Football Season

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CH. 1

The field was hot and dry today as I watched the team take their positions at first down. I stood off field next to the bench where I could see the players the best. I scanned for any flaws in their form and stances. When the ball was hiked I watched the QB make the hand-off to the running back perfectly, no fumbles this time. Our linemen held their ground and the defense didn’t see the running back get through: a job well done for first offense, but a pretty shitty job for the defense.

I looked down at my note pad and scribbled some pointers then looked out over the field where the running back was performing a short victory dance. I smiled to myself. I remembered this play perfectly from my junior year. Only then, I was the running back and even though we lost the regionals that year, this play let us score the last touchdown of the season in style.

But that was then. Now, I stood on the sidelines and corrected my alma mater’s mistakes as their assistant coach. The head coach, Logan Dane, Coach Logan in my day, stood about twenty yards ahead of me. He was yelling corrections at the team which is why I didn’t even bother. He was an amazing coach, he led us to State championships my senior year. I was benched that game, but man what a game. Coach Logan was always a very understanding coach. I had been benched that game due to some “transgressions” during school hours. Which was of course complete bullshit.

The only transgression I was guilty of was giving my principal the finger when he attempted to shut down my school’s Day of Silence rally. It wasn’t much of a rally, considering we were all wearing duct tape over our mouths and handing out gay and straight symbol shaped cookies.

That didn’t matter though. Not in this town. Practice was over now and the team was in final huddles. Coach Logan sauntered over to me absolutely beaming.

“Briar, did you see that last play? Did you see it?” I smiled at his rough voice. It reminded me of my dad’s but it was somehow smoother and seemed to warm my insides in a way I knew only too well.

“Yeah, I saw it,” I replied. “Just like Rosenberg all over again.”

“Whooo. Hell yeah, that was a good night and you were amazing! Watching your ass take off down midfield, completely untouchable.” He continued to chuckle and lifted his hat and slapped it against his boots, knocking off some of the grass from the field. I couldn’t help but get a little red around the ears when he mentioned watching my ass. He turned then to look back at the team.

“They’re in good form this year. We might go all the way. We may even take out Houston High on our way.” That’s where I am from by the way, Houston, Texas. At least that is what any map would show you. I’m actually from a small town just south of Houston called Cinco. I know, dumb name but whatever. Everyone around here calls this place Houston, even though it’s as far from cultural civilization as you can get.

“Well, I better go take the team up to the showers.” Logan said. “Can you grab the leftover equipment?” I nodded and said, “Yeah, Coach.” He smiled again, this time wide and his white teeth gleamed against his sun weathered face. “Briar, you’re my assistant coach now. Call me Logan.” He put his large, rough hand on my shoulder and then turned to leave.

I watched him go. Coach Logan, was maybe early thirties. I remembered hearing about him playing for our team when I was still in elementary school. By the time I reached high school, he had graduated from college and was filling the same position I currently was. Even though his glory days were over, Logan always worked out with the team and from what glimpses I had caught of him in the locker room, he resembled an NFL quarterback: large muscular arms, ripped abs, and a taut ass.

I had never had the pleasure of seeing the kind of manhood a man like that wielded. But I could definitely imagine it. I was brought out of my daydream by the sight of Chad Barkley, our water boy, running up to me from across the field. I silently cursed myself for standing around instead of looking busy like I should have been. Chad was president of our schools GSA and he has had a huge crush on me since I was a freshmen and he a middle school student.

Something about a gay sports star in our town really got to people. Chad was the worst. He was cute enough I supposed, just not my type. My eyes glanced toward Logan’s form one last time as he finished the walk up the school grounds and out of my sight.

“Briar,” I heard Chad breathe loudly.

“What’s up Chad?” I asked without looking at him. I bent over and began picking up some helmets and an extra set of pads left by the players.

“Well, I’ve been meaning to talk to you this past week. Just never seemed like the right time.”

“Oh really?” I asked, feigning innocence. I had been on the lookout for Chad the past few weeks because Fall formal was just around the corner and I knew seniors would casino oyna be starting to pair off in preparation. Our school had lifted their same sex couple ban in my senior year and I had gone with my boyfriend at the time. Now, I was single and even though I was out of high school and now entering my junior year of college, seniors at Cinco High were allowed to bring older “guests” if they had signed permission from their parents.

