Florida Cougar Ch. 03

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Glistening, taut, undulating flesh was everywhere his eyes could see. Connor could not stop his gaze from flitting from body to body. It occurred to him that he had never seen so many blindingly sexy women in one place and, he realized with an internal smile, he’d been living near South Beach for the past 5 months.

Not only was every woman that filled the large room beautiful enough to seem more than human, they all had bodies that made his eyes water with lust. It also struck him that each and every one was entirely unique in their beauty.

Skin tones ranging from ebony to creamy ivory, and many shades of mahogany and mocha in between, writhed and rippled over rigid muscles as he gawked in awe.

“Choose one Connor.” Debra’s voice purred into his left ear snapping him out of his trance as her hand lightly touched his quivering thigh through the fabric of the expensive suit. “Which one do you want for us?”

He glanced back over his shoulder at her while her hand moved towards his burgeoning hard-on and their eyes met each other’s in their familiar magnetic lock. Losing himself in the hypnotic azure flame of Debra’s blue eyes, Connor felt the aura of her sexuality seem to physically press against him.

Her creamy, lightly freckled skin and ample, firm breasts were made more ethereal by her bright red hair and the exquisite effect that her fifty plus years had made on her body and face.

He wanted only her.

“I want this for you baby,” Debra cooed, sensing his hesitancy. “Pick one out Connor, the one you want most, and fuck her like she’s never been fucked before.”

“I just want you Mrs. Debra, ” he mumbled back confusedly. “I don’t need…”

“I know,” she interrupted, her eyes flashing cold and her lips pursing. “It’s what I need, my beautiful boy. I need to watch your beautiful young body with one of these beautiful young things.” He saw her breasts heave and her eyes flutter with desire as she whispered to him. “I’ll be right there Connor darling, and you can please me as you please her. I’ll tell you exactly what to do.”

He took a deep breath as she spoke to him, her voice sodden with an erotic intensity that he had not yet seen in her magical eyes.

“Choose Connor,” she hummed at him lustily as she reclined into her chair and unhurriedly crossed her exquisite legs.

She was a goddess to him.

The realization of her power over him allowed Connor to see what he wanted from the fabulous flesh gallery around them. Settling into his seat with renewed vigor, he scanned the room again with potent concentration before resting his gaze at the far left corner of the room on the splendid creature he new instantly to be his choice:

Her skin, the color of the lightest milk chocolate, was glossy with perspiration from her languid movements.

Her long, muscular legs were anchored by a pair of red stiletto heels.

Her stretched, lean and powerful thigh muscles flexed and stiffened as she danced dreamily on the small stage in which a chrome pole was set.

Her petite yet perfectly round ass cheeks shuddered as they strained to let her crouch and her body rest on her slim haunches.

Her narrow waist was glimmering with sweat that highlighted the high strong bones of her hips and made the finely lined patch of her bush gleam.

Her skinny torso, with its flat, muscular tummy and back was lengthy enough that it seemed to slither as it flaunted the torque needed for her writhing dance.

Her pert breasts, no larger than handfuls, were perfect half-spheres punctuated by tiny, dark nipples that looked hard and alert even from afar.

Her lithe shoulders tapered up to her wondrously long neck and held the power of her muscled, slender arms.

Her striking face was oval shaped and the concert of her strong jaw, high cheekbones and long nose worked melodiously with her large almond-colored eyes.

Her short afro hairdo was teased out into frizzy strands that stood on her head like an electric crown.

The superb entirety of her beauty was the opposite of Debra’s in every way but drew Connor’s lust almost as strongly. He could only please Debra by pleasuring her opposite.

“Her,” he said finally with a quiver in his voice and pointed towards the corner. He felt Debra’s hand touch his shoulder and the weight of her lean in to him gently from behind.

“She’s lovely Connor,” came the shivering tone of her voice right next to his ear. Every hair on his neck stood upon feeling her breathed approval.

He felt Debra stand up beside him and gesture as he stared lustily at his dancer. After only moments, the blonde hostess in the white teddy approached his quarry and touched her ankle gently. Having her attention, the hostess motioned towards their table and Connor met the almond eyes full on for the first time.

“Time to go upstairs my beautiful boy,” Debra giggled behind him before taking his hand and leading him away.

