First Time at the Glory Hole

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I’ve recently revisited my love for fellatio and I had so much fun that I wanted to share, and because no one knows about this side of me, I have no one in my life to share it with… So hopefully someone here enjoys.

I’ve (31M) been going through a very rough year. First I got Covid and had to quarantine alone for nearly two months. Long, I know, but my doctor said that since I had persisting symptoms it was best to stay alone, even without a fever. During this time my wife (30F) decided to leave me. Fortunately we don’t have children and she didn’t want the house or money… She just wanted to leave and start over. Because of that, it was a fairly clean divorce apart from the emotions involved.

Before I met my wife I had experimented with another man and absolutely loved it. He was older (not grandfather old, but definitely old enough to be my dad). He was patient and willing to let me explore at my own pace, which I appreciated immensely.

At no point in our several-month tryst did he pressure me to do things I wasn’t ready for. That patience was comforting, and because of it I did things with him that made me positive I was not 100% straight. I loved it.

Unfortunately, life happened, I had to move back in with my parents for a while and that explorative chapter of my life came to a close.

Then I met my wife and we fell madly in love. I knew early on that she wouldn’t be open to allowing me to occasionally be with a man. She had no problems homosexuality or bisexuality. She just didn’t want an open relationship.

It quickly became apparent that she would also not be open to things like dildos for me, or something like pegging. We never openly discussed it, but I knew based on things she said about masculinity. She wanted a man, a husband. I never told her about my sexual explorations… Mostly because I was afraid she’d not look at me the same.

So I figured that homoerotic chapter of my life would remain closed for good. My wife was worth it. I adored her, loved everything about her and she made me happier than anyone ever has.

Unfortunately, after nearly a decade of marriage, neither of us tended the fire and for her it just went out. I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say it was just over.

I was crushed for months. Didn’t leave the house except to work, slept when I was home and was generally a wreck.

I’m finally picking up the pieces and trying to move on, and one thing I quickly decided I wanted to do was find a cock to suck. At this point it had casino oyna been over 10 years since I had touched another man and now I had the freedom to do it.

I was in the very, very early stages of planning how I was gonna find someone when I decided to make a trip to an adult bookstore to buy lube and maybe a toy for myself. While I was there I noticed they had an adult arcade in the back.

$5 for an hour. I figured what the hell, I’d never been in one, I’d go check it out. I had an hour to kill before work, and it might be exciting to jerk off in a semi-public place.

The arcade turned out to be two hallways with doors on each side. It was a strange feeling walking in… There were men walking slowly through the halls, some looking at their phones, some casting furtive glances at one another. There was an overwhelming feeling of desperation in that hall.

I didn’t understand why until I opened one of the doors and stepped inside. There was a chair bolted to the floor, a screen playing a wide variety of porn and on both walls there was a hole. I immediately knew what they were for. Glory holes. I could feel my pulse quicken at the realization of where I was… What was likely going on in the stalls around me…

A surge of blood flowed into my penis and I could feel it swelling.

The door to the stall beside me opened and closed, and I knew there was someone there waiting for me to give a sign. I stared at the hole, unmoving, waiting to see what would happen. Eventually the light from the neighbor’s screen was blocked… And an erect cock slid through the hole.

My heart started thumping in my chest, like a wild animal trying to escape a predator. My breath quickened. I stared with wide eyes.

It was a beautiful cock, just the right size, hard, a nice head and a strong vein running down its length. It bobbed gently with its owners pulse. I thought back to the men I had just passed in the hall and wondered whose cock this was… But still I didn’t move, just looked.

He stayed there for about a minute before giving up. Eventually he withdrew. I heard him zip and leave the neighboring booth.

I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding, then sagged slightly in my chair. Was I relieved or disappointed that it was gone?

I didn’t have to wait long until I was tested again. Another cock came through the other hole. It was big, black, and it was just inches from my face. I let out a shaky breath that he must have felt, because his semi-erect manhood twitched. I froze again, canlı casino staring at this symbol of masculinity, watching as it began to rise in anticipation. But I didn’t reach for it.

He soon departed, just like the first.