So I knew what had been on Chad’s mind for the past few weeks but I simply wasn’t interested.

“What did you want to talk about?” I dared ask.

“Well, as you know, Fall formal is coming up,” Here it comes, I thought. “And I was wondering if maybe you would do me the honor of being my date.” I frowned. Curse him for asking so respectably. It would certainly make me an ass to turn him down after that. I sighed.

“Look Chad, I-”

“You don’t have to kiss me or even be interested in me in that way,” he stressed the word rather uncomfortably, “it’s just, there aren’t many options for people like… well for people like us, ya’ know? And I thought, seeing as we both represent the team this year, maybe we could go together to inspire some patriotism.” He gulped as he finished the last word. I turned and studied him.

He had very light blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. Not my thing but it was obvious to anyone he was a looker. He had his hands tightly clasped behind him but I could tell he was shaking. I wondered if it had really been my evasiveness that had taken him this long or if he had just failed to muster the courage till now. I sighed again and looked away from his puppy dog blue eyes.

“Well, when you put it that way. Shoot, all right Chad I’ll go with you.” I scarcely had time to look up at him before his face lit up like Christmas had suddenly come early.

“You will? Really you will Briar? Ah man, that would be… well that would be awesome!” I rolled my eyes but smiled in spite of myself. “Look,” he said “I have a planning committee in ten minutes but I will call you tonight and give you more details on plans and such.” He hugged me, awkwardly, and then took off running toward the school. I shook my head and then started walking up myself.

* * *

When I finally got to the locker room, almost everyone else had already cleared out. There was one or two stragglers getting dressed but the showers were free. I don’t like showering with the team. Never did. As welcome as the team always made me feel about my preferences, I’m just too shy a person to put myself in that situation. I opened my locker and took off my clothes, grabbed my towel and then continued into the showers. The other problem with showering together was just that- we showered together. The showers at my school were set much like the community showers you would find at a pool, all rowed side by side with no dividers and no screens.

Just a pack of men all wet and soaped up together. Normally this would be a very exciting idea for me, but the reality was just so… demeaning. I turned the shower on and began soaping up. No one was in the locker room now so I took the time to admire myself in the floor to ceiling mirrors at the back of the shower room. Originally the mirrors were there so the coaches could keep an eye on the team for any “funny business.” Now, they just served as vanity mirrors.

Leisurely, I looked myself over. My hair was brown and short, though I had enough to work with when I went out to the clubs in Houston. My face was soft and boyish. I’ve been told before that my eyes are “intense,” whatever that means. I had full nice lips, I supposed, and clear, slightly bronzed skin. My face was altogether average. Though I got way more looks from girls and guys then I had ever expected. Especially at the beach. I looked down at my body. If there was anything I had to be proud of, I could be proud of that.

I was a running back after all. My legs were ripped and strong and so were my arms. My body wasn’t very muscular overall but what it lacked in mass it made up for in speed and agility. Sometimes, when I went out for my morning run, I imagined myself running with a herd of animals. Some days wolves and other days deer. My chest was naturally broad, which always made it look bigger than it was. Beneath my chest, I sported a six pack which came from hard work and good eating. I turned then to look at my ass.

My running back days consisted of many wall sits, sprints, and squats which had sculpted me a set of ass cheeks like none other. When I pinched them together, the sinews of muscle rippled beneath my skin perfectly.

Such a shame. I thought. One minor reason I had been avoiding Chad was the small secret that I had not gotten laid in almost two years. Between school and coaching, I just didn’t have the time to get myself down to the clubs to find myself a good man. I was worried that if the moment arose I wouldn’t be able to perform for him. I may have concerns about performing canlı casino for Chad, but I knew there was a man I could perform for every time. Logan rushed into my mind’s eye and I closed my eyes to better picture him before me.