The private room was almost as intimate as their canlı bahis dining cabana on the beach, though slightly larger. The room accommodated the presence of a full bar along the left side of the wall, a small sectional couch in the corner next to it with another chrome pole set in the negative space formed by the furniture. On the far wall hung a flat screen TV showing changing video feeds of what went on below them. It seemed oddly superfluous to Connor, as he looked out of the wall of windows that comprised the entire back wall allowing him to see it all live.

The club spread out below him and he looked out again at the amazing selection of nude beauty below him. He caught Debra’s reflection as she moved to the bar with the blonde hostess in tow.

“I shall return momentarily with your guest,” said the hostess in her now familiar soft, demure tone.

He summoned the image of “their dancer” in his mind’s eye; he had no regret of his choice.

Debra opened her tiny clasp bag and withdrew a crisp hundred-dollar bill that she folded lengthwise expertly and held out to the blonde hostess. As she reached in to take it, the hostess took Debra’s hand gently in hers. In return, Debra reached out and stroked sheer fabric of the hostess’ teddy. Then she kissed her deeply as she took her blonde hair in her hand and pulled her close. The hostess’ left hand grasped Debra’s ass cheek and after what seemed like an eternity they withdrew from each other and Debra whispered “thank you so much darling.”

The hostess smiled at Connor and left, closing the door behind her.

“A glass of champagne Connor darling,” Mrs. Debra ordered kindly and quietly as the door closed.

Connor went behind the small counter of the oddly elaborate wet bar and opened the small fridge set underneath it. Inside Connor found 3 cold bottles of Dom Perignon and many top shelf spirits and mixers. He looked from behind the bar at Debra who had found a large remote control panel and picked at a series of buttons. Soft R&B music filled the room and Debra began to dance suggestively as she moved towards the chrome pole.

Connor again found himself transfixed by her as she undulated on the shiny metal and tossed her mystical eyes at him through the scrim of her fiery hair as her head tossed in the throes of her throbbingly sexual dance.

“I’m still thirsty honey,” she drawled teasingly.

After locating the flutes above the counter, he un-foiled and popped the cork on a bottle of the Dom. Debra giggled charmingly as the cork flew across the room and winked at him as he went to pour the bubbly in the two flutes he had set before him. At that moment, a smart rap was made on the door.

“Three glasses Connor darling,” Debra winked without missing a beat or showing any surprise like the knock had given Connor.

He grabbed a third flute as Debra moved to the door and opened it slowly obscuring his view of the hallway as she held it open.

“Hello there,” he heard her say welcomingly. “Please come in.” Debra’s arm reached out in a sign of kind reception and Connor watched without breathing as his choice from downstairs appeared along the profile of Debra’s arm and entered their room.

She stood in the center upon entering and smiled at them both. Her beauty was even more impressive when viewed up close. The light coffee skin was flawless and her almond eyes seemed even more intense. She was clothed this time in a short red robe that looked to have the shine of silk and still wore her familiar, and matching red, stilettos.

“Hi there,” she said in girlish but throaty voice. “I’m Jewel.”

“This is Connor, Jewel,” replied Debra sweetly and motioning to him behind the counter. “And you can call me Mrs. Debra sweetheart.”

“Pleased to meet you Mrs. Debra,” Jewel smiled as Debra closed the door and moved towards her. “You’re a very beautiful woman Mrs. Debra.”

“Why thank you honey,” Debra giggled as she reached out and up to touch the much taller Jewel’s hair.

Connor realized Jewel had almost half a foot on his mature goddess while having not even half as many years of life.

“You are a stunning young lady yourself,” Debra purred, sealing her compliment by running her index finger across Jewels pouting lips and turned to smile wildly at Connor. “Just lovely, my Connor chose very well.”

“So you chose me Connor?” asked Jewel, her eyes peering up at him in what seemed to be her impression of shy flirting. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Connor replied nervously before realizing the strange rudeness of his reply.

Debra saved him with a laugh. “Connor’s nervous Jewel, my dear. He’s never been to a place like this and I think he’s afraid of upsetting me by admitting how much he wants you.” Debra took her hand and led her towards the bar. “Can you think of anything to make him more comfortable?” she asked as she picked up her champagne to toast them both.

As Jewel and Connor joined her in the toast, their eyes met and she smiled bahis siteleri before taking her first sip.

