Fisher’s Catch Ch. 01

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“Airport lounges are actually quite fun,” Jeff thought to himself. At least this one was. At least today. It was early Sunday afternoon, and the lounge was full of Southbound vacationers in every form of leisure gear. Families, singles, college kids and the occasional romantic couple. He always enjoyed watching a holiday crowd, every aspect of life seems to play out in front of him. He always put a dialog to the pantomime, if he couldn’t actually hear the words. Those imagined discussions were more fun, actually.


Jeff spotted the girls right away. He had no sooner sat down at the gate than they walked by on their way to the newsstand. Sisters, obviously, but not twins, – he guessed, even though they were very much alike. He figured a year or two apart. They were dressed pretty much alike, pants and a tight knit top. But one seemed more mature, if you can say that about a teenager. Her figure had had a little time to develop, and showed what her sister would soon be like. About 5’7, slender, but not thin, rounded hips, but an oh-so-firm butt. Her breasts seemed on the large side, accentuated by the shirt, but they were high and firm, with just a hint of weight. She looked fantastic. And yet it was the face and personality that fascinated him. Shoulder length red hair, green eyes, clear complexion and a touch of freckles, and bouncing with life and energy. She was laughing and talking to her younger sister. Kidding her about something, he suspected, because her sister blushed and almost looked around to see if anyone had heard.

She was pretty too, but just a little unformed and coltish, same figure and complexion. She had the cutest smile and was also obviously happy to be going on vacation. There was something about her, though. The woman was lurking just beneath the surface of the girl, and promised to be quite something. Jeff suddenly wished he were 10 years younger, until he remembered how tough life had been when he was 20. “Maybe for just one week,” he thought, as his body responded to the two happy, lovely young women, bouncing along on their private cloud, all peaches and cream with strawberries on top.

Coming back after a while, they were laughing and talking and sat down two rows behind him. He didn’t want to be obvious and turn around to look, but he went to the bathroom and had another good look on the return trip. Now there were three of them, the third obviously their mother. About 40, he guessed. The girls had their looks from their mother, that’s for sure, – what a knockout she was. Mature, generous figure, large, heavy breasts, not saggy, just full and sort of alive under her loose T-shirt. She had on a wraparound skirt, snug around the hips, but with the ends falling open over her thighs as she sat down. Her face was not stunningly beautiful, but the kind of face that holds both character and a promise of fire banked underneath. Jeff’s groin started tingling immediately. “Please let them be on my flight,” he thought.

They were, – five rows ahead of him. He was on board before them, and watched them struggle with all their bags. Too many people in the way for him to help, but he sure wanted to. Except that stretching up with the bags did fabulous things to their breasts. Jeff started getting a little uncomfortable in his crotch. “Down, Boy,” he said to himself.

The trip to Miami went OK, nothing much happened. He gently fended off the little old lady next to him who wanted to tell him all about her grandchildren in Bergen County, grabbed a drink and a short snooze, and got there safe and sound. He couldn’t see much of the girls, but he did check out the mother every now and then as she leaned over to talk to the girls. In Miami, Jeff got his bags and headed for his connecting flight to the Island. “Nice flight,” he thought to himself.

Jeff loved Miami International Airport; he could go “MIA” any time. Such a profusion of every age group, race and color, dress and undress, beautiful and not so pretty, slim, fat, fit and slobby, and J-Lo look-alikes galore (“down Boy!” once again). People and bags everywhere, especially in his departure lounge, where passengers for six flights waited in resigned but pleasant confusion. All six flights were late, his about an hour, he saw. This wasn’t exactly news, the service to his destination was intermittent at best, so he was prepared with reading material and patience.

Things looked up when “his” three redheads struggled into the lounge, finally settling their bags and themselves on the floor in a corner at the opposite end of the lounge. “Maybe, – just maybe,” he said to himself. One flight after another took off, but they were still there. By now his delay had become two hours. The next to last flight was called. They got up. “Oh, well,” Jeff thought. “It was too good to be true, anyway.” And then they sat down again, in the lounge chairs this time. “ALLRIGHT!!”

“I must have lived right this week,” he thought. They were not only on his flight, but in his row. He had the window güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri seat; they had the seat next to him and two across the aisle. Life was suddenly looking good. “Let me help you with those bags,” Jeff offered. She gave him a quick smile, but with a wary look in her eye.