I imagined what it would be like to perform for him. I saw myself running my fingers across his perfectly sculpted chest, feeling the strength of his arms. I could imagine how it would feel for him to press me tightly against his body. I rested my forehead against the wall and let myself sink deeper into the fantasy. I could almost feel his rough hands caressing my tight muscles, picture my lips trailing up his chest and neck till my eyes met his. He put a single finger under my chin and began slowly lifting my mouth to his. I could smell his aftershave and I wanted more than anything to taste him…

“Briar?” A deep voice cut right through my thoughts and I jumped in place, nearly slipping across the floor.

“Shit!” I managed to choke out. Luckily I had been facing the wall at such an angle that even with the mirrors to my right it was impossible for anyone to see my now, rock hard cock throbbing between my legs. “Uhhh…” was all I could manage to utter.

“You ok? You look like you’re about to pass out.” I recognized the voice then and I felt my entire body go red and flushed from utter embarrassment.

“Yeah, Coach, I’m fine. Just had a dizzy spell is all.” I didn’t dare turn to look at him.

“Well, if you’re sure. I’ll be in my office if you need anything…and I told you its Logan now.” I heard his footsteps grow faint and then I relaxed. Stupid fuck; I cursed at myself. How could I forget where I was? If a student had walked in and seen me flying full mast I would have lost my job and been slapped with a lawsuit so fast my head really would be spinning. I turned the cold water on and took a few deep breaths before leaving the shower room. After getting dressed I headed out toward the parking lot to make the short trip home, only to find Coach Logan waiting by my truck.

“Hey Briar,” he said as I approached. “You feeling better?”

“Yeah, Co-,” he raised an eyebrow. “I mean, Logan. It was really nothing, just a small dizzy spell. Probably from the heat you know.” He looked me up and down studying me.

“Uh huh..” he finally said. Did he know? I wondered. “So, I heard it went well with Chad today after practice…” I opened my mouth, but I had no words to say. I was both shocked that he knew already and shocked that he cared to even discuss it.

“Right,” I stammered self-consciously. He smiled his wide grin again. The sight of those excellent supple lips framing perfectly white teeth sent warm spasms down my spine and into my groin.

“He asked me if I thought it was a good idea and I sort of encouraged the thought.” Gee thanks. I thought.

“I see,” was all I could say. He looked away then. Out toward the field and I could tell he had something else on his mind. I waited patiently, taking the time to admire how the fabric of his jeans was strained by the strength of his muscles underneath.

He leaned back against my truck before saying, “I realized today that even though you have been my assistant coach for a few months now, we haven’t spent much time outside of work getting to know one another.” He glanced at me from under his hat and I got the impression he was suddenly a little uncomfortable. “So, I got to thinking maybe you’d like to get together this weekend at my place and toss back a few?” His dark eyes darted around like they didn’t know what to look at. I myself was a little surprised. Logan had never approached me in this manner before. I wasn’t quite sure how to react.

“I think that would be, great.” I said casually. He quickly raised his face to look at mine and I saw just the slightest hint of surprise on his face.

“Ok then.” He said, the smile returning to his beautiful face. “So, I will expect you around 7 tomorrow evening then?” He leaned forward away from my truck and side stepped around me. This put him in a very close proximity. It was both unnerving and exciting. I had to tilt my head a fraction of an inch to meet his gaze and put on the coolest smile I could muster.

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

“Great!” He said and turned to walk away. Just as I was turning the key to open my door, I heard him say, “Oh, and bring a football. My dog has torn mine to shreds and it’d be great to throw a few around.” This time I smiled wide and nodded. “Will do,” was the last thing I said before closing my door and starting the ignition.

CH. 2

“Oh wow, fuck yeah. Just like that. It feels amazing.” I exhaled loudly and tightened my grip on the sheets. Opening my eyes I looked down to watch while Chad flicked the tip of my dick with his tongue. I felt my jaw fall open slightly at the sight. “God, you’re good,” I said smiling. In response Chad opened his mouth and captured my left ball with his teeth and sucked softly on kaçak casino it.

A small spasm shot up my leg and into my groin. He continued to work, stroking my shaft with one hand and fingering my balls with the other. His tongue and hot lips left a wet, warm trail all along my length. The butterfly kisses were cute but I wanted his mouth to engulf me. I decided to give him a little nudge and placed my hand on the back of his head pressing down slightly.

