Flight Fantasy

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It’s a cool November day, we have been waiting to see each other for to long. I rush to catch the last flight out to surprise you for the weekend. There is a cold nip to the air as I board the plane. I quickly find my seat and the flight attendant offers me a drink. I smile and ask for a glass of wine to take the edge off, knowing this will be a long flight. I look through the window and can feel the coolness of the night. It’s an empty flight so the trip will be peaceful, she returns with my wine and starts talking, but my mind wanders to thoughts of you and I start to feel a warmth come over me. In no time we have reached our cruising altitude and the cabin lights go off leaving only the walkway lights so people can sleep.

I’m sitting by the window all alone in first class, I lean my seat back and close my eyes and think about the coming weekend. My nipples seem to know, as they respond to my thoughts. I can feel the dampness beginning. I know that I’m alone, its dark in the cabin, my hand slowly moves across my thigh. I gently brush my fingers up and down over my pussy sending shivers thru my body.

The heat builds and my casino siteleri other hand moves quietly under my shirt to caress my waiting breasts. While caressing, I imagine you sitting in the seat next to me, your hand moving under my shirt.

I undo the top button of my jeans then the next and slide my hand in very slowly. My hand moves down, between my jeans and my panties gently over my pussy and I let out a soft low moan. As I move my hand slowly and lightly up and down the length of my cunt, I can feel your hand under my hand thinking how it will feel with you touching me, wanting to be inside me. I pinch my nipple and envision your teeth and lips wrapped around it, devouring and delighting it another low and long moan escapes my lips. My tongue slides over my upper lip thinking of you sitting next to me, wanting it to be you caressing me, teasing me.

My finger moves to the edge of my panties, I need to feel the wetness the wanting of more.. slowly I move under the edge, I gently quiver and a light gasp escapes my lips. It moves over the first lip of my cunt, the anticipation building. Slowly moving down the lip canlı casino and into the wetness, oh it feels soooooo good.. I’m on fire with desire, I can picture you laying next to me almost on top of me. Your leg over my leg, our eyes staring at each other as your hand moves between my wet lips searching, wanting and ready fuck me all night long….

My finger brushes my clit sending an electric current thru my cunt feeling like I could explode from desire. I need to feel you inside me, exploring me. My finger moves down and slides inside my pussy while I imagine its you. Slowly moving in and out, the wetness increasing, the sound of your fingers pushing inside me, mingling with my hot juices. The need grows stronger, in slides another finger as I picture you laying half on top of me, your hand between my legs fingers deep inside me. Your kissing me hard while your body moves hard against mine with push as you fuck me your fingers penetrating my cunt like no other has ever done. I can feel your hot cunt rubbing up and down my leg and hip has you ride me, the friction making you more and more wet the heat building sweat dripping kaçak casino and me moaning in your ear, fuck me baby I’m yours. I feel you start fucking me harder with more force, in goes your last finger.

I’m moaning a bit louder now, the flight attendant walks by and sees me but says nothing.. I know she’s there and it doesn’t matter, you are fucking me in my imagination and that’s all that matters. She watching, perhaps hoping but you’re the only one on my mind…

I’m really worked up, I can feel the momentum building I’m on fire thinking about your touch. My cunt yearns for your touch, nothing else will put out that fire, that feeling… My hand moves faster and faster the release is coming…. I need it so bad it hurts… I want to smell of sex when I see you, I want that to be what you smell as I walk thru the door. I moan as my cunt tightens around my fingers, I tremble and gasp the tingling in my cunt increases and I explode… I feel so good…. I’m ready…

The bell rings and the pilot announces we are cleared for landing, it’s early in the morning now and it’s been a wonderful flight. As I leave the plane, the flight attendant smiles.

I leave the concourse and head for the street where I hail a cab. The excitement building, I should be there as you wake up to get ready for work. I can see your house, I head up the stairs so quietly and I knock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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