Following the Sun

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After selling his 183-acre horse farm in Fayette County, Kentucky five months after his wife’s untimely death, Pete Kurtz headed west on his so-called ‘follow the sun’ adventure in his small RV to see something of America, something he’d always promises he’d do one day.

It was raining heavily. So it appeared it was a ‘follow the rain’ adventure. Well what’s in a name anyway. When his father had disappeared forever with the mail delivery woman his mom had changed their family name of Kuznetsov to Kurtz and he became Peter but his pals called him Pete and that name stuck. To confuse his family identify further his mom married an Ivan Stefanski five years later after securing a divorce on the grounds of abandonment but she decided Pete should stick to Kurtz as his surname.

Pete had named his motor home Molly after his late wife whose name was actually Molleur but when they were courting he kept stumbling over his name so she’d sighed and told him to call her Molly. Despite that, Pete rather liked the idea his wife could be journeying with him in spirit and might even find her replacement for him.

Ah well, dream on.

Pete had no route apart from wishing to end up in California. He chose to go via Texas in the hope of escaping this summer rain. When Pete came out of a café at Bowling Green in Tennessee three female backpackers waiting near his vehicle.

The girls said they came from Sacramento and wondered if he could take them through to Nashville.

“Okay, one of you sit in the cab and the other two sit on the sofa with two seatbelts and don’t release the belts unless we are stopped and I call out.

The fat moody one sat beside him, as to be expected, and was soon asleep and he could hear the two good looking and lively ones behind him chatting and singing away.

At Nashville they took him to a diner for lunch and it appeared they were tiring on hitching rides. Two of them talked about flying home but the really good looking one called Nellie to continue their road trip.

“We took two months leave of absence from nursing,” she said. “Why go home a month early?”

The discussion went back and forth, boring Peter so he said he was off and they kissed him. He whispered to Nellie. “Journey with me” but she said she couldn’t do that; her mom would kill her.

Pete was down the road a bit filling with diesel when Nellie came running up, red-faced and breathless.

“Is that offer still open?”


“But I know nothing about you?”

“That’s right.”

She paused, finding that response unhelpful. “But mom will probably kill me and dad will get rid of the body.”

“Don’t be dozy. They’ll be glad to have you back home alive and not pregnant.”

“Oh god, what do you have planned for me?”

“Actually nothing. Seems hard to believe doesn’t it? Either go back to your companions or jump in. I’m about out of here.”

Nellie was in the cab buckled up when he returned from paying for the fuel, a newspaper and some snacks and two bottles of water.

Pete asked, “Nervous?” and she asked should she be? He laughed and said he was glad she was over her jitters. “But don’t feel bad about that Nellie. You made a big decision to travel alone with me and your companions must have unnerved you calling you mad and a fool for having such a crazy notion and predicted dire outcomes for you.”

“That’s so true and surprisingly accurate. Initially I was confident about hitting the trail with you but they both sapped my confidence. But a few minutes ago when I was listening to you and watching your expressions I felt I could trust you with my wallet and that was me done with my fears buried.”

“Good girl. On we go.”

“Tell me about yourself Pete.”

“My name is Pete Kurtz, I’m thirty-eight and home was on the horse farm of an older woman I loved and married eight years ago. She died of cancer five months ago so I sold up and now my only possessions are this vehicle and money in the bank and in stocks.”

“That’s so sad Pete. I’m sorry she died but that won’t be half as sorry as you are.”

“Thanks Nellie. The word is half as sorry as I was. I’m almost over it now. She was forty-five when she died and had inherited the farm from her parents. She had never married but had a daughter many years ago but the wee thing died of influenza when not quite two years old.”

They traveled in silence for a couple of minutes thinking about what Pete had just said until she almost whispered, “Will we have sex?”

“I should think so Nellie.”


“When you decide. My thinking is you’ll be attracted to me because of my more comfortable queen size bed compared with your converted sofa.”

“Aren’t you intending to be a gentleman and give me the most comfortable bed?”

“No. Next question?”

“It’s not a question. I just wish to say I’m learning about you and you are humanizing yourself telling me those intimate things about your marriage, your wife’s death, her baby dying and how you feel your grief has lifted.”

“Well I know women like to hear stuff like that. I would just say to a guy canlı bahis that my wife died and I got out of there. He’d nod and say something like ‘good move’.