He gagged a little half down my rock hard shaft, but he seemed to relax and I soon felt the tip of my head touch the back of his throat. I felt his lips close around my base and he sucked hard while his tongue massaged every inch of me. Using both hands now he slowly caressed my balls and I couldn’t help but let a whimper escape my throat. The feeling was so intense as his head moved up and down, so warm and wet. I let my head lull back against the head board and I closed my eyes relishing every sensation.

As good as it felt I knew I wasn’t going to cum. I needed more power, more ferocity and Chad wasn’t giving me that. I thought about what would make me cum. Rough hands now fondled my balls, stronger and more skilled. They traced circles around my flesh leaving it burning in their wake. The pressure on my cock intensified and the mouth swallowing my shaft got hotter and filled with more desire. I opened my eyes to see thick brown hair between my legs. I watched as Logan lifted his head up and spread his perfect mouth in the sexiest grin I’ve ever seen.

Without saying anything he wrapped those strong rough fingers around the end of my cock and massaged until I convulsed. Sliding down farther on the bed he used one impressively strong arm to prop up my ass and legs. The grin never leaving his lips he descended upon my ass and the thought of what he was about to do sent my mind spiraling out of control. I felt his warm, wet, powerful tongue pierce my asshole and flick side to side inside of me. I moaned so loud I thought for sure the neighbors would hear. His tongue then swirled around and inside my hole leaving me gasping for breath and wanting more.

“Please…” I begged him. I reached for his thighs desperately wanting to feel them pressed against me. “Please!” I said again, more intensely this time. Logan smirked at me and grabbed my hand. Guiding me to his manhood I felt every inch of what he had to offer. His package was rock hard. Long and thick, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to take it all in at once but I didn’t care. I just wanted him inside of me. I gripped his shaft and he slowly brought it close to my asshole. I felt the hot tip meet my soft flesh and I knew any second he was going thrust it deep inside and because my hand was touching him I was going to get to feel every solid inch plunge into me. He glanced at my face once and then his hips pushed forward…

I awoke abruptly, sitting straight up in bed. The first thing I noticed was the shrill ring of my cell on my night stand and my hand lazily fumbled for it. The next thing I noticed was how drenched I was. Sweat was pouring off of me like I’d just run 50 yards downfield. I hit the answer button on my phone and cleared my voice before saying, “Hi this is Briar.”

“Hey Briar! This is Chad how are you today?” I grabbed the bridge of my nose and attempted to rub the sleep from my eyes while I listened to Chad talk about his morning. I looked over at my nightstand to the clock and saw it was past 11. Damn I slept in. I thought. Chad continued to talk casually over the phone and I tried to listen in part but memories of the dream I’d been having crept into my mind. I tried to remember what Logan’s tongue had felt like but with no real experience to go off of, the harder I tried the more it faded.

“So I was wondering…” The sleepiness wore off and Chad’s voice came through to my mind clear as a bell. “If you aren’t busy today, maybe you would like to have dinner with me and we could talk and hang out?” Hang out? I thought. I had not “hung out” with anyone in a long while. I knew what it implied in this instance though and I wasn’t really interested in taking my relationship (if you could call it that) with Chad any farther than just his date for the Fall formal. Luckily, I remembered I already had plans for the day.

“Actually Chad, coach Logan invited me over to his place for dinner and some ball. So, I think I will have to pass today.”

“Oh I see. Well, that’s cool. Maybe some other time then?” It annoyed me slightly that he didn’t sound put off at all. I probably shouldn’t have cared either way but it was soon becoming apparent that Chad was maybe a tad oblivious.

“Sure, sure,” I said.

“Ok, sounds good. I will call you then later this week ok?”

“All right, have a good day Chad.” I spent most of the afternoon exercising outside. I went for a relaxing jog and then hit the free weights hard. I wanted to look good before I went over to Logan’s for dinner. I had to do some searching but I was able to wrestle an old football out of the hectic mess I had in the back of my garage. It was a little rundown from lots of use but it was still balanced and held air well enough. It would do.

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