“Well, Mrs. Debra,” she said slowly, placing her flute back on the counter. “I think Connor should finish his champagne.”

He drank a deeper quaff from his glass.

Jewel giggled, “Now I think we should get better acquainted.” She held out her hand to him.

He looked at Debra who met his look with a knowing wink. “Be nice to our guest Connor darling,” she whispered.

He took Jewel’s hand and allowed her to lead him from behind the bar and over to the area with the sectional and pole. Before he realized it, she had sat him down on the cushions and was undoing the belt on her robe. It fell away to reveal a small, red lace bra that held her small B cup breasts. Straining against her narrow waist, she wore tiny matching red lace panties. The delicate fabric seemed stretched to its limit by the strong bones of her high, beautiful hips while highlighting the lovely depth of the concave bowls of soft, shiny skin between her pussy and hips. Transparently red nylons encased both of her spectacular, sinewy legs from their toes to their mid-thighs where they clung to her light brown skin with thin elastic bands decorated with small red bows.

As he took in her exquisiteness up close, she leaned over and placed a soft lingering kiss on his lips. His eyes caught hers in a devious smile as she stepped back to the chrome pole. She maintained the stare between them as she leaned back against the cold, bright metal and stretched her body to its ultimate, enchanting lengthiest.

The music got louder, (Connor didn’t need to see Debra’s hands to know she had done it) and Jewel began to dance.

Her left hand grasped the pole and she pulled herself aloft onto it. The strong muscles of her long legs grabbed hard and she unfolded herself upside down, taking in his gaze with her eyes as she did so and showing him the loveliness of her long, toned body as it stretched again to its limit. Pooling beneath her was her seemingly tame-less kinky hair flowing wild and free as she slid down the pole slowly and upside down.

Upon landing, Jewel lay on the floor and crawled suggestively towards him. Upon reaching him, she grabbed his kneecaps and pulled her head and chest into his lap. “Still nervous?” she demurred up at him from behind a flirtatious gaze as her hands moved towards his uppermost thighs.

He smiled down at her and managed to flirt back, “Less so.”

Jewel smiled and sat on her knees in front of him. “You’re one of the nicest looking guys I’ve seen in here,” she purred, her face so close to his that he felt his skin go marbled with excitement. “And the youngest too,” she whispered out of Debra’s earshot but with an implicit recognition of the age gap between him and his mature goddess.

Her cheek grazed his as she pulled away to look at him again and winked.

Connor felt immediately uncomfortable sharing a secret bond of youth and excluding Debra. His wariness hung in his head fleetingly as he watched the lithe sensuality of Jewel squirm between his legs. She took his hands in hers and turned them palms up, resting them on his thighs before bringing herself up to her full height in front of him where she began to writhe suggestively.

Her hands grasped at her hair and at her sides, grazed the sides of her breasts and her pulsing, rigid thighs. The look in her eyes was like a sexual trance and Connor couldn’t look at them for too long. He was too intimidated by their power. Instead they rested on her stomach, neck, and legs. When she turned around to grind on his crotch they rested hypnotically on her incredible ass.

Her prior placement of his hands made perfect sense when she settled her luscious, incongruously large ass cheeks into his shaking palms. It amazed him to feel the firm yet ample size of each ass cheek while knowing how compact and petite they looked working together on her long, skinny frame. She pushed down hard into his hands forcing them to part her cheeks and he felt the soft grind of her swollen pussy through the layers of lace and merino fabric.

He looked up over her shoulder to find Debra. She was seated at the closest bar stool, watching them intently while sipping her champagne. Her eyes smoldered at his with a yearning encouragement. Debra’s gaze ran through his mind to his body and he felt his hands grab Jewel’s ass so hard that he surprised even himself.

Jewel moaned bracingly at his sudden and rough touch. Her head leaned back next to his and he felt her breath on his cheek and then her mouth on his earlobe. She took her hands in his and brought them up to her stomach where they lingered on her moistening flesh. Electricity seemed to course from her soft skin through his fingertips and down his arms, torso and stomach before it alighting on his crotch and zapping his cock to life.

She seemed to sense the growing bulge in and let her fingers graze against it lazily over the fabric bahis şirketleri of his pants when she reached around behind her arching back. Connor felt her fingers snap before she took his hands back in hers and ran them up to her peach shaped breasts.

