, and b) that we’re basically failing now and any money from selling would barely cover the debt. He just doesn’t get it.”

I gave a sympathetic shrug and Sandra got up to check on my lunch.

As she walked away I admired her body a bit.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I do have a bit of a bisexual side and am attracted to women.

Sandra is cute. She’s about 5’6/5’7. 130 or so (small love handles) and 34b I guess. She’s got a bit of a haggard look lately, but I think that’s mostly the problems with the shop and her ex. She was much more upbeat and sunny when they first opened. She usually wears pretty tight jeans and snug baby doll cut t- shirts.

As I watched her walk toward the kitchen I felt my pussy tingle as I looked at her ass. When she was out of sight, I looked over toward Kim. Now, she was very sexy. She liked to wear short, tight cut off jean shorts and fairly light tank tops. I noticed that today she wasn’t wearing a bra, but instead just had on 2 tank tops. I could see her firm, perky 34Cs clearly defined. She has a fairly small frame, and is about 5’5″ and only about 95 or 100 pounds. That made her tits look even better. casino oyna Especially today.

I sipped my Coke and heard the door bell go ding. I looked up and saw a very handsome man stroll in. He was maybe in his late forties or early 50s, tall and had a trim sturdy build. He had kind of a George Clooney ER days look to him. He was dressed well in a very nice suit. He had a large worn looking camera case with him.

He sat at a table by the counter. Kim got up to go take his order and I could see that she liked what she saw. He was pretty handsome. He too looked like he was enjoying the view. As she walked away to get his drink his eyes never left her ass that was being barely held in by the tiny shorts she was wearing.

From where I was sitting I could see into the kitchen, and Kim was in there somewhat frantically describing the new customer to Sandra. As Kim came out with his drink, I saw Sandra poke her head out and give him the once over. She ducked back, and as she did she looked at me and gave me thumbs up and a wink.

This pretty much repeated itself as Kim brought him his slices of pizza. I think Kim sort of sense he was checking out her ass, because she sauntered much more slowly back to the kitchen this time.

He took a couple of bites of the pizza and loudly exclaimed, “Wow! This is some of the best pizza I’ve ever had! Can I talk to the cook?”

Sandra and Kim both came out of the kitchen. He repeated his compliment, and this time slipped in a compliment about the good looks of Sandra and Kim.

I could see them both blushing a bit, and sort of mesmerized by the handsome and charming man.

“How come you’re so empty on a Friday lunch hour?” he asked.

Sandra gave him a quick rundown of their troubles, the lack of business, and their building debt.

“My name is Nathan. Maybe I can help. I’m a producer and photographer for several food shows and magazines.

I would love to do a story on you and your pizza place. Maybe even get you highlighted on a show.”

Sandra and Kim were speechless.

He looked over at me, and said “Wow, you even have great looking customers! I can take a whole spread now.”

I couldn’t help but blush myself. He was pretty damn handsome.

Sandra began to protest a little saying that she wasn’t looking that good today. Kim didn’t protest one bit. She knew she looked good, and was showing off a lot of her “assets”.

Nathan calmed Sandra down and reassured her. “You all sit down, and I’ll get some more drinks and we’ll talk about some details.” He said as he walked into the kitchen to the soda fountain.

He came back out a couple of minutes later with three drinks and even motioned me over to the table.

Sandra, Kim and I sipped on our Coke’s as he explained the process.

“I’ll take some quick shots here today. Get some of the place, you two and one of you (he said looking at me).

Then I’ll get a customer review to add to mine (again looking at me). Then I’ll run it all past the writers and see about getting it into our local magazine chain.”

Sandra was starting to primp herself and straighten up.

Nathan took out a very large camera and a smaller video camera. He explained the pictures would be good to use, but he only had his small personal video camera with him so he would have to come back with a camera crew. He had them pose in front of the sign by the front door, and then in the opening to the kitchen by the oven.

As he was taking their pictures, I started to feel my head getting a bit fuzzy. I couldn’t tell if it was all the excitement about the camera, or that a handsome man was taking pictures of two women that I found attractive. I took some more sips of my drink to try to shake off the fuzz.

Nathan then asked to take some shots of just Kim. He took a picture, and then suggested that she rise up the bottom of her tank tops a bit to show her flat belly. She looked a bit dazed, but reached down and did as he asked.

She raised it a little, and he then reached over to her and moved it up to right under her tits.

I looked over at Sandra to see her reaction, but she was just sitting there watching. She looked like she was feeling the fuzziness too.

