Forbidden Passions Pt. 03

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In the days that passed after our mouth watering session our messages had completely changed to just pure filth, we weren’t holding anything back in describing how much we were enjoying our forbidden tryst, we sent pictures to one another and had some great phone sex too. I knew she was going away for a long weekend with her girlfriends so I wanted to try and see her before she left but opportunities seemed to be hard to come by between my workload and my friend paying her more attention these days.

She left early Friday morning and was posting regular updates of her journey on social media, I could see she was having a great time but I did wish I was there with her. It wasn’t long before my phone was going off again as she began to tell me how much fun she was having and sending me pictures of her various outfits. She looked simply stunning in every photograph. I longed to have her in my arms again and to smell her sweet perfume as she lay next to me. My mind began to wander back to our last encounter and I soon found myself stroking my cock through my jeans, I was just building up a rhythm when my phone rang, I knew exactly who it was.

She was slightly boozy and was telling me that she had a short time free before the girls all headed it again, she missed me and more importantly she missed my cock! I told her I had just been thinking about her and playing with myself, she jokingly gave me into trouble for having fun without her and then began describing how she was touching herself. I could hear her breathing change as she began to rub her swollen clit, my own breathing got heavier as I listened to her toy with her pussy. I wanted to be there, I wanted to tease her with my tongue, I wanted to fuck her so badly, I began roughly tugging at my stiff manhood imagining being inside her, she must have sensed my longing to see her because she then told me to hang up and wait a few moments because she would ring me back.

I thought someone must have come into her room or something but a few minutes later I received a video call, I answered and was greeted with the glorious image of her standing completely naked, she smiled and asked me if I wanted to watch her pleasure herself for me, she knew damn well I did!

“Before you get to see me, I want to watch you play.” she said.

I moved my camera down and released my cock from my jeans, I could hear her moan softly as I began stroking the full length of my shaft. As I continued to play I felt the pre cum run out and over my hands, I knew I wouldn’t take long to cum if I carried on at this rate and she knew too so she told me to stop and that it was my turn to watch her. I eagerly turned to look at my screen, she was staring back at me biting her lower lip, I loved it when she did that, it was such a tempestuous look and it always made my cock stir wildly. She moved the camera down following her hand as it ran over her neck and then cupped at her amazing breasts, she began to gently run her nipples so I could watch them harden, this didn’t take long and soon she was pulling them harder and groaning as she did so, I couldn’t resist the urge to take my cock in my hand once again.

“You want to watch me fuck myself don’t you?”

“You fucking know I do!” I replied.

The camera was on the move again and soon it was over her glistening wet pussy, she slowly ran her fingers over her clit before pulling her lips wide open so I could see just how wet she was. I began to recall just how good that pussy tasted and that was making me want it even more now. She slowly slid a finger inside and moaned audibly, I told her to pick up speed and to cum loudly for me, she did as I asked and was soon gasping in orgasmic pleasure, I felt myself getting close too and she knew from my groans that it would be imminent.

“Cum for me baby, I want to watch.” She said.

At that I moaned loudly as I showered güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my stomach in my own hot sticky cum, it felt so good to release that after so long but it would have been better if it was with her. She giggled as I shuddered and gasped my way through the end of my orgasm, she told me I was a naughty boy but she would make me do that again in person when she got home.

I resisted the temptation to call her on Sunday when I knew she was home as I was pretty certain my friend would have been round, it turns out I got that wrong as I soon had a knock at my door. I got a pleasant surprise when I saw her standing there, she laughed at the look of delighted shock that was etched on my face and asked if I was going to just stare at her or invite her in. I apologised sheepishly and then moved aside so she could enter, I admired her lovely figure as she slowly brushed past me and made her way down my hall, she gracefully removed her jacket from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor revealing that she was only wearing a silk negligee, she lifted it slightly to reveal her naked was cheeks which told me she wasn’t wearing any underwear either.