His eyes rolled back in his head as Jewel’s lips and teeth took his left earlobe in their teasing grasp. Feeling his erection begin to pulsate against the exquisitely soft cotton of his pants, Connor closed his eyes and gave in to the sharp feeling of passion that coursed through him. Only the sensation of lace giving way beneath his fingertips brought Connor out of his stupor.

Jewel’s bra came away in his hands as he grasped the supple but firm flesh of her pert breasts. Connor’s shaking fingertips glanced against and then rubbed her marbled, dark brown nipples causing Jewel to convulse in his arms and groan softly. Lilac scents filled his nose as her long, perfumed neck, slick with perspiration, rubbed against his cheek.

She arched her back up and away from him, pushing her chest and its mocha baubles harder against his hungry hands. Peering over her shoulder, Connor could gaze down the length of Jewel’s body. Her stomach muscles rippled as she gyrated against his teasing hold on her achingly hard nipples. The piston like force of her powerful legs held her aloft at an almost parabolic angle. Her right hand grabbed the hair at the back of Connor’s head and her left hand began to creep down her shimmering coffee colored torso, dragging the tips of her long fingers dreamily across the soft skin of her solar plexus, past the undulating muscles of her stomach, over her small navel to the waistband of her tiny panties where they paused and quivered as they teased open the elastic at her waist ever so slowly.

Jewel slid down his torso a few inches and brought her head even with his. She was seated between his legs and in his lap. Her long legs touched the ground with only the very tips of her stiletto heels.

Their cheeks touched as she spread her legs wide and her eyes met his as her fingers vanished behind the scrim of red lace over her crotch. Connor’s eyes watered with erotic hunger as the outline of her fingers began to squirm inside her tiny panties. He turned to meet her stare and her eyes rolled slowly in her head while her lips seemed to swell and part just wide enough for her moan to exhale quietly between them. The soft light brown of her skin grew pinker at her cheeks as she went flush with the sudden thrill of her own touch. Her straining neck muscles came into relief against her brown skin and her head lolled back gently before another, higher, louder moan escaped her trembling mouth.

Watching Jewel fingering herself towards pleasure made Connor wild with yearning and he felt his hands grab her small breasts and knead them harder.

“Fuck yes,” Jewel almost growled at him, her large chestnut eyes opening quickly and glaring into him. “Tease my titties Connor.”

His index fingers and thumbs took her long, throbbing nipples and twisted them gently. Her response was a mix of a passionate moan, a painful cry and an animal’s roar. The primal sound urged Connor to twist harder and he complied, making her nipples corkscrew between his fingers.

“Yessssss baby!” she moaned loudly, “make my titties burn!”

As she screamed, Jewel’s fingers worked faster and more rhythmically inside her panties. Connor felt the pace and power of her fingers growing and her ass began to grind back against his achingly hard cock as she pleasured herself more feverishly.

When her back arched suddenly and she shuddered softly, Connor pulled hard on her nipples and she cried out, “Yes baby, yesssss!”

He peered down between her legs and saw that her hand was buried so deep that her pussy was engorged with a least two of her long fingers. Seeing her overfilled panties while feeling her torso go rigid and hearing the sudden silence of her gaping mouth, Connor let his hands slide down to her thighs where his fingers grabbed the nylons and pulled her legs up off the floor and wider apart. He held her aloft and still.

Feeling the tremble of her thigh muscles and letting his lips touch her wet, taut neck, Connor knew the angle he had offered her had given her deeper access to her self. The result of that access was about to be his gift to her.

Jewel’s long thin body shivered hard and her silent moan found voice in a growing crescendo of the word “Yes.” Connor wrapped his arm around her waist as Jewel’s orgasm released its first wave of pleasure across her body.

“Fuck yes!” she cried in a high, unconscious voice as her back rippled and her arms went stiff, her right hand pulling his face against hers. “I’m cumming!” She screamed again and her mouth grazed against his.

Their lips held their sliver of contact as she purred the next waves of her ecstasy into his mouth. Connor’s hands grasped at her body hungrily as she came in his lap, fondling her heaving breasts, rigid legs, stiff back and burning hot face.

“I’m so fucking WET!” Jewel giggled loudly as her orgasm subsided and she melted into him, her eyes looking up at him, moist with pleasure and suddenly sparkling with mischief. “Wanna see?”

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