Fishing Trip Ch. 01

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My wife came home from work and asked if I wanted to go salmon fishing with her coworker over labor day weekend. She said he had one person that couldn’t make it so they had a spot. I didn’t know him and was hesitant about going with three guys I didn’t know.

Later that week her coworker Tom and Ron another that was going, came over for dinner. We drank a few beers and had dinner and played some cards. I had a good time and decided to go. The next Saturday we left the dock at 4am and was fishing by 5. We caught a four nice fish and by three we were done.

There was an island about 30 miles away that had a nice sheltered cove to sleep that night. Tony asked if I would help him cook dinner because Ron had a couple too may beers and was asleep. It was really tight quarters and felt Tony rub his dick on my ass and didn’t think much about it. We got anchored and ate and had a few stiff drinks and played some cards. I t was only 6:30 but we were all up before 3 so we were getting tired. There were only two beds and I was asked if it was ok to bunk with Tony.

Tony told me I had the shower first. I took a quick shower and went to the bedroom. It was hot that night so I had some light pj bottoms on and laying on top of the covers. The boat had satellite TV so I was watching it when Tony came in. He had on a robe and laid down and told me there were some good movies casino siteleri on the DVR. He grabbed the remote and put on a porno. I was pretty lit up and it was a hot movie.

Then I noticed Tony had his robe open and playing with his dick. It was about 6″ and had a nice mushroom head on it. He caught me looking at his dick a couple of times and then just grabbed my wrist and put my hand on his cock and told me to stroke it. He grabbed a bottle of lube and put some on his dick while I was stroking him. He was telling me to stroke it faster than he grabbed the back of my head and forced it down to his dick and told me to swallow his cum.

As soon as I got his dick in my mouth he started cumming. He then told me to take off my pj’s and start jacking my dick. He put some lube on my dick and on his fingers. Then he started playing with my ass and sticking his finger up. And messaging my prostate. Then he stuck another finger It felt so good I started fucking his fingers.

Then I see him putting a bunch of lube on his already hard dick. He moved in front of me and pushed my legs back and started rubbing the head of his dick on my ass. He slowly started pushing it in further and further. He got it all the way in and laid down on me and started fucking me while grabbing my left arm and putting it in a rope and tightening it around my wrist. Then he canlı casino did it to my right arm.

Once he got it tight he knocked on the head board. A couple seconds later Ron and Tom walked in naked and Ron had his phone and I could tell he was filming it. Tom came up and stuck his dick near my face and grabbed my head and told me to suck his dick. Ron came up on the otherwise and told me to stroke him.

Ron then got two more ropes from the headboard and put them around my ankles. That let Tony get even deeper in me. Tony started pounding me hard and Tom told him not to pull out, “we are going to fill his ass up.with cum”. The Tom told me to start sucking on Ron’s dick and put some lube on his dick.

Tom’s dick was about an inch longer and he rammed all of it in me in one quick thrust. Ron’s dick was pretty thick and he started fucking my face and made me start to choke on it while Tom was pounding my ass. Tom told Tony I was having a tough time with their dicks, just wait tell Jessie gets here.

Tom was fucking me real hard and fast and told me that their black friend will be there soon with his ten inch thick cock. He asked me what my wife will think about while watching the video Tony was taking of Ron fucking my mouth and Tom fucking my ass. He told me that both me and my wife is getting some big black dick.

Tony then brought his phone kaçak casino over and had a video of my wife licking her girlfriends pussy while her black boyfriend was video taping him fucking her with his coke can fat black dick pounding her pussy. Then my wife started screaming as she started getting pounded by the fat black dick. She didnt even know he was filming it. It got me so excited I came a huge load on my stomach.

Ron shot a huge load in my mouth then cooped up my cum with his finger and made me eat it. I then heard a boat coming close. Ron started undoing the ropes. When he was done Tom pulled out and told me to get on my knees and have my ass face the door so Jessie can walk up and shove his dick in my ass.

Tom then got in front of me and had me suck his dick while he showing me the video of my wife. Now she was doing the exact same thing I was. As soon as Jessie shoved his huge black dick in my ass, another black guy changed places with my wife’s girlfriend and she started sucking his dick.

Jessies cock was so huge I was screaming. Tom told me that I needed to listen to my wife. The guy that she was sucking asked her if she was going to be their bachelor party girl. She said yes. He asked her if she could handle six guys fucking her all night long. She said she would love to get fucked all night.

Jessie really started pounding me hard and told me he was going to fuck her real good later that night. It didn’t take long and both Tom and Jessie came. Jessie told me to get dressed and showed me a picture of a black girl and said I will be fucking her while my wife is getting fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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