“Is it a good move?”

“Good question Nellie. I’ve thought about it for hours and hours and found I couldn’t stick for long with any conclusion I reached and so would try again later. In the end I decided to buy this camper, hit the road and try it to see what happens. But don’t think you should feel compelled to give me a romantic interlude. I’m not on the road to lap up pity.”

She didn’t reply to that. “My name is Nellie Stevens. I’m twenty-eight, a registered nurse working on an orthopedic surgical team and my parents are both professionals and I have an older brother and a younger sister. Oh I have a boyfriend back home but believe it’s wearing a little thin because all he thinks about is sex and thinks all I think about is marriage.”

“Do you?”

Nellie laughed and said her boyfriend would look stunned if she told the truth and said she thought a lot about sex too.


Nellie blushed as Pete glanced at her and said she often wondered if she were getting enough sex to satisfy her desires and she sometimes wondered what it would be like having sex with an older man. Mike was eighteen months younger than her.

“That’s very frank, I guess honest, of you saying that but I know you would spend hours and hours thinking about many other things including friends and family and Mike and people you work with and especially your patients, past and present.”

“That’s sensitive thinking.”

Peter turned on the GPS system he’d set at the last stop and began receiving voice directions to the camper site he’d chosen.

“I’d like to spend all day tomorrow looking around Nashville. It’s one of our cities of international note.”

She smiled and said, “I’d like that too.”

“As we travel you can request diversions. This is not an A to B journey.”

“Thanks, you are such a nice man.”

“Well how about this for doing the right thing. This is an RV camp so probably provides a hotspot for Wi-Fi connection for my phone that I’ll connect to my laptop. I want you to email your mom and tell her not to worry and then tell her all about your decision today and how you feel about me. I’ll leave a digital head and shoulders photo of me on the Desktop that you can send and that will allow your family perhaps to make up their mind about me. My bet is your mom will agree with your sister that I’m nice and she can tell that by my smile and my eyes.”

“Exactly what color are your eyes? The color seems to change.”


“Well you could be quite right about that assumption. Mom will be desperate to have someone tell her there is no need to worry and Sharon would be the likely one to do that.”

“I’m liking Sharon already.”

Nellie laughed and told Pete he certainly knew how to make her relax.

He returned from hooking up services at the allocated RV site he’d booked when they were an hour out from Nashville. Nellie invited him to read her email.

“No it’s fine. You can delete the file after sending the message.”

“I really don’t mind you reading it.”

“Well I won’t be reading it. You may now write the truth about what you think of me.”

“I’m changing nothing.”

“Good, close it and I’ll connect the laptop. When I registered at the office they confirmed they have a hotspot so we’ll have a strong signal.”

Pete told Nellie to send her email and when she finished to log off .

“I’m going to change into something more formal before I get dinner,” Nellie said.

“Fine I’ll go…”

“No stay. I’ll have a quick shower but first I want you to see me undress.”


“Because we’ll be living in very close quarters and I think you’ll see me nude quite often and I’ll not feel nervous about it once you have seen me raw.”

“I see.”

“You’ll see it all in a few seconds because I’m not wearing much.”

He watched; she made no effort to flaunt or to conceal anything.

“Nice body,” he said, noting she shaved, her tits were large enough to swing a little and he really liked that and her belly was flat as his and her thighs were trim like the rest of her body.

“Thanks. Well I’m off to that tiny shower.”

“Wiggle your ass a bit.”

“God you men are all the same,” Nellie said, swaying her ass as she walked the few paces.

When she disappeared Pete screwed up his face and adjusted himself as his half-erect penis was doubled over. He grinned as he did that thinking as she might say: ‘You men are all this same. You get a boner over anything, even just looking at a women’s butt.’

Oh it was great to have someone so young with him. Their age gap was ten years.

Humming in happiness he pulled two big fillets of white fish and a bag of low-fat fries from the freezer and from the frig took out a bowl of cold slaw, tomatoes and a bit piece of fresh broccoli and a container of low-cal salad dressing. He set the table with salt and pepper and a lemon that he cut in half.

Nellie came from the shower bahis siteleri in the raw.

“Do you require me to wear a bra?”

“Nah, just shorts.”

She giggled and said shorts and a top, and dressed.

“So you like my body?”

“Yeah it looks compact and firm and the tits probably swing.”