He then told Sandra to go stand next to Kim. She popped up and did as he said in an almost robotic fashion.

Then he looked at me and instructed me to go lock the door to the restaurant. In my head I wanted to ask why, but I found myself just getting up and going to do it. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to really disregard him.

When I got back to the table I saw that he had both Sandra and Kim’s shirts up high enough to be showing off a good amount of under-boob each. Both of their pants were unbuttoned also. The flies were opened and you could see the tops of their panties sticking out. canlı casino

They just stood there without protest. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Sandra wasn’t even raising a fuss.

“Why don’t you two just take those shirts right off?” he instructed as he picked up his video camera.

I now wanted to protest, but I couldn’t seem to bring myself to do it. I looked down at my drink, which was now almost empty and noticed a bit of a film on the bottom of the cup. Holy shit, we’ve been drugged! I though.

I looked up again and saw that Sandra now had her shirt off and just her bra left. Kim was standing next to her completely topless. My pussy began to drip as I saw her young, firm tits right there in front of me. Her nipples were standing straight out from maybe the air conditioning or maybe from excitement.

“Kim, why don’t you undo your mom’s bra and also pull down her jeans.” Nathan instructed.

Kim moved toward her mom and reached around to unhook her bra. After it fell down away from Sandra’s older, but still beautiful tits, Kim reached down and started to pull her jeans down. Sandra was wearing some plain cotton panties, which were really nothing special.

Nathan was sitting there filming the entire thing. I noticed that he at some point had unzipped his trousers, but still had his cock in his boxers.

He then told Sandra to take off Kim’s shorts. In her drugged daze Sandra reached right down and slid the very tight shorts down her daughter’s legs. Kim, unlike her mom, had on some fairly see-through front thong. Her firm legs moved all the way up the side and I would see her taught, beautiful ass.

“Now each other’s panties,” ordered Nathan.

They both complied, and in a few seconds both were standing completely naked. They both had completely shaved pussies. I let out a little gasp when I saw their nakedness in front of me.

Nathan heard me and looked over. “Oh, I haven’t forgotten about you. Come over here and sit next to me. As you do, take off your dress.”

I was powerless to defy him. I stood up and walked over to where he was sitting. As I got there I slipped the straps of my sundress off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. There I was standing with only a strapless lace bra, thigh high white stockings and white strappy heels.

“Well, well, well,” Nathan said. “Looks like someone decided to go commando today. Maybe hoping to get a nice fuck, or maybe flash her pussy at some lucky guy?” He asked. As he did so he noticed that I was transfixed on Kim’s young tight body.

“Oh, maybe not a guy, but a hot young woman to show yourself off too.” He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You just may get that chance.”

My pussy was almost overflowing as he whispered that into my ear.

He turned his attention back to Sandra and Kim. “Ok, you two. I think it’s time to give me a show.”

“Kim, start rubbing your hands all over your mom’s tits and ass.”

Kim, still without any protest or hesitation, reached over and started to caress her mom’s breasts. She started to rub her nipples between her fingers, and kneed her whole tits.

I could see a mix of emotion of Sandra’s face. She looked to be trying to protest, but she was also opening her mouth and letting out little moans of pleasure.

Without any instruction, Sandra reached over and started to run her hand over Kim’s cunt. Kim let out a sigh and began to slowly hump her pussy onto her mom’s hand.

I looked over and saw a tent in Nathan’s boxers as he filmed the hot scene in front of him.

“Kim, I think your mom needs to feel your tongue in her mouth as she’s rubbing your cunt,” he said.

With that Kim and Sandra moved their moths together and began to kiss each other with a burning lust. Kim now started to rub her mom’s pussy too. I could see here middle finger start to slide into Sandra’s hungry cunt.

Nathan looked over at me and told me to get on my knees in front of him.

I didn’t want to. I wanted to taste Sandra and Kim. Not the cock of some stranger who drugged us and is now forcing my two friends into an incestuous act. I couldn’t stop though. Whatever he gave us removed any and all free will, and any shred of inhibition. I kneeled in front of him.

“Take out my cock and start sucking, you slut!” he barked.

I freed his cock from his boxers, and it sprang straight up at me. It was actually quite a nice one. I guess that makes sense since he was so good looking. I lowered my head and wrapped my lips around the head. It was thick, and I actually had a bit of tough time getting it all in my mouth.

I felt him grab the back of my head and push. “Deeper!” she barked again. I obeyed and worked his thick, maybe 8 inch tool, into my throat.