“Thank you,” she said. “They are a little hard to get into those small compartments.” He helped them stuff their many bags in the overhead compartments and sat down with the mother next to him. Jeff turned to her ready to start a conversation, but she had immediately opened a magazine and her body language yelled, “keep off!”

“Oh-Oh,” he thought. “We have a touchy one here.” He opened his own book and ordered a drink. She did too, two actually, – gin and tonic.

After a while her body seemed to relax a little, and Jeff figured the time was right to talk to her. He just couldn’t wait any longer. “Is this you first time on the island?” he asked, carefully keeping a neutral voice and facial expression.

She glanced at him. “Yes,” she said and turned away again to her magazine.

“What is with her?” Jeff thought. “She can’t be that much of a bitch.” “It’s my fourth trip now,” he said. “I am renting a small house right on the water. Are you in a hotel?”

“Yes,” she said again.

“I stayed in a hotel the first time I was here,” Jeff said, not giving up so easily. “It was OK, but I prefer the house. It belongs to a friend of mine, and I get it pretty cheap.”

“Really?” Polite but disinterested.

“It’ll be late by the time we get there,” Jeff persevered. “I hope you have booked a taxi.”

She looked up, suddenly less distant. “No I haven’t,” she said. “Is that a problem?”

“Not really,” Jeff said, “you’ll be fine, but you may have a bit of a wait.”

She frowned, looking over at the girls, who were chatting away to each other. “The girls will be tired,” she said. “We were up awfully early this morning, – we flew in to Miami from New York.”

“Yes, I know,” said Jeff with a little smile. “I was on the same flight..”

She looked at him for a second, and suddenly smiled. It was like she had decided to be a different person. “I’m Kathy Orner,” she said, and these are my daughters Elizabeth and Rebecca.

“Hi, I’m Jeff Fisher.” They shook hands and he waved to the girls, who had started taking an interest in the discussion. He got the sense that they wanted their mother to relax and chat. Their conversation picked up and was flowing in no time at all. Kathy turned out to be very good company, chatty and interesting, without being a pain about a pet subject. They talked about everything, – their lives and families, what they were doing in the world, movies, books, – all kinds of things. Two and a half hours suddenly seemed too short.

Jeff told her about his business, that he was a widower and childless. She was 39 and divorced, – pretty messy by the sound of it, and this was their first chance to get away since it happened. Her husband’s bankruptcy and mistress had left them with very little, and they had been lucky to find a cheap hotel on the island and a great fare down, so they were ready to relax and enjoy a week in the sun and the ocean, celebrating Rebecca’s 18th birthday the week before in the process. Elizabeth and Rebecca kept watching and grinning to each other as they talked. They seemed ok with the situation, smiling from time to time when he looked over there.

As they became more comfortable with each other, Jeff got eyeful after eyeful of Kathy. She really was a very beautiful woman, he decided. Every time she moved, something got him hard. Her breasts, her thighs, her lips, her tongue, all gave his cock suddenly increased blood supply. It got particularly bad after she went to the bathroom and removed her bra. He could tell immediately, of course. What had been gentle movement had become lively and incredibly sexy. He couldn’t keep his eyes off those breasts.

She knew immediately that he had noticed, and raised her eyebrows with a wry smile. “I like to feel free when I’m on holiday,” she said shyly, “I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, not at all,” he said inadequately. Her smile broadened, he must have been more expressive than he realized. She also noticed the effect she had on him, and seemed to enjoy it. They didn’t quite cross the line into flirting in their discussion, – well, not much anyway. But he did see her look down at him and smile a little now and then.

The effect on the girls was more pronounced, – and very different from what he expected. Jeff was afraid they would be protective after the divorce, but they seemed to approve, and even get a little jealous. He though it was wishful thinking at first, but they kept glancing over and whispering, and actually preening a little for him. Almost like, “look at me, I’m beautiful, too!” And they certainly were. He could tell when Elizabeth noticed his hard-on. She gave him a double look, then blushed and looked away. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She whispered something to Rebecca, who also looked over immediately and blushed, too. He got many looks after that, when they didn’t think he noticed. It didn’t help his condition, that’s for sure.