This went on for what felt like ages. Sometimes there would be a fifteen minute wait, but all told I stared at 6 cocks and didn’t touch a single one. Finally the clerk at the store shouted down the hallway “Red hoodie, your hour is up!”

That was me. Shit, it had already been an hour… And I wasted it staring at cocks instead of sucking them.

I left, but the seed had been planted. It was exhilarating to be so close to cocks that I could literally reach out and touch them… Taste them… I had found the place I would be going to please other men.

I went back the next day. Based on the empty parking lot, I was the only person in the theater this time. I had nothing planned for the rest of the day so I bought three hours, found an empty stall and waited.

I heard someone checking doors, eventually finding mine locked and entering the stall beside me.

I knew as soon as the cock came through the hole that I wouldn’t be touching it. The smell of cigarette smoke permeated the booth, and I knew he would probably taste like an ashtray. I let him sit there until he withdrew and left.

A while later someone else came. They slid their flaccid cock through the hole. Even limp, I could tell it was a nice cock. I leaned forward and inhaled. Clean, freshly showered… I decided I was going for it. This was the one. I slid out of my chair and onto my knees on the floor.

I took a moment to look at the cock closely, fully appreciating that it would be the first in over a decade for me. My heart hammered madly in my chest.. it felt like a drum roll leading up to a big moment.

Finally, I reached out and took his penis in my hand. I lifted it slightly and aimed it at my face, leaned in, and felt the tip of him bump into my bottom lip. With that contact came an electric shock that hit me to my core.

I kissed the tip of his penis, letting my tongue slide out briefly to taste him, and then I parted my lips and took him in. His soft dick rested on my tongue. I swirled it gently, coaxing him to erection, and I felt him begin to stiffen in my mouth. Finally I closed my lips around his base and felt him bump into my throat.

I pulled back slowly, assaulting his frenulum with the tip of my tongue for a moment before taking him all the way back in. I gagged loudly on him kaçak casino then, causing him to groan in appreciation, but I didn’t pull back. I felt him push into my throat and I held him there for a moment.

I had been afraid that I wouldn’t remember how to do this after so long… But for me it was second nature. Within moments he was fully erect and humping himself into the hole, eager for more.

I attacked him like a man possessed and used every part of my mouth to please him. I stroked him with my tight lips, feeling the ridge of his head on them each time I pulled back. My tongue hugged his cock on each upstroke, wrapping around him like a velvety blanket. He moaned loudly, and I moaned lewdly around his shaft.

I was sure people in the hallway could hear him… They’d know that booth

9 had a cocksucker inside… Would they form a line…? Would they wait for their turn to use my mouth?

I couldn’t remember being so aroused.

And then without warning, it happened.

I felt his orgasm in my mouth before I tasted it. His hot seed gushed gently across my tongue and coated the inside of my cheeks, slowly filling me up. I had tasted my own cum once or twice, but I had never had another man’s cum in my mouth. I was surprised at how good it felt and tasted.

I hadn’t planned on letting him finish in my mouth. In fact, I had brought tissue to catch his spend… but here I was with a mouthful of cum and a decision on my hands.

I swallowed.

His cum slid slowly down my throat as I continued using my tongue to coax every drop I could. Finally it was over. He withdrew and left without a word.

I sat back on my heels and marveled at myself. I had just sucked a random man to completion, and swallowed his offering. I felt so… Slutty.

My arousal was complete, my own cock begging for some kind of attention. I didn’t touch myself, just knelt there basking in the afterglow of what I had done. My mind was buzzing. I never imagined I’d swallow another man’s cum, but I had done it. And I had absolutely loved it.

I looked down at my phone and realized only a minute had passed. What felt like an eternity had only been 60 seconds… Did he have a quick trigger? Or was I good at sucking dick, even after all these years..?

And then the next cock came in after the first had left. Clearly they were waiting in line.

I spent three full hours on my knees sucking dick, and I left with a belly full of cum.

Even though I still love my ex-wife, maybe this divorce is a blessing in disguise. I never would have cheated on her and had she not left me, this experience wouldn’t have happened.

One thing is certain… I will be a regular at the glory holes from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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