“Yes, they really are too large.”

He said, “Don’t knock it. Be glad you have a perfect pair from my perspective. Would you care for a white wine?”

“Yes, I’ll sit with you for a couple of drinks but first let me deal with this. No bread or buns, that’s good, I rarely eat potatoes but do with fish and these chips are low fat and that is very good. Ah everything looks good food for health.”

“It’s how I eat.”

“Me too. Did you get a hard on when you saw my body.”

“Yeah, couldn’t help it.”

Nellie hid her face so Pete missed seeing her reaction.

Nellie was at the bench ready to begin grilling the fish when her phone went. Pete sipping wine was only able to hear one side of the conversation.

“Hi mom. I thought you’d call. Sorry about the shock.”

“Ah so Sharon convinced you I’d be okay. Peter thought that might happen.”

“I don’t know how he worked that out mom. I’d earlier told him I had an older brother and a younger sister named Sharon.” “”We talk about all sorts of things mom. Did you think we talked continuously about sex?”

“I’m not attempting to upset you mom.”

“Yes we have discussed sleeping arrangements. I have the option of a sofa that converts into a single bed.”

“No he hasn’t asked me to sleep with him. Well for your information we haven’t even kissed yet.”

“Well yet is something people put on the end of sentences when there is a future aspect attached. You do it.”

“I know you do it because I’ve heard you say it many times over the years.”

“Well he may kiss me any time he pleases.”

“Yes he can hear me talking.”

“We are in Nashville for two nights.”

“No I don’t know if there is an Elvis Presley museum here.”

“We will be heading unhurriedly to Texas.”

“Now why would it be necessary to avoid Waco? Oh I know. If we pass that way I’ll suggest we don’t stop if that would make you feel better.”

“He’s thirty-eight.”

“That’s not old. Eight-eight is old.”

“Yes he was married but his wife died a few months ago.”

“Yes that was tragic and not he’s not depressed.”

“Please thank Sharon for me.”

“Just thank her mom, she’ll know what that is for. I’ll call her tomorrow and talk to you all. We are about to have dinner.”


“Yes and fries.”

“Christ mom, tomatoes, cold slaw and broccoli.”

“No I’m not stressed. Call you guys tomorrow mom. Goodbye.”

Nellie went to throw her phone out the open door but then thought better of it.

“Jesus,” she fumed. “Talk about being put through the wringer and then being asked if I’m stressed.”

“You look beautiful when you are colored with anger.”

“Oh, oh, that was a lovely thing to say me,” Nellie cried and rushed in against him to be hugged and kissed.

They kissed slowly and softly.

She smiled and said, “That was really amazing. My stress has gone. You kiss great. I don’t mind if you wish to paw me when we kiss. Please could we not stop if we pass through Waco? That will discharge a responsibility to me.”

Pete said, “We’ll probably pass through more potentially dangerous places.”

“I know that but I don’t think my mother knows that. God she treats me as if I were eleven.”

He appalled Nellie when he said, “It must be nice having a mother who’s alive and cares about you.”

“Ohmigod, what a bitch I am. You are so right.”

“You’ve very okay. Just remember she’s your mother, a mother who cares. You could ask who cares about me?”

Nellie appeared about to become apologetic and perhaps sympathetic when she stopped, thought and then smiled: “Sharon?”

He laughed and said she was funny and he was hungry.

“Oh there I go dwelling on myself again. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. Just do something about it.”

She turned around, caught his grin, smiled and unpacking the fish began singing something her mom probably had taught her years ago because Peter recognized it.

They chatted like the strangers they were over dinner but Peter kept catching Nellie’s glances at times when they weren’t looking at one another and guessed those glances meant she was thinking about sleeping with an old man.

He sighed. There was nothing he could do about that. She’d have to take him as she found him. Well she was twenty-eight so ought to be in the groove about having sex and there would be nothing he could teach her. He’d need to work to drive her along emotionally and then staying beside her and talk to her and keep on caressing her to prolong any high she experienced. It was unlikely she’d be used to that. Ah, great idea; give her some depth to sex.

“I said when I awake in the morning I’ll have twenty-eight days left before I leave for home. It’s a schedule I must keep. You weren’t listening. We are halfway to acting bahis şirketleri like a couple soaked in indifference already.”

“I was thinking about a way to prolong your sexual enjoyment.”