I followed her into my living room and as I approached her I spun her round and took her in my arms, we were instantly all over each other, kissing wildly, hands grabbing at every inch of each others flesh, she ripped my t-shirt off my chest and threw me down onto my sofa, I sat there in awe of the sheer lust that was in her eyes, my cock was already straining against my shorts and her eyes slowly moved downward to the visible bulge, she got down onto her knees and slid my shorts off smiling as my cock sprung to attention for her. She pressed it against my stomach with her right hand and began to lick from the base of my balls right up to the tip, it felt incredible as she literally covered every part of my cock with her tongue before she hungrily wrapped her lips around the tip and began to suck. As she did this she took her left hand and gave my balls a firm but gentle squeeze and pulled at them softly, I groaned in pleasure at this and arched my back, i had never had that done to me before and fuck, it felt so good. I loved watching her suck my cock, it was such a turn on, especially when she looked up at me while she did it.

She got to her feet and climbed up to straddle me, we kissed again, I felt the warmth emanating from her pussy as it glided so close to my cock. She threw her head back so could kiss her neck, my nails digging into her back as the waves of passion crashed over us. I removed her clothing as I continued to kiss her neck and the front of her chest, she began to move her hips in a circular motion and I knew what was coming, it was her trademark move and one which she confessed to enjoying so much because of the noises it made me make, me, I just loved the sensation of it. She circled the opening of her pussy over my cock, I could feel how wet she was and it was so tantalising to be this close to feeling her pussy walls gripping round my cock but she knew this and carried on teasing me until I grabbed a hold of both of her ass cheeks and she slammed herself down on top of me. Fuck this felt amazing! Almost as soon as she took my length she pulled up again and began the teasing cycle once more, I gave her ass one almighty slap which made her jump and moan before forcing her to come down hard on my cock again, I couldn’t hold back anymore so I began thrusting as hard as I could, she placed her hands on my shoulders and arched her back in ecstasy as I gave her the fucking that she was longing for.

I decided that it was going to be my turn to tease now so I threw her onto the sofa and spread her legs wide apart, I was going to make her come hard for me, I hastily got to my knees and wasted no time in burying my tongue deep into her delicious pussy, she tasted güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as sweet as always and it wasn’t long before I was hearing the familiar moans that I loved. I began to massage her clit with my left hand and thrust my middle and ring finger of my right hand deep inside her, I was pressing them upwards so I could massage her g-spot, she began to lose all control and was thrashing wildly at this which spurned me on even more, I continued this technique to the point she was biting her own hand to stop herself from screaming so loudly and then I felt her cum hard all over my fingers. She was panting hard so I withdrew my hand and slid my cock inside her in one swift movement, her pussy was soaking wet but still offered a little tight resistance which felt like perfection and that was what this woman was, perfection. I grabbed a hold of her firm breasts as I thrust myself inside her, she was clawing at my arms trying to find anything to hold onto as she shuddered to another noisy climax.

Once her orgasm had subsided a little I pulled out and told her to get on her knees and bend over, I enjoyed fucking her in this position as it gave me full access to her perfect ass and also because I knew it was her favourite way to fuck. I pulled her cheeks apart and saw the trail of cum that had trickled from her pussy to her tight little asshole, I ran my finger along following it before grabbing my cock and hammering hard into her. I ran my hand up her back and grabbed her hair as I pounded away, making sure she felt every inch of me inside her, she was breathing erratically and mumbling incoherent words, most of which I assumed started or ended in fuck. I let go of her hair and moved my hands down to her upper back when I pushed her downwards, this made her ass stick up more which was my aim. I grabbed her right cheek and then slammed my cock in hard, I slowed my rhythm down to singular hard powerful strokes and after a few more I gripped her waist tightly and filled her pussy with my cum. I slid my cock out and collapsed back on my sofa as she remained in the same position while she caught her breath, a few minutes past and then she rolled over, turned to me and told me that was the best fuck she ever had.

We both sat naked on the sofa for a while exchanging the odd smiles and childish giggles before she exclaimed that she would need to get a shower before she left as she was meant to be heading over to my friends place. I got up and led her through to the bathroom, I had no intention of letting her leave just yet and she clocked this when I placed two fresh towels beside the shower.

“I take it you are joining me then?” She said with a smile.