“Good girl,” he moaned.

Taking him deep was eased a bit by how turned on kaçak casino I was from the moaning coming from behind me as mother and daughter fingered each other.

“Sandra, get on your back and slide your head under Megan. She’s sucking me good and deserves something in return.”

I felt a body slide under me and stop directly under my bare cunt. Then I almost stopped sucking, stopped breathing, stopped thinking as I felt Sandra’s tongue hit my pussy lips for the first time. I moaned on Nathan’s cock as her mouth found my clit.

I then felt her moan into my cunt. I moved my eyes up, and in the reflection on the glass soda cooler door saw Kim kneeling down and devouring her mom’s pussy.

We kept up this moaning, writhing, and dirty chain on for about 10 more minutes or so.

“Everyone get up!” Nathan commanded.

We all obeyed immediately. For the first time though, I could feel myself being able to think more clearly and resist. I didn’t want to though, and I couldn’t let on that I was coming out of the effects of the drug. I hated Nathan, but I loved what he was having us do.

“Kim, slide your cunt down onto my cock. Sandra Get down between her legs and lick her pussy and my cock as I fuck your daughter’s tight cunt. Megan, get behind Sandra. Slide two fingers into her cunt, and then when they are both dripping wet take them and slide them into her ass, as you put two more into her pussy again. Then finger fuck the shit out of her.”

I watched as all the parts of the puzzle moved into place. Kim faced toward Sandra and me as she lowered herself on his cock. Her eyes bulged and she did so.

“Damn!” Nathan exclaimed. “She so fucking tight!”

“Did I just popped your cherry?” he asked Kim

She nodded, and I saw a little tear escape her eye.

“Good!” he laughed callously. He then grabbed her hips and started slamming into her cunt.

She was whimpering from the pain and bit of pleasure she was subjected to. Sandra then got into place and blocked my view of his cock buried into Kim. Kim’s face changed from a wince to a look of ecstasy again as her mother worked her pussy and Nathan’s cock with her mouth.

I got into position myself and did as I was instructed. I lubed up two fingers with Sandra’s pussy juice and then slid them slowly into her ass. I was actually surprised with how easily they slid in. I think Sandra’s ass wasn’t necessarily “virginal”. I slid the other two fingers into here pussy and began to pump both sets in and out in an alternating rhythm.

Sandra was now pushing back to meet each of my thrusts.

The pizza shop smelled like sex, and sounded like a porn set. Moaning, slapping, squishing, and Nathan barking out a random, “harder!” or “faster!”

Just the scene alone was bringing me close to a climax. I was hovering on the edge for several long minutes now.

I heard Nathan grunt and proclaim that he was about to cum. He then grabbed firm hold of Kim’s hips and slammed her down on his cock one last time. He was shooting deep into her. Each spurt of cum accompanied by a grunt from him, and a whimpering moan from her. After he was done, he pushed her up and slid out from under her.

Kim dropped onto the chair and seemed to melt into it. As she did, both Sandra and I, without any direction or hesitation, rushed our mouths onto her cunt. Our tongues licked her up and down as we sucked Nathan’s cum out of her daughter’s pussy. Our tongues danced together and into Kim at the same time. We slurped every bit of cum out of her that we could.

Sandra’s eyes and mine met. We both smiled at each other, and realized that the drug had worn off of everyone but we were still all over each other.

I looked up at Kim and she was smiling also. She looked down and put a hand on the back of each of our heads.

“Mmmm, god you two really know how to lick some pussy,” she sighed.

Looking up again to see where Nathan was, I noticed he was gone. In fact there was no trace of him whatsoever. I sat back down and we all sort of looked at each other silently for a few minutes.

“What time do you get out of work?” Sandra asked me.

“About 5:30,” I answered.

“Would you like to join Kim and me at our place after work and we can talk about all of this?”

As I was about to say yes, Kim broke in bluntly. “Fuck talking about it, I want to do it some more!”

We all laughed and got dressed. Miraculously I was still barely in time getting back from my lunch break. I did have to wash my face, hands and pussy before I got back. I smelled of both women’s and men’s cum.

After work, I called the nanny and told her I had to work late. She was free that evening, so she could stay.

I went straight to Sandra’s place after work. I don’t think it was even five minutes before the three of us were in a bed eating each other out. This became an almost weekly occurrence. Kim even met a guy she liked and brought him into the group. He was a happy camper with three sexy and dirty women draining him dry.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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