After a while, Elizabeth got up and went to the bathroom. When she returned she was carefully avoiding his eyes (and her mother’s), held her chin high and had bright red cheeks. What she didn’t have was a bra. “Oh, Boy,” thought Jeff. “This is getting VERY interesting.” Her breasts were even more fantastic “au natural”. They had perhaps dropped a fraction, but still stood out proud and firm, with bullet-hard nipples ½” long.

Kathy had noticed and shot Elizabeth an inquiring glance. She got a defiant one in return, and decided to drop the subject. Rebecca whispered furiously to Elizabeth, he could all but read her mind. Jeff got more looks after that. From all three of them! He had to think about work for 5 minutes before he could get his cock under control, so he could use the bathroom. All three checked him out carefully as he made his way back to the seat. By the time he sat down, he was hard again. Ye Gods!

They finally arrived and stepped out into the warm, damp tropical evening. The air seemed full of mysterious smells and Jeff’s heart beat a little faster. “I love that first sense of being in the tropics,” he said to Kathy. “You just know things are going to be exciting.”

Kathy and both girls were smiling, sniffing the air and looking around curiously. “Yes, doesn’t it feel like you are somewhere mysterious and romantic? I love that first experience, too.”

Jeff looked at Kathy and raised his eyebrows. “Romantic?” he said with a grin. “Sounds promising..” They fought their way through immigration and baggage claim and customs and the combined arrival and departure hall to the pavement outside. They were looking for a taxi, Jeff had his rental waiting.

“I’ll take you to the hotel,” he offered, “You don’t need to spend money on a taxi.” After some half-hearted protests, they accepted gratefully. The bags and girls just barely fit in the jeep, but stacked high every which way, they set off.

It was very late by then, and the hotel only had the night porter there. “No, no Senora,” Jeff heard repeatedly as he staggered into the small lobby with the bags.

After considerable and acrimonious bi-lingual debate, the situation emerged in all its disastrous proportions. The short of it was that they had no room, there wasn’t anything else available, they could try to get them into another (much more expensive) hotel for the night, and maybe there would be an opening in the morning or in a few days. Apparently there was some sort of confirmation they hadn’t received, so the room was given to someone else. The girls were crying, Kathy was distraught and angry but there was just no room. Going to the other hotel was rally more than they could afford, but their only choice nevertheless.

“Stay with me tonight,” Jeff said.

“What, – in your house?” they said in shocked surprise.

“Sure, why not, and no, it’s not like that, – I have a small bungalow on the other side of the island and there are two bedrooms and a lounge there, so I have lots of bed space. It’s only for the night, – we are all tired, – and tomorrow you can go and get another place. It’s no trouble, really.” It took a bit of discussion and protestation, but in the end they piled everything back in the jeep and set off for his place.

The place Jeff rented had two small bedrooms with double beds and a good-sized lounge/kitchen with TV, comfortable chairs and a couch. The bathroom was off the lounge in a sort of alcove between the two bedrooms. The deck outside and the ocean just below completed the package. After some discussion, the girls took one bedroom, Kathy the other, and he settled down on the couch. The air-conditioning had been turned on, so it was comfortable inside.

Jeff took first turn in the bathroom and went to bed. There was only a small night light on in the lounge, so he was pretty much in the dark. The girls went to the bathroom next, – giggling quietly, trying not to disturb his sleep. “Sleep? Fat chance!” he thought. They dashed across the few feet to the bathroom in some sort of nightgown, and as he bathroom light went on, he could see Rebecca’s figure clearly through the thin material. She was beautiful! He lay with half closed eyes, still as a rock, and almost as hard as well. He just had to stroke his cock a little as the door closed. Coming out after a while, they were both silhouetted against the bathroom light, walking back to the bedroom on tiptoes.

Oh, my god, what a view. Jeff could just make out the shadow of their mounds, and both sets of nipples were erect. They glanced over at him, but couldn’t see him watching. They stopped, whispered, pointed and giggled. They had obviously spotted the tent made by his hard-on.