I grinned back and switched the water on. We both climbed in and as soon as she turned I was all over her again, my hands gliding over her body as the water rained down over us. We had spoken before about shower sex and it was admittedly one of her fantasies so I was only too happy to oblige when the situation arose. As the steam began to build in the room I reached over and grabbed some shower gel and began to massage it into her body, I took my time as I caressed every curve and watched as she closed her eyes as the feeling of sensual relaxation began to sweep over her, every now and then I would slide my cock in between her legs to give her that slight jolt of excitement. She turned to face away from me as I finished rinsing her beautiful body down and I can tell you now, nothing quite matches the sound of a good wet spank in the shower, it was the perfect noise and it made her lean forward slightly to steady herself on the wall, I had such a good view of her pussy like this, dripping with water and probably more so I slid my fingers inside her and began to masturbate her vigorously, her legs began to tremble and she almost slipped as she came frantically.

She turned to güvenilir bahis şirketleri face me and pulled me in to kiss her, I felt her hand slide down to her pussy where she proceeded to slide her fingers inside her and then place them in my mouth so I could taste her sweet cum, fuck! This was turning out to be one hell of a night. We carried on kissing and as we did I was sliding my cock between her pussy lips, sensuously wanking myself off against her. This felt so good but I wanted to fuck her properly again, my cock was throbbing hard and wanting some real attention so I suggested we moved into the bedroom, we barely bothered to dry ourselves as we got out the shower and made our way to the next room. She lay herself down on my bed and I immediately went down on her again. There was literally nothing else I wanted other than to fuck this woman all day every day until the end of time, I couldn’t get enough of her body, her taste, her eyes, her hair, her moans, her absolute everything. She told me to kiss her so I moved towards her soft succulent lips and gave her what was quite possibly the most sensual kiss we had ever shared, it was soft, gentle and passionate not like the usual lust fuelled affair we had been regularly doing, it was for lack of a better word, nice.

It seemed only fitting to carry on as we had started so I slowly entered her and wanted to take my time, this was more than just a fuck now, we wanted to make love to each other, we kissed, we caressed, she ran her fingers down my back tickling me with her nails but this wasn’t an ordinary tickle, this sent shivers through me, it felt incredible, I pushed myself up on my arms so I could gaze into her beautiful eyes as we truly began to get lost in this moment. She rolled me over so that she could go on top, she ran her fingers over my chest and down my torso before moving them up her own body. She cupped her breasts and gave them a firm squeeze as she gyrated on top of me, I held onto her hips to gently manipulate her movements in time with my subtle thrusts as she was running her hands through her hair and leaning backwards, she looked majestic.

I sat up and held her in an embrace as we continued to have sex, this new position was something neither of us had done before but it became obvious very quickly that we were enjoying it, she began to buck faster and with every movement I felt my cock push deeper inside her, the walls of her pussy kept tightening around the tip of my cock and making me groan louder and louder in pleasure, it was obviously having the same effect on her as her nails started to really dig into my back, the combination of the pain and pleasure heightened this whole experience and as much as we were having a lovely intimate experience our true animal instincts burst back into life.

“Fuck me harder!” she cried.

I didn’t need to be told twice so I flipped her onto her back and placed her left leg over my shoulder as I slid inside her again, I raised her leg as high as I could so I could push my full length in, it had the desired effect as she came almost instantly, I on the other hand still had plenty of fuel in the tank and wasn’t ready to blow just yet. I told her to play with her clit while I fucked her, I enjoyed watching her make herself cum it appealed to my voyeuristic nature but I also knew it turned her on too. The more she played the harder I fucked until I was slamming I to her at full speed.

“Cum on my pussy, I know you want to.” she moaned.

I kept thrusting as hard as I could and then pulled my cock out just in time to shoot my load all over her well fucked pussy. I couldn’t help but dip my cock inside her again just to maximise the sensation for both of us and what a feeling it was. I slumped next to her utterly spent, my legs had gone to jelly and I just wanted to lay her with her for the rest of time, just as I was about to close my eyes she stood up and told me that she had to get going, she had a quick shower and then gathered her things. I walked her to the door and kissed her as she left, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I saw her again and she must have read my mind because her parting words were simply.

“Until next time, my lover.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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