Nellie stared and swallowed. “Ohmigod, I apologize for my outburst. You know I never expected you to be thinking of me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like thinking about pleasing me sexually. I would have thought you just… you just…”

“Go on, I won’t die of shock due to your frankness.”

Nellie blushed. “I probably would have though your only interest would be to pound me to get yourself off.”

“Is that what you think of me?”

“Pete please. I am experiencing a very unusual situation in teaming up with you.”

“I know that and you’re doing well. Let’s clear away and go for a walk.”

“When we walk can we act like lovers?”

“Yes, great idea.”

They walked in the twilight. The temperature was coming off the day high of 89F and it was humid but the lovers didn’t mind. Pete rather liked hot summers and that was the reason he was taking a southern route to LA.

They often stopped and kissed and Nellie finally said, “I’d like you to fondle my breasts when we kiss.”

“Do you now; why?”

“I wish to feel you possess me and would like you to share that feeling.”

“Oh in that case…”

When they returned to the camper Pete clipped the door open and then pulled a sturdy screen across the gap and secured that with two locks.

“It will be a hot night,” he called to Nellie who was in the cramped bathroom.

“Yes and we’ll perspire.”

“Shall I make up the sofa-bed?”

“Who are you kidding?”

He grinned and watched her walk about dressed only in bikini panties. Nellie stopped in front of him and he bent down and sucked a nipple and that got their hot night going.

“Oooh this is a comfortable bed,” Nellie said, as she threw her panties away and opened her legs. “Come here, look what mommy has for you.”

Pete slid on to the bed and buried his head.

After he’d sent Nellie into a frenzied release she rolled him over, pulling off his jocks.

“Ohmigod, you shave, completely.”

“Yeah it’s very high maintenance and I like the feel and my cock likes it too because it stays almost half mast for much of the day with my pants moving a little over it, producing implied excitement I guess.”

“Oh it’s such a treasure,” Nellie said and filled her mouth.

It had been six weeks since Pete last had sex, with a sympathetic rancher’s wife and before that a couple of days after the funeral his late wife’s younger sister from LA had intended only giving him head but ended up giving him her pussy.

Later he entered Nellie slowly, they both watching it make progress, she sitting across his thighs and facing him.

“Your pussy fits me like a tight glove.”

Nellie giggled and then began chewing one of his nipples and they rocked slowly and gradually built up rhythm. Tiring she fell back on to pillows, the angle that created placed increase friction on Pete’s dick. His eyes rolled, he bellowed and blew his load up Nellie.

“Don’t I get a taste?” she complained and grinned when her new lover rather shocked expression.

It was very late when they hugged and murmured their way into sleep.

“Do you fuck in the mornings?” Nellie asked, standing at the end of the bed with coffee for Pete.

“Yes,” he said, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Good, you can drink this later,” Nellie said, placing the coffee on the dining table and leaping on to the bed and yelling, “Fuck me, fuck me you handsome brute.”

If Peter had been thinking about doing something else it was forgotten.


Midmorning Pete and Nellie went into Nashville to see some of the sights and that evening boarded the General Jackson River Cruise on the Cumberland River for a buffet dinner on the outer deck and then went in to the large theatre for a country music show and enjoyed their evening greatly.

Next afternoon after driving round the city and taking in more sights they headed south.

They had planned the route, choosing to take I-40 to Memphis where they stayed two nights, had a night at Little Rock and then five nights at three RV camps in the Denver/Fort Worth area.

There was no doubt about it. It had become a dream holiday for Nellie and at nights it became routine for her facing Peter and riding him cowgirl, with tits flying and saying, “Oh this is so good; I’m having one of the best times of my life.”

She was living off Pete of course, but they were happy about the arrangement as expressed by him: ‘You fuck, you cook, you keep the place tidy and I’ll drive and pay all expenses.”

“Well you’re the boss,” Nellie had said.

A subtle change had occurred indicating she had integrated into Pete’s life. She was no longer saying things to him as if Pete was her senior and godfather. It appeared that since he was having sex with her that placed him in her mind that she was his equal, and clearly Pete preferred it had way.

Pete was now talking to all the family when Nellie called home every second night. Indeed if Sharon answered the call she’d said hi, how was Nellie and as soon as Nellie had answered Sharon, who was a college sophomore living at home would ask, “Please had me over to Pete.”

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