Kathy’s güvenilir bahis şirketleri bedroom door opened, and the girls quickly ran into their bedroom and closed the door. Kathy hadn’t changed yet, and quickly disappeared into the bathroom. After a while, Jeff heard the shower start. His imagination went into overdrive. He imagined the water running down her face and shoulders, pouring in a steady stream from her breasts and nipples, down her flat tummy and through the silken hair on her mound. He pictured her running the soap all over, jiggling her breasts as she did so, then down between her legs. Did she stroke herself a little, he wondered. He wouldn’t be surprised. He could almost see her hands on the cheeks of her ass, all over and again dipping down in the recess below, cleaning the sweat and dirt off her soft skin and the wrinkled rosebud in between the cheeks.

When Kathy came out, she carried her clothes and was draped in a towel. She turned off the bathroom light and glanced over at Jeff, but did not seem to see anything. Turning, she stepped on the skirt she was carrying, and the clothes fell to the floor. As she bent to pick them up, the towel gave up its grip and slid down as well.

Her figure was just as he imagined it. Clear skin, pale from lack of exposure to the sun, it seemed so soft in the dim glow from the night light. Her breast hung down as she bent over, full and free, just begging to be held gently in cupped hands. Her pussy was covered by a full mound of red silken hair, recently trimmed. He guessed she wanted to wear a high-cut bathing suit. He ached for her, but lay absolutely still, eyes half-closed again. She grabbed the towel and the clothes and made a dash to the bedroom door. There she turned and looked at him “sleeping”, seemed to sigh and closed the door behind her.

Jeff was raging hard and had to have relief. He started gently stroking his balls and perineum, while his dick was straining towards the ceiling, hard as a ramrod. He had just taken the first hold of it, when Kathy’s door opened again, – quietly. He lay stock still, and gently moved his hand away from his throbbing prick. Her bedroom light was off, and she stood in the doorway, looking at him, – hesitating. Then she moved softly towards his couch, dressed in a short nightgown. Standing over him, she looked down. Jeff could hear a little gasp as she saw his rock-hard dick under the sheet. He moved a little, and she half turned to run, but turned back as he settled down squarely on his back.

Slowly Kathy bent down over Jeff and quietly got down on her knees next to his bed. His heart was beating so hard that she surely must have heard, but maybe hers was as well. With infinite gentleness she slowly lifted the sheet from his body and slid it to the floor. His throbbing cock was in the open and she was looking at in intently, from 6 inches away. Fascinated and timidly, she stretched out her hand and gently put one finger on it, stroking ever so slowly and softly. Then she grasped it with her hand, still with a feather touch, and started moving her hand up and down.

Jeff lay as still as he possibly could. He didn’t want to make a move and scare her off, but he couldn’t help twitching and moving just a little. Kathy stopped immediately, but then started again, ignoring his small movements. She looked intently at his face from time to time, but he hid his eyes under almost closed eyelids, and she went back to his dick. Her face got closer and closer. Pre-cum was leaking copiously from the head of his cock, and her hands were slick with it by now.

She stuck out her tongue and touched it, tasting his fluid. It came back, licking some more. Another small sound escaped her and she looked up at Jeff’s face. He was not about to break the spell, so he stayed still and quiet, his eyes barely open in a slit under the eyelashes. She bent her head again and licked the crown of his cock, ever so gently. Hr tongue slipping softly around the flange, getting every drop of fluid she could.

She continued down the shaft, searching for more of his pre-cum, then came back up to the source. She kissed the crown of his dick again, then she opened her mouth and took him inside, – still quietly and softly, not making a sound. One hand on the shaft, she moved her other hand to his scrotum and gently closed it on his balls. Her head started moving down.

Jeff was in ecstasy! It was with supreme effort that he managed to lie still. He was throbbing from head to toe, but couldn’t even clench his fists, for fear of disturbing Kathy’s delicate balance of desire and apprehension. Her movements became more deliberate. Her hand moved down between her legs and started a rhythmic movement there. Her body also moved in a gentle rhythm. She started sucking, softly at first, but with increasing force as she became more aroused.

She was taking Jeff deep now, with a sucking, swirling motion of her tongue and throat. He was lost in the feeling, He let her take him where she wanted to go, steadily towards eruption. His eyes were fully open now, but she didn’t look up, totally absorbed in his pleasure. Her head bobbed up and down, her silken hair cascading and flowing over his balls and between his legs, as an agonizing counterpoint to her hand and mouth. She deepened the stroke further still.

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